What is Youtube Watermark Size? Minimum 150x150 pixels, square image less than 1 MB in size. To watermark your Youtube videos:

  1. 1️⃣ Download Video Watermark Maker software.
  2. 2️⃣ Import your watermark image.
  3. 3️⃣ Resize and position watermark.
  4. 4️⃣ Export watermarked video.
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My latest project took an unexpected turn. I needed to subtly brand hundreds of travel videos with a tiny logo, but resizing them one-by-one felt like climbing Mount Everest in flip-flops. Enter the web! I found program called Video Watermark Maker. It sounded too good to be true, but hey, the name practically wrote itself. Downloaded, installed, and...bingo! My logo was on all the videos in minutes. Now, I'm no tech guru, but this felt like a win.
What is Youtube Watermark Size?

Youtube watermark size must be: Minimum 150x150 pixels. Square image less than 1 MB in size.

What are Best Size For Youtube Watermark in 2024

Best Size For Youtube Watermark..

Now, you must be wondering about the exact size of the Youtube Watermark. Following criteria of the youtube watermark must be must while you apply it to your videos: Pixels should be a minimum of 150 x 150 and the square image size must be less than 1 MB.

Perfect watermark sizes for Youtube videos are:

  • 200 x 200
  • 150 x 150
  • 100 x 100
There should be some effort on making it more attractive for the viewer. One can add a specific background and choose whether it should be a logo or icon of the channel or any image.

Add Logos or Watermarks on Your Videos Before Uploading

By using the Youtube Watermark Maker Software by SoftOrbits you'll be able to add text or image watermark according to all the specifications needed according to the size of the youtube watermark. This makes your Youtube videos look way more professional which is why you must work carefully on creating a watermark or logo. All you need is to find correct Youtube Watermark Size.
Add Logos or Watermarks on Your Videos Before Uploading..

The best idea is to create a logo that is small and monochromatic with a limited text. But do not create a Youtube watermark that is too small. You don’t want it to be unreadable for your followers.
All you have to do is to install the youtube branding watermark maker software by softorbits from the website.

How to add watermark to YouTube video before uploading

Choose a picture of size 1 MB and 50 x 50 pixels from the storage of your device and upload it after clicking on the Add files button.

Now select the shape, color, effects, and size of the image according to the given options in the program interface.

Select video to add Watermark..

You can also add text watermarks by simply selecting the option of text watermark. You will be allowed to make a watermark of your own desired text and design.

Add Logos or Watermarks on Your Videos Before Uploading..

Moreover, you can also use the logo of your brand in this software as a watermark by selecting the logo image option.

Add Logo to your YouTube Video..

Video Watermark Maker Video Watermark Maker

Youtube Video Watermark Maker

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Considering Video Watermark Maker for Your YouTube Branding?

👍 Strengths of Watermark Maker:
  • Easy to Use: The software is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to create and apply watermarks even if you don't have extensive editing experience.
  • Customization Options: You can personalize your watermark with your logo, text, or a combination of both.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Free and paid versions may be available, depending on the specific software.

🤔 Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Limited Features in Free Versions: Free versions may have restrictions on watermark size, customization options, or output quality.
  • Software Dependence: You'll need to use Watermark Maker to edit and add watermarks to your videos, which can be an extra step in your workflow.
  • Compatibility Considerations: It is compatible with your operating system and video editing software (if you use one).
🌟 It is a Great Choice for:

  • Beginners or Casual YouTubers: If you're new to YouTube video editing and watermarks, the user-friendly interface can simplify the process.
  • Content Creators on a Budget: The free version may be suitable if your needs are basic and you don't require extensive customization options.
However, if you:
  • Need Advanced Features: For more control over watermark size, position, animation, or require batch processing, you might consider professional video editing software.
  • Edit Videos Frequently: The extra step of using separate watermarking software might become cumbersome if you edit videos often.

Try it first and thank us later!

How to Add a Watermark to your uploaded videos on your Channel

By using the software Youtube studio provided by youtube you can add watermarks to the uploaded videos on the channel easily and professionally.

How to to add a watermark using the Youtube Studio

Sign in into Youtube Studio
To upload a watermark on the videos you have uploaded on the channel you have to click on the channel and then choose to brand.
Now to add any watermark on the video click on the Add watermark button.
Choose the image of the logo of your brand or any type of watermark you want to upload made according to specified instructions.
Click in the update and it will be added to all of your videos.

And you have just added a watermark to your Youtube uploaded videos using the famous YT studio.

How to Make a Transparent Watermark for Youtube Channel

While you are selecting a watermark graphic, it is best that you start with something that is simple. For instance, your watermark should be easy to read after it is small and fades out. Most businesses use watermark graphic that is strictly text-based to keep it simply readable.
By using our program Softorbits you can make your graphic watermark. All you have to do is to install our youtube branding watermark maker on your PC. You have to simply use a Photo Background Remover to remove or change the background to transparent or solid and make this image a graphic watermark in simple steps.
Make a Watermark Graphic..

The user-friendly interface will allow you to add more options according to your desire of making an incredible graphic watermark. What more do you need?

How to change watermark size on Youtube

YouTube has facilitated its users in several ways. There are a lot of options now to make your content valuable and attractive to the viewers.Youtube Studio provides many features for its users to add many attractive additions to the videos of the channel owners.
It makes it easier to change the design, size, and appearance of watermarks added to the videos.
  • Sign in to your Youtube Studio account.
  • You will see different options here, now change the size of the watermark.
  • Click on the done button and this size will be changed.
  • Now at the end of the procedure clicks on the Publish button.
  • The size of the watermark would be changed on the youtube videos.

What is the best youtube watermark size for your chennel. Video Watermarking Software for YouTube Free Download.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can use any background remover program such as provided by SoftOrbits to create transparent or solid logos for Youtube channels.