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Batch Watermark Software for PC protects your digital images and artwork by adding professional transparent watermarks that combine text, illustrations and graphics.

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You can use batch watermark software software from SoftOrbits for quickly making a watermark for your photos. Protect your photos with a watermark meme in a few easy steps.

Best Batch Watermark Software For Windows PC

Watermarks identify your photographs as your own. When you use a visual watermark, nobody can access your personal photographs. You can add your own photographer watermark to more than 400 photos at the same time in minutes. This photo watermarking software works on your computer, not on the Internet, so you do not have to be online to use it. You can use it offline when you are traveling.

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How to Copyright Photos

You can protect your photos by using this program as a copyright generator. You can copyright your pictures by generating your watermark and placing it as a copyright signature for your photos. In fact, you can use batch watermark software as a photography signature logo maker to create a watermark to protect your photos.

Add copyright to your photos.

How to Create a Watermark Using Batch Watermark Software

When you use Batch Picture Protector, you will use the best watermark software to add text, logos, brand names, and copyright symbols to your photos. This protects your photos and shows people that you own the rights so that they cannot reproduce them.

This software works with many different formats, including JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, and TGA formats. You can add the watermark image and save the photos. This is helpful if you are a designer, painter, banner maker, or photographer because you can publish your photos and know that they are protected.

Once you upload the photo or photos to the photo watermark software using Add File, you can create your watermark. Save it, and then you can choose Load Watermark to choose a watermark you have already made. You can select it and save it on the photographs. That is the entire process.

Software to add watermark to your photos.
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Batch Watermarking

When you make watermarks for photography, you are protecting your photos. You can make a watermark for one picture, or you can easily use this software to place your watermark on multiple photographs in Batch mode. It is very easy to simply click the Batch mode and add your watermark.

Add watermark in a batch mode.

Automatic Watermark Position: You Can Place It Where You Want it

When you add a watermark to your photo, you can place it anywhere you want it. If you are adding it to a landscape of a portrait, you can make sure that it does not interfere with the subject matter in your photo. Simply select the area of the photo where you would like to have your watermark, and the software will do the rest.

Automatic watermark position.

Manual Watermark Position

If you place the watermark on your photo and it isn’t quite right, you can move it manually so that it is where you want it. Once you place your watermark on your photos, you can make whatever manual adjustments you need to get the watermark exactly in the right spot. You can use the Position tool to move it.

Manual watermark position.

Add Tile (Fill) Watermark for Maximum Protection

If you want the most protection for your image, you can use Tile Watermarks to completely cover the image. The best watermarking software for Windows will repeat the text or logo watermark to cover the entire picture. When you have the Watermark screen up, look in the options, and repeat the watermark to cover your entire image.

Create repeating tile watermark.

Command Line Mode

The Bulk Watermark Software comes with command line mode. You can type in a command line such as the following:

PicWatermark.exe –in “inputFile” –out “outputFolder” –wm “WatermarkFile.wat”

In this case, -in is the path to input the image to be watermarked, -out is the path to the output folder where the watermarked photo will go, and –wm is the path to the watermark file. You should create this file in GUI mode using the Save Watermark command. This process allows for automating the watermark process.

Watermark photos from command line.
“I tried this batch watermark app for pc for a series of wedding photos that I took, and it worked great. I added my logo and text, and it only took me a few minutes to add it to all of the pictures in my folder. I was able to get the pictures out to my client quickly thanks to this easy software.”

How to Add Text to a Photo

It is easy to add any kind of text to your photo, and you can add the date to a photo with this software. You can add the current date, time, file name, and EXIF data as a watermark. You have many different choices, and it is easy no matter which one you choose.

You can add the photo using the Add Files button. Once you add the photo or photos you want to add the watermark to, you can choose the watermark. You can choose the text and click on OK. Once you add the watermark, make any adjustments you want to make, and then save the file. You can do this for one picture or in Batch mode for multiple pictures at the same time.

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Add text to photo.
“I work with clients who order portrait photos, and they always want to see them before they choose. In the past, I would send the photos, and they never ordered. Now I can use tiling to put my watermark over the photo so that they will order the pictures they want. Bulk Watermark Software is so easy an d fast, and it protects my work.”

How to Put Your Logo on a Picture

When you are adding logos to photos, you can use this simple software. You can Open the batch watermark software and click the Watermark Image button to select the logo for your watermark. They can be transparent or opaque. You can choose whatever you want to use.

Once you select it, you can set the transparency and the position. You can choose the size you want it to be and the angle. When it is ready, you can save it. Then, upload your picture, and Load the watermark, and click the Watermark to add a logo to your photo.

Add logo to photo.

Add Combined Watermarks

You can also combine text and a logo for a combined watermark. This is an easy process as well. You can upload your picture with Add Files, and click on Watermarks. Then, check both Text Watermark and Logo Image. You can create your Text and choose where to position it. If you have already saved it, you can choose Load Watermark. Once you position the text and the logo, just click on Save As and the photo will be sent to your destination folder.

Add logo and text watermark to photo.
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“I wanted to share my photos online, but I was worried that people would take them without giving me credit. I used this batch watermark software for pc to add my logo to my photos before I uploaded them. I could make the logo any size I wanted and choose where to put it, and it allowed me to share my photos without any worries that someone would steal them.”

Save Watermark Templates for Future Use

When you create a watermark with the photo watermark software, you can save it for future use. All you do is create the watermark and then click Save. When you need to add it to pictures in the future, you can choose Load Watermark, and your saved watermarks will be available to add to your pictures.

Add QR Codes

You can also add a QR code to your picture. You need to generate the QR code, and then you can use the software to add it where you want to place it on the photo.

Live Preview

After you have created or uploaded your watermark, you can upload an Image. You can place it on your photo and make any adjustments you want to make. You can use the Live Preview to see what it will look like before you save it. Save it after you are comfortable with its location on the photo.

Batch Watermark Software Protects Your Pictures Against Automatic Watermark Removal

This batch watermark app for pc will allow you to create a watermark that is difficult to remove. If you want to make sure that people are unable to remove the watermark from your images, you can use features such as Tiling and Shadow or Glowing watermarks.

Tiling is repeating text or your watermark to cover the entire photograph. This makes it very difficult for someone to remove the watermark without compromising the quality of the photo. You can also use the shadow or glow features to enhance the watermark, which will make it harder for watermark remover software to remove it.

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Watermark that is hard to remove.

Photography Watermark Ideas

There are many different ways that you can watermark multiple photos. If you own a business and have a logo, this is a great way to show that your photos are your work. You can upload the logo and have it available to add to your files.

You might also want to use your name or the name of your business. You can create this, save it, and have it available to upload onto your pictures.

You can also combine text and a logo. You can add both to your images. You might want to have the copyright symbol, and you can add this as well.

Some photographers add their website so that people can go there to order copies of the picture. You can make this with text and place it on the photo.

Add your phone number so that people can call to order the photos. If you place these items on your photographs, it identifies the photo as your work, but it also provides people the information they need if they want to order copies of the photos.

Feature List for Batch Watermark Software

This software has a lot of great features, including the following:

Works with all major image formats

Watermark PNG images and many other formats. There are more than 20 formats, including PNG, JPEG, TIF, GIF, BMP, and TGA. You can convert RAW files, and the software will preserve EXIF information in JPEGs.

Transparent text generator

You can create transparent logos and watermark images with an adjustable transparency setting.

Watermark photos in Batch mode

It is easy to watermark multiple photos at the same time by using Batch mode.

Command line support

You can use command line support for complete automation.

Add text to a photo easily

  • Choose the best font for watermarks.
  • This photo watermark software for Windows 11, 10, 7 supports all of the system fonts on your system.
  • Rotate the text on any angle.
  • Tile effect is available if you want to cover the entire photo with text watermarks.

Put a logo on a picture easily:

  • Insert the logo image onto the photo.
  • Make a transparent logo by adjusting the transparency setting.
  • Rotate the logo.
  • Mirror the logo.
  • Automatically resize the logo on the source image size.
  • Tile effect is available if you want to cover the image with your logo.

Watermark Photos Using Recursive File Processing

You can add files or folders for watermarking.

Easy to Use and User-Friendly Batch Watermark Software

The software is very easy to use, and you can add watermarks to your photos in a few simple clicks. It is also intuitive and very straightforward.

Automatic Watermark Positioning

You can position the watermark automatically in one click.

Fill (Tile Effect)

The tile effect allows you to fill the entire image with your watermark. You can choose text, logo, or both, and repeat it until it covers your entire photo.

Vertical and Rotated Watermarks

You can also rotate your watermarks on any angle.

Automatic Watermark Size

The software can automatically size your watermark at any percentage you choose.

Reliable Watermarks

You can create watermarks that are hard to remove by adjusting the transparency or using the glow and shadow features when you create your watermarks.

Add Text Shadow and Glow Effects

When you add a shadow or glow effect to your text, it makes the watermark more difficult to remove. It works well both on light and dark backgrounds.

System Requirements

The watermark software works on any PC with Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11.

Watermark Text Includes Macros

The watermark text can include the current date, the time, the file name, and more.

Load and Save Several Watermarks

You can create and save different watermarks for different photos, and then you only need to load them when you want to use them.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

A watermark is a logo, image, or text that you add to your photos to protect them from unauthorized reproduction. You can use watermark applications such as Batch Picture Protector to create and add watermarks to your photos.

A watermark is designed to protect the copyright and ownership of your images. It prevents people from distributing your work without your permission.

It is a good idea to watermark your photos if you want to prevent people from distributing them without your permission.

The best way to prevent people from stealing your photos on Facebook is to watermark them. If you create a watermark, it will be on the photo when someone snags it to share it.

You can add a watermark to a photo without Photoshop by using watermark software for Windows from SoftOrbits. This is a simple program that is user-friendly and allows you to protect your photos in a few simple steps.

You can use best watermark software to create a watermark in a few simple steps. You can create a logo, image, or text watermarks and save them.

You can add logo to a video using Video Watermark Maker, which is another great program by SoftOrbits.

You can create a copyright for your photos and then add a watermark with the copyright symbol, your logo, text, and more.

In the United States, it costs $55 to copyright a collection of photographs. The cost will vary depending on your country. However, once you have Batch Photo Protector software, it won’t cost you extra to place a watermark on your photos.

You can add a picture to a picture using the Batch Picture Protector software in a few simple steps.

It is illegal to remove watermarks from stock photos, and it is illegal to remove watermarks with the intent to distribute the photo.

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