How to Resize Multiple Images in Windows 11

An easy way to resize or crop multiple images at once without any trouble. Free Windows Software Download. It will not impact the quality of the pictures.

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Batch Picture Resizer Screenshot.

Do you want to upload images on the web or social media? In numerous cases, size can be an actual problem. It cannot be easy to resize an image without impacting its quality. This task can be easy with the help of Batch Picture Resizer.
SoftOrbits allow you to resize multiple photos at once. Feel free to use it with any version of windows. It is free to download and use instantly. You can change the actual photo size to save space on the desired medium. It will be easy for you to make the desired changes in size.

How to resize multiple images at once in Windows 11?

Fortunately, several free software tools are available, and Batch Picture Resizer is one of them. This tool is easy to use for everyone. If you want to know how to resize multiple images at once, you can use SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer. It allows you to convert and resize pictures in an auto mode. It is a user-friendly and easy tool to resize different photos, flip, mirror, rotate or convert them in batch mode.
Batch resizing multiple images.

The batch tool proves helpful to resize multiple images at once. You can use this software to resize several images. It is the best software to resize images without impacting their quality. It is easy to enlarge and decrease photos while managing their quality. It may not decrease artifacts and pixilation. The tool features ten or even more algorithms to resize images, such as BSpline, Guassan, Bessel, Lanczos, and Bicubic.
You can use several batch features to resize multiple images at once. It allows you to prepare photographs for online stores or website. Remember, you can resize images to upload on eBay or Shopify. It is easy to resize or crop multiple images at once on Windows 11 with the help of these instructions:

How to resize multiple images in windows 10

Tap on Add Files and upload images to crop.

Add files to resize multiple images in Windows 11.

Select the height and width and activate Maintain original Apsect Ratio option. Or if you would like the exact destination width and height use the Smart cropping option.

Select smart resizing multiple images.

Choose a destination folder.

Select destination folder.

Tap Begin to batch crop photographs.

Batch resizing multiple images.

Use this application to crop multiple images at once according to the size of the canvas by tapping on the button of the canvas.

Select the image size.

How to Resize all images in a Folder

Resizing all images in a folder using this special app of SoftOrbits is as easy as 123. You can decrease the photograph size to almost 500 percent. Here are some easy instructions:

How to resize multiple images at once windows 10

  1. If you want to resize all images in a folder, add this folder into this program.
  2. Select a Resize feature and maintain the actual aspect ratio.
  3. Choose Replace actual files in destination box.
  4. Resize different pictures simultaneously replacing actual pictures.

To make a JPEG small, you have to use this application to change JPEG compression ratio. It is easy to use software for Windows 11. Moreover, you can change the resolution of photographs. Here are some simple instructions to follow.

Make JPEG smaller.

  1. Tap Add Files to add pictures.
  2. Select a new resolution for pixels, such as height and width.
  3. Select one destination folder.
  4. Tap on Start.

Format and Aspect Ratio

Use of this software tool proves helpful to change the size and format of images. It is a safe method to get the desired size without any trouble. See this guide to change to the size of images:
Software to resize multiple images on Windows 11.

  1. Add an image into a program by hitting Add File or Add Folder. You can also drag or drop your photographs to this program.
  2. Different size options are available; therefore, choose a standard photo size if you do not have any specifications. You are allowed to select the accurate size in percentage of actual or in pixels. For instance, this feature will help you to convert photos to 4K resolutions and turn several photos into 4K.
  3. You are free to set different resizing options. This feature may require you to change the aspect ratio. Make sure to choose different options, such as:
    • Maintain actual aspect ratio.
    • Utilize a predefined height while resizing a new photo. For instance, make an HD photograph or convert a photo into 1000 x 1000 pixels.
    • It is easy to detect the height and width to compliment long sides.
    • Get the advantage of Smart Cropping to manage width and height, but resizing multiple photos.
    • Avoid resizing an image if it is actually small as compared to new images.

Adjust Output Format

It is possible to maintain a similar format, but this tool will help you to change the format. Make sure to change dpi and increase dpi of JPEG and image quality. You have to select a specific destination folder. Feel free to choose Overwrite Actual Files to substitute the actual files. Once you are done with everything, click on Start.

Batch Picture Resizer

You can find numerous software tools to resize multiple pictures in batches. Fortunately, you can also use Photoshop or Microsoft Paint to resize images. Here are some amazing software tools to resize images.

Best Software to resize multiple images at once on Windows 11

SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer

If you need a high-quality picture resizer, you can invest money in this software tool. It can easily change the size of your photo without impacting its quality. Use of this software will help you to manage your photographs.
This software has several unique features to resize images, change their resolution and pixels and format. Moreover, you can rename the entire batch and add a prefix, a date, a number or a suffix. You are allowed to use rename file tools to add a suffix or prefix and rename these files.
Best software to resize multiple images.

To automatically rotate images, you can select a rotate button to rotate photographs. You have to add specific files to rotate pictures. The photos will be easy to rotate without losing their quality. It is known as Lossless Rotation. Moreover, detect actual camera posture with the use of EXIF metadata orientation.

PicPick Design Tool


It is an efficient freeware for Windows users. This tool is small in size and has numerous features. You can use this tool to perform several basic activities, such as take screenshots and image editing. PicPick is a handy tool to invert, rotate, resize and crop multiple images at once.
Furthermore, capture screenshots in several ways, such as a scrolling window, active window, and full-screen and window control. It is free to download and install this design tool to change the size of images.

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool)


If you want a lightweight and free program, you can download it to resize images. It is a free tool to optimize a batch of photographs. Open one image to resize it or select a batch option to decrease the file size of images.
Bloggers can use this tool for the best web delivery. It can decrease the size of images drastically. Undoubtedly, it is a reliable tool to optimize your image and reduce multiple photo size without impacting quality.

How to resize multiple images in Photoshop?

Fortunately, it is easy to resize multiple images photoshop by using some simple tricks. See these easy instructions:

Open actions panel and tap on Create Action. In the bottom, you have to select New. Make sure to manage the name of this new action, such as Resize Pictures.
Photoshop - Create Action to resize multiple images.

Select the Set , and you will select create one or default.
Photoshop - create set.

Choose Function Keys from a dropdown menu to develop a shortcut and Select a color for color-coded functions.
Photoshop color coded function for resizing images action.

Hit on Record button and go to Image Size / Image.
Photoshop - Record action for resizing multiple photos.

Select the way to resize images, such as Pixels, percentages or dimensions.
Photoshop - resize multple images.

Tap OK and open File and Save As.
Select a folder of resized images and tap Save. Pick different image options and hit OK.
Now close images.
Open an action panel and tap on the Stop icon.
Save image resizing action.

You can test different actions and open File – Automate - Batch.
Batch resize images in adobe photoshop.

Select images from one folder and Select a set that you have created above and tap OK. Remember, files must appear in a resized image folder.
Start image resizing action in Photoshop.

How to resize multiple images online

Several online tools are available to resize multiple images online. You can use bulk resize photos or Batch Picture Resizer to resize multiple images online. It will be easy to upload your photos at a web and get resized images in a few minutes.

Resize multiple images on MAC

  1. OS X Mac makes it easy to resize images. Open a folder that has all the pictures you have to resize.
  2. Highlight all images and double-tap to see Preview or right-click to select Open files with Preview.
  3. Now go to Edit and hit on Select All.
  4. Go to available tools and select Adjust Size.
    Resize multiple images on osx (Mac).

  5. Enter the desired size for every image.
  6. Tap on File and Save All.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you want to resize an image using paint, launch Microsoft Paint. Tap on Paint button and select file that you have to resize. Click on an Open button.
  2. Tap on Resize button available under Home Tab and work on Resize & Skew dialog box. Feel free to select resize by Pixels or Percentage.
  3. Before checking Maintain its Aspect Ratio , you have to add vertical and horizontal values.
  4. Remember, it will take more time to resize multiple images in paint.

To resize numerous images in word, you have to open images in word, click on Size Options on the Photo Tools Format tab and Drawing Tools tab. These tabs will help you to resize images.

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