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How to Download MP4 from YouTube

Download music for offline listening, watch your favorite shows on the go or download cartoons for you children when you hit the road!

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Download YouTube to MP4 Converter

Save YouTube videos locally in a couple of clicks! This free YouTube mp4 downloader app helps download MP4 videos from YouTube, save playlists or download entire albums for watching offline and on the road.
Download YouTube to MP4 Converter.
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    Download videos from YouTube for offline enjoyment

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    Album search with automatic playlist creation

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    Selectable video and audio quality

Download the free YouTube to MP4 converter now!

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Features of YT Video Downloader to MP4

YouTube Album Downloader

MP4 Downloader for Youtube employs a comprehensive algorithm to detect the full content of an album. The algorithm first performs a global search on YouTube to find songs belonging to the album, then locates each individual song and downloads the entire album. Unlike competing solutions, MP4 Downloader for Youtube will find and download albums even if they are not part of a playlist.

Download the entire album in a single click!

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YouTube Album Downloader.
YouTube Album Downloader.

Program will automatically find albums matching your query and display all the songs from that album.

YouTube MP4 Playlist Batch Downloader

Thanks to the convenient batch mode, YouTube to MP4 Downloader lets you download the entire YouTube playlists in a click. Download one or several playlists in a batch at maximum speed. With batch mode download, you can save your favorite Sport or Yoga courses, trainings, cartoons, or other videos in a few clicks.

YouTube MP4 Playlist Batch Downloader.

Easy YouTube Podcast Download

Are you a podcast listener? You can quickly download your favorite podcasts to the local phone storage for listening on the go even if you don’t have an Internet connection. You can download a single podcast, saving it into a widely compatible MP3 format, or get the entire playlist.

Top and Trending

Download top and trending hits in just a few clicks – free of charge!

Download MP4, MOV or MP3

You can easily download the entire video clip with sound - or just the audio stream for offline listening. YouTube to MP4 Downloader lets you choose between audio-only MP3 or full video and audio MP4 formats, or save YouTube clips into the MOV format.

The Best and Multiple Quality

YouTube is a highly adaptable streaming platform that automatically optimizes video quality depending on your connection speed. YouTube to MP4 Downloader lets you choose video quality from available options, storing downloaded videos at the best possible quality or reducing resolution to save disk space.

Free YouTube Player for Windows 11 and Mac

YouTube to MP4 Downloader includes a built-in video player for online and local YouTube videos and audio files.


You can add YouTube videos that you like to favorites, making your own collection for future watching and downloading.

Download Private Videos from YouTube (upcoming feature)

YouTube to MP4 Downloader can help you save private YouTube videos. To access a private video, use a cookie copied from the browser. The feature allows you downloading privately shared videos and playlists such as private video courses until the publisher locks access.

FREE MP4 YouTube Downloader

You may use the free tier at no charge to download up to 5 videos daily. The free tier does not support downloading albums. Alternatively, you can buy the premium edition for unlimited downloads, which also unlocks all the features.

YouTube Video Converter for MP4 and MP3 for Mac Free Download

M3D4Y is readily available for Windows and macOS, as well as a mobile iOS app. The Linux and Android editions are coming soon.

Download YouTube MP4 Video for free

Why you need this program? With YouTube to MP4 Downloader, you can enjoy a wide selection of free content such as royalty-free music and video clips, educational videos, podcasts, and playlists available on YouTube. Automatic album management and playlist creation will help you organize your downloads without wasting a minute of your time. Download music for offline listening, watch your favorite shows on the go or download cartoons for you children when you hit the road

Dark and Light Themes

YouTube to MP4 Downloader supports dark and light themes.

Dark and Light Themes.
Dark and Light Themes.

How to download YouTube Videos Step by Step

Copy the video link or playlist from YouTube (you can use the Ctrl + c keyboard shortcut on the browser address bar).
How to download YouTube Videos Step by Step - Step 1.
Paste the copied video url or playlist link into the Search box. Alternatively, you can enter a search query to discover music on YouTube.
How to download YouTube Videos Step by Step - Step 2.
Alternatively, you can use Album search to automatically download all songs from a certain album.
How to download YouTube Videos Step by Step - Step 3.
Specify video quality. By default, the highest quality stream will be selected.
How to download YouTube Videos Step by Step - Step 4.
Click Download
How to download YouTube Videos Step by Step - Step 5.
Find downloaded tracks in the Downloads tab
How to download YouTube Videos Step by Step - Step 6.
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YouTube to MP4 Download Compared to Online Services

Why choose our software compared to online YouTube download services? MP4 Downloader for YouTube offers batch downloads with automatic audio extraction and format conversion. With our software you can download YouTube videos in up to five parallel streams. You can make MP4 Downloader for YouTube your own with favorites and download history.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: YouTube to MP4 Downloader is completely safe to use unless you start abusing the YouTube service.
Long answer: if your keep your downloading activity within the limits of common sense, you are very unlikely to have a problem using YouTube to MP4 Downloader. If you try to download the entire YouTube, your IP address may be temporarily restricted by the service’s bot protection mechanisms. YouTube had never sued anyone for downloading videos from its streaming platform.

Short answer: we have not heard about a single case of YouTube suing individuals for downloading tracks from their video hosting service.
Long answer: the legal status of video downloads is covered by YouTube’s end-user agreement and by your country’s national laws. The YouTube end-user agreement does not allow downloading any kinds of videos from the streaming platform, but the laws of your country may say otherwise, making exclusions for certain types of content.
For example, in many countries such as the United States, UK, and EU, downloading copyrighted material to which you have not been granted the right to do so by the copyright holder is breaking the law. This includes, among other things, TV series and movies, sports broadcasts, and copyrighted music. On the other hand, downloading non-copyrighted videos and royalty-free music is not considered illegal in these jurisdictions. It is also legal to use YouTube downloader software to download videos and music for which the copyright holder allows you to do so, or for which the copyright laws do not apply.
The local laws always have precedence over any rules or restrictions imposed by commercial entities such as YouTube, meaning that downloading non-copyrighted and royalty-free tracks as well as the content you own may be perfectly legal in your country regardless of what YouTube says.

SoftOrbits Youtube Downloader for Mp4 is an video downloader software that allows you to save your favorite videos from YouTube to your computer or mobile phone.

Yes, mp4 downloader -- youtube can convert videos to MP4 format, as well as range of video formats such as AVI, WMV, and MOV.

Yes, it is compatible with mobile devices such as Android devices and tablets.

Yes, software can convert YouTube video files to MP3 files using its built-in mp3 converter.

No, it does not have an online converter. It is a software that allows you to convert videos to various formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, and MOV.

The download speed depends on various factors such as the size of the video and the speed of your internet connection. However, the software is optimized for fast downloads.

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