Snapchat ghost haunting your photos? Evict it with our watermark vanishing tool.

  1. 1️⃣ Download Photo Stamp Remover software.
  2. 2️⃣ Import your images.
  3. 3️⃣ Select watermark area for removal.
  4. 4️⃣ Remove the watermark.
  5. 5️⃣ Save edited image.
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Needed a clean image for a client, but my friend accidentally sent a hilarious Snapchat with a watermark right across the funniest part. Photo Stamp Remover did the trick! It was surprisingly easy, just highlighted the watermark and it vanished. Now I'm on a watermark removal quest – tried Snapseed and Retouch Photos on my phone, even messed around with some online tools. Gotta say, Photo Stamp Remover is still my favorite for these quick fixes.

📙Quick summary

  1. Photo Stamp Remover: Software that helps remove unwanted stamps, logos, or text from your photos.   
  2. Apps for mobile phone (Snapseed, Retouch Photos): Free and easy-to-use apps that offer basic photo editing tools.   Read More
  3. Online Tools: Websites that allow you to upload your photos and edit them online, sometimes with features to remove unwanted elements.   Read More

Way #1: Snapchat Text Remover Software

One of the best available Snapchat Caption Removers that can easily remove text from Snapchat photos is the SoftOrbits AI Watermark Remover. It can remove any extra objects, people or even buildings from your image. From this, removing text is just a cinch.
If your text has a transparent background, you can use the marker tool, which highlights the text and removes it easily.

How to Use Snapchat Watermark Remover

You have to follow the few steps below, and you can easily remove snapchat text from photo or other objects.

Download and install the SoftOrbits Snapchat Caption Remover.

Click on the Add Files option and from the browser, select the image from which you want to remove the text.

Add file into Photo Stamp Remover program..

Use the tool to select the text that you want to remove. You can zoom in on the image to ensure the text is carefully selected.

Remove Snapchat Text from Picture..

After you have uploaded the Snapchat image, click on the marker tool.

Select Photo Stamp Remover marker tool..

After the text has been selected, click on the Remove button. It will remove the text from Snapchat pictures.

Save the result in the snapchat text remover program..

You will get to see a preview of the finished image. You can make more adjustments to it if you want to, and when you are done, click on the Save button.

Select the destination folder and click OK. The output Snapchat image without the text will be saved.

Choose a destination folder for saving result Photo Stamp Remover program..

Photo Stamp Remover Photo Stamp Remover

Watermark Remover

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Video Tutorials

✂️ Photo Stamp Remover vs. Snapchat Watermark Remover: Your Editing Arsenal

There are many ways to remove that pesky Snapchat watermark, but is a dedicated program like Photo Stamp Remover the best solution? Let's break down the options and see if Photo Stamp Remover reigns supreme.
👍 Strengths of Photo Stamp Remover:
  • Precise Control: Photo Stamp Remover offers dedicated tools for removing unwanted watermarks, allowing for fine-tuned editing. You can target the watermark exactly without affecting the surrounding image.
  • Batch Processing: If you have multiple snaps to clean up, some Photo Stamp Removers can process them in bulk, saving you time and effort.
  • Offline Editing: Unlike watermark remover online tools, Photo Stamp Remover lets you edit your photos without an internet connection, giving you more privacy and control over your images.

🤔 Things to Consider:

  • Software Cost: Dedicated watermark removers often come with a price tag, while some online tools offer free watermark removal (with potential limitations).
  • Learning Curve: Depending on the software's features, there might be a slight learning curve to using its watermark removal tools effectively.
  • Not a Magic Wand: Complex watermarks or those blended into the background may be difficult or impossible to remove flawlessly with any tool.

🌟 Photo Stamp Remover is a Great Choice for:

  • Tech-Savvy Editors: If you're comfortable with editing software and want precise control over watermark removal, a dedicated tool like Photo Stamp Remover can be a powerful asset.
  • Bulk Editing Needs: If you have a large number of watermarked photos to clean up, batch processing can be a huge time saver.
However, if you:
  • Just Need a Quick Fix: For occasional watermark removal, a free online tool or mobile app might be sufficient.
  • Value Simplicity: If you prefer a user-friendly approach, a simpler solution might be better.

Consider the watermark complexity, editing frequency, and budget to choose your watermark removal weapon!

Snapchat Caption Remover

Snapchat Text Software..

This smart snapchat caption remover software uses at least four algorithms to ensure that the software is doing all the hard, messy work while you have to click a few buttons. Object removal algorithms include quick removal, hole filling, texture generation and inpainting. They remove all the extra objects effortlessly.
If you are not satisfied with the Snapchat watermark remover tool in automatic mode, then this software allows you to remove the snapchat caption manually. For this, it provides a bunch of tools which include Smudge Brush, Concealer tool and Clone Stamp tool to remove snapchat watermark manually. This option is for more advanced graphic designers who want to clear even the tiniest of details from the captions. However, the automatic Snapchat watermark remover option does most of the work for normal users.
Using the software is the easiest thing you have ever done.

How to Remove Captions from Snapchat Video

Removing Snapchat Caption is easy compared to removing watermarks from videos.
Video Watermark Remover Softare is to delete snapchat captions from videos without any issues.
This snapchat caption remover program also uses some caption-removing algorithms, making removing the text from Snapchat videos easier. You must click a few buttons and then relax since the software does all the remaining work.
Another great feature of this software is that it allows batch watermark removal options.

Way #2: Best Snapchat Caption Remover Apps

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.

Snapchat is an application that is mostly used on our smartphones. Since downloading software and then exporting the image or video to the computer might be hard work, many applications can remove text from snapchat pictures. Such Snapchat Watermark Remover apps are available readily on Google and Apple PlayStore. Some of the popular ones are as follows.



This is an iOS app to erase Snapchat text from photo easily without actually damaging the image itself. It provides a healing tool to remove Snapchat captions without blurring the background. To use the tool,

  1. Download Snapseed from the Apple Store.
  2. Add the image you want to remove the text from.
  3. After that, go to the Tools options and then click on the healing tool.
  4. Move the healing tool over the text area. It will remove the selected text from photo.
  5. After that click on the check mark and then download the final image.

Retouch Photos

Retouch Photos..

This is an Android snapchat watermark remover app you can easily download from the Play Store. To remove the Snapchat text, you have to:

  1. Download the Retouch Photos application from Google PlayStore.
  2. Click on the Start button and select the image from where you want to remove the text from.
  3. From the menu bar, go to the Editing option and then select the Quick Erase option. This will help you highlight and remove watermarks from images.
  4. After that, select the Save button that will download the output image to your phone.

Way #3: How to Remove Snapchat Caption Online

Even though many online snapchat caption remover tools are available that can remove text from Snapchat images easily, some people might not use them. This is because they might not need it daily, and downloading software for a single would feel like a waste of space. In such scenarios, snapchat caption removers available online are the best option.
The uploaded images are not saved on any server. Rather they use the browser's JavaScript, which ensures that your privacy is not violated, and you can also free your Snapchat images from captions.
The most commonly used online tool for removing text from images is Inpaint.

Inpaint online..

This tool easily removes the text from the images without leaving any blur marks on the image. Using this snapchat text remover tool is easy. You have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the website from your browser.
  2. Click on the Upload Image button and upload the Snapchat picture with the captions.
  3. After the image is uploaded, select the text that you want to remove.
  4. After the area is selected, click on the Erase button. It will remove the text and show you a preview.
  5. After you are done with removing the text, click on the Download button. It will save the output Snapchat picture without captions to your computer.

The SoftOrbits Snapchat Watermark Remover removes all kinds of watermarks, captions and logos from images easily without affecting the original image at all.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

The simple way to do that is to open the Snapchat application. Then go to the Saved Snaps folder. Press hold or select the image for a few seconds, and a pop-up with advanced options will appear. From the options, select the Edit option. You can easily edit, change, or completely remove unwanted objects without affecting the real image.

If you have a screenshot, download snapchat text remover software. One of the best software for this purpose is the SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover. The object removal algorithm will easily remove the text from the Snapchat screenshot without blurring the image. You have to upload the image to the software, select the text area you want to remove and then click the Remove option. It will cleanly remove the text from the Snapchat screenshot.