Photo Background Remover for PC

Photo Background Remover features automatic background detection, cut out objects and add a smooth background images, and create a plain white background so that your photos stand out.

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Remove Image Background in One Click with Background Remover Software

Photo Background Remover software makes it simple to remove any background images in one click.
You can remove any background objects from your picture, including the following:

Stock Graphics

Prepare Product Photos for Websites and Online Shops

If you are uploading photos for your online shop, you might want to remove the background images so that your products are the main feature of the picture. You can make your images clear when you do product photography.

Make Your Images Clear with the background removal software

When you upload images with a clean background, no background, and no shadows, you can increase your sales conversion by 300%.

Clean images background for online store.

Blow Out a White Background for a Product Photo

You can make your eBay photo background white and clean for your products on eBay, as well as Etsy and Amazon listings. You can also do bulk clipping for large catalogs. Your products will be easy to see, look professional, and buyers will take notice. You simply run Photo Background Remover app for PC, Add Files and click on Remove Background. Then you can choose the background color and its effects.
Make photo background white.

How to Make a White Background Transparent

You can make a white or colored background transparent and use the Foreground controls to move and resize your product image. SoftOrbits background remover software can save it as a PNG file.
Make white background tranparent.

Protect Your Photos with a Digital Watermark

You can also add a digital watermark by choosing the Watermark tool. You can choose the font, color, and size of text or upload an image. Choose the position of the watermark, and save the file. You can do this in bulk as well.
Remove background and add website name.
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Automatic Photo Background Remover Software

You can use the automatic background remover app for PC in five seconds without any clicks. You just let artificial intelligence of the software do its job.

Additional features:

  • Detect and remove shadows
  • Remove the white background from clipart
Photo with solid background.
Photo with removed background.

Manual Background Eraser for PC

You can use the background eraser tool to remove the background, and you can make a human transparent background as well by cutting people out. Take a look at the following:

Highlight Background and Foreground

In Photo Background Remover you have two markers: green and red. You can use the green for the areas you want to keep and red for the areas you want to remove.

Select background and foreground on photo.

How to Cut Out a Picture

You can do a people cutout or cut something out of a picture. For example, you might want a hair transparent background to show a hair product, or you might want to cut out people to use them in your picture. This is all simple with the intuitive remove background feature.
Picture after cutting out background.
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Photo Background Changer Software

Background removal software offers different options for changing your background, including the following:

Automatically Create Transparent Backgrounds

You can automatically create a transparent background by choosing the color and the transparency level when you remove image backgrounds. You can mark the part you want to remove, and then customize the background.

Make photo background transparent.

Create Solid Color Background

After you remove the background, you can use the image color changer. When you use the color changer on pictures, you can select the color for the background. Photo Background Remover Software will make your products stand out.
Make background solid color.

How to Add Your Own Background to Photos: Create Photo Montage

You can also add background to your photos. For example, you can add a nature background for effect. You simply use the Add Background tool, and add your background.
Photo with a new background.

Change the background of Your Photo

You can change the orignal background of your photo. First, you will mark the photo and remove the background, then use the Add Background tool to add the background you want. You simply replace the backgrounds with a new one.
Remove background on photo.

Edit Foreground Picture

Photo Background Remover can rotate or zoom in on the foreground of the photo. Place cutted picture where you want it, and choose the size and angle.
Change foreground picture.
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How to Remove a Background from Photo Step-by-Step Guide

It is really simple to remove the background from your photos. If you click on Remove background, the Removal Pane will appear.

Try automatic photo background remover software

Just click the Remove button to remove background from images automatically.

Automatic background removal result.

If required, use manual mode.

  • Select background with the red marker
  • Select foreground with green marker
  • Click on Remove
  • Add a new background, and run in batch mode if necessary to backgrounds from photos.

Mark background and foreground areas manually.

Save the result

Photo with removed background.
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Batch Mode

Photo Background Remover can remove the background from a group of photos in Batch mode. Use the automatic background changer, and click Remove Background. Then you can choose a solid color background or any other background you want to add.

Remove background from multiple photos.
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Top Reasons to Download This Photo Background Remover Software:

This program has the following features:

SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover Software download intuitive interface is better than Adobe Photoshop because there are no wide range of clipping paths, alpha masks, special effects, or magic wands. It is a simple process with a few clicks of the mouse and less time and effort.
Better than outsourcing
Powerful image segmentation algorithm
Removes complex backgrounds
Remove the background from GIF or PNG images
Separates the foreground and the background
Saves GIFs or PNGs with transparency
Automatic bulk clipping
Cutting out with smart edge detection
Change the background color, including transparent options
No technical skills required
Add visual watermarks to protect photos
Automatic and manual image correction for brightness, contrast, and more
Resize, crop, or rotate the photos

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can make an image transparent by using Background Removal tools pane to select the image transparency to where you want it.

You can easily cut out part of a picture. You can try the automatic background removal feature, or you can do it manually. Mark the area you want to cut out with red, and click the remove button.

If you want to change the background of a photo, you may use any online background remover apps or desktop apps like Apowersoft Background Eraser or Adobe Express. It is a simple process with Photo Background Remover software. You can just choose your photo, click remove background, and add a solid color or a scene to your photo. Save it, and you can do this in batch mode as well like professional background removal services.

If you want to change your background from black to white, you go in the Automatic Background Removal Pane, and you choose custom background color. Click on white, and save the file.

In Photoshop, you need to outline the image using a pen tool. Then, you can click on Edit, and then Fill to open the Fill Window. Select the Content Aware button to remove the image, and then you can fill in the complex background behind it.

Background remover software for PC (free download) supports all popular file formats and can make a GIF or PNG transparent by choosing the transparency level when you use the Remove background feature. Just select the level you want, and click the button.

You can make a white unwanted background transparent by choosing the transparency level on the Remove Background feature.

You can open the Paint 3D and click on New. Then click Folder to bring up the settings menu. Choose Inset, and then select an image. Click on Open to put it on the canvas. Now you can click on Magic Select to bring up the online tool that you can use to remove background from images. Choose unwanted objects you want to remove, and click on Next. Then, you can use this handy tool to remove more if you need to. Finally, click on Done.

Yes, background remover app for pc is capable of removing complex backgrounds from images using its advanced algorithms.

No, background eraser for pc is not compatible with Adobe Express, but it can be used to remove background from image taken with Adobe Express.

Yes, background eraser for pc allows users to replace the removed background with a custom one of their choosing.

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