How to add a date stamp to a photo already taken?

How to add a date stamp to a photo already taken? Download Batch Pictrue Protector that can add date and time to your photos using EXIF data.

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If you are a photographer or like printing and making albums, a date and time stamp can be very useful. Stamp refers to the small text that is put over a photo to indicate information about the photo.
Most smartphones and digital cameras store the date and time of the photo in the EXIF data, which can be seen under Details or Properties. There are programs which can detect this data and put it on the image like a watermark.
Using Batch Watermark Picture from SoftOrbits, you add a date stamp to a photo already taken – or even a logo image – on your own. It gives you options to change the font, position, transparency, rotation and much more!

Add date stamp to photo..

Why should you add a date stamp to a photo already taken?

Adding time stamps and dates for photos that was already taked is very useful when done properly. It helps in organizing your photos, especially if you are an event or wedding photographer and have hundreds of similar looking photos. You can sort your photos as per the time!
Further, if you like printing your images, having a date stamp is a great way of keeping track of the time of printing. You can even create a photo-diary by adding date stamps to your vacation photos!

Apart from helping you organize your images, adding a logo or a watermark with your website’s name will ensure that your ownership is protected. It helps in identification of the owner and will prevent anyone else from using your work.
As a bonus, adding a date stamp adds a vintage look to your photos, like those from old film cameras and retro negatives!

How to use Batch Picture Protector to add date stamp to photo that already taken?

SoftOrbits Batch Picture Protector is a user-friendly option to add date stamps, logos and watermarks to photos you have already taken. It gives you the option of adding text, using an image and placing them anywhere you want, so that no one can steal your work!

How to add a date stamp to a photo already taken (Step-by-Step):

Add file

After installing the program on your laptop, click on the Add File option to open the image which is to be edited. You can also drag and drop the file into the program’s homepage.

Open Batch Picture Protector..

Add Text Watermark

You will see two options on the right – Text Watermark and Logo Image. The first option is for typing the text you want to put, and the second option is for adding an image or logo, like a copyright symbol.

For adding a date stamp, you need to click on Text Watermark. A new window will open where you can type the text and adjust its appearance.

Add stamp or watermark to Photos..

Type the date and adjust appearance

The new window will contain an empty box in which you can type in the date you want. Apart from a date, you can even type in your name or give the link to your website or type in a birthday wish or a poem!

Below that box itself you will see an option for Font. You can choose different font styles and size by clicking on this. There are also buttons to adjust transparency, add background color of the watermark, add a shadow or glow effect.

You can customize the watermark as you wish!

Set the position of your date stamp..

Select position of text

In the new window, you will see a grid titled Position. The 3 x 3 grid actually represents the position where you can place your date stamp – top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right or in the middle.

Click on the required block and your text will be placed there.

Protect your images..

Use Tile effect for maximum protection

Tile effect will add your text to the whole image, covering all the positions together. This is the most effective way of protecting the photo and showing your name or the copyright symbol.

Save the photo

Once all your adjustments are made and the watermark is in the right place, click on Ok and save it!

Save the result..

How to add date to photos already taken using Batch Mode in Windows PC?

Batch Picture Protector allows you to add date stamps and watermarks to multiple photos at once!
You can save a lot of time with Batch Mode, especially when you have to share lots of photos with clients and cannot waste time in editing each one separately.
All you have to do is add and select the images you want to edit and type in the date text. Batch Picture Protector will add the date at the correct position and change its size automatically, depending on the size and orientation of the photo. Follow these simple steps for adding time stamps in Batch Mode:

How to add a date stamp to a photo already taken in a Batch Mode?

Step 1: Add files

Click on Add File to upload the required photos, or just drag and drop them into the program.

Add files to additing to Photos..

Step 2: Add the text

Click on Text Watermark to add whatever text you want, like explained above. You can also adjust the font style, size, transparency, background color and add effects like shadows and glow.

Step 3: Use pre-set macros if needed

Instead of typing the date manually, you can use the pre-set macros provided by Batch Picture Protector.

You will see a drop-down list just above the box given for typing. In this list, there are presets for file name, date, time, number etc. These macros will extract the text from the EXIF data of the image and add it to the watermark text.

Use the %date% and %time% option to add both the date and time information into the photo!

Adding time stamps in Batch Mode..

Step 4: Click on Batch Watermark

Once you have added the text and the date stamp is ready, click on Ok. The date stamp will be added to all the photos you had selected earlier.

Click on Batch Watermark option, which is a yellow-colored button right below the Text Watermark and Logo Image option. Now, click on Browse and select the folder where you want to save these files.

Step 5: Click Start

Now that your date stamp is ready and the destination folder is selected, click on Start. Batch Picture Protector will add the watermark at the correct position with the right size on its own!

What are the alternate ways add a date stamp to a photos already taken?

Apart from programs like Batch Picture Protector, you can try a few other methods to add date and time stamps.

Add date stamps through camera settings

If you open the settings for the camera app on your smartphone, you should see an option for adding time stamp to the photos. In Samsung cameras, there is an option for both Location Tag and Date and Time which can be enabled.
For Canon DSLR cameras, you can enable dates stamps by clicking on the Menu button and going to the camera setup options. Under that list you will see an option for Date Stamp.
Add date stamps in Canon camera settings..

Nikon cameras also have a setting for date stamps under the camera setup menu. Click on Menu and go to the wrench icon to turn on date and time stamps.

Add date stamps in nikon camera settings..

Add date stamps while printing

Windows lets you add the date and time when printing documents, by clicking on Print Settings and inserting an AutoText box in the header or footer. For photos, you may be able to add date stamps if you are connected to a special image printer or have some software downloaded.
For example, Olympus cameras can connect to your printer using the PictBridge app, or you can download Olympus Master 2 program, which has a print dialog box that lets you add date stamps.

Add date to photos using Instagram

You can use Instagram to add the date stamp to any image. Open the app and click on the ‘+’ icon to add a story.
Next, click a photo or choose an existing image from your gallery, and click on the sticker icon – which is a smiling, square emoji. One of the options will be the date sticker!
Add date to photos in Instagram..

Using smartphone apps

Since most of the photos we take are our phones, it is useful to keep an app ready for adding date stamps and signatures. You can add your Insta handle or website name before you share the photos!

Auto Stamper: Add Text and Time Stamp

Add Text and Time Stamp..

Android users can try out Auto Stamper’s Add Text and Time Stamp app. The app offers four types of stamps that can be added – date and time, signature, GPS location and logo.
You can choose which one you want to enable, and then customize the appearance as you wish!
One great advantage of this app is that you can select multiple photos at once, and the stamps you choose will be applied to all in batch mode.
All the options are highly customizable, and the app even has an option of adding the original date and time of the photo using the EXIF data. So, you don’t have to type it in manually!



DateStamper is a free app designed for iPad and iPhones. Similar to Auto Stamper, it lets you add date and time, GPS location and a customized caption, so you can type whatever text you need. Unfortunately, there is no option to add an image as a logo.
Using DateStamper, you can add a custom date, the current date or the original date on which the photo was taken. Although you may have to pay for a few premium font styles, many basic ones are already included in the app. You can even edit up to 10 photos in a batch!

How to add date stamps to a photos already taken on MAC

MAC has an in-built image viewer called Preview. Although it does not contain extensive editing options, you can use it to create date stamps. Here are the steps you can follow:

How to add a date stamp to a photo already taken on Mac (step by step):

Open the image using Preview.
From the menu bar on top, click on Show Markup tool. This contains the options to add texts in the image.

Adding date stamp on MAC..

Click on the text option, which is displayed as an icon with the letter T.

How to Add date stamp on MAC..

Type the date or watermark you want manually. You can adjust the font style and size by clicking on the A icon. Once the text is ready, drag and drop the text box into any position you want.
Go to File > Save. Your photo with the added text is ready!

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can use SoftOrbit’s Photo Stamp Remover program to remove date from photos. By only highlighting the watermark with a brush, you can delete watermarks and date stamps without disturbing the background.

Just search for date stamp apps on Google Playstore. There are apps like Auto Stamper’s Add Text and Watermark for adding a customized date or extract details from EXIF properties.

Check out Video Watermark Maker by SoftOrbits to add date and time stamps in videos.

Download DateStamper app from the Apple Store. It allows you to add date, time stamps, GPS location and customized text and even change their appearance as you wish.

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