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Batch picture resizer by SoftOrbits is a tool that allows processing and adding watermarks and provides the facility to convert images in commonly used formats.

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Converting images from one format to another is commonly used these days by photographers and many others. PNG means portable network graphics and BMP means bitmap images.
This BMP to PNG Converter by SoftOrbits changes the png format of the image to BMP. Using this tool for conversion, the quality of pictures remains the same, and desired results without losing the quality of the picture can be obtained.

BMP to PNG Converter Download

PNG to BMP converter..

There are no payment methods for downloading the software for the first time. Moreover if one has not much storage space on his PC it can be used and it works by approaching the website. There is just a need for an internet connection only. Pictures can be uploaded and downloaded after conversion. There is no need to worry as you can easily change png to BMP.

Convert BMP to PNG and vice versa..

Changing png to BMP format through this editor is a far easier and time-saving task as compared to old techniques which took several days for the conversion of multiple pictures. Resizing pictures using these tools doesn't make pixels unbalanced, does not make the resolution of the picture uneven. Moreover, there are many options where one can choose for styling pictures according to need.
Several options can be used for compression, adding and removing watermarks, and protecting the quality of the picture side by side.

This Bmp to PNG converter application can be used by photographers in their studios so that they can easily do their complex tasks. This resizer is easier to use and does not involve any complicated techniques to learn.
Features of the application are user-friendly and don't need extra skills to use. For people who are new in the field of picture editing, this BMP to PNG Converter is very useful. This application is very easy to download and install on your PC. Its interface is user-friendly and it can be used by naive users.

Difference between BMP and PNG

Difference between BMP and PNG..

You need to know about PNG vs JPEG vs BMP and PNG vs JPG vs BMP before we proceed any further. There are several image formats in which pictures can be stored such as JPG (joint photographic group), gifs (graphic interchange formats), BMP (bitmap images), PNG (portable network graphics). These all are used as formats and file extensions in which they are stored. These all are formats but they have some differences based on their size, attributes, and quality. BMP, PNG and JPG are have differences. These can be differentiated by noticing their attributes. Here are some of them:

  • Bitmap images or BMP format include pictures that are larger in size i-e uncompressed. These consume more data vs png format but their representation is exactly like the image. Although compressed bitmap images are also attainable. In comparison with the JPG file format, JPG images are of lower quality.
  • For digital photography, the jpg format is more useful as compared to BMP. The number of colors is lesser in bitmap images vs the jpg file format. As compared to BMP jpg images are fastly downloadable and nowadays when digital photographs are commonly used JPG are preferred in a comparison with BMP format images.
  • Portable Network Graphics or png file format includes compression and it consumes less space vs BMP. The compression of PNG is the same as GIF compression. Mostly, these are used for photographs with transparent backgrounds.
  • PNG format is widely used for web graphics as compared to the BMP format. While in comparison with JPG file format there are again some differences such as the png file format consumes more data vs jpg. But the advantage of using png vs jpg is that there is no loss due to compression. While high contrast pictures can be easily used in PNG format.

How to convert PNG to BMP

It is easy to convert png to BMP. There are several applications and tools through conversion from One format of files that can be done by any naive users at home. There is no need to go to any photography studio to convert your pictures. Digital photography is widely used to capture moments and memories. This Bmp to PNG converter designed by softorbits involves many techniques for conversion.
To convert PNG to BMP, the tool Batch Picture Resizer is a good option. It is user-friendly and its features are easily understandable for the users. If anyone wants to know how to convert png to BMP format there is a step by step method as follows:

How to use BMP to PNG converter (step by step)

Click the button Choose files on the website for selecting the PNG files

Add PNG files to convert to BMP..

Now select the PNG format files from the folder where you saved or Google Drive and put in the place where it is required

Batch Picture Resizer..

Now choose the BMP file format from the given options

Convert PNG to BMP..

Save your converted file and your desired file is ready

Choose destination folder in Batch Picture Resizer..

Batch BMP to PNG Converter Software

To convert BMP to PNG format this tool is very useful.

The ordered way of conversion PNG to BMP is as follows for the Online UniConverter.

Go to the Online UniConverter tool or install the app and upload the required image file. Choose to add files in the tool.

Convert BMP to PNG online..

Select the file you want to convert to png from your saved files.

Choose BMP files to convert to PNG..

Choose a png file format from the given options in the application.

Batch convert BMP to PNG..

Save the converted file into your desired folder.

Save the result..

And you are done!

Free BMP to PNG Converter Software (WinZip)

During the conversion of files from any file format to the other, maintaining the transparency of the files is a difficult task to do. As BMP involves higher picture quality and converting it to any other format as well as preserving the quality of the picture is risky.

While both of these formats involve compression quality. These are some measures that could be used to change BMP to PNG format without losing its transparency.

Download the WinZip application from the website of the WinZip website.

Convert BMP to PNG without losing transparency..

Install the software and open it on your computer. Click on the File option in the top bar and select your file to be converted.
After selecting a file or files, open it in the software. You will see a lot of options for changing the size, cropping the image, and many other options related to editing, styling, rotating and resizing the picture.
Now choose the format of PNG, in which your file is going to be converted.
Save the converted file in your folder on your PC.
You can also compare by checking the properties of original and converted images to check the difference between the size of the converted and original picture
You'll see that 50% of the difference in size. This means the file size has been reduced to half as compared to the original picture.

Best Online Bmp to PNG converter

Image editing on desktop computers or PCs is a task that consumes effort. There may be errors or problems such as OS compatibility with the application, storage space of the computer, etc. If one is unable to download and install the software due to any reason.
There is another way provided by that one can do this work online. The website of enables its user to do such conversion and editing-related tasks through the website. The website of this application is optimized and makes the process of conversion faster.

The converted picture can be downloaded without any cost. One can save the edited picture and there is no requirement for large storage space. Here is the way one can do this task using the website step by step.

How to use Online Bmp to PNG converter

Open google chrome or windows explorer and type freeconvert online BMP to PNG converter. Website of the will be opened. Scroll down for the options of conversion of different formats.

Convert BMP to PNG without losing transparency..

To convert BMP into png format. Click on the upload files, select files saved in BMP format on your computer. Selected files will appear on your screen.

Convert BMP to PNG online..

Now choose the option of png to convert the selected file into png format.

Convert BMP into png format..

Download the png file. You can further check the size and quality of the picture.

Save images Converted BMP to PNG online..

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