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Combine dozens of photos into one ultra high-resolution image! Using SoftOrbits Photo Mosaic Software Download, you can now select a photo, and re-create it using selected mini-images. Perfect for posters and wedding gifts!

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Photo Mosaic Software

A mosaic traditionally refers to a design or pattern that is created by arranging lots of small stones, pebbles or colored glass. A photo mosaic is exactly like that – where a large image is created by lots of smaller ones, like tiles of a floor.
The true beauty of a photo mosaic can be seen when you zoom in, or take a large print of the image. When you look closely, you will be able to see that the photo actually contains lots of smaller images inside it. Instead of the usual blurred pixels and colors when zoomed in, you get to see a collection of photos that create the overall photo.

Photo mosaic of the lion.

Robert Silvers – an MIT student interested in photography and programming – in 1995 made the first photo mosaic. Earlier, it used to require lots of time, special programming and design skills to arrange each image carefully to create another larger photo.
With an image mosaic software from SoftOrbits, you can now do this yourself within minutes!

How to use Photo Mosaic software?

The steps required to create a photo mosaic are very simple and straightforward. Basically, there are two things you will have to do – select one master image and then select the base images.

The mosaic maker software will do the main job of analyzing each base image and placing it in the correct position. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the base images will fit in to create the master image.

Let’s have a look at the steps to create a mosaic from photo!

Download Photo Mosaic software

Download and install the Photo Mosaic program from the SoftOrbits website. It can be downloaded on any laptop or desktop.

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Select the Master Image

The master image will be the main photo that your mosaic will imitate. It is the final scene that comes into place after the jigsaw is complete!

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Select the base photos

Selecting the base images is the most important step. These will function as the tiles, and will create the final mosaic of the master image. It is important to select as many photos as possible. In fact, you should select at least 300-5000 different types of photos, so that the software has options to pick and choose those photos which match the colors and patterns of the master image. For example, if your master photo is a black and white image, you should select photos which have a lot of black, white and grey colors. Having a huge database of photos will help the program in creating a perfect mosaic!

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Adjust the mosaic settings

After 3 quick steps, your mosaic is almost ready to be generated! If you want, you can adjust a few settings for the base images. You can decide if you want to allow the program to rotate or flip the base images or not. If you have selected a large number of base photos, you can un-check these boxes and make sure that your photos are not adjusted. However, if you have selected lesser number of photos – or if your master image has a lot of shades and patterns – it is better to allow small adjustments, as that will help the mosaic become more accurate!

SoftOrbits Photo Mosaic Software.

Generate mosaic

Once all your photos are selected and the settings are final, just click on save and watch your mosaic be created! You may have been thinking, 'How do I make a photo mosaic without Photoshop?' Well, now a software mosaic photo can be created even without Photoshop, simply using SoftOrbits Mosaic Creator software. The program will break down the master image into blocks of colors. Then, it will choose the base image which matches those blocks and create the entire mosaic. The process will take a few minutes since the software has to analyze hundreds of photos and place them in the correct positions.

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Save the Result

Result of SoftOrbits Photo Mosaic Software.

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How to Add Mosaic Effect to Your Photos?

A perfect mosaic collage requires the tiles to be placed at the proper positions. To create the look of the master photo, the base photos must be able to fill in the gaps.
So sometimes, if the master image is complex, or if you have not selected enough variety of base photos, the mosaic design program may not be able to select the best one. This is why it is important to know how to select a good master image, and to replace the base photo if needed!

Choosing the main photo

Selecting the main photo is the first step in mosaic design creation. If you select a complex photo that has lots of varying colors, you will have to select base images which contain those colors too. Otherwise, it will become a bit difficult for the mosaic designing program to create a good mosaic.
Therefore, you should choose your master image carefully! It must match the database of base photos that you have selected.

Main windows of Photo Mosaic Software.

A useful tip is to be aware of the main color in your master image. If the most frequently occurring shade is blue, make sure that your base photos have a lot of blue too.

Replacing the tiles

The Photo Mosaic software allows you to change individual base photos, after the mosaic is created.

Tiles of the photo Photo Mosaic.

After the mosaic photo has been generated, you can zoom in to see which base photos were used. In some cases, the color may not be exact or you might want to use a different photo. To change the base photo, all you have to do is select a replacement from base photos shown.
After zooming into the mosaic’s preview in one particular block, the software shows a grid of the base photos that match that area, with the one actually used.
You can manually select which base photo you want to be used and customize the mosaic effect!

True Photo Mosaic Technology

The SoftOrbits Photo Mosaic program uses advanced technology and algorithms to give you the perfect mosaic. Whether you are looking at it from afar, or from up close, you will always see your photos with the highest clarity.
This mosaic art software is capable of generating ultra-high-resolution images with a size of 25,189 x 17,000!
Using this technology leads to true photo mosaics, which can be zoomed in more than ten times and still show each base image with all its details. The extremely high resolution of the mosaic means that you will actually get hundreds of photos saved into one file!

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Create Perfect Art using Photo Mosaic Software

Imagine going on a family vacation at the beach, or a solo trip through the mountains.

Mosaic Creator Software family vacation at the beach.

Earlier, we used to wait for days to get a printed album of such memories. Now, we upload our photos on Instagram and Facebook. A photographic mosaic is unique and different than all these old ideas!

Create Perfect Art using Photo Mosaic Software.

By creating a pattern with small images, it brings all your photos in one place. It becomes a collection of digital photos, and you can show all your vacation photos with one mosaic. And if you print it, you get one large photo along with lots of smaller photos too – just like a physical album!
This makes a photo mosaic design a great gift for friends and family. You can even use this as a poster, wall hanging or a wedding gift. Instead of scrolling through their gallery or flipping through pages, your audience needs to look closely at just one giant mosaic!

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What is the Best Photo Mosaic Maker Software?

If you check online reviews and your smartphone’s app store, you will see dozens of different collage makers. But none of them can give you a true, ultra-high resolution mosaic.
With this Mosaic design software from SoftOrbits, you get double benefit of advanced AI algorithms which create the mosaic art for you, along with the option of making manual adjustments and replacing the tiles!
It is very difficult to arrange photos in such a pattern that they create a larger image. But the smart Photo Mosaic can analyze even complex photos and match them with the correct base photo. And it can do this better and faster than any other mosaic program, making it the best photo mosaic software!

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can download and install the SoftOrbits Photo Mosaic software for Mac, and create mosaics in just a few simple steps. Alternatively, you can check out the app TurboMosaic 2, which is available on the Apple store.

Unlike a digital photo mosaic, a mosaic wall is a physical version. You can create a mosaic wall by printing a digital mosaic in a huge size, or you can also use it as a giant poster or wall hanging.

We know that a mosaic is made up of many smaller pieces, all of which are carefully arranged. If you jumble them up, you get a puzzle out of it! Like a jigsaw, you can have fun arranging the smaller tiles back into the complete mosaic. If you don’t want to create your own, you can order mosaic puzzles from Amazon too!

A mosaic looks better if the software is given many photos to choose from. Therefore, it is important to have at least 300-400 photos. Also, try to see that the base photo and the main image you have selected have similar colors, so that the program can generate an accurate mosaic.

Photogrammetry is the science of using photography to measure and study different objects and their characteristics. It is especially useful for creating maps, highways and surveying forests and rivers. By combining lots of photos and arranging them into a mosaic, engineers can create a 3D model of the area and accurately study it on their computers!

Similar to mosaic jigsaw puzzles, you can also order a customized Lego mosaic! Instead of digital photos, you will get Lego pieces with small parts of the main image printed on it. Then, you can arrange the Lego pieces to create a physical mosaic of your photo!

GIMP is an excellent image editing software, but it can make only basic photo collages. It cannot create mosaics like SoftOrbits Photo Mosaic Maker.

Photoshop and Lightroom have advanced image editing options, but you cannot create photo mosaics using it. You will have to install programs like the SoftOrbits Mosaic Maker.

The first photo mosaic was made by Robert Silvers, a student at MIT, in 1995.

A photo mosaic portrait refers to a mosaic where the master image is a portrait. Lots of smaller base photos will be combined so that from far away, it will look like the portrait itself!

A collage is nothing but a collection of photos, joined together at the edges. Collages are not always arranged in a particular pattern. But a mosaic collage means that lots of photos were combined carefully to match a larger photo. The SoftOrbits Mosaic Maker creates such a mosaic collage easily!

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