Professional Makeup Software perfects your portraits by removing small imperfections, improving skin tone and texture, and applying all the basics of virtual makeup. All that can be done easily in just a few clicks.

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Transform Your Photos with SoftSkin Photo Makeup Software

You can use SoftSkin Photo Makeup software to touch up your photos, cover small imperfections, and more. It is easy to use and touches up photos quickly.

You can whiten the teeth of the subject, remove the red-eye effect, and add makeup to your subjects in a few simple steps. This software is easy to use and intuitive, and it will make your photos look very professional.

Software to Touch up Your Subjects in Photos

You can use SoftSkin Photo Makeup software to touch up the subjects in your photos. To use this portrait software, you will upload your picture using Add File, and then you can choose from different options. You can choose the Marker to draw on the selection, the Red Eye Correction to fix any red-eye effect, and the Smudge Brush to remove small spots, stains, and other defects.

Photo touch up tools.

You will also find a Spot and Noise Remover to remove small imperfections automatically. There is an Undo Brush so that you will always be able to restore your photo to its original state.

You can add makeup with tools such as the Concealer Brush. It will add eye shadow, tone cream, and powder. The Lipstick tool can improve the color and contour of the lips. There is also an Eye Pencil that can be used to outline the eyes, and there is a Bleach Tool to whiten the teeth or the eyeballs. There are many different simple tools and features allowing Professional Makeup Software to improve your photos.

Photo makeup tools.

Easy Photo Touch up

When you see photos of models, you may wonder how they are so flawless. The answer is simple. Professional Makeup Software can make any subject look flawless. You can use this SoftSkin Photo Makeup program to create flawless subjects in your photo. It offers tools to soften the skin and remove any imperfections, such as wrinkles and blemishes, without altering the quality of your photos.

You can also remove the red-eye effect and add makeup. If you want to change the lighting, you can eliminate hard shadows and soften highlights to make the photos look as though they were taken in a professional studio. You can create images that are fantastic with a few simple clicks when you use this intuitive and simple Professional Makeup Software.

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Makeup to remove skin problems.

Create Subjects with Perfect Skin

You can create subjects with perfect skin without creating an artificial look through makeup. The SoftSkin Photo Makeup software has skin softening algorithms built into the software. These algorithms use artificial intelligence to make sure your subject looks great in any lighting, and it can tone down the highlights and soften the hard shadows. It can even adjust the skin tone and whiten the eyes and the teeth.

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Fix skin texture.

Retouching Portraits

You can retouch portraits in a few easy steps. Start by using Add Files to add the photos to the program. You can use the Marker tool to select the skin. This will select the skin without impacting the eyes, lips, ears, hair, and background.

Next, you can select the Spot Remover/Spot and Noise Remover, which is an automatic tool that removes spots and other skin defects from the selected area. You can check the Apply to Selection Only box to make sure it only touches up the skin.

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Portrait before retouching.
Portrait after retouching.

Professional Makeup and Whitening software

You can also add makeup and bleach to the subject to enhance your photo.

  • You can select the Eye Pencil to add eyeliner around the eyes.
  • The Lipstick feature will color the lips.
  • The Bleach tool will whiten the teeth and eyeballs.
  • The Concealer Brush allows you to remove defects, stains, and spots. It can be used as a powder, eye shadow, or toner.

Once you are satisfied with your photo, you can Save it. This program is very easy, and in just a few clicks, you will have an amazing professional-looking photograph.

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Eye retouching. Teeth whiten.

How to use Professional Makeup Software: Step-by-Step Guide

It is really easy to use SoftSkin Professional Makeup Software to quickly touch up your photos so that your subjects have flawless skin free of imperfections. You can adjust the lighting to enhance your photos, and add light makeup for effect. Take a look at the following:

Use Add File to add your photos.
Use the Smudge Brush to fix the skin imperfections. When you select the skin with the marker tool, only the skin will be highlighted, and it will not affect the eyes, lips, ears, hair, or background.
Skin makeup tools.
Use the Eye Pencil to outline the eyes.
Eyes makeup tools.
Use the Lipstick Tool to color the lips.
Lipstick makeup tools.
Use the Bleach tool to whiten the teeth and eyeballs.
Use the Foundation to remove defects, stains, and spots from the skin: You can use it as a powder, eye shadow, or toner. You can right click on the Concealer Brush to choose the color or shade you want. Then, brush using this tone.
Foundation makeup tools.
Click the Save As button to save the photo.
Portrait before retouching.
Portrait after retouching.

Features of SoftSkin Professional Makeup Software

This software has a number of great features for quick and easy corrections and enhancements to your photos. Take a look at the following:

Touch up skin imperfections
Improve skin texture
Whiten the teeth and eyeballs
Outline the eyes
Remove the red-eye effect
Easy to use and user-friendly
You do not need larger more complicated photo editing software

Reasons to Use SoftSkin Photo Makeup

There are many different reasons that people use this kind of software to touch up their photos. If you have a special photo, such as a graduation, wedding, or milestone birthday celebration, you may want to preserve this photo forever. Maybe the lighting isn’t quite right, or there could be any number of reasons that you want to enhance the photo.

You can make changes to the photo right away and preserve the photo forever. You can clear up blemishes or add light makeup to enhance the photo. It is easy and intuitive, and your pictures will look fantastic.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

When you apply makeup for a photo shoot, you should consider the lighting. When you apply makeup in natural light, it will look good in almost any light that comes through in the photos. Fortunately, if you use software such as SoftSkin Photo Makeup, you will be able to adjust the photo when you want to edit it.

You can take photos in natural light without any makeup or with very light makeup. Once you have the pictures on your computer, you can use a photo editing software such as SoftSkin Photo Makeup to touch up your photos. You can add concealer, eye liner, lipstick, and more, and you can whiten your teeth and eyeballs.

When you take the picture, use very light makeup because you can enhance your eyes with software such as SoftSkin Photo Makeup. Once you upload the picture, you can use the eyeliner tool to enhance your eyes. You can choose the thickness of the line and the shade. Then, you can use a bleach tool to whiten the eyeballs, which will help your eyes to stand out.

You can use clone stamp tool or a concealser tool to remove watermarks. However we suggest to use a watermark remover software instead.

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