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You can use the Video Watermark Maker software to add watermarks to your videos quickly and easily. This gives you the ability to brand your videos with your name or your logo.

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How to Add Watermark to Video Quickly

When you need to create a watermark, it is important to do it quickly. Fortunately, this software allows you to add text, a logo, an image, a picture, or a watermark to your video. You can use batch mode to add your watermark to a number of videos at the same time. Read on to learn how.

Add Custom Watermarks to Your Videos

You can add your custom watermarks to your videos to protect them and ensure that you receive credit for your work. There are many ways to add a watermark to your video, including the following:

Add text to your video
Add a logo to your video
Add an image to your video
Create a visual watermark
Take a look at some of the solutions it offers:

How to Brand Your Videos

You can create a branded video by adding your watermark. You can also add copyright to your video to ensure that nobody tries to take credit for your work. Use a copyright generator to ensure that your work is protected. You can add a watermark to your YouTube video, which is important if you plan for people to watch and share your video. By adding your brand, people will be able to identify your work.

Protect video with copyright.

How to Add a Text Watermark to a Video

It is very easy to add a text watermark to your video. Follow these steps:

  • Use Add Files to upload your video.
  • Click on the Watermarks pane and choose Text Watermark.
  • Set the text, the font color, and the background color.
  • Choose the Position for the location and finish making your selections.
  • Clock the OK button when you are finished.
  • Save your watermark.
Add text watermark on video.

How to Add a Logo Watermark to a Video

You will also find it simple to add a picture watermark to your video. Follow these steps:

  • Use Add Files to upload your video.
  • Click on the Watermarks Pane and choose Logo Image.
  • Use a transparent background logo for your PNG file. This way, you can see the video behind it.
  • Choose the position for the location and finish making your selections.
  • Click the OK button when you are finished.
  • Save your watermark.
Add logo image watermark on video.

Automatic Watermark Position and Size

This software can automatically resize watermarks and position them because it has fixed size watermarks regardless of the video resolution. Other apps will make the logo appear larger or smaller but watermark maker automatically resizes them for you.

  • You can adjust the size, transparency, and position of the watermark.
  • You can resize the watermark to the percentage of the source video size that you choose.
Automatic watermark position an size.

Watermark Several Videos at Once in a Batch Mode

You can add a watermark to several videos at once when you use batch mode. You simply click on Add file and upload all of the videos you want to watermark. Then you click the button that says Batch Watermark.
Add watermark to multiple videos in a batch.

Save Watermark Template for Later Use

It is very easy to save your watermark template for later use. You start by creating your watermark, either with text, an image, or both. Once you have made the template, you click on Save Watermark along the top menu bar.
If you want to use the watermark that you have saved later, you simply click on Load Watermark from the menu bar. You can make any changes if you choose or you can add it to your videos.
Save watermark template.

Select Intervals to Show Watermarks

You can select the intervals where you want to show the watermark. You can add the exact time intervals where you want to start and stop showing the watermark. You can make text watermarks, image watermarks, or both and place them exactly where you want them.
Add watermark to video from give time interval.

Protect Against Automatic Watermark Removal

You can also protect your videos against automatic watermark removal. You will embed them into your YouTube videos, which is a fast and efficient process. Once you create the watermark and embed it in your video, it is protected against automatic watermark remover.

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Add text or website to video.

How to Put Watermark on Video: Step-by-Step Guide

This software makes it easy to add a watermark to your video. You can add it to one video or you can upload a group of videos and use the Batch command to do all of them at the same time. Follow these steps to put watermarks on your videos:

Click Add Files to choose the videos that you want to add a watermark to.
Add videos into the program.
Create your text or logo watermark. You can also create both if you choose.
Click on the Watermarks Pane.
Choose Text Watermark or Logo Image.
Put text watermark on video.
Choose the font, the background color, and the text. You can choose a transparent background for your logo if you want your image to show through.
Video with watermark.
You can choose the intervals where you want to show the watermark. Select the exact start and stop time, and the image will appear there.
If you are adding a watermark to more than one video, select the Batch mode. This will add the watermark to all of your videos.
You can save the watermark for future use by selecting Save Watermark from the menu bar.
You can select a watermark that you have already saved by selecting Load Watermark from the menu bar.
Save your video and you have a watermark.

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Complete Feature List

Supported formats and codecs
This program supports many formats including the following: AVI, MOV, RM10, M1V, MP2, SVCD, FLV, MP4, DVD, SWF, 3GP, MKV, WMV and codecs DivX, xVid, H.264
Watermark videos in a batch mode
You upload the videos, then create or upload the watermark, and apply the watermark to all of the videos that you selected.
Command Line Mode
You can choose a saved watermark template from the command line for automation tasks.
Keep video quality
You can maintain the original audio and video quality or use bitrate to change it.
Video converter
You can convert the video format to AVI, MOV, etc.
Change video encoding
You can change the video and audio settings including bitrate, frame rate, and codec.
Semitransparent watermarks
You can make transparent video watermarks.
Add texts to video
You can add text watermarks to video.
Add image to video
You can add logo watermarks to video.
Watermarking effects
You can add watermark effects such as transparency, shadow, glow, and tile effect.

Watermark Video Online vs. Offline Software on Your Computer

If you want privacy in creating your watermarks, you can do it offline. Nobody will be able to access your original video and you can use your own hardware for this task. You have the choice of adding a watermark online or offline and you can choose whichever works best for your videos.

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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can put a watermark on a YouTube video by signing in to YouTube Studio. You can select Channel Branding from the settings. Select Choose Image and add it to your video.

You can add a watermark in Windows Movie Maker. You need to import your video and then click title on the selected clip. If you want to add an image watermark, it is difficult. You will need a plugin and you need Windows XP or Vista.

You can choose your watermark and then click Add, and Image from the Sources box. You have to select a scene and then add the image. Choose the settings that you want, including the opacity. You can size it and position it, and then you can edit the scene. You may need to edit the scene again.

With Video Watermark Maker, it is easy to add a picture to a video. You just click on Add File, choose the video, and then you can click either Choose A Saved Watermark or Logo Image. Choose your settings and click OK.

The best free video editor without watermark is SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor. You can remove unwanted objects and edit your video.

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