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With advancement in digital imaging, videos, special effects and animation, the number of methods in which digital files are stored have also increased.
Most camera companies and software have their own file format, and «TGA» is one of them. More than images, this extension is common in animation and the video industry. We will learn more about this in the next section!
If you want to use such files for printing, or want to share them on social media, you have to convert them into JPG first.

Convert TGA to JPG..

The JPG format is the most compact one, and contains lots of details compressed into a small size, making it easy to store and share.
Here we'll learn about a few programs that you can use to easily convert TGA to JPG!

What is the TGA format?

TGA formats..

The full name of TGA, or «Truevision Graphics Adapter», is in fact «Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter». It was a file format created by Truevision Inc., a company that used to make video processing boards and graphic cards for PCs.
Also known as the TARGA format, it is used for raster graphics, which are simple icons and images whose pixels can be seen as small squares when zoomed in. Similar to the look of old, pixelated games of the 90s, TGA works well for cartoons, logos, line drawings etc.
Since most apps and websites cannot recognize this special format, TGA files have to be converted into JPG, which the most common format for digital photos.

Which software to use for converting TGA to JPG?

Conversion software for images should be easy to use, and should be able to recognize many types of formats and covert them without reducing quality. Batch Picture Resizer combines all these features, making it one of the best TGA to JPG converter!
Along with converting the formats, it contains other features like resizing, resolution change, basic exposure and color adjustments and rotation of the photos. It can also be used to convert RAW files from your camera to JPG, and it recognizes formats like cr2, NEF, RAF, DNG etc. A few more options like renaming the file – or renaming multiple files together – and adding watermarks are also present.
It is a one-stop solution for converting and resizing all your photos!

Usually, RAW photos and TGA files cannot be opened without specific programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. These are advanced and require a paid subscription to be used.
With TGA to JPG Converter download, you can convert all your files in one place without any hassle! Here are the simple steps you have to follow to convert TGA into JPG.

How to use TGA to JPG Converter (Step by Step)

Add file

First, download and install TGA to JPG Converter in your computer using the link. When you run the program, you will see the Add File option.

You can select multiple photos at once, or simply drag and drop a photo into the Resizer window.

Open Batch Picture Resizer to convert TGA into JPG..

Resize and crop if needed

After you have added the files to be converter, you will see five tabs – Resize, Convert, Rotate, Effects, Tools.

The resize tab is selected by default, and allows you to set the resolution and size of the converted version. You can adjust the height, and the width will be changed automatically to maintain the original aspect ratio, if you have selected the option of «Maintain Original Aspect Ratio.

There is even a «Pick a Standard Size» option, where you can select from options like 480p, 1080p,4K and other standard resolutions.

Resize and convert TGA into JPG..

Select «JPG» for output

Under the «Convert» tab, you will see the option to select the output format. This is where you have to select the format which you want for the final photo.

From the list of options, select JPG. You also have other options like GIF, PNG, TIF etc.

Convert TGA into JPG..

Choose destination

From the «Destination» tab at the bottom, select the folder where you want the new files to be saved. You can also select the option to replace original files with the new ones!

Save the result of convertion TGA into JPG..

Click «Start»

Once your resolution, format and the destination folder are set, you can click «Start».

Add File will apply lossless compression and save the file with the new format!

How to convert multiple TGA files to JPG using Batch Mode?

Often there are a number of similar files that we have to edit, and it gets tiring to do the same conversion again and again. Batch Picture Resizer avoids this problem by letting you edit in batch mode

How to use TGA to JPG Converter Download in a Batch Mode

So that you can apply the same settings to multiple photos at the same time!

Add all the files

After opening the program, use the «Add File» option to upload all the photos you want to edit, or drag and drop them together.

Add all files to batch convert TGA into JPG..

Select all

Before we begin editing, generally we click on one file first. The photo selected then shows up under the five tabs, so we can see which one we are converting.

For batch mode, select all the photos from the files you added in Step 1. You can hit Ctrl + A for «Select All» or left click on the mouse and drag.

This will tell TGA to JPG Converter that the adjustments you make are to be applied for all these files.

Convert TGA into JPG in the batch mode..

Make the adjustments

Select the required size, format and destination you require. Remember, in batch mode the same settings will affect all your files.

Convert multiple TGA files to JPG using Batch Mode..

Click «Start»

Click Start. TGA to JPG Converter will process and save all the files in the new format together!

Best Online TGA to JPG Converter

For people who do not need a converter on a regular basis, or when you do not have your laptop with you, online converters are a great solution.
With just an internet connection, you can upload the TGA file and get the converted JPG file ready for download within seconds! Here are a few online converters you can use.


Convertio is a very simple converter that you can use for free.

How to use Convertio TGA to JPG Converter

And you do not even need to create an account or sign up if your files are less than 100 MB in size!

Use this Convertio link to open the website.

Convert TGA into JPG free..

Choose the file you want to edit and add it. There are also links to select a file from Google Drive, Dropbox or attach an URL itself!
You can select multiple files at once, similar to batch mode. All the files you add will show up as a list, with the label «Ready».

Convert multiple TGA files to JPG free..

In the dropdown list on the right, make sure that you have selected «JPG» for the conversion.
Click on «Convert». Convertio will upload the file, convert it and send back a download link. All the converted files will show up with the label of «Finished».



Similar to Convertio, Zamzar is also an online converter which recognizes TGA files.

How to use Zamzar to convert TGA files into JPEG

Using a free account, you can convert files of 50 MB, although you are allowed to convert only two files in 24 hours. You will have to purchase a subscription to remove these restrictions.

Add the file you want to convert. You can select it from one of the folders of your computer or add a link.

Online converter TGA to JPG..

Click on the «Convert To» option to choose the format. Select JPG from the list.

Convert TGA to JPG online..

Click on «Convert Now» and wait a few seconds. Zamzar will show you the progress bar. Once it has reached 100%, you will automatically get the download link for the converted photo.

The conversion might feel slightly slow, but if you get a paid subscription, the conversion speed increases and you can add as many files as you want!



AnyConv is another free converter that works completely online, without requiring any signing up or subscription.
All you have to do is follow the steps here to convert TGA to JPG for free!

Using AnyConv Online TGA to JPEG Converter (step by step)

Open AnyConv using the link attached.

Free online converter TGA to JPG..

Click on «Choose File» and open the TGA file you want to convert.
After the file is added, select JPG as the format from the dropdown list.

Convert TGA to JPG online free..

Click on «Convert». After the process is complete, you will see the download option for the new file.


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