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Remove watermark from videos and clean annoying logotypes, text overlays and non-removable subtitles from your videos in full auto mode with Video Watermark Remover!

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Remove Watermark from Video


These days, there are watermarks on everything. Photographers use them to protect images and video companies will often use them in their demo software. But they can also be incredibly annoying, especially if you want to watch a video without it getting in front of your eyes! The good news is that video watermark remover software can help you remove watermark from video easily.

SoftOrbits Video Watermark Remover is a Windows software to clean up video clips from annoying watermarks, text overlays and channel logos. Remove Logo Now! will automatically process your videos to remove many types of watermark. This video watermark remover will successfully remove video watermarks of the following types:

  • Static overlays such as channel logos
  • Transparent watermarks
  • Embedded subtitles
  • Time and date overlays

Video Logo Remover features a unique artificial intelligence video watermark removal algorithm. The smart fill algorithm analyzes adjacent frames to patch frame overlays leaving no visible residues.

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How to Remove a Logo from Video

Removing annoying static overlays is the easiest job for video watermark remover. Logo Remover from Video automatically detects objects that remain static in video streams, engaging its artificial intelligence to carefully remove the watermark from the video stream and fill underlying areas with visual data interpolated from the current and adjacent frames. In most cases, reasonably sized static watermarks can be removed with no visible residue. To remove watermark from photos use our Watermark Remover.

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Video watermark remover.

Removing Transparent Overlays from Video Streams in Logo Remover from Video

Many channels overlay transparent watermarks over broadcasted video streams. Removing watermark from video is nearly as easy as handling non-transparent static overlays. Similar to static logos, online video watermark remover can patch underlying areas so that no visible residue appears after removing the watermark from the video.

How to Remove Date and Time Watermarks from Video

Embedded date and time overlays were a feature in the past, becoming a major annoyance today. Often accompanied with running frame count, blinking recording indicator and other information, these objects are unwanted today and can be deleted with video watermark remover.
Remove Logo Now! video editor can automatically detect and remove date and time overlays. Since these are running numbers as opposed to being a single static overlay, you’ll have to specify the location of these overlays by selecting the frame with a mouse. Once this is done, watermark remover from video will take care of the rest to delete video watermark.


Remove record watermark from video.


Removed record watermark.

Remove Watermark from Video of Any Format

SoftOrbits Video Watermark Remover can process videos in AVI, MOV, M1V, MP2, SVCD, FLV, MP4, M2V, DVD, SWF, 3GP, MKV, WMV, and RM10. Should you want your video in a different format, the tool can automatically save the cleaned-up video stream using a different encoding, bitrate or container.

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A Full Video Guide on How to Remove Watermark from Video

Why Should You Remove Watermark From Video?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to remove watermark from video. Here are some that you might not have thought about:

Properly Trying Out New Software

Maybe you’re currently demoing some video-making software but it’s inserting the company logo as a watermark on every single frame. It’s not only distracting but it doesn’t even allow you to assess the software properly.

Getting Rid of Your Old Watermark

Or maybe you have an old video and you’ve put an old watermark of your own on there. If you want to update it with your new watermark logo, you need to remove the old watermark from video first.

Cleaning up an Old Video with Overlays

Lots of old video recordings actually have a date and time stamp inserted automatically on some or all frames. On older video recorders, this was a much sought-after function but the problem is that the information can be distracting and can even obscure parts of the video.

Removing a Watermark from a Video Made with Demo Software

You might have purchased the software that you used to create a video but in the meantime you might have lost the saved files. This means that the video you made has their annoying company logo on every single frame even though you now own the full version of the video-making software. Remove Logo Now can remove Filmora watermark", or remove Kinemaster watermark

Remove Channel Logo

One way to defeat the channel logo is to use software to remove watermarks from the video. It will automatically find the channel logos and watermarks and then analyze other frames to fill in the erased areas of the frames.

Using the Video for Other Purposes

Sometimes, you just want to remove a watermark on a video because you don’t like it being there or it’s going to interfere with what you intend to do with the video itself. Video Logo Remover may help you.

How to Use Logo Remover from Video. A Step-by-Step Guide.

Once you have a video that you want to remove a watermark from, it’s time to boot up the video watermark remover software. Here’s a guide to using it:

Add the Files into Video Logo Remover

Watermark remover from video interface that greets you is intuitive and doesn’t confuse with too many options. To remove watermark from video, you will need to add one or more video files to a queue to be processed. All you need to do is click the Add Files button at the top left of the software. You’ll then see all of the videos queued up on the left.

Add video files.

Detect the Logo

You can either let the software detect and remove the watermark from video by pressing the Find Logo button or you can zoom in and use the included graphical tools to select it yourself in order to help the video watermark remover software.

Find watermark.

How Remove Watermark from Video

Now that you’re ready, you can hit the Remove button and let the software do what it does best. The watermark will then be removed from all of the frames automatically and the leftover space filled in by the smart-fill video watermark removing algorithm.

Removed watermark from video.
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Remove Logo Now - How Remove Watermark from Video

How Is Video Watermark Remover Software Useful to Get Rid of Watermarks?

In days gone by, you’d need to do some pretty complex things to try and get rid of embedded watermarks and logos. This might even involve a frame-by-frame digital retouching process. The problem with these methods is that they are bluring out part of video and can leave traces behind. These days, software to remove watermark from video can do it all for you.

Software such as this can do the following and also do it incredibly quickly and easily:

  • Detect and remove semi-transparent or opaque watermarks
  • Detect and remove channel overlays that are static on every frame
  • Detect and remove embedded subtitles in a video
  • Remove datestamp and timestamp overlays

How Is the SoftOrbits Video Watermark Remover Special?

So why should you use Remove Logo Now? Here are some reasons why it’s so special and why it can do the job much faster than any of those older methods of removing watermarks from videos:

Smart Fill face

Imagine that you had to remove a watermark from video using unintuitive software that wasn’t really made for such a specialized purpose. One of the biggest problems is that tracks that this process leaves behind.

video formats

For example, you want to remove a TV channel logo sitting in the corner. It’s static on every frame, which makes it easy to identify. But the problem is that removing it will leave blank space on every frame where it used to be. It’s like erasing something and leaving the eraser mark behind.

Watermark remover from video deals with this problem very well. It detects the watermark to be removed and then analyzes current, preceding, and subsequent frames to automatically smart-fill the blank space left behind. Image data is interpolated using a smart software algorithm and then simply filled in.

Easy Video Conversion

There are lots of digital video formats and Video Watermark Remover can easily and quickly convert from one video file type to another. Once you’ve removed the watermarks from your video, it can be saved in one of a number of popular digital video formats. This means that you don’t need to use any other conversion software.


Even though some people are starting to question how useful they are, watermarks persist in both photos and videos. They can be distracting and annoying. Traditionally, they have also been difficult to remove without leaving some trace behind.

If you’re wondering how to remove watermark from video, the good news is that software can help. Remove Logo Now is smart enough to detect watermarks such as those old time and date stamps, TV channel logos, or even blinking REC signs. It will even fill in the erased parts left behind with a smart-fill algorithm.

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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Many old video recorders had a feature where they automatically embedded time and date data right on the videotape itself. This little digital readout could be useful when identifying old family recordings, for example.

Just as old video recorders used to embed time and date marks on video frames, they also often inserted a little flashing 'REC' mark in red at one corner. These watermarks are not static and only pop up at intervals. This can make tough to erase watermark from video online for free using older methods. Perhaps one of the worst things about these watermarks is that they keep on blinking and potentially distracting the eye.

Cable TV has always been full of these watermarks and they still persist today. You’ll usually see a static image in one corner announcing the TV or cable channel. These are often semi-transparent and can spoil an old broadcast that you want to digitize for posterity.

Sometimes, watermarks will appear on public domain photos or videos. Because these cases are in the public domain, there is no copyright attached to them and you can remove watermarks from this videos and photos.

Often, a copyright holder will add a watermark to a digital copy of their photo or video. Sometimes, the copyright holder will then lose the original file and want to seek a way to remove the watermark from video so that they have a clean master copy.

Certainly in cases of public domain or where the author wants to remove their own watermarks, it’s perfectly fine.
Watermarks are usually placed to indicate that someone owns the material. Removing it violates copyright, so it is wise to seek the permission of the author first.

Typically, watermarks on videos and photos are applied using software. This is usually the final step in the file rendering process.

Many people will use PNG files with a transparency channel for watermarks. Logo remover from video provides the most flexibility, but other types, such as GIF or JPG, can be used.

Demo versions of video editing software like Bandicam or Filmora will typically add a company watermark as part of their demo restriction policy. It is not legal to remove the watermark from video. You should purchase the full version of Demo software.

A watermark is a translucent or opaque text or image that is overlaid on artwork, photos, or videos to protect them from being used and stolen by someone else. These are the basic functions of a watermark:

  • A watermark announces that the image or video is copyrighted and is the intellectual property of someone else.
  • A watermark will often contain a link to the website of the owner of the image or video.
  • A watermark is intended to discourage the theft of an image or video by making it difficult for someone to remove this watermark from a video.

No. Most users use our Video Logo Remover software to process a lot of terabytes of videos. Doing that using an online tool will require a lot of traffic and server load. If you really need an online watermark remover, please let us know, we will think about implementing it.

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