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How to remove date from photo? Download easy to use tool to process dozen of photos!

It is pretty frustrating to take a photo of a fantastic sunset or your pets running around, only to find a distracting date stamp on your image.
But no worries!
The Photo Stamp Remover program allows you to highlight the area with the date stamp, after which it will do the rest. With a few simple clicks, it will remove date from photo without any trace.
Let us learn how!

How to Remove a Date Stamp From Photo

Why should you remove date from your photos?

Why would you need to remove a date from the photo? Most modern cameras and smartphones have a default setting with a date stamp on every photo.
This can be very distracting for the photographer and for the viewer too.

Photo with date stamp to remove..
Photo with removed date stamp..

When you are about to share your images on Instagram or Facebook, the last thing you want is an ugly watermark across your photo. It distracts your audience and makes the image unusable for printing and framing!
No proper photographer allows such digital camera settings to come in the way of a perfect shot.
This is why removing time and date stamps from photos is essential. A nice, clean image without any text or stamps is the best way to showcase your photography skills.

Is there an easy method to remove date stamps?

If you are wondering how to remove date from your photos, you have come to the right place. Let us talk about the Photo Date Remover software, a tool that even a beginner photographer can use.
Software to remove date stamp from photos..

The main advantage of using this program is its ease of use! And there are different methods to remove any watermark or a date stamp from a photo, so the software always suits your needs.
To remove the date stamp from photo, you can highlight the area with the mouse pointer and click Remove.

Another option is to select a particular colour and then remove every date of that colour.
And what’s more!
You do not even need to remove the stamps for every single photo. There is an option to select multiple photos at once! Once you have selected a batch of photos, the software will easily remove the date stamps from all of them simultaneously.

Remove date stamp from multiple photos in a batch mode..

It even gives you the option of doing everything manually if you wish!
The SoftOrbits date remover from photo is an intelligent tool that uses algorithms like  hole filling [1] and texture generation [2] to remove date on photo, clean watermarks [3] and erase other distractions.
The program can remove all types of stamps and watermarks without any trace and fill the gaps independently.
This means you will never have to worry about weird gaps or loss in image quality!

What are the steps for using Photo Date Remover?

Don’t worry! You won’t have to do much to remove a date from the photo.

How to Remove Date Stamp from Photo by Highlight Method

Add Photos with Date Stamp

Once you have started the program, add your photo by clicking Add File. You’ll see this option in the top left corner of the taskbar.

Software to remove the date stamp from photos..

Select the Date Stamp

In the toolbar, you will see a pencil icon on the right. When you have selected that, it will act as the brush to remove the date and time from photo.
Use the Marker tool to select the area with the date stamp. The area you highlight will be shown in red. You do not have to be 100% accurate here, as the Photo Stamp Remover can detect which pixels form the stamp and which are part of the image.

Select date stamp with marker..

Remove It

When selecting the area and covering the text, click Remove!
The Stamp Remover software will automatically remove the date inside the highlighted area and smartly fill in the gaps. See how to remove text from an image without removing background for more details.

Date stamp was removed..

Photo Stamp Remover Photo Stamp Remover

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How To Remove Date from Photo | Free Download

How to Remove Date from Photo By Colour method

Add Photos with Date Stamp

Add your photo by clicking Add File.

Software to remove date stamp from photos..

Select the Date By Colour

Once you have selected the pencil and marked the date stamp in red, you will also see a Colour Selection option, shown as a magic wand icon.

If your date stamp is yellow, click on that colour with the wand. The Date Remover program will then search only for that colour in the highlighted area.

There are parameters like Border Fuzziness too. This will help you to remove the date from the photo, which has a thin black border around the date stamp.

Software to remove date stamp from photos..

Remove the Date Stamp

The program will automatically remove the date of the selected colour and leave everything else untouched! Once you have tried this method for one photo, you can select the batch mode and save much time.

Date stamp was removed..

How to Remove Date from Photo By Clone Stamp method

The SoftOrbits Photo Date Remover from photo also gives you the option of Clone Stamp. The advantage here is that you can choose the area to be removed and also the area for filling the gap.

Remove date from photo using clone stamp tool..

The Clone Stamp method gives you more control instead of relying on the tool to remove the date from a photo.

Once your photo is uploaded, select the Clone Stamp option under the Tools tab from the taskbar on top. Your mouse pointer will change to a cross-shaped brush.
Adjust the brush size to accurately select the good area – which will be “cloned” and used to replace the date stamp in the last step.
Hold down the Alt key and brush over the good area with a left click.
When you are done selecting, release the Alt key.

#step: Go to the date stamp area and paint over it with a mouse click to remove date from photo. You will see the previously selected area replacing the date as you click and paint.

Don’t forget to clean up the edges of the cloned object at the end using the quick removal method.

You can choose which of these methods to use according to your photo.
If the date stamp appears against a plain background or in an area with fewer details, you can directly highlight the area and remove a date from the photo.
If the stamp overlaps with other objects in your image, you can choose the specific colour for the best results.
The Photo Stamp Remover works well for watermarks and texts too! It even gives you the option to add your watermark.

Are there other quick methods for date stamp removal?

You can use several other options easily remove the date from your photo.
Let us discuss some of them in brief!

Change your camera settings

This is the easiest method to ensure you are never bothered by date stamps or watermarks again.
Explore the settings of your smartphone camera or DSLR for the date and time stamp settings. You can easily switch off the watermark settings from the menu system!

How to change date stamp settings on Nikon?

Turning the date stamp off is quite simple if you know where that option is buried in the menu.
Turning the date stamp off on Nikon..

Almost all Nikon cameras have a similar menu layout, and you can find the date stamp options under the Setup menu. The Setup menu is designated with a wrench icon and contains the date stamp settings with four options – Off, Date, Date and Time, and Date Counter.
You need to select Off so that none of your future photos shows up with a bright orange text anymore.

How to change date stamp settings on Canon?

Like Nikon cameras, Canon cameras allow you to turn off the date stamp. After you have turned on the camera, click on the Menu button and go to the Shooting tab. A camera icon will show this.
Turning the date stamp off on Canon..

Under this, you will find the DateUsean> options. Use the left-right arrow buttons to scroll through until you find Off. This will remove the date from the photos you will take in the feature.

How to change date stamp settings for Samsung Galaxy?

Like all other point-and-shoot cameras and modern smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy camera can also turn date stamps off.
Turning the date stamp off on Samsung Galaxy..

Go to the default camera settings and click Settings. You will find this option as a gear-shaped icon in the top right corner.
When you scroll down the list, you should see a Date Watermark option. Tap and turn it off to remove the date from all your future photos!
Alternatively, you can download 3rd party apps like Open Camera and Timestamp Camera Photos, which will let you explore different colours and fonts for your date stamps, or turn it all off to easily remove date from photos you will take in the feature.


Crop the photograph

Simply cropping the image is an easy method to remove the date from the photo too! But remember that it will reduce the resolution and affect your composition.
Crop photo with date stamp..

Most cameras have built-in options for cropping the images [4], using which you can remove the part of the image with the date stamp.
Also, using this method, you can follow a small suggestion!
Shoot at a slightly wider angle so that even if you have to crop the date stamp, your subject doesn’t get cropped, and the composition remains the same.

How to Remove Date From a Photo Using Photoshop

If you can access Photoshop, you can easily remove date stamps from photos using the Content Aware tool.

Here are the steps to remove the date from the photo you have to follow, although a video might be easier to understand:

  1. Add a blank layerThis is the first thing you do after you open your image in Photoshop.
    Add a new layer above the original image so that the two images are kept separate and making a mistake does not affect the original.
    Name the new layer as Healing for easy identification!
  2. Select Spot Healing Brush
    Choose the Spot Healing Brush option from the Toolbar.
    It would help if you also turned on the option of Sample All Layers. This will help the brush borrow information from the original layer and remove the date stamp from the photo by replacing it with the background pixels.
    So you won’t have to select the clean area to replace the date stamp or watermark! Photoshop does it for you.
  3. Select Content aware option

    Remove date stamp in Photoshop using Content-Aware Fill..

    Beside the Sample All Layers option, there is an option for Type on the left. Changing this to Content Aware would be best.
    This tool will make Photoshop analyze the surrounding pixels when deleting the date stamp so that the final image looks completely natural!

  4. Click on the date stamp area!
    Removed date stamp in Photoshop..

    This is it!

When you click on the spot you want to heal, Photoshop will analyze the photo, remove the wrong “stamped” area and replace it with suitable pixels.
A helpful tip is to keep the brush size slightly more significant than the spot. This will ensure the date stamp is completely removed and the deletion looks smooth and natural.
And in case you make a mistake, you can always hit Ctrl+Z for undo.

Smartphone apps to remove dates from photos

If you want to avoid downloading any programs or are feeling a bit lazy, check out these phone apps, which provide object-removal features too. Any of them can remove the date stamp from your photos.



Snapseed is a fantastic all-rounder photo editing app, available for free on both Android and iPhone platforms. It is easy to use and comes with various tools like vignette, ambience, curve adjustments, black and white conversion with red, blue, green and yellow filters and lens blur effects.
Its healing tool is excellent, tool and works very well for small watermarks. It lets you remove objects from your photos easily.

Snapseed screenshots..

The app will automatically analyze the area and delete the distraction. You can swipe over the date stamp and see it get removed!
One suggestion is to zoom into the photo and use lots of small taps so that the healing effect looks smooth. Tapping on a large area might confuse the app because it will try to analyze a larger area simultaneously!



This one is also for iPhone and Android users. Like Snapseed, Airbrush also provides various tools for retouching portrait images, including teeth whitening, facial expression adjustments, face sculpting and skin smoothing. It also can help you to remove a date from your photo.

Airbrush screenshots..

It even offers healing options, including automatic acne removal and wrinkle removal. With Airbrush’s intuitive healing tool, you only need to touch the date stamp to remove it!



Pixelmator is a great iPhone photo editing app, although it has so many features for editing that a beginner may find the app difficult to use. However, you can learn it in a few days with some practice.

Pixelmator screenshots..

It offers many creative options that work not only for camera images but also for sketches and paintings. You can also paint and create your artwork and graphic designs with Pixelmator! 
For date stamp removal, Pixelmator offers a Clone stamp tool for removal and duplication of a selected object, along with a Repair tool for quick deletion of skin blemishes and watermarks. You can choose between them as per your needs.
If you have a MAC, you can download the full-fledged Pixelmator software, which offers more advanced features than the app version.



Pixlr is a great all-purpose app photo editing app like Snapseed, although it is not designed for highly detailed retouching.
Along with the usual options like brightness, contrast and lens blur adjustments, Pixlr offers a basic healing option too. Even though it is not as accurate as the other apps, it gives you the option of spot healing, shade healing, and shine healing.

Pixlr screenshots..

This means that you can not only remove a date stamp by tapping on it, but you can also selectively brighten or darken areas of the image and modify how “visible” they are.

How to remove date stamps from photos on MAC?

If you post-process on your MAC and cannot access Photoshop, you can try a few editing programs.


Photos is an editing tool and image management software developed by Apple, making it perfect for MAC users.
The app provides useful features like smart sliders, filters and syncing with the iCloud photo library. So, you can edit your photos and instantly sync them across all your Apple devices!
Photos for MAC offers a simple tap-and-remove option to eliminate dates on MAC. When you activate the Retouch tool by clicking on that option or by pressing R on your keyboard, your cursor will change to a small circular brush.
Removed date stamp on Mac OsX Photos..

This is the brush you can use to paint over a date stamp or to click on a pimple and make it disappear!
You should keep the brush large enough to cover the area you want to remove but not so large that it needs to be clarified for the program by covering too many pixels.
Once the brush size is correct, click and drag to cover the date stamp and watch it be deleted automatically.

LuminarLuminar is another full-featured program available for MAC and Windows. You can also use this as a plugin for Apple Photos, which we discussed before.


The app is known for its artificial intelligence analysis, especially the Sky Enhancer and Sun Rays tool, which automatically enhances the sky and even allows you to add an artificial sun and adjust the lighting.
Luminar has advanced tools for object removal too. Its cloning, stamping and eraser features work perfectly for date stamps and watermarks because you get the option of removing an object or replacing an object with a clone of another!

How to Remove a Date Stamp From Photo in GIMP Image Editor

A free, open-source program available for MAC, Windows and Linux, GIMP has been around for a long time.
Although its design has begun to show its age and doesn’t look very user-friendly, GIMP offers almost as many features as Photoshop without needing payment.
Remove date stamp in GIMP..

Apart from the usual colour adjustments and exposure tools, GIMP gives you retouching options like cloning and healing brush. However, you will need some time to get the hang of it.

Photo Eraser MAC

While the options we saw above were general all-purpose editing programs, Photo Eraser MAC is a lighter software designed only for object removal.
Photo Eraser for Mac..

The most significant advantage is that the removal brush is easy to use and gives more natural results than most free watermark remover apps to remove date and time from photos. Another valuable feature of Photo Eraser is the Live Preview, which lets you see the final result while adjusting.
Since this program is designed only to focus on quick removal, it is perfect for beginners who cannot handle complex tools like Photoshop and GIMP.

What are the online options for date stamp removal?

If you want to remove the date from photos online only occasionally, it makes sense to use online editing websites instead of smartphone apps or complex software.
Some of the options you can consider are Inpaint and Fotor, which provide similar tools like object removal, spot healing and other basic editing options. All you must do is create an account, and you’re ready!


No one likes date stamps and random watermarks in their photos. That is why tools like the Photo Stamp Remover make life so much easier for photographers, allowing them to automatically remove time stamps from photos.
By providing different options like highlighting a broad area or removal by colour, the program makes it easy to remove any text with a few clicks. You even get an option of Clone Stamp, which can be used to delete date stamps, replicate an object, and place it somewhere else in the image!
Other options include changing your camera settings or using apps like Photoshop and Snapseed. If nothing works, you can always google date stamp remover software and try out different online websites like Fotor.
It is up to you to choose which method suits your workflow the best!


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How to remove date from photo? Download easy to use tool to process dozen of photos!
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to remove the date from a photo, use Photo Stamp Remover by SoftOrbits. This software is designed to remove dates, watermarks, and other unwanted objects from photos. It's effortless to use and only takes a few minutes to remove the date from your photo. There are a few other ways to remove the date from a photo. If you have Photoshop, you can use the clone stamp tool to cover up the date. If you don't have Photoshop, you can try using the GIMP software, a free alternative to Photoshop. There are also some online tools that you can use to remove the date from a photo, although these may not be as effective as using a professional editor like Photoshop.

Removing a date stamp from a photo is possible, but it requires experience with photo editing software and can be time-consuming. If you need to become more experienced with photo editing, consider hiring a professional to remove the date stamp. You can post an ad on,, or Upwork to hire a photo retoucher as a freelancer.

a few online services offer to date stamps to your photos for free, but the results may need improvement. If you want to do it yourself, there are a few ways to try.
One method is to use an editing program like Photoshop or GIMP. Open the photo in the program and use the erase tool to remove the date stamp. Be careful not to erase any other part of the photo while doing this.Another method is to take a screenshot of the photo with the date stamp and then crop out the part of the screenshot that has the date stamp. This can be done in Paint or any other basic image editor. Then save the cropped screenshot as a new file and delete the original photo.

Instagram automatically adds a date when you select a photo older than a year. You can drag that date to the trash icon to remove the date stamp from the photo!

Unfortunately, since Apple does not provide in-built settings for date stamps, you must check out apps like Sznapseed, Photomarks or Timestamp Camera. If these are unavailable, search for any other app with a healing tool or download a 3rd party camera app with date stamp settings.

Most Android phones have in-built settings for date stamps, so check your camera's settings. If not, you can check out apps like Snapseed and Pixlr, which provide healing tools for deleting objects.

Although iPhoto allows you to change the date and time details built into the photo's metadata, date stamps differ. To remove date stamps displayed on the image, you’ll have to use editing programs like SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover, Photoshop etc. Check out the article for more recommendations!

If you want to get rid of date stamp, you should. It is easy to keep a digital record of when the photo was taken, and you can even include this in the file name. There is no reason to have the date stamp stick out like a sore thumb on your photo.

To remove date stamps from your photos, you can use various methods such as:
  • Using Photoshop or other photo editing software
  • Using an online tool specifically designed to remove date stamps
  • Manually editing the photo to remove the date stamp

You can remove the date stamp while preserving the photo quality by using advanced editing software like Photoshop or online tools with advanced algorithms.

Yes, free tools are available online, such as free watermark remover and other photo editing tools that offer a date stamp removal feature.

Yes, removing date stamps from photos taken with a digital camera is relatively straightforward with the help of photo editing software or online tools.

Besides using photo editing software, you can also try manually cropping or cloning the area with the date stamp. However, this may require more advanced editing skills.

Yes, photo editing software like Photoshop lets you remove the date and time stamp from photos, giving you more control over the final result.

Using photo editing software, you can remove the date stamp area using tools like the clone stamp or content-aware fill.

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