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Get rid of system clutter, clean up unused files and free space on hard disk, making it work as fast as it should.

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Prevent Your PC from Being Slowed Down

Have you noticed how your computer is often getting slower over time? You may not notice at first but then it strikes and you can’t even check email without having to wait for minutes. SoftOrbits Cleaner handles the files that slow down your computer and deletes them for you.


Powerful Registry Cleaner at Your Fingertips


Even if you don’t know what registry is for, you need to know that it should be clean to avoid crashing your PC. SoftOrbits Cleaner handles this for you and cleans up your registry automatically.

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Control System Startup

Programs have a tendency of running silently at startup without telling you about it, it’s just a fact. Too many programs running at startup simultaneously will be slowing down your PC and you should be able to choose which ones can be allowed to run. With SoftOrbits Cleaner you can see the list of programs and disable those you don’t need.

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