Batch Picture Resizer will efficiently convert your CR2 files to JPEG, won't overwhelm you with advanced features, and serve as a straightforward tool rather than a complex photography suite.

  1. 1️⃣ Install SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer.
  2. 2️⃣ Add CR2 Files to the Program.
  3. 3️⃣ Select JPEG as the Output Format.
  4. 4️⃣ Adjust JPEG Compression Settings.
  5. 5️⃣ Start the Conversion Process.
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Why do I need CR2 to JPG converter Software?

As a professional photographer with a DSLR camera, I often deal with RAW photos. You've probably heard of the term RAW images before.
Unlike regular JPG photos, RAW images cannot be viewed or printed directly! RAWs capture all the raw data straight from the camera's image sensor without any processing.
Because RAW contain so much data, I need special software to edit them and convert them into standard JPGs that can be easily shared and printed.

What is the best software to convert CR2 files to JPG on Windows 10/11?

Converting RAW files like CR2 to JPG involves compressing a ton of detail into a smaller file size. That's why using the best converter software is crucial.
I've tested online tools, Photoshop, Adobe DNG Converter, and various other programs on both Windows and Mac. After my research, Batch Picture Resizer stands out as the best option. So, let me show the results of my research.

📙Quick summary

  1. My choise: Batch Picture Resizer   
  2. Quickly if you only have 1-10 files: Online Converters   Read More
  3. Manufactors's software: Adobe DNG Converter   Read More
  4. Most popular photo editor: Adobe Photoshop   Read More
  5. Special Raw Editing Software: UFRaw, Aftershot Pro, Contenta CR2 Converter   Read More
  6. Solutions for Mac Users: MAC Preview, Adobe DNG Converter   Read More

Batch Picture Resizer

Cr2 to jpeg converter software..

Batch Picture Resizer is the best Canon CR2 to JPG converter software and works on not only CR2 format but also the NEF format of Nikon, RAF of Fujifilm and much more.
The advantage of this converter program is that apart from converting any RAW format into JPG, you will also get various technical options like fixing the exact height and width of the final photo, adding watermarks, level adjustments, rotation and smart cropping.
With an easy-to-use interface, you can convert multiple RAW photos into JPGs without reducing image quality! A final image in JPG format will mean that you can instantly edit your photo in any editing app, share it on social media or transfer it quickly to other devices.
Although many other best CR2 to JPG converters take a long time to process the humongous RAW files, the Batch Picture Resize does it within minutes!

How to downoad and use CR2 to JPG Converter Software?

You don't need to know the complex details like pixels per inch and DPI to use the best Canon CR2 to JPG Converter software for PC. You can easily convert any RAW file into a JPG in just a few steps!

Add Image

Firstly, perform CR2 to JPG Converter download and install it on your computer. As soon as you open it, you'll see an option to Add File on the left.

Click on it to choose the CR2 format image you wish to convert.

Convert cr2 to jpeg on Windows 10/11 step 1. add files..

Resize if needed

RAW shots will capture the full resolution of your camera, which means they'll be pretty big in pixels. You can crop them directly or type in the height and width while maintaining the aspect ratio!

The Resize option will be seen as a small button below the Add File option.

Skip this step if you don't want to change the size or crop your image.

Convert cr2 to jpeg step 2. set jpeg size..

Click on JPG under Convert Option

Beside the Resize option on the right, you will see a tab for Convert. Click on that to open a list of formats to change your CR2 photo!

Select JPG from that dropdown list.

Convert cr2 to jpeg step 3. output format..

Select Destination

At the bottom, you will see an option called Destination. This is basically to decide where your converted image will be stored.

Select any folder from here or copy-paste the location into the tab.

Convert cr2 to jpeg step 4. select destination folder..

Click on Start

This is the last step! Once you have selected the proper file size and the format you need, you can click on the Convert button at the bottom right corner.

SoftOrbits CR2 to JPG Converter program will convert the CR2 file into JPG and save the photo quickly!

Convert cr2 to jpeg step 5. push start button..

Batch Picture Resizer Batch Picture Resizer

Resize and convert pictures in full auto mode!

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Video Tutorials

How to convert multiple CR2 photos to JPG using batch mode?

Converting RAW photos takes much time because many programs need you to open each file individually. Not with SoftOrbits CR2 to JPG batch converter!
Batch mode. Convert multiple CR2 photos to JPG..

If you need batch convert CR2 to JPG, you must use the Add File option to add multiple images simultaneously. You can drag your mouse pointer, select multiple files, or click individually while pressing the Ctrl button.
Once all your images are added to the tool, you can select the adjustments commonly applied for all!

RAW formats supported by SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer

Unlocking the power of versatility, Batch Picture Resizeer embraces RAW files captured by digital cameras (CRW/CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, MOS, KDC, DCR, etc.), providing extensive support for virtually all RAW formats. Here's a glimpse of some of the most popular (though not exhaustive) supported formats:
TIFF/EP.3fr, .ari, .arw, ...ISODefines a basic framework for storing raw and processed images in TIFF.
Digital Negative (DNG).dngAdobeExtension of TIFF/EP, adding information on camera characteristics. Royalty-free.
Canon Raw v2 (CR2).cr2CanonBased on TIFF and lossless Jpeg ITU-T81.
Canon Raw v3 (CR3).cr3CanonUses the ISO base media file format container with custom tags and a custom crx codec.
Sony RAW (SRF, SR2, ARW and ARQ).srf, .sr2, .arw, .arqSonyBased on TIFF container, uses proprietary Makernote fields. May be uncompressed, proprietary lossy-compressed, or Jpeg lossless compressed depending on version.
Nikon Electronic Format (NEF).nefNikonRAW format used by Nikon cameras, stores information sensed according to the geometry of the sensor's individual photo-receptive elements.
Pentax Electronic File (PEF).pefPentaxRAW format preserving information captured at the time of exposure, used by Pentax cameras.
Olympus Raw File (ORF).orfOlympusRaw format capturing radiometric characteristics of the scene, compatible with TIFF/EP and Exif metadata.
Panasonic Raw (RW2).rw2PanasonicRaw format with corrections for geometric distortion and chromatic aberration, based on the Tag Image File Format (TIFF).

Supported Cannon Cameras

  • PowerShot 600
  • PowerShot A5
  • PowerShot A5 Zoom
  • PowerShot A50
  • PowerShot A410 (CHDK hack)
  • PowerShot A460 (CHDK hack)

‍🔬 My experience and expertise in CR2 to JPEG Conversion

Here's an analysis on using Batch Picture Resizer to convert CR2 (Canon Raw) images to JPEG format, along with alternate methods:
👍 Strengths of Batch Picture Resizer for CR2 to JPEG conversion:
  • Efficient batch processing: Batch Picture Resizer allows you to convert multiple CR2 files to JPEG simultaneously, saving significant time compared to converting images one by one.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface: The software has a straightforward layout, making it easy to navigate and use, even for beginners.
  • Customizable output settings: You can adjust settings like JPEG quality, resize dimensions, and more, giving you control over the output files.
  • Affordable: Compared to expensive photo editing software, Batch Picture Resizer is a cost-effective solution for basic CR2 to JPEG conversion tasks.

🤔 However, there are some trade-offs to consider:

  • Limited editing capabilities: While Batch Picture Resizer is efficient for batch conversion, it lacks advanced editing features found in dedicated photo editing software. You won't be able to make detailed adjustments or selective edits.
  • Lack of raw file processing: Batch Picture Resizer converts CR2 files directly to JPEG without any raw file processing or adjustments, which may result in quality loss compared to dedicated raw converters.
  • Limited metadata handling: Batch Picture Resizer may not preserve all metadata from the original CR2 files, which can be important for some workflows.

🌟 When Batch Picture Resizer might be the best choice:

  • You need to convert a large number of CR2 files to JPEG quickly and efficiently.
  • You don't require advanced editing features and only need basic conversion capabilities.
  • You're on a tight budget and can't afford expensive photo editing software.
When you might consider alternate methods:
  • You need more advanced editing features beyond basic conversion.
  • You prefer a solution integrated with your existing photo editing workflow (e.g., Adobe Photoshop).
  • You're a Mac user and prefer native solutions like MAC Preview or Adobe DNG Converter.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and existing software ecosystem. Batch Picture Resizer is a simple and affordable option for basic CR2 to JPEG conversion, while alternate methods may offer more advanced features or integration with existing workflows.

💁‍ A Good CR2 to JPEG Converter: User Reports and Suggestions

As a photography enthusiast, I’ve been shooting photos in CR2 format to capture high-quality images. However, I have realized that this format is not always ideal for sharing photos, as not all devices can read this format. That’s when I started looking for an excellent CR2 to JPEG converter. In this article, I will share some user reports and suggestions I came across during my search.

📢 User Reports:

📢 Adobe Photoshop

Many users recommended using Adobe Photoshop as a best way to convert CR2 to JPEG format. Photoshop is a professional image editing software that supports CR2. You can open the CR2 file and save it as a JPEG. However, it is important to note that Photoshop is a paid software. And you will need to learn it.

📢 Lightroom

Lightroom [3] is another professional image editing software that can convert CR2 to JPEG. Lightroom can also be used to edit and enhance images. It is an ideal choice if you want to edit RAW images before converting them to JPEG.

📢 Online Converters

Many online CR2 to JPEG converters are available on the internet. These converters offer an easy way to convert CR2 to JPEG. No software installation required. However, you must be cautious when using online converters, as some of them may not be secure, and your private photos may be at risk of being stolen or hacked.

📢 Canon Software

Canon cameras come with a software called Digital Photo Professional (DPP), which can be used to convert CR2 to JPEG. It is free and simple. DPP has editing features to enhance RAWs.


✔️ Batch Conversion

When looking for a CR2 to JPEG converter, you should ensure that the software they choose supports batch conversion. Batch conversion allows you to convert multiple CR2 files to JPEG simultaneously, saving time and effort.

✔️ Speed

The conversion speed is an important factor when choosing a CR2 to JPEG converter. Look for software that offers fast conversion speed, especially when dealing with many files.

✔️ Editing Features

Some CR2 to JPEG converters also offer basic editing features that allow to crop, resize, or enhance their images.

✔️ Compatibility

You should ensure that their chosen CR2 to JPEG converter is compatible with their operating system. Some converters may only be available for Windows, while others may only be available for Mac.

While many CR2 to JPEG converters are available, you should consider the factors mentioned above to choose the best software.

Way #2: How to convert CR2 to JPG online?

If you do not want to download a software trial version to convert CR2 files into JPEG format, you can consider using online CR2 to JPG Converter tools. Although uploading the RAW might take a few minutes, you won't have to carry your laptop with the installed software everywhere!



Zamzar is a free tool that works online, without requiring any special program to be installed. Even though it is a bit slow, the conversion is excellent, and your final JPG files will not lose out on image quality.
The best thing is that it detects many RAW formats like NEF, RAF, CR2, DNG etc., but you can convert files of only 50 MB for free. Also, using a free account here means converting only two images within twenty-four hours.

To convert CR2 to JPEG using Zamzar, upload the CR2 file, choose the output format as JPEG, and click the Convert button.


Supports a wide range of file formats

Easy-to-use interface

Free version available


The free version has limitations

Conversion can take some time

Requires internet connection

My overall rating: 4   



Convertio is a powerful online service that recognizes many RAW formats and converts them into JPGs. Like Batch Picture Resizer and Zamzar, you need to upload your CR2 file, select the format you want and let the tool do the rest!
Besides image conversion, Convertio also converges audio files, videos, documents and PDFs. Since the conversion happens on the servers of Convertio, even an old computer will be able to use its features easily.


Supports a vast range of file formats

Easy to use interface

Offers advanced settings for conversion


Limited free version

Conversion can take some time

Requires internet connection

My overall rating: 4.5   

Way #2: Image.Online Convert

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.

Image.Online Convert..

Image.Online Convert is a simple website that allows you to upload a RAW and convert it into JPG.
Although it does not have a lot of fancy features, it lets you select the level of compression – none, low, medium, high and best. The higher the compression level, the lesser the file size, although your image might suffer slightly in quality.
You can also select the exact image size by entering the width and height image resolution and changing DPI, which is a helpful setting if you want to print your photos.


Simple and easy-to-use interface

Supports various image formats

Can resize, rotate, and crop images


Limited to image conversion only

Requires internet connection

Free version has size limitations

My overall rating: 3.5   

ToolFunctions Score (out of 5    )Usability Score (out of 5    )Overall Quality Mark (out of 5    )Prices
Zamzar 4    4    4   
  • Free version with limitations
  • Paid plans start at $9/month
Convertio 4.5    4    4.5   
  • Free version with limitations
  • Paid plans start at $9.99/month
Image.Online Convert 3.5    4    3.5   
  • Free version with size limitations
  • Paid plans start at $4.99/month

How to convert CR2 photos into JPG on Windows 11?

If your computer has Windows 11, you can install great programs to process RAW files and convert them into JPGs.

Canon CR2 File Converter Download

Canon CR2 File Converter..

You must use the Canon CR2 Converter if you have the Canon D2000 camera. Since that camera takes RAW photos in an older image file format, you must use Canon's image converter to change them into CR2 RAW.
Once you have the CR2 file ready, you can open them in any other program!
Canon provides Digital Photo Professional for free with its cameras, allowing you to convert RAW files into JPG and edit them like in Photoshop. Digital Photo Professional is an advanced image editor that allows you to adjust the exposure before saving the image as a JPG.


Free to use

Produced by Canon, so it is likely to provide accurate conversions


Can only convert CR2 files

Limited functionality

My overall rating:


Way #3: Adobe DNG Converter

Adobe DNG Converter..

DNG – which stands for Digital Negative – is a universal RAW format used publicly instead of being developed by a particular camera company. Converting your photos into DNG before JPG will give you more options for image editors since DNG is an open-source format.
Adobe DNG Converter lets you change RAW files from over 700 cameras into DNG format or JPG.
It's a powerful software where you can choose even lossy compression [1], which will significantly reduce the file size but retain output image quality too. You won't be able to get a similar conversion quality in other free tools.


Free to use

Supports various camera raw file formats

DNG format is widely supported by other software


Requires additional software to open DNG files

Does not offer direct JPEG conversion

My overall rating:


Way #3: Way #4: How to Convert CR2 files into JPG in Photoshop

Photoshop cr2 to jpeg convert..

This is an obvious choice. Photoshop is a converter, image processor, and editor all rolled into one!
Photoshop files are in the PDS format, but it recognizes DNG, TIFF, CR2, NEF and other RAW formats and allows you to save them as JPG.
When you open Photoshop, click on Edit > Scripts > Image Processor. Choose the Select Folder option to open the folder with your RAW files. Select the destination folder, choose Save as JPG, and click Run.
If Photoshop is not allowing you to save an image as JPG, it is probably because the file size is too big. To solve this, use the Save for Web option from the File menu to compress the image into a smaller file!


Offers extensive image editing capabilities in addition to conversion

Supports various file formats

Produces high-quality conversions



Can be overwhelming for beginners

My overall rating:


Way #5: Special Raw Editing Software


The Unidentified Flying Raw – or UFRaw – is a photography program which works by itself, or even as a plugin for GIMP image editor [2]. It recognizes almost all RAW formats, including CR2, and lets you convert them into JPGs.
UFRaw screenshot..

If used with GIMP, UFRaw becomes a powerful tool because it lets you edit images using layers, healing, clone stamp, curves, and more. And the best thing – it is completely free!


Free and open-source

Supports various camera raw file formats

Offers advanced editing options


Interface is not user-friendly

Requires additional software to view and edit the converted files

My overall rating:


Aftershot Pro

Aftershot Pro..

Like Photoshop, Aftershot Pro is a CR2 to JPG Converting service and image editor with highly advanced features. Although it needs a subscription, it will be a one-time investment because Aftershot can handle all your RAW photos from start to end.
It provides batch conversion, too, so you can select multiple CR2 files and convert them together. You get lens correction, blemish removal, levels and curve adjustments, and conversion!


Offers extensive image editing and management capabilities in addition to conversion

Supports various camera raw file formats

Produces high-quality conversions



Can be overwhelming for beginners

My overall rating:


Contenta CR2 Converter

Contenta is paid software for converting CR2 files to JPG in MAC, although you can get long free trials. Designed specifically for Mac OS, it works well if you need simple software that doesn't require lots of heavy power.
Along with conversion into JPG, you can also save your RAW as GIF, PNG and TIFF. Content also lets you organize all your photos with EXIF or XMP tags in sub-folders.


Simple and easy-to-use interface

Supports various output formats

Batch conversion capability


Does not offer advanced editing options

Not free

My overall rating:


CR2 to JPG Converter SoftwareFunctions Score (out of 5)Usability Score (out of 5)Overall Quality Mark (out of 5)PriceOther Criteria
Batch Picture Resizer 4.5    4.5    4.5    $29.95Batch resizing of images with various features and options

Canon CR2 File Converter 3    4    3.5    FreeConverts CR2 files to other image formats, but limited functionality
Adobe DNG Converter 4    4    4    FreeConverts CR2 files to DNG format, which can be opened in Adobe software
Photoshop 5    4    4.5    From $20.99/monthProfessional photo editing software with advanced features
UFRaw 3.5    3.5    3.5    FreeOpen source software for processing RAWs
Aftershot Pro 4    4    4    $69.99Professional photo editing software with a focus on RAW processing
Contenta CR2 Converter 3    3.5    3.25    $29.90Batch conversion of CR2 files to other image formats


Canon CR2 File Converter

User: Sarah Johnson
Rating: 4    The Canon CR2 File Converter is a reliable software that quickly converts my RAW images to JPEG format. The interface is simple, easy to use, and has great output quality.

Adobe DNG Converter

User: Jack Thompson
Rating: 3    The Adobe DNG Converter is a decent software for converting RAW camera files. It's slow, and the interface is not very user-friendly, but it gets the job done, and the output quality is good.

Way #4: Photoshop

User: Emma Brown
Rating: 5    Photoshop is a fantastic photo editing software that can handle a variety of file formats, including RAW. The interface is intuitive, with endless possibilities for editing and enhancing photos. Highly recommend!


User: Michael Lee
Rating: 2    UFRaw is a free software for converting RAW, but the interface is not user-friendly, and the output quality is not great. It's a decent option for basic conversions, but better alternatives are available.

Aftershot Pro

User: Laura Garcia
Rating: 4    Aftershot Pro is a powerful software for managing and editing RAWs. The interface is complex, but it's easy to use once you get the hang of it. The output quality is excellent, and there are many advanced features available.

Contenta CR2 Converter

User: David Wilson
Rating: 3    The Contenta CR2 Converter is a decent software for converting RAW to standard formats. It's easy to use, the output quality is good, but the features are limited, and the interface is not very modern.

Way #6: How to convert CR2 files into JPG images on MAC?

If you have an Apple MAC with you, you can consider a few more programs for converting CR2 files into JPG. While Photoshop and Adobe DNG Converter are also available for MAC, these are a few backup options!

MAC Preview

MAC Preview to open cr2..

Preview is a photography program already installed in your MAC device, and can be used to convert RAW image file easily.
While the thumbnails for your RAW photo won't be displayed, you can right-click any CR2 file and select Open with Preview. Go to File > Export, and select JPG as the final output image format. You will see a converted JPG in the folder once you click on Save.
Since Preview is already built-in, this method doesn't require downloading any other software!

What is a CR2 image file?

Convert CR2 into JPG..

A RAW photo is a pocket of information collected from the image sensor, and different camera companies save their RAW photos under different names. But what are CR2 files?
While Nikon cameras use the NEF format, .CR2 is the RAW format used in Canon cameras. The full name is Canon RAW Version 2.
Most apps on our computers and phones can display only JPG or PNG formats. To make a Canon RAW image useful, we must first convert CR2 files to JPEG format.

How to open CR2 files?

RAW photos cannot be opened unless you have the right CR2 to JEPG converting program for that particular RAW format. To open CR2 files on Windows 11/10/7, you must use programs like Batch Picture Resizer, IrfanView, UFRaw or Photoshop.
These tools are designed to recognize RAW formats like CR2, NEF, DNG etc. and even allow you to make edits and adjust brightness, color, healing, cropping and much more!
While IrfanView and UFRaw are free programs to open CR2 files and convert CR2 to JPG on Windows 10 / 11, Photoshop and Lightroom are much more advanced options and require a paid subscription. The advantage is that your investment will not go to waste, and you can use one tool alone for processing and converting any image!

SoftOrbits CR2 to JPEG Converter Software

SoftOrbits CR2 to JPEG Converter is a versatile PC software that converts Canon CR2 files to standard image formats, including JPEG. This software offers a user-friendly interface allowing users to navigate its features easily. One of its key features is the white balance adjustment tool, which enables users to adjust the color temperature of their input images. This feature is handy for photographers who shoot in different lighting conditions, as it allows them to fine-tune the colors of their images.

Convert cr2 to jpeg step 3. output format..

The software also has a drop-down menu providing users with different options for the output image size. This feature allows users to resize their images according to their preferences and needs. The Output Folder option lets users choose the destination folder for their converted files, a convenient feature that helps keep the files organized.
Users can also choose the source folder where their input images are located. This feature saves time, eliminating the need to navigate through different folders to locate the input images. SoftOrbits CR2 to JPEG Conversion Software supports various digital cameras and RAW image formats. This feature ensures that users can convert their RAW pictures regardless of their camera.

Batch Picture Resizer Batch Picture Resizer

Resize and convert pictures in full auto mode!

 Download for Free

One of the strengths of SoftOrbits CR2 to JPEG Converter is its ability to handle large batches of RAW camera files. This software can convert multiple RAW simultaneously, saving users time and effort. Additionally, SoftOrbits CR2 to JPEG Converter produces high-quality JPEG images comparable to the input images' quality.

In conclusion, SoftOrbits CR2 to JPEG Converter is a reliable and efficient software that enables users to convert their RAW to standard image formats. Its user-friendly interface and wide range of features make it a popular choice among photographers and professionals who need to handle large volumes of RAW photos.


  1. Said A., Pearlman W. A. An image multiresolution representation for lossless and lossy compression //IEEE Transactions on image processing. – 1996. – Т. 5. – №. 9. – С. 1303-1310.
  2. Lecarme O., Delvare K. The book of GIMP: A complete guide to nearly everything. – No Starch Press, 2013.
  3. Schewe J. The digital negative: raw image processing in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop. – Peachpit Press, 2015.
Batch CR2 to JPEG Converter for Windows 11/10/7 will convert CR2 files to JPEG and save the photo in a few moments!
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

JPG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group and is a format in which almost all digital images are stored. Because JPG photos are universally accepted, you can open them using any ordinary image viewer or through your smartphone gallery.

There are many free converters you can try. A Google search will show many options, from UFRaw to simple tools like Zamzar or Image Online-convert.

Photoshop recognizes almost all RAW formats, so you can directly run the program, click on File and open any CR2 image. Check out a few videos for an in-depth lesson!

Like JPG, even PNG is a very common image format. Almost all the converters which can be used for getting JPG files will also let you save the image as a PNG file. Try out Photoshop, Adobe Converter or Convertio CR2 file converter!

Yes, you can use the heic to jpg software. Or you may keep using Batch Picture Resizer that supports HEIC file format.

If you have many CR2 files that you need to convert to JPG, there is an excellent CR2 to jpg software that can help you do this easily and quickly. SoftOrbits CR2 to JPEG Converter can be used in batch mode to convert multiple files simultaneously. This makes it very efficient, as you can convert all your files in one go. Plus, the converter supports some photo editing options, so you can ensure that your JPG photos look just how you want them to.

CR2 to JPG conversion can be done quite easily and quickly with the help of a converter. Many converters are available online, but we recommend using SoftOrbits CR2 to JPG converter download for windows 10/11. This converter works very fast, using all processor cores and batch mode. Conversion can take less Than a minute for average-sized files.

By downloading the trial version of cr2 to the jpg converter app from SoftOrbits, you can quickly convert CR2 to JPG offline. This CR2 to JPG converter (offline) is faster than online converters and provides many options to customize your conversion process. You can also use this software to resize, crop, and edit your images–making it the perfect cr2 to jpg software for all your batch picture processing needs.

You can convert CR2 to JPG in bulk in several ways. One way is to use an online converter tool. There are many of these available, and they will typically allow you to upload your CR2 files in a bulk mode and then download the converted JPG files afterward. Another way is to use a free software program designed specifically for this purpose. Many image editing programs (like GIMP or Paint.NET) can also open and save CR2 files, so you may already have such a bulk CR2 to JPG converter installed on your computer. Sometimes they do not have a bulk mode. Whatever method you choose, the process should be straightforward and only take a minute or two.