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Picture To Painting Converter is a software tool, aimed at transforming ordinary pictures into oil paintings in a couple of clicks, using automatic presets.

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How to Make a Photo Look Like an Oil Painting

This photo to painting software allows you to make photographs look like paintings in a few simple clicks. It is easy to use Picture to Painting Converter, and you will upload your photo, choose your style, and click save. Read on to learn the details.

Photo to Painting Converter Software

You can use the Picture to Painting Converter to convert your photograph to a canvas painting or turn your photos into drawings. You will click on Add Files, and then you can choose Options. You can save it to the destination file, and your photo will be converted.

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You have a number of presets to choose from, including Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Impressionists, and more. You can choose whichever one is best for your particular project. You can make manual adjustments to the settings if you want to enhance the effect.

Batch Mode

You can also choose to convert a group of photos at the same time. The photo to painting software has Batch Mode, and you simply choose the settings and convert them all at once. They will appear in your destination folder, and you can use them.

Visual Watermarks

If you want to protect your paintings, be sure to use the watermark feature to add your signature or watermark. This will enable you to share them on social media without having to worry that someone will take them without authorization.

Examples of Turning Photographs Into Paintings

You can take any photo and make it into an oil painting, a watercolor, or even an impressionist drawing. You might take a photograph portrait, and you can create an oil painting. Another idea is to take a landscape and convert it to a watercolor or an oil painting. There are other effects such as creating a comics or cartoon effect, and you can create a fun display by changing your photos. Photo to Painting Converter allows you to be really creative with your photos.

Photo to painting example 0.
Photo to painting example 1.
Photo to painting example 2.
Photo to painting example 3.
Photo to painting example 4.
Photo to painting example 5.
Photo to painting example 6.
Photo to painting example 7.

Why Do People Convert Photos to Paintings?

There are many different reasons to turn photographs into paintings. You might want to memorialize your pet or a family member. You could be creating a presentation for a birthday celebration, and you want to make a cartoon caricature of a friend or family member. Either way, you can be very creative when you use Photo to Painting Converter software to transform your photos into your own creations.

Create painting from photo for your home.

Reasons that people choose to convert photos to paintings

They make great gifts for family and friends

You can create a custom painting from a photo. You can come up with painting gift ideas, such as converting a photo of grandchildren, children, or a favorite pet.

You can create an oil portrait of your friend.

After you take a photo, you can create oil painting portraits by converting photos to oil paintings.

You can make a greeting card or a poster

This is a creative way to have fun with these items.

Painting Presets

The Picture to Painting Converter software comes with a number of presets, including the following:

Oil Painting

You can use the oil painting filter to create oil painting photo effects with your photos.


You can convert your photos to watercolor paintings using Image to Painting Converter. When you upload your photo, select the watercolor effect, and it will use a watercolor filter to transform your photo.


You can use effects to transform your photos to resemble an Impressionist painting.

Cartoon and Comics Effect

You can turn your photo into a cartoon painting by changing your photo to an illustration.

Custom Artistic Filter (Prizmo)

You can use a custom artistic filter such as Prizmo when you convert your photos.

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How to Turn Photos Into Drawings: Step-by-Step Guide

It is easy to use Photo to Painting Converter to transform your photos into different types of paintings. You can follow these simple steps:

Choose Add File to add photos

You can add one photo or multiple photos to convert at the same time.

Add photo.

Select the preset and preview it

You can choose one of the presets to easily convert your picture. Choose from the following:

  • Artistic Presets: Use an artistic preset such as Primo and numerous other options
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Impressionist Painting

Picture to painting presets.

Change the drawing settings to make it perfect

You can configure the Photo to Painting Converter options for your painting, including the brush shape, level of detail, number of strokes, stroke thickness, density, intensity length and type, the canvas texture, and more. You can choose different settings for any of these.

Picture to drawing settings.

Add a watermark

You can protect your final product by adding your watermark or signature.

Add watermark to painting.

Save or run Batch Mode for multiple pictures

You can Save the converted photo, or you can run Batch Mode to convert a group of photos at the same time.

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Save picture converted to painting.

Batch Photo to Painting Converter

Batch processing is a feature that allows Photo to Painting Converter to upload multiple pictures and apply the settings to all of them at the same time. This way you only need to set up your conversion one time, and all of the pictures can be converted together. It saves time, and the photos will all go to the same destination folder.

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Features of Image to Painting Converter

The Picture to Painting Converter software from SoftOrbits makes it simple to convert your pictures to oil paintings, watercolors, Impressionist paintings, cartoons, and more in a few simple steps. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Take a look at some of the great features that are included:

Easy to use presets
You can customize the painting appearance
You can add your watermark or any other author signature to protect your work
You can convert multiple pictures at the same time in Batch mode
You can do simple photo editing, such as crop, rotate, automatic and manual image correction, brightness, contrast, and more

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the Picture to Painting Converter software to transform your pictures into a drawing. After you upload the photo or multiple photos, you can choose one of the presets to convert your picture to an oil painting, a watercolor, an Impressionist painting, a drawing, a cartoon, or more. It is easy to convert your picture in a few simple steps.

It is a lot of fun to take an ordinary photo and convert it into a Renaissance painting. You can simply upload your photo and choose the preset, Impressionist. The Impressionists were Renaissance painters, and your photo will be converted into this style. You can save the photo and you will be ready to share it.

You might want to turn your photo into an illustration. You can use the Comics effect to do this. You just upload your photo using Add File, and then choose the Comics effect. Photo to Painting Converter will automatically turn your photo to an illustration. You can save it, and it will be ready to share.

You may use software to convert photo to painting. Free download is available at this page.

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