SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur sharpens blurry photos, revealing hidden details for professional-looking results.

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  3. 3️⃣ Adjust Sharpening Settings.
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I spent a weekend in Yosemite trying to capture the majesty of Half Dome at sunrise. Chilly fingers, sleepless nights, all worth it... except my camera malfunctioned! Every photo was blurry. Disaster!
Desperate to salvage the trip, I dove into the world of photo sharpening software. Easy Photo Unblur seemed perfect, but was it any good? I had to explore.

📙Quick summary

  1. Easy Photo Unblur: Simple to use tool for sharpening blurry photos.   
  2. Photoshop: Industry-standard software offering advanced sharpening features (separate purchase required).   Read More
  3. Topaz Sharpen AI, SmartDeblur, Focus Magic, Sharpener Pro: Individual software programs offering sharpening functionalities (separate purchases required).   Read More
  4. Online Tools: Lunapic Sharpen, Pine Tools, AI Image Sharpener, Image Online   Read More

Image Sharpening Software

SoftOrbit’s Easy Photo Unblur is the best tool for sharpening blurry images. It automatically detects the blur patterns in the images and applies an intelligent fix only on specific areas instead of affecting the entire picture.
Image sharpen tool..

How to Use Easy Photo Unblur:

Upload your photos into Easy Photo Unblur

Add file..

Choose the default blurring preset

Choose the main preset..

Choose post-processing preset

Choose post processing preset..

Push Run button and save the result

Save the result..

Easy Photo Unblur Easy Photo Unblur

Unblur Image in Just a Click

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Video Tutorials

Fixed Blurry Photos

Blurred photo with card..
Fix blurred car photo..

Blurred photo with wind serfing..
Fix blurred girl photo..

Blurred photo with Eiffel tower..
Fixed blurry photo with Eiffel tower..

Easy Photo Unblur uses the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm to produce the best results. It uses the military-grade blind deconvolution technology to enhance images and make them crystal clear. Users have to upload one or more photos into the software and click on Reduce Blurring to get the job done. It’s that easy.
You don’t have to do anything complicated to smart sharpen their photos. Reducing noise on images has never been easier.
With Easy Photo Unblur’s picture sharpener features, all your shots will be clear and crisp. You may also use it the other way around, such as blurring sharp images for censorship.
If you’re looking for software that can fix pixelated images in just a few clicks, Easy Photo Unblur comes highly recommended. No complicated settings or training is necessary because the Sharpen software is intuitive enough to work with minimal intervention. Easy Photo Unblur can be downloaded for free.

Choosing the Best Photo Sharpening Software in 2024

While there are many photo Deblurring options available, Easy Photo Unblur stands out for its user-friendliness and effectiveness. Here's a breakdown to help you decide if it's the right fit for your needs:
👍 Strengths of Easy Photo Unblur
  • Easy to Use: Easy Photo Unblur lives up to its name. With a simple interface and straightforward controls, even beginners can quickly make their photos focused.
  • Effective Deblurring: The software utilizes intelligent algorithms to tackle various types of blur, including motion blur and out-of-focus blur.
  • Batch Image Processing: Save time by unbluring multiple photos at once with Easy Photo Unblur's batch processing feature.
  • Additional Enhancements: Easy Photo Unblur also offers tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, and reducing noise in your photos.

🤔 Things to Consider

  • Limited Advanced Features: Easy Photo Unblur may not be ideal for professional photographers seeking highly customizable Deblurring options.
  • Software-Specific: This is a downloadable software tool, so it requires installation on your device unlike some online apps.
🌟 Easy Photo Unblur is a Great Choice For:
  • Casual Photographers: If you're looking for a user-friendly tool to improve your everyday photos, Easy Photo Unblur is a great option.
  • Quick Fixes: Need to improve a photo quickly and easily? Easy Photo Unblur's intuitive interface makes it perfect for fast edits.
  • Batch Mode: Have a large collection of blurred photos? Easy Photo Unblur's batch processing saves you significant time and effort.

However, If You...

  • Prefer Online Editing: There are several online photo tools available if you don't want to download software.

Way #2: How to Sharpen Image in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is, by far, the most popular software used for photo editing workflow. For sure, you may also use it for correcting blurry photos. However, using Photoshop to unblur images takes a lot of skills and patience.

But while the Photoshop sharpener technique is more complex than the free photo focus software suggested above, it can still be done. Here are the steps on how to go about it, more particularly by using the Unsharp Mask filter:

Zoom the part of the image that you want to make focused.
Select area in photoshop..

Select the photo layer through the Layers panel.
Select the layer..

Open the Filter menu and select Convert for Smart Filters.
Select the Smart Filters..

Still under Filter, select Sharpen, then Unsharp Mask.
Select the Unsharp Mask..

Adjust the Radius to sharpen the edges of the image.
Adjust the Radius..

Adjust the Threshold to keep some parts of the images from being sharpened, particularly the ones you don’t want to emphasize.
Adjust the Threshold..

Save the image when done, making sure to retain the layers so you can come back to it at a later time if you need to do further editing.

Photoshop Image Sharpen Action

Adobe Photoshop also has a unique tool called Smart Sharpen that may also be used for sharpening an image. It has features and controls that the Unsharp Mask filter doesn’t have. With this tool, it is possible to adjust the sharpening algorithm applied to the highlight and shadow areas.
Opening up the Smart Sharpen tool from the Filter menu opens up a dialog box with multiple slider settings. It has an Amount, Radius, and Reduce Noise slider that can be adjusted to remove Gaussian blur, lens blur, and motion blur.
The Amount slider increases the contrast between the edges of the pixels to improve sharpness. The radius sets the width that is affected by the sharpening. Reduce Noise removes unwanted noises on the image without affecting the critical edges.
The other Smart Sharpen dialogue box settings are Angle, More Accurate, Fade Amount, Tonal Width, and Radius. Angle adjust the direction when removing motion blurs. More Accurate is only found in CS6 and is used for processing files slowly for more accurate results.
The rest of the settings are under the Advanced section, particularly in the Shadow and Highlight tabs. Adjusting the Fade Amount will increase or decrease the shadows or highlights. Tonal Width, on the other hand, controls the tone of the shadows and highlights. Radius sets the size of each pixel being adjusted.

Way #3: Best Photo Sharpening Software 2024

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

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Aside from Easy Photo Blur, other software is available to help you sharpen and deblur images. The best software recommended below is equally popular, although each may come with varying difficulty in usage and application.

Topaz Sharpen AI

Topaz Sharpen AI..

Sold at $79.99, Topaz Sharpen AI also uses artificial intelligence to fix image quality in otherwise blurry photos. It comes with separate modules to correct each issue.
The three most salient features of this software are stabilized, focused. Stabilize corrects the issues caused by a shaking camera.
It can simultaneously fix 10 pixels of focus blur and comes with selective adjustments. It naturally fixes the image without halos or artifacts.



SmartDeblur fixes out-of-focus and blurry photos with ease. Like Easy Photo Blur, this best tool is powered by the Blind Deconvolution algorithm, which works well for newbies with little to no editing skills. The software restores motion blur, makes defocused images readable, undoes Gaussian blurs, and fine-tunes images.
SmartDeblur works for Windows and MacOS. Each user can install the software on two computers. A free trial version can be downloaded from their website.

Focus Magic

Focus Magic..

Focus Magic is another photo focus software that can recover the details of your blurred photos. It uses forensic deconvolution technology to undo the blurs in images caused by defocusing and camera shakes.
Focus Magic works on multiple modes, such as out-of-focus blur, vertical motion blur, and out-of-focus forensics. This software has seen uses in old photo restoration and recovering data like plate numbers taken from moving vehicles.

Sharpener Pro

Sharpener Pro..

Created by DXO, Sharpener Pro extracts the ideal sharpness of images. It even adds details that users don’t normally see. This tool allows you to repair images just how you like them, depending on how the photo will be used.
The software uses two levels of sharpening filter. The first is a raw-level pre-sharpener that corrects the image's fine details. The second level further adjusts the sharpness of the image to make it suitable for color printing or HD display.

Way #4: How to Sharpen Image Online

Sharpening an image has become easier with web tools that can remove blur from photo. With these online photo sharpener tools, you don’t need to download any software to fix blurry photos. You upload the photo online and edit it as necessary. Here are some good examples:

Lunapic Sharpen

Lunapic Sharpen..

Lunapic is a free tool that can unblur any images uploaded to it. It is easy to use, with a single slider to make the adjustments on the site. Depending on your needs, drag the slider to adjust the focus to Blurry or Sharper. Clicking Apply saves the effects.

Pine Tools

Pine Tools..

If you need to fix out ouf focus images online, you can use Pine Tools. This tool uses the convolution mask technique to sharpen animage. Users may choose between 3x3 and 5x5 settings and adjust the sharpening strength from 0 to 100.

AI Image Sharpener

AI Image Sharpener..

This is the online free image sharpening software for those who want to sharpen blurry photos fast. All you have to do is upload the image and click Start Enhancing Photo. The tool’s artificial intelligence algorithm will do the rest. Online Image Sharpener can unblur and enhance an image with just one click.

Image Online

Image Online..

Online image sharpening tool is just one of its many image editing features online. To sharpen a misfocused image, upload it online through the tool and adjust the Amount slider from 0% to 100%.

Online JPG Tools

Online JPG Tools..

Online JPT Tools is a simple online photo sharpener that works fast and is free. Upload the file and adjust the Strength from 0% to 100%. Users may also set the sharpening area position and area size.

Fix Blurry images (unsteady hands, moving subjects, etc). Download Photo Sharpening Software to make your shots perfect.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Paint offers limited sharpener features to sharpen your images. But it can still be used just the same, although it may require a lot of time and manual work depending on your Paint version. To fix an image in paint, zoom into it and clip away the edges to make it sharper.
Microsoft Paint also has an unsharp mask slider to unblur the selected part of the image. Adjusting the edges of the photo will also add to its sharpening effect. Find Effects on the primary toolbar and click Picture to use it. Select Sharp and adjust the slider as desired.

If you want to deblur gif, the best tool is the same program that created it. In most cases, it’s Adobe Photoshop with plugins or Lightroom. It is possible to use the Smart Filters tool to fix blurred gifs, although you may have to convert the file first.
Many people use the Smart Sharpen tool for gifs, and it’s a reasonably straightforward process. Set the desired settings for Amount and Radius, which could be 500% and 0.3px, respectively. Select Gaussian Blur in the dropdown next to Remove and tick the More Accurate box.

If you want to sharpen a PDF text so you read it better, the best way to go about it is to save it first into JPEG and use Easy Photo Unblur to make the letters crisper. Photo Sharpener can revert what’s called the Gaussian Blur. Photo Sharpener software can reverse the effect of the Gaussian Blur on text to unblur it. You can read the text better and fix the entire image. The deblurred text also becomes usable for many other graphics applications.