WebP to JPG converter for Windows 10, 11 streamlines image format changes while batch resizing simplifies managing your photo collection.

  1. 1️⃣ Download Batch Picture Resizer.
  2. 2️⃣ Add WEBP images.
  3. 3️⃣ Choose JPG as output format.
  4. 4️⃣ Run batch mode.
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Eugene editor-in-chief of the SoftOrbits, candidate of sciences in computer science, CTO of the SoftOrbits / 📅 Last updated on:  2024-05-16

I recently unearthed a treasure trove of old wildlife photos on a forgotten hard drive. But to my dismay, they were all in this strange WebP format! Totally unusable for my upcoming nature exhibit.
Needed a quick fix to convert them all to JPG, the trusty format. Tried online tools at first - Ezgif, Cloudconvert, iLoveimg, you name it. But they felt clunky and had limitations. Plus, wasn't keen on uploading all those wildlife photos to the internet.
Decided to search for a desktop tool. Found this Batch Picture Resizer program - turns out it does way more than resizing! Converted all my photos in a flash, easy as pie. Now my majestic moose and playful otters are ready for their big debut!

📙Quick summary

  1. Batch Picture Resizer: automates image resizing for multiple photos.   
  2. Online Tools: Ezgif, CloudConvert, iLoveImg, Zamzar   Read More

How to use SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer Download?

Batch Image Resizer from SoftOrbits is an all-rounder webp converter software free download that can recognize multiple formats like JPG, PNG, CR2, NEF, RAW, and more.

Follow the steps below to learn how to change WebP to JPG!

Add file

First, you have to download the program and install it on your computer.

When you open it, you will see the option for Add File, using which you can add the images to convert. You can drag and drop the file too.

 adding webp files..

Crop and adjust, if needed

Once you add the files, it will give you five options – Resize, Convert, Rotate, Effects, and Tools.

By default, the Resize tab is open, where you can adjust the photo's resolution, change the aspect ratio, and type in the dimensions you want. This is great when printing photos to match a certain frame size!

Under Effects, you will get options to adjust the image's exposure, brightness, contrast, and color. This option can help your image look perfect before you run a batch mode.

Resize, Convert, Rotate, and Effects..

Select the destination folder

The next step is to choose the folder where you want your converted file to be saved. The Destination option is right below the list of options under Resize.

Select the required destination, like your Desktop or a folder for images you have created already.

Select the destination folder..

Select JPG under Convert

Now that your file is ready select JPG under the Output Format option at the bottom. You also have other options like TIF, PNG, GIF, etc.

Select format to convert WebP..

Click on Start

After all the required adjustments are made, and the JPG output is selected, click on Start, and program will do all jobs for you.

Batch Picture Resizer Batch Picture Resizer

Resize and convert pictures in full auto mode!

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Batch Picture Resizer: Your One-Stop Shop for Converting WebP to JPG Images

Batch Picture Resizer is a software program designed to simplify image conversion, particularly for converting images to the more widely used JPG format. While online tools offer similar functionality, Batch Picture Resizer provides a convenient offline solution with additional features.
👍 Strengths of Batch Picture Resizer:
  • Batch Processing Power: Transform multiple WebP images to JPG in one go, saving you time and effort compared to pricessing them individually.
  • Seamless Workflow: Drag and drop your images, eliminating the need for complex upload procedures.
  • Customization Options: Fine-tune the output JPG quality to achieve the desired balance between file size and image fidelity.
  • Offline Functionality: Unlike online tools, Batch Picture Resizer works independently, free from internet connectivity issues.

🤔⚠️ Keep These Considerations in Mind:

  • Software Installation Required: Unlike online tools, Batch Picture Resizer requires downloading and installing the software on your device.
  • Limited Features: While Batch Picture Resizer excels in batch conversion, it may lack advanced image editing features offered by dedicated photo editing software.
🌟 Batch Picture Resizer is Ideal For:
  • Regular WebP to JPG Conversions: If you frequently need to transform multiple Webp files to JPG for compatibility, Batch Picture Resizer streamlines the process.
  • Users Who Value Efficiency: Batch processing and a user-friendly interface make Batch Picture Resizer a time-saving solution for bulk conversions.

But if you...

  • Need Occasional Conversions: Online tools might suffice for infrequent conversions.
  • Seek Advanced Image Editing Features: Look into dedicated photo editing software for more comprehensive image manipulation capabilities.
Consider your priorities to pick the best fit for your image processing tasks.

How to Use Batch Picture Resizer

Add file

Like earlier, open it and add the image, or drag and drop.

Add the WebP files to convert to JPG..

Select all the images

Usually, we add only the file we want to convert. But here, you can select all the photos and add them together.

For using Batch Mode, you can select multiple pictures and add them together. The program will do the job quickly and easily.

Batch Mode for converting WebP to JPG..

Make the required adjustments

The other steps remain the same. Use the resize or editing options to change the resolution of the photo or make it grayscale, or fix the exposure.

Remember to select the output format as JPG and select the correct destination!

Make the required adjustments..

Click on Start

That’s it! Once you click on start, all your added files will be converted together.

Instead of repeating the same steps for each photo, Batch Picture Resizer will process them simultaneously now!

Way #2: What is the best Online WebP Converter?

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  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.

If you need to convert some WebPs quickly and do not have any programs installed, no worries!
There are many options where you can change WebP into JPG online without installing any special software.

Ezgif Online

One of the easiest and most versatile converters, and it’s available for free! Ezgif lets you convert WebP into JPG Online in just three simple steps:

How to use EZGif

Use the link above to open Ezgif app. You will see the option Choose File. Click on this and select the images you wish to change.

How to convert WebP to JPG online..

Click on the Upload button. After the process is complete, you will have options to adjust the image quality of the final JPG and select the background color in case your images has any transparent areas.

Convert WebP to JPG online..

Click on the blue button titled Convert to JPG. Within a few seconds, your JPEG file will be ready for download!

Converted JPG file from WebP..

While Ezgif is free, one drawback is that the file size is limited to 35 MB. However, you’ll rarely have a file bigger than that.
Along with downloading WebP as JPG, Ezgif has tabs for GIF, PNG, and much more.

This section will learn about a few options and compare them with WebP to JPG Converter Download.


One of the best online WEBP to JPG converters apps, Cloudconvert recognizes almost a hundred formats – including ABW, RTF, VOC, CR2, etc. – and lets you convert them for free. Using just the link to the website, you can begin your job within seconds:

How to use Cloudconvert

Open the Cloudconvert website. At the top, you will see the message “Convert: … to …”


In the blank on the left, select the original file's format from the list. In our case, this will be WebP. On the right, select the output format as JPG.

Changing WebP to JPG..

You will see a red-colored button for Select File. Use this to add the WebP file.
Cloudconvert will show a few options like resizing the image, choosing the quality level to be maintained, whether you want to shrink, crop, or scale the image, etc. Make the adjustments as needed.
After everything is set up, you can begin the process. After a few seconds, your JPG will be ready for download!

Converted JPG file from WebP..

While you can use Cloudconvert for free, you can do only download 25 images daily. For a higher number, you will need to get a monthly subscription.


iLoveimg is another great online WEBP converter option. It is free and has a batch mode for processing multiple files.
When you open the website, the menu on top will contain the Convert to JPG option. Select this and follow the steps given here:

How to use iLoveimg

After you open the website and click on JPG Converter, you will see a button for Select Image.


Once the upload is complete, you will be taken to a new page with two options. There will be a + sign if you want to add more photos, and the Convert button.

Convert WebP to JPG..

Add more photos if you want to use the batch mode to get the download link for the converted JPG file.

WebP to JPG..


Zamzar is an all-rounder tool because it works with images and documents, audio files, videos, etc.

How to use Zamzar

Use the link to open the Zamzar website. You will see an Add File option on the homepage, where you can directly upload the WebP pictures. You can also scroll down to the list of options like MP3, PDF, GIF, and more, where the WebP option is also listed.


Add the file you want to convert. Then click on the Convert To option and select JPG.


Click on Convert Now. A progress bar will appear to show the status. When it reaches 100%, the download link for the new JPEG file will be given automatically!


Comparison Table

Now that we have seen different programs and their features let’s compare them with image converter software and Online tools quickly.
SoftOrbits Batch Picture ResizerCloudconvertiLoveimgZamzar
Needs to be downloaded and installed on your computerAvailable online onlyAvailable online onlyAvailable online only
Batch Mode is availableSingle conversions onlyBatch Mode is availableSingle conversions only
Super fast. Utilizes all your processor cores.Works slowlyWorks slowlyWorks slowly

What is a WebP image format?

Like JPG and PNG, WebP is a format developed by Google for images.
The lossy format analyses the surrounding areas to predict the pixel data and then builds the whole image. On the other hand, the lossless version uses image fragments to recreate the pixels.

Why should you use WebP file format?

As discussed earlier, WebP can use the advantages of both lossy and lossless compression.
Because of the advanced coding used, this images are almost 30% smaller than common JPG files.
Although not as much as JPGs, WebP format is now used by Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and many other platforms.
WebP format..

How to Convert WebP images to JPG using a Batch Mode?

If you have hundreds of webp files to convert, you can use the Batch Mode and save time.
For example, if you have many photos to publish at your blog that need to be resized or edited similarly, you need not convert each one.

Comparing JPG and WebP formats

JPG format is more common and available for most devices like phones and laptops.WebP format is less widely used than JPGs. But browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Photoshop can open them.
JPG files use only lossy compression, so you lose out on image quality.WebP uses both lossless and lossy compression so that you can balance quality and file size.
JPG files require significant storage space.
Using JPG for publishing images on blogs and websites takes more time.The smaller file size means faster website speed. And WebP retains image quality even in small sizes.

Using WebP to JPG Converter Software Download, you will be able to switch between JPG and WebP easily! Convert WEBP to JPG in a batch mode.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can use MAC’s default image viewer Preview. Open the WebP image file, go to the top menu, and click File > Export > Export as JPG. You can also use online options like Zamzar and Cloudconvert.

You can not simply save .webp as jpg. Browsers and most popular image editors do not support this feature. You will need to download the web-to-jpg conversion software.