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With amazing smartphones and expensive cameras, it is easy to get clear, sharp images. But sometimes, photos can come out of focus because of low light, wrong settings or camera shake.
This is why it is important to know how to fix out of focus images! Even if you dialled in the wrong aperture or your subject was moving too fast, there are apps and programs which can help you bring back the sharpness and focus of the image.
Today we’ll learn about the Easy Photo Unblur, a simple program to fix blurry photos and missed focus. We will also see the steps involved in using this software, along with the steps that you can use to fix focus in Photoshop and Lightroom!
There are also smartphone apps and online websites that can help you with blurry photos. Let’s dive into that right away!

Correcting Out of Focus Photos..
Correcting Out of Focus Photos..

How does focus affect your background

Out of focus backgrounds are great when used properly. For example, in portraits and weddings a bigger aperture can give you sharp eyes and great bokeh in the background.
But because of the wrong camera settings – like a slow shutter speed – or if the subject is in motion, sometimes focus can get missed. Or if you keep your aperture too large, your landscape image can come out soft and blurry.
An out of focus photographer will not be loved by the audience! This makes it important to know how to fix photos when they are soft. From fixing a blurry portrait to adding sharpness to every detail of your travel and landscape photo, Easy Photo Unblur will help you achieve this without any trouble!

Software for correcting out of focus photos

SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur is an excellent software for correcting out of focus photos, created specially for fixing missed focus, removing camera shake and bringing back sharpness to soft areas.
Software to fix out of focus photos..

The program uses an advanced blind deconvolution technique, which analyses the distribution of each pixel which can happen because of shake or motion blur.
Then the program reduces that distribution and brings it back to the central position, giving you pixel-level sharpness and removing blur. It is much more than just a simple sharpening tool!

With its advanced algorithms, Easy Photo Unblur can not only fix out of focus images, but also reverse blurring effects, censored texts and Gaussian blur that is often put by selfie-editing apps. Moreover, along with blur correction, this focus software has other basic editing options for brightness, saturation, tint etc. So, you can fix all your photos in one go! Here are the steps you have to follow:

How to fix out of focus pictures: Step by Step.

Add file

You will have to first download software for correcting out of focus photos and install it on your computer.

After opening the app, you should see an Add File option. Use this to open the image to be edited, or simply drag and drop the photo!

Add photo for correcting out of focus..

Select a preset

You will see Reduce Blurring option on the right side of the toolbar on top. Click on this to open the different options to fix out of focus photo.

The most important features here are the five presets – Light, Gentle, Soft, Medium and Strong. Select the one which most closely represents the blur level of the image. In case your photo is highly out of focus, you will probably have to select Medium or Strong preset.

Don’t worry! The program always gives a real-time preview of the final and has an undo button. You can experiment as much as you wish.

Select preset Easy Photo Unblur..

Change the finer settings

After you’ve chosen a preset, you have the option of making final touch-ups. You will see two options in the toolbar on the right – Smoothing Radius and Detail.

Smoothing Radius changes the level of smoothness applied over the photo. Increasing this value will cause the outlines and details of the image to blend in, and sort of smudge the details.

On the other hand, increasing Detail will increase the overall sharpness and structure of the photo, giving all the outlines a distinct look and thickness. You should not increase both these values too much, as it may look unnatural!

Change the finer settings for edit focus of the photo..


Fix out of focus photo and increasing sharpness can also bring out some background noise. SoftOrbits image focus software lets you correct this easily without having to use any other tool!

If you see noise in your image, adjust the sliders present under the Denoise option in the toolbar on the right. By increasing the levels, you can clean up your photo, although a very high value can minimize the details!


Making other adjustments

After you have finished applying out of focus photo fix and noise levels, you can also correct the exposure of your photo.

In the main toolbar, you will see an Image Correction option. This contains options to change brightness, contrast, saturation, tint and gamma. These will help you adjust the photo and make the final touch-ups!

There is also a Normalize Histogram feature available, which fixes the exposure by correcting the highlights and shadows automatically.

Making other adjustments to fix out of focus picture..

Save the image

That’s it! After you click on Run, Easy Photo Unblur will apply all the changes and you can then save the photo to your computer.

Result Easy Photo Unblur Software for Correcting Out of Focus Photos..

How to use the Image Focus Software in a Batch Mode

When you want to edit lots of photos at once without wasting time, you can use the Batch Mode of software for correcting out of focus photos.
While adding the files to edit, you should select all the photos together. Once the series of photos is opened, click on Batch Mode and follow the same steps as given above. After all the settings are applied, all your photos will be edited together!
This will be a very useful feature when you want to save time and have many similar photos to edit!
Batch Mode out of focus image..

How to fix out of focus photos in Lightroom?

If you already use Lightroom for photo editing, it can be easier to sharpen your photos there itself. You won’t have to download another program, since Lightroom has a great sharpening tool built in!

Open the Develop panel

The first thing to do is to open the photo you want to correct. You should see it selected from the tiny strip of photos at the bottom.

Next, click on the Develop option from the menu on top, and open the Details section on the right side. This contains the sharpness slider.

Fix out of focus photos in Lightroom..

Adjust the settings

Under the Details tab, you will have four options available; Amount, Radius, Detail and Masking.

Amount controls the level of overall sharpness in your photo. Increasing this will give the outlines and edges some definition. Usually, a level of around fifty or sixty works well!

You should zoom in a bit, so that you can see how the changes are affecting your photo.

Radius refers to the thickness of the details. You can think of it as the size of the sharpness added. A very high radius will make the outlines in your image too bold. So, it is better to keep this in around 1 or 2, especially for landscape shots which have many small details.

Detail controls the finer texture of the image; things like grass, trees and other small details. Increasing this a lot will also increase noise!

Adjust the settings in Lightroom..

Use Masking slider if needed

Masking slider is useful to ensure that adding sharpness does not add lots of unwanted noise!

The masking tool limits the effect of sharpening only to areas which already have some strong and clear edges. For example, if you keep this at 100, the sharpening effect will be applied only to the parts of the photo which are already highly detailed.

This will help you preserve out of focus backgrounds in portraits and also prevent noise from being added in clear areas like the sky.

Use this slider to create a balance between adding sharpness and maintaining purposely blurred backgrounds.

Use Masking slider in Lightroom..

Save image

You’re done! If you compare the original with the edited version, you will see how Lightroom has brought back lots of details in focus and given you a sharper image.

Result How to fix out of focus photos in Lightroom..

How to fix out of focus images in Photoshop?

While Lightroom has simple sliders for adding sharpness, Photoshop has a few more options. And since its algorithms are advanced, you can expect even better results!

We’ll learn about the Smart Sharpen option in Photoshop, because it allows you to preserve the original image and blend it with the sharpened version later.

Convert layer into a Smart object

Once your image is open in Photoshop, you have to convert it into a smart object. This will help you keep the original file intact, without making permanent changes.

Click on the Layers panel, where you will see the original file as Background layer. Click on the Menu icon in the right corner, and click Convert to Smart Object.

Convert Smart object in Photoshop..

Open Smart Sharpen

Go to Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen.

A window will appear with different settings to fix out of focus photo which you can adjust. Make sure that you make this window bigger, so that you get a bigger preview of how the settings are affecting your photo.

Open Smart Sharpen in Photoshop..

Set Remove to Lens Blur

The last option of the Smart Sharpen window is Remove. Click on this and select Lens Blur.

This mode helps Photoshop in identifying focused and unfocused pixels, so that it can edit them accordingly. You can also try the Motion Blur option, if your subject is not exactly out of focus, but moving.

Set Lens Blur in Photoshop..

Adding sharpness and details

Now, you can begin changing the sliders for Amount, Radius and Noise Reduction. By increasing the amount of sharpness and radius in small increments, you will be able to get a natural looking result.

In most cases, Amount at 300 and a radius of 1 or 2 works well. You should not increase the radius for landscape shots more than 1, because it will make small details like trees and grass very thick.

You can also bring in some noise reduction using the Reduce Noise slider. Try to get a balance between sharpness and low noise levels.

Reduce Noise in Photoshop..

Blend mode

Go to the Layers panel again, where you created the smart object. At the bottom of the layer, you will see an icon for blending. Click on this and select Luminosity.

By setting the blend mode to Luminosity, you are basically telling Photoshop to sharpen only the pixels, without affecting the colour or changing the saturation.

When the image is ready, click OK to close the sharpen window and save the photo!

Reduce Noise in Photoshop..

How to fix out of focus pictures online?

If you do not have access to your laptop, or want to correct out of focus images without using any special software, you can try out these online websites. By simply uploading your photo and adjusting sharpness, you can create and download a sharper version online!


Although not as advanced as Easy Photo Unblur or Photoshop, Raw.Pics is free and easy to use.

How to fix out of focus pictures using Raw.Pics

It offers a simple sharpness slider which adds definition to your image, along with options to convert a RAW image into JPEG and make curve adjustments!

Open or use the link above, and click on Start.

Website fix out of focus pictures online..

Upload the photo you want to edit.

Upload the photo to fix out of focus online..

Select the Edit option from the toolbar on the right side. Click on the Sharpen option under it.

Sharpen photo online..

Adjust the sharpness level and download the final photo.


LunaPic is perhaps the best online image editing tool, which is available for free. From eraser tools to special effects and filters, it has dozens of options to unleash your creativity.
The Adjust Focus option can be found under the Adjust section of LunaPic.

How fix focus using LunaPic

It even allows you to adjust the sharpness in negative, which means giving a bokeh look and creating an out of focus background!

Open the LunaPic website.

Website fix out of focus pictures online..

Upload the photo you want to edit.

Upload the photo to fix out of focus online..

Open the Adjust section from the list of options on top, and select Adjust Focus, the fourth option in the section.

Adjust Focus online..

Adjust the focus slider as per your requirement and save!

Fixed out of focus pictures online..

How to fix a blurry photo with other advanced apps?

Apart from special programs like Easy Photo Unblur, Lightroom and Photoshop, there are other apps which you can try out on your computer. These programs are also specially designed for reversing blur using deconvolution algorithms, instead of simply adding sharpening!

Focus Magic

Focus Magic..

Like Easy Photo Unblur, Focus Magic is also a program available for Windows and MAC.
By using complex deconvolution techniques, it can not only reverse missed focus and remove motion blur or camera shake, but also recover details like license plates from photos of moving cars!
You should read the Focus Magic reviews to see how much customers love this image focus software.
In fact, the results from this app are so useful that they are used by organizations like the Toronto Police and courts in New Zealand for their investigations!

Topaz Infocus

Topaz Infocus..

Topaz Infocus is a website with actually a bunch of different tools. From a denoising program to an image enlarger program, it has lots of features for different needs. The Topaz Sharpen AI is one such program!
Sharpen AI is able to differentiate between blurriness caused by motion, blurriness caused by missed focus or small depth of field, and softness of small details like eyes and hair.
Therefore, it can be adapted to suit your exact image, giving you very natural results!
Once you select the type of blur in the photo, you can select whether that blur is normal or high.
This information will prepare the program for the type of out of focus image correction it needs to apply, so that when you finally adjust the Remove Blur slider, the processing is as per the photo!

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Pictures can be out of focus because of moving subjects or the wrong camera settings. But you can fix them using special image focus software like Easy Photo Unblur and Focus Magic. There are also sharpening settings in Photoshop and Lightroom!

This depends on the blur level of the our of focus photo. It image is completly blurred, you probably will not be able to fix it. But it the main object is slightly blurred, try SoftOrbits software to fix out of focus photo.

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