Batch convert TGA images to PNG format with this powerful and user-friendly resizer.

  1. 1️⃣ Download Batch Picture Resizer.
  2. 2️⃣ Install Batch Picture Resizer.
  3. 3️⃣ Open Batch Picture Resizer.
  4. 4️⃣ Add TGA Files.
  5. 5️⃣ Set Output Format (PNG).
  6. 6️⃣ Start Compression.
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Eugene UstinenkovEugene editor-in-chief of the SoftOrbits, candidate of sciences in computer science, CTO of the SoftOrbits / 📅 Last updated on:  2024-05-16

My latest project had me digging through old archives. Found a treasure trove of photos in .TGA format – great quality, but a headache to share online. Standard image sites wouldn't recognize them. Tried opening them in my usual editor, no luck. Needed a way to convert them in bulk, fast.
Hit the web for solutions. Found Batch Picture Resizer – seemed simple enough. Downloaded, crossed my fingers, worked! TGA to PNG in seconds, all my photos ready to go. But curious by nature, I wasn't done. Explored online converters next. Took a bit longer, some had strange steps, but interesting to see the options. Now I have my go-to software, plus a few handy online tools in my back pocket. Problem solved, and a little knowledge boost to boot.

📙Quick summary

  1. Batch Picture Resizer: Simplifies resizing multiple images at once.   
  2. Online Tools (#steps How to use online .TGA file Converter): Websites that offer TGA file conversion, often with instructions on the process.   Read More

How to convert TGA to PNG in a Bath Mode

Using a TGA to PNG batch converter is always a pleasure because most of us want to deal with many TGA documents simultaneously, and no one considers doing the assignment one by one, with compassion gradually dwindling.
Convert file from TGA to PNG..

Follow the Steps to Convert TGA to PNG.

How to use TGA to PNG Converter Software

Grab an application of Batch Photo Resizer from the website, install and open the app

Open Batch Picture Resizer..

Slide all of the TGA documents into it
Navigate to the output format list and click PNG. To customize your PNG documents, click Options / Compression Configuration

Convert file from TGA to PNG..

(Optional) Select Effects to resize, logo, flip or adjust the pictures

Convert TGA to PNG..

Return to the main menu and select Convert to batch convert TGA to PNG

Batch TGA to PNG converter Download..

Batch Picture Resizer Batch Picture Resizer

Resize and convert pictures in full auto mode!

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Video Tutorials

Batch Picture Resizer: Your TGA to PNG Conversion Companion

Batch Picture Resizer isn't just about resizing pictures! It's a handy tool that can also batch convert your image files from TGA (Truevision Graphics Adapter) format to the more widely-used PNG (Portable Network Graphic) format.
👍 Strengths of Batch Picture Resizer:
  • Batch conversion convenience: Convert multiple TGA files to PNG at once, saving you time and effort.
  • Easy to use: The interface is straightforward and user-friendly, making it accessible even for beginners.
  • Supports various image formats: Batch Picture Resizer can handle not only TGA and PNG, but also a wide range of other common image formats, giving you flexibility in your workflow.
  • Potentially free: While there might be paid versions with additional features, there may be a free option available.

🤔 Keep these things in mind:

  • Limited editing features: Batch Picture Resizer is primarily focused on conversion and resizing. You might need additional software for advanced image editing.
  • Software installation required: Unlike online converters, Batch Picture Resizer needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer.
🌟 Batch Picture Resizer is a great choice for:
  • Users who need to convert a large batch of TGA files to PNG quickly and easily.
  • People who value a simple and user-friendly interface for image conversion tasks.
  • Anyone who already uses Batch Picture Resizer for resizing and wants a one-stop shop for both resizing and format conversion.

However, if you:

  • Need to convert only a few occasional TGA files, online converters might be a simpler option.
  • Require advanced image editing capabilities beyond conversion, look for software with more editing features.
In a nutshell, Batch Picture Resizer streamlines your TGA to PNG conversion process, especially for bulk conversions. If you prioritize ease of use and batch processing, it's a solid choice! But for occasional conversions or those requiring extensive editing, explore online tools or feature-rich editing software.

💁Expert View: Choosing the Program to convert image files (like TGA, BMP) to PNG, preserving all the original date/time and with a good PNG compression level

I searched for suitable software as someone who needs to convert thousands of image files to PNG while preserving the original date/time information and ensuring a good PNG compression level. In my quest, I encountered a couple of programs that might be helpful for this task.

  • One of the software options I found is IrfanView, which is capable of converting various image file formats to PNG while retaining the original date/time information. However, the output file size generated by IrfanView was still larger than desired.
  • To address the issue of file size, I came across PngOptimizer, a simple and fast program that provides better compression compared to IrfanView. Unfortunately, PngOptimizer does not offer the option to preserve the original date/time information during the conversion.
  • Considering the limitations of the programs above, I explored other alternatives and stumbled upon Batch Picture Resizer. This software offers a straightforward solution for converting image files to PNG, including formats like TGA and BMP. SoftOrbits TGA converter download allows you to preserve the original date/time information while performing the conversion, which fulfills the requirements of this task.

When it comes to PNG compression, it is essential to understand that PNG is a lossless compression format, meaning it does not result in any loss of image quality. The different compression levels available in PNG trade smaller file sizes for increased decoding and display time. If file size is a crucial factor for your project, there are additional techniques you can employ to reduce PNG sizes further. These include removing unnecessary transparency, reducing the number of colors, and other optimization tricks. Each software application may offer different features and methods to help you achieve optimal PNG compression.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a TGA to PNG converter software download to convert image files to PNG while preserving the original date/time information and achieving good PNG compression, Batch Picture Resizer is a suitable option. It provides a seamless conversion process and allows you to retain the necessary metadata while efficiently compressing the PNG files.

Batch Picture Resizer Batch Picture Resizer

Resize and convert pictures in full auto mode!

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Way #2: Online TGA to PNG Converter

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

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If you want to convert png to tga online, there are multiple options online to keep their actual image quality intact. The conversion is quite easy online as many methods are available to convert png to tga. You can use BatchPhoto for that. It is a tga to png batch converter software for images having more than 170+ formats for images, including common images like gif, bmp, png, jpeg, etc., raw images, and some added ones like CXF, svg, ps, and ico.

All the basic tools for editing are a part of this tool.

How to use online .TGA file Converter

You need open Zamzar website

Convert PNG to TGA Online..

Open the interface of Add Photos, drag it, and then drop all the files you want to convert to TGA.

Add Photos to Convert PNG to TGA Online..

Now, you need to go to the interface of Setup and choose your output folder. Select the output as your desired format e.g. TGA.

How to use Batch TGA to PNG Converter Software

PNG to TGA Online Converter..

Convert your photo by clicking on the Process. And done!

Save result Converted PNG to TGA..

TGA and PNG Formats


TGA is an abbreviation for Truevision Targa Graphic File. TGA file extensions are commonly associated with TARGA image files. Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter (TARGA) is an abbreviation for Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter.

These files are bitmapped pictures previously created for the use of Truevision's good graphics cards, which were intended for video editing. Images with TGA configuration files are popular in the visual effects and video industries.

How to open .TGA files

Furthermore, high-end computer game developers use TGA file types to store coating files. This format is inappropriate for digital images but works well for easier images such as icons, comics, and line drawings.
Image data in TGA format can be stored as raw or compressed using a lossless RLE algorithm. You can easily convert your files to any format from PNG using SoftOrbits .TGA File Converter.

TGA file design requirements

TGA file formats can hold a variety of bit variations, including 8-bit, 32-bit, 16 bit. A palette is used to describe each color in the picture. Each pixel in the photo has a different number of bits depending on the color depth.
This is why TGA image files have such a large file size. However, properly using lossless run-length encryption can reduce the file size significantly. Now we will discuss what PNG is.


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. PNG files (also known as "ping") are vector data or bitmapped images. Initially, the image PNG format had been designed to replace the format of GIF because they both support transparent backgrounds. Another thing they have in common is that they both use lossless compression and indexed colors.

PNG files, on the other hand, do not possess the same copyright restrictions. In addition, unlike Gifs, PNG files do not endorse animation.

You can convert any image to PNG quickly and for free simply or on PNG images, like GIF images, can display color depth.
Furthermore, PNG files can store 24-bit RGB color palettes and grayscale images. Essentially, this image format was created to transfer images over the internet, but with SoftOrbits, PNG files can be used with various additional features.

TGA file design requirements:

PNG image files are superior to GIF files because they comprise an integrity channel of 8-bit in addition to supporting the color palettes of RGB of 24-bits, RGB photos, and the greyscale. These PNG files had been created to make image transfer on the internet much easier. However, because PNG is not intended to be sophisticated graphics, they have no support feature for CMYK or similar color spaces.

Convert file from TGA to PNG

TGA to PNG Converter..

JPEG, BMP, PSD, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, JPEG 2000, and TGA are the formats this program supports. Converting to JPEG, resizing RAW images, and resizing animated GIFs and multipage TIFFs are all options.
Take a look at what follows:

  • This software supports over 30 RAW file types, including Canon, Nikon, and others.
  • With the touch of a button, you can transform TGA files to PNG.
  • You can open the Options menu and select PNG Options > Baseline (Default).


TGA vs PNG..

Have you ever struggled to decide which image output format to use when transferring a constructed image or image series to Photoshop or After Effects? PNG is a good choice for doing transparent backgrounds, but be wary of the compressed image and losing quality.
TGA is losslessly compressed and has an image file. Still, sometimes you notice that the alpha isn't doing a good job of preventing the background and semi-transparent areas, so there are rough edges encircling the coded images every time.
Also, when working in Photoshop, it seems simpler to key out the undesired area, leave it consistent, and save the photo as PNG for the after-impact to comp if you do it the tga way. You want to follow industrial standards and stick with TGA, but PNG is a much easier option.



It is good to accomplish this with the alpha channel individually from the color channel (as in Photoshop), frequently required for the lightness map.


The source files are larger on disk.



Tiny source documents on disk.


Some apps will change the picture when saved by trying to make the color solid black or white where the alpha channel is fully transparent, which is horrible for lightness maps.

Convert PNG to TGA with transparency

It is common to find trouble when converting PNG photos to TGA formats, particularly regarding reliability. It's because PNG is configured to integrate the picture's colors with the backdrops. PNG, on the other hand, was intended for transparent configurations, so if the backdrop has a different background, the ensuing converted picture will represent this issue. The key is to figure out how to convert png to tga while maintaining quality.
Previously, there were no viable solutions to open .TGA files or convert them into something more popular. However, with various software development, including a png to tga converter download, concerns about the picture involved have progressively been resolved adequately, though some continue to stay.
One of these is related to image transparency. In most PNG-based images, the so-called alpha channel is primarily prepared to allow the picture color to integrate efficiently with the associated backdrop. TGA frequently encounters this issue because it must either integrate with the colors or remain transparent.
This is still a significant problem for people who want to convert pictures to TGA but want to maintain photo transparency. A uniquely engineered .tga converter software download should be taken for the analysis. converts png to tga with transparency.

TGA to PNG Batch Converter: My Choise

Converting TGA to PNG images is straightforward if you have the photo feature converter desktop. SoftOrbits offers the Batch Picture Resizer, which converts TGA photos to some of the most universal platform PNG file configurations.
The TGA to PNG batch converter has an easy-to-use interface and editing techniques in uncompressed mode. TGA to PNG Converter Software allows you to compress photos into narrower resolution sizes without losing quality. You only need to download and install it on your computer.
TGA to PNG Batch Converter..

SoftOrbits concentrates on a few goods, such as batch TGA to PNG Converter download, a simple and user-friendly tool that allows you to resize numerous images and convert, flip, reflect, or adjust them in batch mode.
The TGA to PNG Converter Download will enable you to elongate or decrease your images while maintaining their quality. It does not affect pixelation. It has at least ten image-resizing algorithms. This software offers the most effective method for resizing photos.

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