Unleash pristine photos with a watermark removal tool for seamless editing.

  1. 1️⃣ Open Photo Stamp Remover.
  2. 2️⃣ Load Photo with Watermark.
  3. 3️⃣ Select Watermark Area.
  4. 4️⃣ Remove Watermark.
  5. 5️⃣ Save Watermark-Free Photo.
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Eugene UstinenkovEugene editor-in-chief of the SoftOrbits, Ph.D. in computer science, CTO of the SoftOrbits / 📅 Last updated on:  2024-05-15

I was taking wildlife photos on a safari, hoping to capture that perfect shot of a majestic lion. But guess what? My camera decided to add a giant date stamp right across the king of the jungle's face! Not exactly what I envisioned for my National Geographic submission.
Needed to vanish that stamp fast. Tried the Photo Stamp Remover software first, and it worked surprisingly well. But I'm a curious soul, so I dug deeper. Explored Photoshop's healing tools and some cool tricks like the lasso tool. Even messed around with apps on my phone, Snapseed and Pixelmator for Android, and Airbrush for iPhone.

In the end, I had a toolbox of watermark removal options!

📙Quick summary

  1. Photo Stamp Remover: Removes unwanted stamps or watermarks from your photos.   
  2. Clone Stamp Tool: manual editing for complex backgrounds   Read More
  3. Photoshop: Content Aware Filling   Read More
  4. Photoshop: Lasso Tool   Read More
  5. GIMP: a free photo editor   Read More
  6. Paint: yes! this is possble   Read More
  7. Android apps: Snapseed, Pixelmator   Read More
  8. iPhone app: (Airbrush)   Read More
  9. Free Online Tools: Fotor, Inpaint   Read More
  10. Tools for Mac Users: Photos, Photo Eraser Pro MAC, Luminar   Read More
  11. Video Watermark Remover: Remove Logo Now!   Read More

SoftOrbits Watermark Remover App

The Watermark Remover is an app specially designed for the intelligent removal of watermarks, logos, date stamps and much more!
Photo stamp remover app..

Way #1: Photo Stamp Remover: How to Remove Watermark from Photos Using the Highlight Method

This is a simpler technique requiring you to highlight the watermark and click!

Add your photo by clicking on Add File.
In the toolbar on the right, select the pencil icon.

This will be the brush using which you have to highlight the watermark.

Select watermark to remove with a marker..

#step. Use a pencil to mark the area in red. Ensure you have covered the entire watermark without including too much surrounding area.

Hit Remove when the logo has been completely highlighted.

The algorithms of the watermark remover app will smartly remove the watermark logo and fill them with the background pixels.

Watermark is removed..

Photo Stamp Remover Photo Stamp Remover

Watermark Remover Software

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Video Tutorials

This app offers special editing tools like healing, cloning and area selection, making removing any watermark very easy!
You don't even have to worry about what happens after removal since the algorithm of the Photo Stamp Remover will replace the watermark with the correct pixels from the background on its own.

Watermark Removal Examples

Watermarked photo with monks..
Monks photo with removed..

You can even select multiple photos in one batch to remove watermarks from photos simultaneously! With batch mode, you can correct multiple photos and save precious time.
Once we have reviewed the various options and their pros and cons, you can choose which suits you best!

Way #2: Photo Stamp Remover: How to Remove Watermark from Image Using the Clone Stamp Method

The Click Clone Stamp method gives you complete control over the watermark removal process because you can choose the area to remove and the area used to fill the gaps.

Although a little more complex than the other methods, the Clone Stamp method is the more accurate tool.

Use the Add File option to load your image.It can be found in the top-left corner.
Click on the Clone Stamp option in the Tools tab or click on the stamp icon on the right.

This will activate the cloning brush.

App to remove a watermark with clone stamp..

According to the size of the watermark to be removed, change the brush size. For small text, you can use a small-sized brush.
Keep pressing Alt key on your keyboard and select a clean area that matches the background of the watermark with a left click. Select an area close to the watermark so that the colours and lighting look natural when these good pixels are cloned and stamped.
Let go of the Alt key when you're finished selecting the clean area. Now, simply left-click on the watermark and move the brush over it! You will see that the watermark was removed and hidden by the duplicated good area.
To make the cloning and stamping look natural, use a small-sized brush and blend in the edges with the surrounding area.

This method works well for complex watermarks or photos with lots of details in the background, where the algorithm might need to achieve perfect results.
Stay calm if this seems simple! The previous two techniques are much more manageable. They will work for most photos.

Photo Stamp Remover: How to Remove Watermark from Photo Using the Rectangular Selection Method

This is the quickest way to remove the date stamp from the photo, and it works best for simple images with a small-sized date watermark in the corner.

Add file

In the toolbar on the right, you will see a rectangular icon with dotted lines. Select that.

Use the mouse pointer to create a rectangle over the watermark

Click Remove! The algorithm will detect the watermark inside the rectangle and clean it up.

Select watermark to remove with rectangular tool..

A useful tip is to save the final settings as a mask before clicking Remove.

Watermark is removed..

Use the floppy disc icon to do this

So, the next time you encounter a similar watermark, you can use the mask instead of repeatedly going through all the steps!

👨 Removing Watermarks from Photos: Your Guide and Top Tools

Ever downloaded a photo and found an unwanted watermark in the corner? Removing these watermarks can be tricky, but fear not! There are several methods available, each with its own advantages. This guide will explore your options and help you choose the right tool for the job.
👍✨ Photo Stamp Remover: A Simple Solution
Photo Stamp Remover is a user-friendly software designed specifically for watermark removal. It boasts a straightforward interface, making it ideal for beginners. Simply upload your photo, select the watermark area, and let the software do its magic!

🤔 Strengths of Photo Stamp Remover:

  • Easy to Use: Photo Stamp Remover prioritizes simplicity, making it perfect for anyone, regardless of technical expertise.
  • Fast and Efficient: Remove watermarks quickly and effortlessly, saving you time and frustration.
  • Targeted Removal: Select the specific area you want to edit, ensuring minimal impact on the rest of your photo.
🌟⚠️ Keep These Considerations in Mind

  • Limited Functionality: While effective for basic watermark removal, Photo Stamp Remover might struggle with complex watermarks or heavily edited photos.
  • Software Cost: While some free versions exist, many Photo Stamp Removers require purchase.
💡 Photo Stamp Remover Shines For:
  • Casual Users: Anyone looking for a quick and easy way to remove simple watermarks will find Photo Stamp Remover a breeze.
  • Occasional Photo Editing: If you only need watermark removal occasionally, Photo Stamp Remover offers a convenient solution without a hefty price tag (consider free versions first).

💡 However, If You:

  • Deal with Complex Watermarks: For intricate logos or heavily edited photos, consider exploring professional editing software like Photoshop.
  • Need Advanced Editing Features: Photo Stamp Remover focuses solely on watermark removal. If you require broader photo editing capabilities, look for a more comprehensive software suite.
Ultimately, the best watermark removal method depends on your specific needs and the complexity of the watermark. Photo Stamp Remover offers a user-friendly solution for casual users with simple watermarks, while more advanced options exist for tackling tougher challenges. So, grab your photo and get ready to unleash its watermark-free potential!

When you've clicked a photo that is a keeper, or want to use an image you found online in your presentation or a school project, the last thing you want is a watermark.
Watermarks can creep into your photos in many forms – as dates in the corner of your photo, photo stamps of your smartphone brand or just a big grey text covering the background.
So that your photo remains clean and sharp, you should know what app to use to remove watermark from photos.
This is where I will help you!

Here, we'll learn about the best app to remove watermark from photos and a few online apps with the right tools for the job and how to use them with just a few clicks.
Remove watermark from photo..

How to choose the best watermark remover app for photos?

Not everyone is a master at Photoshop and Lightroom.
Quite a few beginner photographers and enthusiasts want to learn how to use an app to remove watermarks and date stamps from their photos, and they might need to learn how to go about it.
This list is precisely for such beginners.
With hundreds of programs and techniques available to remove distractions from images, choosing just one that will suit your workflow and your photos is difficult.
But here you'll find the best of the best – easy-to-use programs and free online options too! And we'll also discuss the exact steps you need to follow for quick and clean results.

What are the best apps to remove watermark from photo?

Let us go one by one. This list will help you choose the best apps for watermark removal while explaining the steps for easy removal.

Way #3: Remove Watermark using Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop provides far more options to edit and process photos and can do a better job with difficult watermarks and complex backgrounds.
The advantage of Photoshop as a remove watermark app is that along with the usual clone and stamp tools, it also offers the Spot Healing brush, which works with just one tap. Photoshop's Content Aware options are also more advanced and can provide a more natural result.
Let us have a look at the steps involved!

How To Use Photoshop To Remove Watermark Proof From Photo?

Adding a blank layer

When you open the image in Photoshop, you must add a layer above it. Creating a blank layer will ensure that the original photo underneath is protected from any mistakes you make.

Name the blank layer as Remover to identify which layer you need to work on.

Select Spot Healing

Find the Spot Healing Brush in the Toolbar. As the name suggests, this brush will heal the spots on which you click and replace the gaps with the surrounding pixels.

Photoshop remove watermark with spot healing tool..

Also, turn the Sample All Layers option on! This is necessary so Photoshop can use the layer below to understand how the gaps can be filled once the watermark is gone.

Select Content Aware

Along with the Sample All Layers option, you will also see a Type option to your left. Change this to Content Aware. This is a powerful tool because it lets Photoshop know all the pixels around the watermark and use them to fill the gaps.

Photoshop remove watermark with content aware fill..

This is an essential step because it leads to the most natural results!

Tap to remove the watermark from the image

Now click on the watermark and watch it disappear!

Photoshop watermark is removed..

If you find these steps difficult to follow, you can check out a few videos on Youtube explaining how to remove watermark from photo. This is an excellent technique for removing wrinkles and acne too!

How to Remove Watermark from the Image in Photoshop Using the Lasso Tool

If the watermark in your image is not a straight text, you can also use the lasso tool, which is much more flexible!

Once the photo has been loaded in Photoshop, select the lasso tool from the toolbar on the left side.
 Photoshop selects transparent watermark with lasso tool..

Mark the watermark using the mouse pointer. You should see a dotted line appear as you move around the mouse. This is the advantage of the lasso tool! It allows you to be flexible and select even curvy texts and watermarks.
Right click on the selected area and select the Fill option from the list.
On clicking the Fill option, you'll see a dialogue box open. Select the Content Aware option and click OK.
Watch the selected watermark disappear! The Content Aware feature allows Photoshop to sample the surrounding pixels and seamlessly remove the watermark.

Way #4: How To Use Gimp For Watermark Removal?

Apart from SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover and Photoshop, GIMP is another advanced image editing app with the right watermark removal tool. It can also help remove text from the image without removing background.
Although it comes with a significant learning curve, and a beginner might think it's challenging to use, GIMP offers many advanced features for free.
This app allows you to use an intelligent healing tool or the usual clone and stamp to remove watermarks.

Remove the Watermark in Gimp Using the Healing Brush

Open the image you want to edit in GIMP. Zoom in a bit so that the watermark and surrounding areas can be easily seen and selected.
Select the Healing Brush tool by going to Tools, then Paint Tools. Alternatively, you can click on the band-aid icon in the Toolbox.
Remove watermark in GIMP..

While pressing Ctrl on your keyboard, click on a clean area which you want to replace the watermark with.
Release the Ctrl button. Now, click on the watermark and watch it replaced by the source you selected earlier. GIMP will remove the watermark and blend in the source area on its own so that the final version looks natural.
If the watermark is a long text and simply clicking on it takes time, press the Shift button. You will see a line connecting the source to the current location of your mouse. Drag your pointer to the watermark so that the line covers it, and just Shift+Click. GIMP will heal along the whole line!

Remove the Watermark in Gimp Using the Clone Tool

If your watermark is a simple text against a solid background, using the normal clone tool will save some time and give better results. You can clone the background colour and paste it over the watermark!

Open the photo in GIMP and select the Clone option from the Paint Tools list, or click on the icon which looks like a stamp.
While holding down Ctrl, click on the area you want to use to cover the watermark. For example, if your watermark is black text on a white background, select a clean white area to match it.
Release the Ctrl button. Now, keep on clicking on the watermark to cover it with the source you selected before. In a few clicks, the watermark will completely disappear!
Removing watermark in GIMP using clone stamp tool..

Way #5: How To Remove The Watermark In Windows Paint?

Paint is more than just a simple drawing tool for kids!
One of the most widely used Windows Paint 3D app is also quite advanced and comes with loads of features that are very easy to use.
Let's quickly look at how you can use Paint to remove watermarks in just two steps!

Watermarks with white background

Open the image with Paint.

Go to the Selection option and choose one of the shapes. You can use the rectangular selection if your watermark is straight text.

Remove watermark in Paint 3d..

Click and drag the pointer to put the selection around the watermark.

Then right-click, and hit Delete! Paint will remove that area and leave a clean, white space behind.

Removed watermark watermark in Paint app..

Watermarks with coloured background

The main steps remain the same. Open the image, choose a selection, cover the watermark area and click on Delete. Since the background had a solid colour, you will see an empty white space. This is what we need to cover up now!
Click on the dropper icon in the Toolbar.

This is the colour selector tool. Go to the area beside the white space, and select the colour matching the original.

Paint - remove watermark from colored background..

Go to the Colour Fill option in the Toolbar just above the dropper icon.

Move over to the white space and click. Paint will now fill the space with the selected colour!

Way #6: Best Watermark Remover App for Android

What we saw before were advanced computer apps. But sometimes you don't feel like spending so much energy in front of a computer screen. You may have a few personal photos on your phone that you want to edit.
There are many mobile apps perfect for such times! Let me show you the best of the bunch.

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.


Snapseed app..

Snapseed is a great image editing app developed by Google, available for free on both Android and iPhone platforms. It offers advanced tools like vignette, ambience, curve adjustments, RGB filters and lens blur effects – something you won't find in any other mobile app.

Snapseed remove watermark using the healing tool..

Its healing tool is excellent too, and works very well for small watermarks, date stamps and acne!
Once you open the photo, you'll see a Tools option. You will find the Healing icon, which works with just a click.
The area you click on will be automatically deleted and replaced with the surrounding area. If the watermark is long, you can swipe across the word instead of tapping!


Pixelmator is an excellent iphone editing app, although it's so loaded with features that it might look difficult to use at first! But you'll find your way around it easily.
It offers many creative options that work not only for camera images but also for sketches and paintings. You can also paint and create your icons, sketches and graphic designs with this app!
Pixelmator offers a Clone stamp tool for removing watermarks, so you can replace the watermark with a clean area you have already chosen.
You can also experiment with the Repair tool, which is designed to quickly delete wrinkles and blemishes but works perfectly for watermarks and logos too!
Pixelmator app..

Way #7: Best Watermark Remover App for iPhone


Airbrush is a great app for retouching portraits and selfies! But the tools in it work just as perfectly for removing watermarks too.
Most of the features on Airbrush, like smooth skin, teeth whitener, blur effects and filters, are designed for faces. But the Blemish Remover option of the app works for pimples and watermarks. All you need to do is tap and watch!
This app even has a Clone Stamp option, which you can use to replace any logo with a pre-selected clean area.
Airbrush is available for both Apple and Android phones, although you can unlock all the other premium features for about $3 per month.

Way #8: Are there any free watermark remover apps in 2023?

Editing that can now be done on smartphones and online in 2023 used to require advanced programs with subscriptions only a few years back. Not anymore!
In this section, we'll discuss a few free watermark remover apps which do not need any payments or subscriptions.

The Inpaint

Inpaint is perhaps the most user-friendly free watermark remover app for object removal and deleting watermarks, and it is completely free (online)!
As soon as Inpaint is installed on your computer and you have loaded the image you wish to edit, you'll see options like a marker, lasso tool, a magic wand tool that cleans up the whole image on its own, an eraser and much more.
Remove watermark using inpaint app..

For simple watermarks, you can directly click on the red button – which is the marker – and highlight the watermark. You're done once you click on Erase!
Inpaint algorithms work well, and they will help you save loads of time. With advanced options like the lasso button, you can process all your images with just one app.


Folor app..

Fotor is a completely online tool that does not require downloading any special app to remove a watermark from a photo. Besides removing watermarks, Fotor allows you to edit portrait and landscape images.

Remove the watermark in Folor using the clone tool..

You can even create graphic designs with this, and use options like filters, add text, frames, portrait retouching, HDR effects etc.
Fotor's Beauty feature is designed for portraits, but the clone and stamp option under it can be used for watermarks too. The steps are similar to what we've seen before. Select the clone tool, use the brush to choose the good source areas, and then click on the watermark to cover it up!

Wondershare Fotophire

Okay, this one is not exactly free! But it would help if you tried out Fotophire because of its user-friendly design and quick results. If you like it, you can get a yearly subscription for about $50!
You can take a free trial of Fotophire first and see if it suits your style.
Like SoftOrbits Watermark Remover App, Photoshop and other programs we saw, Fotophire offers a healing tool – where the algorithm does most of the work – and a clone tool for manual selection.
What's more! Along with the usual marker option, this app also gives you a lasso tool and a rectangular selection option. You can choose whichever method and click the Remove button.
The only disadvantage of Fotophire is that it puts a watermark on the photo it edits unless you pay for the subscription.
Wondershare Fotophire app..

Way #9: What is the best watermark remover app on a MAC?

Although most of the programs we saw work online, you can download particular programs for editing images on the go!
With the following programs, you can use your MAC to remove watermarks while travelling or without any internet connection.


Photos is an Apple app that you will find pre-installed in your MAC!
Besides simply viewing your image and creating albums, Photos gives many valuable features like sliding adjustments, colour effects, filters, and automatic sync with iCloud.
Photos for MAC gives you a tap-to-remove feature for logo and watermark removal. You can turn on the Retouching tool by searching for that option or directly hitting R as a keyboard shortcut.
This brush will act as the removal pencil, and whatever you click on will be deleted and replaced with the surrounding pixels.


Luminar is yet another advanced editing app that can be downloaded for MAC and Windows both, only with a small payment. You can also download it as a standalone program or as a MAC plugin!
Luminar AI is a unique remove watermark app different from Luminar, and it allows you to replace the colour of the skies and add your fog and mist. For simply removing watermarks, the latest version of Luminar will be sufficient.
Luminar app..

The program offers tools like Photoshop's Spot Healing, actually called Eraser in the program. You can click over the watermark to highlight it and see it get deleted! You can even try out the Clone and Stamp method for complex logos and date stamps – where the background is not a plain one.

Photo Eraser Pro MAC

Much like the Photo Stamp Remover, the Photo Eraser Pro is a user-friendly app designed only for removing pimples, watermarks, logos etc.
Unlike Photos and Luminar, it is a much simpler program and doesn't need the fastest computer to run, although you need to buy it to access all the features!
Because it is made only for object removal, you won't get confused by hundreds of options. The simple marker tool is all you need to highlight and remove the watermark forever.
It even has a smart scale option, which can remove the watermark by changing the photo size. This is a useful option because, unlike cropping, you have more control over the scaling process and can protect your composition while removing the logo.

Way #10: Best Watermark Remover App for Videos

Many people think that a logo cannot be taken out because videos are huge files with lots of frames. But no worries!
With SoftOrbits video watermark remover, you can remove logos, embedded subtitles, watermarks and whatnot from any video.

App to remove watermark from video..

And the best watermark remover app for videos has the same steps as those for a photo!
You can load the file to remove watermarks and use the Find Logo button for automatic detection. If that doesn't work, you can use the pencil button or the rectangular selection option to select the logo and then click Remove.
Whatever your technique, the app will remove the watermark from the video and fill in the gaps in each frame to give you a clean file!
The program can process files in MP4, MKV, MOV, and FLV formats and save them in other formats.

What is the best app to remove watermarks from PDF files?

It should not come as a surprise now that watermarks can also be removed from PDF files.
You often download your favourite book or college notes, only to find a big grey logo making it impossible to read.
App to remove watermark from PDF..

The SoftOrbits PDF Watermark Remover will solve all your problems! It is easy to use and requires you to download it just once.
And the main advantage is that the logo removal is a fully automatic process, and you don't have to select each page – which would take hours!
When you open the program and load the file, it will scan the whole thing and show you the list of watermarks found. You can choose which logos you want to keep and which you want to delete!
Your new PDF will be ready for reading as soon you click on Remove and save!

How to remove watermarks in Microsoft Word?

Removing watermarks from a Word file is easy since Microsoft Word can do that job well. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Open the Word document and click on the Design tab on top.
On the right side under the Page Background menu, select the Watermark option.
You should see a Remove Watermark option here. All the watermarks in the document will now be removed automatically.

If the above method doesn't work, there is another technique you can try—Double-click on the top of the page to open the header. Put your cursor over the watermark and click so that you see arrows all around it.
Once your watermark is selected, press delete on your keyboard to remove the watermark.
One disadvantage of this alternative method is that you must do this for each logo separately.

Are there any other options to get rid of watermarks?

If you are out of luck and none of the above tools and programs works for your images, you still have a few options.

Buy the image

The whole point of stock photo websites is to let the photographer earn money by selling their work. If you cannot remove the watermark, it is better to register on the website and buy the original photo!

Find a Clone tool

Like GIMP and Photoshop, any app or app with the clone tool will work for watermark removal.

You can search on Google Play Store or the iPhone app store and look for image editing apps with this feature.

The Clone tool is handy since you can not only duplicate an object and place it somewhere else in the image, you can use the technique to cover up any watermark or date stamp.

Overlap with your watermark or Crop

If you don't want anyone else's watermark to be visible, you can paste your watermark or logo over it. Another option is to crop the photo and cut out the text!

Find another similar photo

If you cannot remove the watermark or crop it out, you have no choice but to look for another photo that will serve your purpose. There are many stock photo websites, one of which should have a similar photo available without any watermark!

Is it legal to remove watermarks from photos that are not yours?

Each photo is a creation of the photographer and is their property in legal terms. So, it would be wrong to remove the watermarks of another person.
The aim of a watermark or a logo is to make sure that no one steals the work of another photographer. Therefore, removing a watermark only for personal use, like a school project or a private photo collection, is correct.
You cannot remove a watermark and use the image for commercial purposes!
There are dozens of stock image websites that put watermarks over their photos to protect their ownership of those images. Some of the most common ones are Shutterstock, Getty Images , Filmora, Disney Photopass, Canva and Photobucket.

Are there any stock image websites with free photos without watermarks?

Of course! You can check out the following websites for hundreds of free images which can be used without any watermark:
You can find the photo you need on one of these websites! And you won't have to worry about removing watermarks.

What is the best software and tools to remove the watermark from your photos?

Watermarks look ugly and distracting, but they protect the photographer's identity and prevent anyone from stealing the image.
But many valuable options exist if you want to remove a watermark for personal use! From advanced apps like SoftOrbits watermark remover app and Photoshop to online tools like Luminar, Snapseed and Fotor, you can experiment and see which works best for you.
You can even use programs like Remove Logo Now and SoftOrbits PDF Watermark Removal tool to delete logos from videos, PDFs and other documents. And if nothing works, buy the image or shoot one photo of your own!
All the best!

Looking for an app to remove watermark from photo? Download the Photo Stamp Remover to process dozen of files!
 Download for Free

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

This type of watermark shows up when your Windows has not activated correctly. You can follow the steps given in this article: https://windows101tricks.com/remove-activate-windows-10-watermark-permanently/

first, ensure all your images have your name embedded inside the EXIF data. A few other tricks would be to insert large watermarks, which are difficult to remove or use tile watermarks. You can even insert your logo onto essential things like faces, so removing the watermark will destroy the image!

You can check out online programs like Inpaint and Fotor or use the Healing and Cloning tools of apps like GIMP and Photoshop.

You will have to open the Page Setup menu and use the Customize Header option to select the watermark and then delete it. Have a look at this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/remove-a-watermark-from-a-sheet-6e4c53d6-2cbd-4b3b-8f17-ddd660e2df1d

There are many ways to get a clean photo from your Disney trip! You can use programs like SoftOrbits Watermark Remover App and Snapseed to remove the watermarks. You can also buy that image, crop out the watermark, or buy one of those special Disney Visa cards or Max passes!

To remove proof from photos, Check out apps like the Photo Stamp Remover, Fotor and Luminar, which have special tools designed to remove watermarks from images easily.

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