Photo Stamp Remover will efficiently remove emoji and other unwanted elements from your pictures, providing a straightforward solution without overwhelming complexity.

  1. 1️⃣ Download and Install Photo Stamp Remover.
  2. 2️⃣ Load Your Photos into the Software.
  3. 3️⃣ Select the Emoji or Unwanted Elements.
  4. 4️⃣ Click the Remove button.
  5. 5️⃣ Save Your Cleaned Photos.
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Emojis Gone Wild? Tame Those Picture Pests with the Best Emoji Removers!

Emojis on Picture of girl..

As a pro photographer, I've had my fair share of emoji mishaps. Like that time I accidentally texted a silly face emoji to a client right before an important shoot. Oops!
I have a photo of my family, 12 persons. And my nephew sneakily added a goofy emoji backdrop. Kids these days, am I right?
After one too many emoji incidences, I knew I needed a solution. I scoured the internet, trying every online tool and app out there. Finally, I found the holy grail - SoftOrbits Emoji Remover.
This powerful software zaps those pesky picture pests with ease. No more emoji embarrassments for this photographer! Whether it's accidental emoji texts or silly self-portraits, I've got the ultimate emoji removal weapon in my arsenal.

📙Quick summary

  1. SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover   
  2. Using iOS and Android Apps   Read More
  3. Using Online Tools   Read More
  4. Using Adobe Photoshop   Read More

Way #1: The best app to remove emojis from pictures

SoftOrbits Watermark Remover is the best emoji removal software for PC. It can remove emoji from pictures with just a few clicks.

How to use Photo Emoji Remover:

First, launch the SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover software.

click Add files and select the picture you want to remove the emoji from.

Remove Emojis from photo..

Select the part of the image you want to apply an emoji to. After that, use the Selection tools to select an emoji region. You may use one of the Marker, Rectangular Selection, or Free form Selection. It is possible to store and reload it at any time. Then pick the Object Removal Mode option. Different photographers will have different opinions about how to best express themselves in each photograph.

Emoji remover from photo..

And then click Remove button

Remove emoji..

Finally, click Save to save the changes.

How to remove an emoji from a picture..

Photo Stamp Remover Photo Stamp Remover

Watermark Remover Software

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It's that simple!

👨 My experience and expertise in Removing Emoji

Here's an analysis on using SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover, along with alternate methods:
👍Strengths of SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover for Emoji Removal:
  • User-friendly interface: Photo Stamp Remover offers a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it accessible even for those with limited photo editing experience.
  • Efficient removal process: The software's specialized tools make it easy to accurately identify and remove other unwanted elements from photos.
  • Batch processing capabilities: I find the ability to process multiple photos simultaneously incredibly helpful, saving me a significant amount of time and effort.

🤔 Trade-offs of SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover:

  • Limited creativity and artistic expression: While Photo Stamp Remover excels at its primary function of removing unwanted elements, it does not offer tools for creative expression or artistic manipulation of images. As a professional photographer, I may sometimes desire more creative control.
  • Lack of advanced retouching tools: The software's focus on removing specific elements means it may lack advanced retouching tools found in comprehensive photo editors. This could be a limitation if I need to perform more complex image adjustments or enhancements beyond simple element removal.

🌟 When SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover might be the best choice for me:

  • I need a user-friendly and accessible tool specifically designed for removing date stamps, watermarks and other defects from photos.
  • I value efficient batch processing capabilities for working with multiple photos.
  • I don't require advanced editing features beyond basic emoji removal.
💡 When I might consider alternate methods:
  • I require advanced editing capabilities and a comprehensive set of tools for more complex photo manipulation and editing tasks, in which case Adobe Photoshop might be a better option.
  • I prefer the convenience of online tools like Webinpaint, Fotor, or Apowersoft Online for occasional or one-off emoji removal needs.
  • I need a portable solution for removing stamps from photos on-the-go, where mobile apps like Snapseed or AirBrush could be useful.

For my specific needs of removing emoji and other unwanted elements from photos, I find SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover to be a suitable choice due to its user-friendly interface and efficient batch processing capabilities. However, if I require more advanced editing features or plan to use the software for broader photo editing tasks, Adobe Photoshop or other comprehensive photo editors might be a better option. Alternatively, online tools and mobile apps could be convenient for occasional editing or on-the-go needs.

You can also download emoji library to easily add emoji to photos.

How to Remove White Background from Emoji:

You may utilize the SoftOrbits Background Remover to remove the white backdrop from emoji. It is a simple process:

Click Add files and select the emoji with a white background you want to remove.

How to remove White Background from Emoji..

Click Remove background button.

Remove White Background from Emoji..

Finally, click Save to save the changes.

Remove Background from Emoji..

The emoji will now be removed from the white background!

Twitter emoji..

What are the most popular Apps and Software that add Emoji to Photos?

With SoftOrbits software, you may remove a variety of emoji: Snapchat, Disconrd, Facebook, covering the girl face or just background.

✔️ How to remove an emoji from Facebook

You need to clean Facebook picture, you can use the SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover software.

✔️ Remove emoji from Snapchat picture

To conceal them, Snapchat users may add gorgeous emojis to certain portions of their photographs. Just use SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover.

✔️ Discord emoji background remover

For Discord picture, you can use the SoftOrbits Emoji Remover software. It will work perfectly to elliminate emoji from the Discord background.

✔️ Emoji Hair Remover

If you want to remove emojis from a girl face or hair, use the Photo Stamo Remover program.

✔️ How to remove Twitter emojis

Some people prefer to add Twitter emojis to their photographs. SoftOrbtis Software is also effective in removing this sort of EMOJS.

✔️ Remove prank Emoji

If you want to prank someone by removing emoji from their photo, you can use this Software.

Way #2: Best apps to remove objects from pictures for iOS and Android

If I need an emoji removal app on my iOS or my Android device, IEdit > Fill recommend Snapseed, AirBrush, or TouchRetouch. These apps are all user-friendly and can erase emoji with just a few taps.

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.

Here's how to use it to remove emoji or sticker:



This emoji remover from photo is available for both ios and Android devices. It is a photo editing app that can remove unwanted elemnts from photos. The app is very user-friendly and even has a tutorial on removing emojis from images.
The software is very user-friendly and has a built-in emoji library, so you can easily add emojis to overlay existing.


User-friendly, can remove selected area with just a few taps





This program works in the same way as SnapSeed. It is available for both ios and Android devices. AirBrush can be used to remove any unwanted item from photos with a few taps.


Easy to use. It can remove sticker from pictures with just a few taps0


Produces some artifacts



In my finest days, I'm a novice editor of photographs — much of my work entails color and brightness modifications to make my photos appear better. However, now and then, I come across a picture that needs more than just some color adjustments. TouchRetouch is an app that allows you to remove objects from photos — and it does a great job! I tested the app by trying to remove several different emojis from my test photos, and it worked perfectly every time.


Easy to use tools to select and remove objects


Freezes occasionally

Way #3: Top 5 Tools to Remove Emoji from Picture Online

If you want an online emoji remover, I recommend PicWish, Apowersoft Online Background Eraser, WebinPaint, or Fotor. These sites all offer great tools to remove emoji from pictures online.

PicWish Online Emoji Remover

PicWish Online Emoji Remover..

This is an excellent online sticker remover that is very user-friendly. You can upload your photo and select the emoji you want to remove. The site will then remove the emoji from your image.


User-friendly, easy to use


Cannot remove multiple emoji at once

WebinPaint Online Emoji Remover

WebinPaint Online Emoji Remover..

Webinpaint by Avanquest Teorex is another easy-to-use online object remover, but you'd need to correct it. It's one of the most advanced emoji removal tools available. The tool offers various features, making it perfect for even the most complex emoji removal jobs.


Wor good for most complex pictures


Cannot remove white background converting it to transparent.



Fotor's one-click emoji-removing tool is the easiest way to polish up your photo collection. It's not a full-fledged Photoshop replacement, but the emoji eraser is perfect for removing an emoji from a photo without any other changes.


User-friendly, easy to use


Does not remove white background converting it to transparent.

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser..

This site is great for remove objects or to clean the background. Without a pick of foreground or background categories, the Apowersoft AI has been trained on millions of real-world photographs and graphics, including people, products, digital stamps, symbols, text, animals, and automobiles.


Can remove a white background


Does not work well for a complex color background

Way #4: Using Adobe Photoshop

Content-aware filling

If you want to remove emoji from a picture with a white or solid color background, you can use the Content-Aware Fill feature in Photoshop.

Open the image with the emoji that you want to remove in Photoshop:
Select the emoji areas you want to remove
Go to Edit > Fill.

Remove Emoji from a picture in Photoshop..

In the Use drop-down menu, select Content-Aware.

Content-Aware Fill Emoji in Photoshop..

Click OK.


Works great for a solid color background


Need time to understand how to use it.

Expancive subscription

How to Remove Emojis from Photos with Photoshop?

If you're a Photoshop user, you can remove unwanted emoji from pictures using the Clone Stamp tool.

Open the image with the emoji you want to remove in Photoshop.
How to Remove Emoji from Photos with Photoshop..

Select the Clone Stamp tool from the toolbar.
Remove Emoji from Photos with Photoshop..

Click on an area of the image that you want to use as a reference point.
Hold the Alt key and click on the emoji you want to remove.
Release the Alt key and click on the area where you want to remove the emoji.
Repeat this process until the emoji is removed from the image.
Remove Emoji in Photoshop..

As you can see, a variety of object removal tools are available, both online and as apps. Which one you choose depends on your needs. If you need an online tool that works godd for a complex picture, I recommend Webinpaint or Fotor. Also try Apowersoft Online Background Eraser. If you need a quick and easy AI-powered tool, try PicWish or TouchRetouch.
Emojis are a fun way to communicate, but sometimes you must remove them from a picture.

Do you want to remove emojis from pictures? Try Face Emoji Remover from Photo Now!
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Photo Stamp Remover Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several emoji removal tools available at Photo Stamp Remover. It will use AI to replace emoji with surrounding pixels.

Yes, you can use an emoji removal tool of Photo Stamp Remover.

If you want to remove the auto emoji keyboard from your Android device, go to Settings -> Language & Input -> Keyboard and input methods and select the emoji keyboard that you want to remove. On an iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards and select the emoji keyboard that you want to remove.

Open the story and tap on the emoji icon. Then, tap on the emoji that you want to remove. Finally, tap the trash can icon to remove it from the story.

Open the screenshot in Preview. Then, select the emoji that you want to remove and press Delete.

Open the message and tap on the emoji you want to remove. Then, tap the delete icon.

To remove the best friend emoji on Snapchat, open the app and go to 'Settings -> Manage -> Friends.' Then, find the person who has the emoji and tap on the X next to their name. This will delete the emoji from their profile.

If you want to clean emoji from other people's photos, you can use a photo editings app like Snapseed or TouchRetouch. Just open the picture in the app and use the clone stamp tool.

Do it the same way we described for other emoji. Open the emoji in the app or online tool that you're using and delete it.

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