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PNG to JPG Converter Software for Windows 10, 11, 7. Free Download. Using the SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer, you can convert any i from PNG to JPEG.

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How to convert multiple PNG file to JPG

Camera manufacturers have their own file formats, from NEF and CR2 to RAF and DNG. But these files need to be processed and converted before they can be shared on social media.
Therefore, it is important for every photographer to have a converter program ready to go, which can work even offline! Since JPEG is the most common image format, which is accepted by all websites and social media platforms, downloading a JPG converter is an essential step.
You can now convert PNG file to JPEG instantly using the SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer.
PNG To JPG Converter Program for Windows 11..

The program recognizes more than 30 RAW formats and other files like TIFF, PNG and TGA. It also supports direct conversion of any image into GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and much more!

Batch PNG to JPG Converter Software

Here are the simple steps you have to follow.

How to Convert PNG to JPG on Windows 10 / 11:

Install the PNG to JPG Converter Software

Batch Picture Resizer for Windows 11 can be downloaded from the SoftOrbits website. Install the program and you’re ready to convert.

Select the PNG files

Add the photo you want to convert into the PNG to JPG software. You can either use the Add File button, or simply drag and drop the PNG image into the program.

After loading the photo, you should see four options in a line – Resize, Convert, Rotate, Effect and Tools.

PNG to JPG Converter Download..

Use resizing and editing options if needed

Before we move to the Convert option, you can use the Resize option to set a new size. Batch Picture Resizer lets you type in the exact resolution you want for the converted image.

You can also select the Effects tab to adjust basic exposure settings like brightness, contrast and saturation.

Batch Picture Resizer..

Convert PNG to JPG

Click on the Convert tab on the right side of Resize. Here, you can select the output format – the final format in which you want the image.

From the dropdown list, you have to select JPG. There are also options to change the DPI of the image – which is dots per inch.

A higher DPI of around 300 will give you the best balance between sharpness and file size.

Convert PNG To JPG..

Select destination folder

You will see a dropdown option at the bottom for selecting the destination folder, where the converted file will be saved. You can select a new folder, or overwrite the original.

Once your options are selected, all you need to do is hit Start! Your PNG to JPG converter will save the new file instantly.

Destination folder PNG To JPG Converter Program..

Can I use batch convert for PNG to JPG?

For professional photographers, editing and converting hundreds of photos one by one is a waste of time.
Using the Batch option for PNG To JPG Converter Program for Windows 11, you can simultaneously PNG to JPG Converter download for multiple photos. You can select as many photos you want, and resize them or convert them all together at the same time!
Because of the Batch Convert JPG to PNG tool, you can simplify your workflow and finish all the steps like cropping, resizing, adding watermarks and converting multiple PNG files into JPG. Check out the following simple steps:

How to convert multiple PNG to JPEG on Windows 10 or 11:

Select multiple files

Instead of selecting only one PNG, you can select all the files you want to convert. Use the Add File option or drag and drop everything into the program. This will work even if you’re offline!

Batch convert for PNG to JPG..

Use the extra options if needed

Same as earlier, you can adjust the height and width of the photo or reduce the resolution. This is especially useful if you want to create small files of 100 kb or less for social media or blogs.

Batch Picture Resizer also lets you select standard sizes – like Full HD or iPhone wallpaper sizes.

Select destination and save

After making the necessary adjustments and selecting the destination folder, select JPG as the output format.

Then just click on the Start button!

Destination folder of batch converter PNG to JPG..

How to convert PNG to JPG in Windows 10?

Converting PNG to JPG in Windows 10/11 is super easy because of Batch Picture Resizer. Png to Jpg converter download is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the SoftOrbits website.
Along with being a resizer for all your files, it can crop and convert multiple photos at once and give you converted JPG files within seconds! This means that you get a JPG convertor and photo editor all rolled into one.
You can also check out a few options like or CloudConvert, which are online convertor programs.
Convert PNG to JPG online..

Therefore, you will need an internet connection to upload the PNG file and get it converted.
However, SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer needs to be downloaded only once, and works offline!

How to convert JPG to transparent PNG?

There are times where you may have to use a photo in some magazine or create a poster or logo. In such cases, you will need an image with a transparent background. But such Images with a transparent background – which will not block the text around them – are possible only with PNG.
Therefore, you will have to first remove the background, and then convert the JPG into PNG.
How to convert JPG to transparent PNG..

Unfortunately, using Photoshop and Lightroom to create transparent photos takes a lot of time. There is no fully automatic option, and you need to learn about technical tools like layers and content awareness.

How to remove background?

It is easier to simply use the SoftOrbits Background Remover.

It gives you the following advantages!

You can use the automatic remover, which will detect the background on its own, and give you a transparent image.

SoftOrbits Background Remover..

You can also use the marker tool, where you can manually select the background area which you want to remove.

Manually select the background to remove background..

It even allows you to customize the background and add your own photos!

SoftOrbits Background Remover..

How to convert PNG file to JPG in Photoshop?

Open the image you want to convert PNG file to JPEG in Photoshop.

If you already have a Photoshop subscription, you can use it.

How to convert PNG file to JPG in Photoshop..

Hit Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S buttons together. This will open the Save As window where you can choose the file format. Select JPG from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can click on File > Save for Web. Select JPG from the dropdown options.

Quickly convert PNG files into JPG in Photoshop..

Once you have selected the final format, choose the destination folder and click on the Save button.

Convert PNG file to JPG in Photoshop..

What is the difference between PNG and JPG?

Less common than JPG, and not accepted by all AppsMost commonly used image format, perfect for web and social media
Lossless compression retains quality, but file size is large, requiring more storage spaceUses lossy compression and is less in size
No EXIF dataEXIF data like camera name, date, exposure etc. is captured
Allows transparent backgroundTransparent backgrounds cannot be created

How to convert PNG to JPG without losing quality?

Although the JPG format always lowers the quality slightly, Batch Picture Resizer’s advanced algorithms will help you convert PNG to JPG without losing quality in Windows 11. You can use it to reduce the resolution and file size, or maintain the same aspect ratios and standard sizes.
For increasing the resolution of any image, you can check out SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher. It will help you enlarge your photo size, and even use options like scratch remover and clone stamp.
However, you should keep in mind that if you increase the image size too much, the quality will get lowered. So, you should have a balance between resolution and quality!

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

In a MAC, open the PNG file in Preview app. Click on File > Export, and then select JPG as the format and hit Save.

To convert images on iPhone, you can download apps like Float Tech Image Converter from the app store.

Check out the Android app Image to JPG/PNG by Puna Devops. It is available on the Play Store for free!

Chromebooks are not always powerful enough to use advanced programs like Photoshop. So, you can use online options like or CloudConvert.

Yes! Using png to jpg converter download like the SoftOrbits PNG to JPG Converter Software, you can convert multiple PNG photos at the same time and save them as JPG.

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