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ICO to PNG Converter Download. This is a free to try, easy-to-use software used to convert icons into PNG format.

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There are many tools used to convert your ICO icons to PNG image files. As the ICO file format contains images of different colors and sizes. Moreover, ICO to PNG Converter Download can be scaled appropriately. In web designing conversion of different formats of images is required. For this purpose, there are many tools and converters.
Usage of Ico files can be tricky due to the specific color palette. After editing, generating new ICO files can contain errors unless you are an expert. There is a need for conversion of these files so that they can be designed, edited, and saved errors-free.

Well, there is an incredible solution to this problem. There is a tool introduced under our program Batch Picture Resizer can be used as ICO to PNG Converter.
It is an online file converter that is used to convert ICO file format into PNG format. It supports different formats to convert ICO to PNG. Another advantage of using this is that you do not need to download the software and you can convert online.

Convert ICO to PNG..

This ICO to PNG Converter is an amazing tool for specifically error-free conversion. It supports audio, video, spreadsheet, ebook archive, and image formats. Size of file, resolution of image, and quality can be controlled through options provided by the tool.

This tool is trustworthy for the security of the files that are uploaded by the user. The files are not collected anywhere. Only, the number of files to be converted is read and the size of the file is checked.

How to convert ICO to PNG

To change ICO to PNG format on Windows, you have to access the website of the batch image resizer download or install it on your PC. Here are some instructions which have to be followed:

How to use ICO to PNG Converter Software

Add a picture you want to convert to the program by clicking from the File menu.
Open Batch Picture resizer to change ico to png..

Select the formats of the image i.e the format of the output (either PNG or JPEG).
Select the format PNG for change ico..

Before saving the picture you can add a watermark to it, size can be adjusted and grayscale can also be applied.
Protect your ico image..

Click on the Save button and select the destination folder.
Convert ICO to PNG..

The converted file would be saved in the destination folder you have selected.

Batch ICO to PNG Converter Download

A user-friendly interface of this tool will be easier to use and self-explanatory. Options about resizing of the image, converting it into other formats like ICO to PNG, etc. Moreover, a help file is provided to make you well known of the multiple features of this program.
Batch convert ICO to PNG..

Another incredible advantage of using this tool is that a user can select multiple files and perform various operations at the same time. It supports all image formats and it is compatible with both Windows. and MacOS.Moreover, it is also capable of performing all of its functions on Android.

With advanced features of the software, it becomes easier to scale pictures, mirror objects, and rotate objects during designing or converting file formats.

PNG format

It is an acronym for Portable Network Graphic. As it works as a more open alternative to Graphics Interchange Format, it has the property of lossless compression. It means that every time you open and save these files, the quality is not lost any programs provided by operating systems like Windows provide Paint, another tool is GIMP utility.
PNG format..

On the screen representation of this file, the format is pixel to pixel rather than a compressed group of pixels. In photography, the PNG file format is commonly used for higher resolution pictures along with the property of reusability.
Besides all of this, there are some disadvantages to this file format. The files of this specific file format are bigger. These do not support non-RGB color schemes and are not suitable for professional print graphics. Moreover, these do not support animation except for some unofficial extensions.

ICO format

It is an image file format that is commonly used for computer icons. These are used in Microsoft Windows OS and contain multiple images of various color depths. Every program that displays any icons to the user on the desktop, or start menu of the computer, consists of ICO format for icon carrying. Many ICO to PNG Converter programs support this file format such as File viewer, Apple Preview and Inkscape, etc.
ICO format..

Advantages of this format are various such as multiple-sized images can be stored in a single file. It involves the combination of a specific palette of colors which provides the ability to store image resources compactly.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of this format. As these provide a certain palette of color schemes, it becomes a difficult task to edit them. Moreover, after a simple edition and designing of an existing ICO file, the new generated file can contain errors if you are not an expert at designing.

Best Online ICO to PNG Converters

Here is some software that is used to convert ICO files:
Cloud ConvertA ConvertConvertio


It is an online ICO to PNG Converter that provides the facility of conversion to various formats for free of cost. This software is browser-based so there is no need to download or install it.Being compatible with almost all operating systems, this software is easy to use and can be accessed in any browser.With no requirement of installation, this is a free-of-cost website that supports various documents formats for the sake of conversion.


After conversion, the quality of output may not be as good as required. Speed of conversion using a website may be slower and bigger-sized files cannot be converted using it.When the conversion takes place as a whole, it becomes slower. Without access to the internet, you cannot convert some file formats.Without internet accessibility, it does not work. The final edited document may not provide higher quality.


High Priority. $99,99FreeFree

ICO to PNG Converter for Mac OS

Here is a step by step series of instructions for conversion of ICO to PNG on Mac OS for free:

Right-click on the ICO file and click on the Preview.
Then click on the File and then Export option.
Choose the format in which you want to save from the format menu.
For saving the output, click on the Save button.

Convert your image into ICO format online

Many online ICO to PNG Converters like, allow users to access the website and convert their desired pictures, edit them and save them. Users only need an internet connection to do so.
Convert ICO to PNG online..

The website offers free-of-cost features to its users and the customer can convert files into other formats without installing the whole ICO to PNG Converter program.

Convert ICO to PNG for free using GIMP

The users can also convert pictures and perform required operations using the program named GIMP (GNU image manipulation program).

The step by step instructions are as follows:

Open your ICO file with GIMP.
Or open the file from the File menu by clicking on import and then on your ICO file.
After that, click on the file and then export as a button.
Now click on the Format (either PNG or jpeg) in which you want the output.
Click on the Open to convert the ICO file into PNG.


A journey from simple photography to these advanced digital, flexible, editable, and compact features of photography has modified many aspects of it. This conversion from one file format to the other has made it very easier to handle file formats of every size and type.

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Using our program you can convert the ICO file into PNG in just a few seconds and clicks.

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