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Old Photo Restoration Software

SoftOrbit Photo Retoucher is an old photo restoration software that can improve scanned photos by removing blemishes, touching them up, and restoring them.

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How to Restore Old Photos

Your photos can fade and become damaged over time and restoring them can take more time than you have available. You need a solution that saves time and restores your photos to their original state.

Old photos are important to preserve memories of the past. Over time, they can fade, become damaged, torn, or marked up. Most programs that you use to restore photos require that you have editing experience but with Photo Retoucher, you don’t need any.

Old family photo.
Restored old photo.

You can easily upload your photo and retouch it so that it looks as good as new. You can use the intuitive features and the software will locate and remove scratches, dust spots, marks, and blemishes for you. In a few simple clicks, your photo will be restored and you can enjoy sharing your memories once again.

Old Photo Restoration Software

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher is the solution for bringing your faded old photos back to life. This software is intuitive and can solve any number of restoration issues with your photos. Over time, old photos can become damaged, torn, and faded. You may want to restore an old photo of a family member so that you can frame it. This software makes it possible.

When you use this program to restore your old photos, they will be clear and free of blemishes. Read on to learn all of the benefits of this software and how to use it to restore your old photos.

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

The software is designed to make photo restoration simple, convenient, and fast. You don’t need any previous editing experience to use it. All you need to do is upload your photo to the clipboard and choose which functions you want to perform.
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Old photo restoration software.
Take a look at some of the solutions it offers:

Fix Scratched Background

When you have a scratched background, you need to fix the pixels on your photo. This program makes the process simple:

  • You set the size of the scratch
  • You can click the Find scratches button and the software will automatically locate the scratches
  • Then, click the Remove button to eliminate the scratches
  • You should consider using the Denoise function before you remove the scratches because it will reduce the noisy and grainy spots before you get started
Photo with scratches.
Remove scratches from photos.

Reduce the Graininess and Remove the Digital Noise

With many old photos, you will want to improve the grainy black background. You can fix grainy photos with this software to make the photo less grainy. In addition, you can use the Blurry photo fixer feature to fix your blurred photos.
Take a look at these solutions where you select the filter strength:

  • Remove noise automatically
  • Remove the blur automatically
Photo with digital noise.
Remove noise from photo.

Eliminate Spots and Dust on the Picture

For this feature, you can get rid of any spots or dust that are on your old photos. You can use the following tools:

  • Smudge Tool: draws over spots
  • Concealer Tool: draws with a single color over spots
  • Clone Stamp Tool: paints part of an image over another image to remove defects
Damaged old photo with spots.
Restored old photo with removed spots.

Convert Black and White Photo to Color

People often want to take their old black and white photos and turn them to color. When you see old pictures in color, they are more vivid and give you a better idea of the surroundings in the picture. This software makes it simple to turn black and white photos into color with a quick click of a button.

The software is intuitive and coloring old photos has never been easier. You can simply upload your old black and white pictures and look at the results.

  • Select the Colorize Photo solution
  • Click the Run button
Old black and white photo.
Colorized old photo.

Follow Professional Tips on Portrait Restoration:

Here are a few tips for restoring your portraits:

Be careful not to over edit
Experiment with the restoration filter strength before your final edits
Start your corrections in black and white and change to colored photos after your major edits

How to Restore Old Photos with Photo Retoucher
(Step-by-Step Tutorial)

This photo restoration tutorial will walk you through the steps for how to clean old photos. Once you see the steps, you will realize how simple it is to have your photos looking good as new in very little time. You will not have to go through a lot of difficult steps and you don’t need to be a professional editor to use this software. You can upload your pictures and make the adjustments quickly using this intuitive program. The software can find and recognize blemishes for you.

In other programs, you need some experience in editing. When you use Photo Retoucher, you can follow the directions and the software brings your photo back to life for you. Take a look at the following steps:

Add your photos

You can scan your photos to add them to the software. When you open the program, click the Add File or Add Folder button.

Select old photo to restore.

Crop the borders

Crop the borders so that you have the image exactly as you want to edit it. You can locate the Crop toolbar button to open the cropping panel. Then you should select an aspect ratio from the drop-down box. You will want to choose 16:9 for desktop wallpaper or a square if you are uploading to social media. You can use the rectangle selection to choose your image and then you click on the Crop Selection button.

Cropped old photo.

Remove spots and noise

Next you can use the Spot Remover / Spot and Noise Remover automatic tool to remove noise and spots from the old photo.

Remove spots and noise.

Remove Scratches

You can remove the scratches automatically by using the Scratch Remover tool. You will use the Find Scratches button to find any scratches on the photo. If there are areas that you do not want included, you can use the Marker tool with the Deselect option to remove these areas. Then choose the Find Scratches / Remove tool to remove the scratches.

Remove scratches from old photo.

Remove imperfections manually

Next, you can remove cracks, spots, dust, and other imperfections manually with the Clone Stamp, Smudge Tool, and Concealer Tool.

  • Clone Stamp: The Clone Stamp will erase objects by painting one image over parts of another image.
  • Smudge Tool: The Smudge Tool allows you to mix or blend an area in the photo.
  • Concealer Tool: The Concealer Tool allows you to draw over blemishes such as spots, cracks, or dust and eliminate them from your photo.

Restore damaged parts of old photo manually.

Image Correction

Adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo with the Image Correction tool

Enhance old photo.

Convert Black and White Photo into Color

Colorize: Use the Colorize button to bring your photo to life in color.

Convert black and white old photo to color.

Save the result

Once you are happy with the way your photo looks, you can click on Save As. Your photo will now be saved to your computer.

Old photo before restoration.
Old photo after restoration.

Removing Objects

Sometimes there are objects or people in your old photos that you want to remove. Maybe you have a terrific photo of a family member with strangers in the background or maybe you want to focus in on the object of the photo and remove other objects. You can remove anything that you want eliminated from the photo in a few simple clicks.

When you want to remove anything, including people, objects, or buildings, as well as damaged areas or scratches on any photo, SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher makes this easy by following these steps:

  • Use the Rectangular selection, Marker tool or another selection tool to select the area that you want to remove.
  • Click the Remove button

Photo with people.
Photo with removed people.
Photo with unwanted objects.
Photo with removed objects.

Retouching Portraits

You can touch up photographs to achieve portrait restoration as well. There are many different features that you can use to create touched-up photos. Whether you want to add makeup, hide wrinkles, or fix the eye color, touching up photographs with Photo Retoucher software is the solution you are looking for. You will enjoy your touched-up pictures as they can offer you a realistic image of the people in them.

1. Skin Smoothing

You can make corrections to the skin using the Marker and Remove tools. You can then use the Spot Remover / Spot and Noise Remover automatic tool to smooth the skin.
Make skin smoother.

2. Spot, Wrinkle, and Blemish Removal

You will also use the Spot Remover and Marker / Remove tool to remove spots, wrinkles, and other blemishes. Once you select the section of skin you want to correct, check the Apply to Selection Only button before you remove these defects.
Remove skin defects.

3. Makeup Tools

  • Lipstick: You can use the Concealer Brush to make lipstick on your subjects. When you right-click on the image where you want to make this improvement, you can select the color of the brush and then draw it on the photo.
  • Foundation: You can also use the Concealer Brush to smooth out the face and skin and make the color uniform as if there is foundation on the person. You right-click over the area and choose the color that you want to use.
  • Blush: You will use the Concealer Brush tool for this as well. You can choose the color you want after you right-click and brush the blush onto the cheeks.
  • Mascara: The Concealer Brush can also help you put mascara on the subject in the photo.
  • Eyeliner: Finally, you will be able to add eyeliner to your subjects using the Concealer Brush tool.
Portrait before retouching.
Portrait after retouching.

4. Fixing Eyes

  • Fixing white eyes in photos: Sometimes you will find that the center of the eye glows white in a photo. You can use the Concealer Brush to fix this. Right-click on the center of the eye and choose the color that you want to use to touch up the eye.
  • Change eye color: You can change the eye color the same way using the Concealer Brush.
  • Fix red eye effect
Eye retouching.

5. Whiten Teeth and Eyeballs with Bleach Tool

You can use the Bleach Tool to whiten both the teeth and the eyes to make a sharper image in your photograph.
Teeth whiten.

Follow Professional Tips on Portrait Retouching

Keep some imperfection so that it looks more realistic
Remove Bags under Eyes
Make Eyes Stay in Focus
Eliminate Skin Redness
Experiment with Hair Color
Remove Stray Hair
Remove Hotspots

Adjust the Image Parameters

You may want to adjust the image parameters by using the following features:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Temperature

You can use the Image Correction feature to adjust any of these items. If you want the software to do it for you, you can choose the Auto Correction button. You can also soften or sharpen the photograph when you use this feature.

Automatic old photo enhancement.

How to Restore Old Photos in Photoshop

When you use Photoshop, you can take a few steps to restore old photos. You will start by opening the photo file in Photoshop. Next, you should use the crop tool to adjust the photo to the size you want. It will open with two layers: one is the original image and the other is the image that you have cropped.
Photoshop restore old photo.
You can drag the Background Layer to the Copy Layer and rename it Background Copy. Then turn off the Background Layer by clicking on the eye icon next to the layer.
Click on the RGB icon to make adjustments to the separate colors. You can do each one, one at a time
Now you can select Shadows/Highlights from the Adjustments menu. You will move the slider around slowly until you have it exactly how you want it to look.
Photoshop old photo auto correction.
Use a Clone Stamp tool to remove imperfections. Then you can make a final adjustment where you can highlight the subject. You can add a color balance adjustment here to make adjustments to the colors in the photo. Then you can save the new photo to a JPG file.
Photoshop restored old photo.

Photo Restoration Software Reviews

Customers are lovin’ it

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple to restore old photos with this software. You simply add the photo to your clipboard, use the Spot Remover/Spot and Noise Remover automatic tool to remove noise and spots, remove scratches, touch it up with the Concealer Brush, and remove any other blemishes. Then you save the image.

You can clean old scanned photos using the Spot Remover tool and the Concealer Brush. You can also use the Clone Stamp tool to remove unwanted objects or blemishes. This software will clean up your old photos and bring them to life.

You can fix an old Polaroid picture just as you would any other image. Scan it, add it to your photo restoration software program, and use the same tools to remove scratches, blemishes, tears, and more.

If you want to retouch a photograph, you can use the Old Photo Restoration Software. You can use the Concealer Brush to remove objects or to add to your photo. You can also use the Spot Remover to remove any blemishes on your photo.

You can open the photo in the Photo Retoucher. Choose the Spot Remover / Spot and Noise Remover to remove noise and graininess from your photo. The software is intuitive and will find and remove graininess for you.

When you have white pixels, you should start by making the picture black and white. You can then use the Smudge tool to blur the picture. This will depixelate it. Once this is done, you can colorize it and sharpen it again. This will clear up the white pixels.

You can enhance your photos with the Concealer Brush. You can use it to remove unwanted objects or you can add makeup to a subject. You can also remove wrinkles and other skin blemishes with this tool.

You can remove lines from a photo by using the Scratches Remover. You upload your photo and click the Find Scratches button. It will automatically detect the lines and you can click Scratch Remover to remove them.

You can colorize your old black-and-white photos very easily. You simply upload the photo to the software. Then you click on the Colorize feature to make the photo colorized. It is a simple process to add color to your black-and-white photo.

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