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icon SoftOrbits Photo Bundle

Provides affordable data solutions for editing, resizing converting your digital photos.

Home licence:
 buy now $79.99
Save $109.97*

Business licence:
 buy now $179
Save $190.96*
icon SoftOrbits Photo Editor Simple Photo Editor will tidy up your pictures by helping you select and remove unwanted objects, enhance photos automatically or under your supervision, sharpen up the details, leveling horizon and framing the picture just right. Home licence $49.99
Business licence: $99.99
icon Batch Picture Resizer This easy and user-friendly tool helps you to resize multiple photos, convert, flip, mirror or rotate them in a batch mode. Home licence $39.99
Business licence: $69.99
icon Photo Background Remover Photo Background Remover features automatic background detection, cut out objects and add a smooth background, and create a plain white background so that your photos stand out. Home licence $49.99
Business licence: $99.99
icon Sketch Drawer Photo to Sketch Converter allows you to create beautiful pencil drawings based on digital photos.
Turn your photos into sketches easily!
Home licence $49.99
Business licence: $99.99
* Compared to ordering components as individual products.

SoftOrbits Photo Bundle 1.0
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SoftOrbits Photo Bundle
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