How to Remove Logos from Videos in 2022

Best software to remove watermark from video easily

SoftOrbits Video Logo Remover is the best software to remove logo from video. It eliminates annoying watermarks from videos and fill in the background automatically.

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There are many amazing apps and software that help us to make artistic videos of our precious moments. These tools are free of cost and add many great effects and transitions that make our videos exciting. You can trim them, resize them or add borders to these videos. It is not hard to learn and the result is always amazing.
However, a downside of these video editing apps and tools is that their logos are also added in the output videos. There are some who don’t mind much but there are others who don’t like it at all and want to remove these completely.
Developers have created the solution to all of our problems which includes this as well. There are many great tools and methods which users can apply to completely get rid of the logo. These tools are for all kinds of operating systems and have varying effectiveness. This article will tell you how to remove logos and what are the tools which help them.

Easy Ways to Remove Logo from Video

SoftOrbits Video Logo Remover Software is the best tool that will help you remove all kinds of logos such as transparent watermarks, subtitles, date and time and static overlays easily. It uses an intelligent algorithm which clears up the logo portion and fills up the background automatically.
A great thing about this tool is that it is compatible with almost all kinds of video formats such as RM10, MKV, SWF, M2V, FLV, MP2, MOV, WMV, 3GP, DVD, MP4, SVCD, M1V, AVI, etc. after removing the watermark, the software also allows you to download the output result in any format you want to the destination folder.
Software to <prod>remove logo</prod> from video..

There are many reasons why you would want to erase a logo from video such as when the logo is covering something important in the video or you want to update your old logo with the new one. Whatever the reason is, SoftOrbits Video Logo Remover Software is there for you.
Using this software is extremely easy. You just need to click a few buttons and the software will do the rest for you.

How to use Video Logo Remover

Download the Video Logo Remover Software.

Video Logo Remover: Open the program..

Add the selected video with the logo to the software with the Add Files option.

Video Logo Remover: Add video into the program..

You can zoom the image and select the logo manually.

Video Logo Remover: Select Logo to remove from video..

After that click on the Remove button and the software will automatically remove the logo and fill the background space.

Remove Logo from video..

Open your video.

Free Video Logo Remover Software

If you don’t want to download a software for removing logos from videos, there are many free and manual methods that you can adopt for them as well. Some of them are given below.
  • Cropping: If the logo or watermark is in the corner of the video, then cropping is the easiest way to eliminate the logo from the video. You might lose a small portion of the frame but the logo will be gone as per your wish.
  • Replacing: if you have a video editing software, then this method is the one to go. You can upload the video to another software and place the logo that you feel comfortable with on it. This will make the previous logo less visible.
  • Resizing: this method is similar to cropping. You just have to upload your video to a video editing software and resize it until the logo is gone. After that you can download the video in any format you want.
  • Blurring: this method might not completely remove the software but it will become less visible. You can use any video editing software for this since almost all of them have the blur option. Blur the area where the logo is. The effect will be implemented to all the frames and you can get rid of the logo in this way.

Online Video Logo Remover

There are some people who cannot download the software. This might be because their device might not have that much space for them to download a whole software. This can also be because they just want to remove logos from video one or two times.
Such people go for online tools. These tools are secure and immediately remove the logos from your videos. Below are some of the popular online tools that people love.

Online Video Watermark Remover

Online Video Watermark Remover..

06.05.2021: This online logo removal service does not work at the moment! It just shows adds.
This tool is amazing since it removes the logos completely without leaving any traces. This tool is amazing since it removes dates, watermarks and other effects easily and downloads the video with the same video quality. It also supports almost all types of video formats.
A great feature of this software is that it also offers a batch processing feature which allows you to upload multiple videos at once. You can also remove multiple logos in a single video with it as well. It is very simple to use and everyone who uses it becomes a fan of this simple and effective online tool.

Video Logo Remover Online

Video Watermark Remover Online..

06.05.2021: This online logo removal service does not work at the moment! It just shows adds.
Anyone can use this tool easily since you just have to upload the video, click on Remove Watermark option and wait until the logo is removed. Another great quality of this tool is that removing the logo and downloading the video does not lower the quality at all.
This tool removes the logo automatically so you do not need to know any technical jargon for using it. The only downside is that the tool is slow and takes some time to remove the logo. However, you can opt for the premium version which will remove the logo in seconds and also will give you the option of uploading almost 25-95 videos every month depending upon the plan you choose.

Video Logo Remover software for Mac

The Mac operating system has its own tools that can be used to remove logos from videos. These tools do the job efficiently so that no trace of a watermark remains. They are easy to download and also do not take a lot of space. Some of the popular ones are given below.



This is a great app on Mac that helps you remove the watermarks easily even if you have no previous knowledge about editing. It has two methods with which you can remove logos. One of them is by cropping the portion and the other is by overlaying another picture or logo on it.
For the cropping method, videos that have their logos at the corners are more suitable for this. This is because you can simply crop the corner and the logo will no longer be there. The other method is to place another picture or watermark on the previous watermark which dims its effects.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor..

This is another great Video Logo Remover editor that many Mac users use to remove logos from their videos. There are many great editing options in this tool for videos so you can explore them as well.
You can use this tool to replace or crop the logo from the video without affecting the quality of the video. For cropping you just have to upload the video and crop the area where the logo is. The frame size of the video might decrease but the result will be worth it. Or you can simply add another logo on top of the previous one which you think is less distracting.

Video Logo Remover Apps on iOS

Apple has launched many great lightweight tools that can easily remove logos from videos. You just have to go to the Apple Store and download them easily. Some of the popular apps are given below.

Video Eraser

Video Eraser - Remove Logo..

This is one of the best apps in iOS that will easily remove the logos or watermarks. It has the ability to fill in the background automatically which will make it seem that a logo was never there. Another great feature of this app is that it is simple to use and has simple tools.
you just have to download the app from Apple Store. After that, upload the video that you want and click on the Remove Logo option. Select the watermark and then it will be gone. You can do all of this for free.
The only downside is that it does not support many video formats and has ads that appear many times.

Crop Video Square Editor

Crop Video Square Editor..

This is a manual and simple way to remove logos. If you do not like the slight blur that might appear when the logo is removed, you can always opt for this app.
You just have to select the area where the logo is and crop the video. The video will be zoomed slightly but you will not have to worry about the ad anymore and can now use the video easily.
The only downside is that you might lose a few frames of the video. Otherwise, this app is the best conventional way of removing logos.

Video Logo Remover Apps on Android

Android is the operating system that is normally used in all mobile phones. It is widely known among people because of its versatile apps, one of which include the logo remover. Some of the most effective Logo Removers are given below.

Unwanted Object Remover

Unwanted Object Remover..

This Video Logo Remover app is great for Android Users when they want to remove logos from the video. You will just have to upload the video and with Lasso or Brush tool, select the area you want to remove and click Go. It will cleanly remove the logo.
It is popular among people because of its effective removal results. It is also lightweight and easy to download.

Remove & Add Watermark

Remove and Add Watermark..

This is another great Video Logo Remover tool for Android that easily removes logo and watermarks from video. Just as the name suggests, you can also add watermarks. This is very simple to use and a person with no knowledge about logos can easily use it to remove watermarks.
When you open the app, you will have to upload the video with the watermark. After that, select the Remove Logo option. It will provide you with tools which you can use to select the logo. After it has been removed click on the Save button and the video without watermark will be downloaded to the device.

Is It Illegal to Delete Logo from Video

Legally, logos are used to copyright videos and to make sure that other people do not use or copy their work. According to Section 1202 of the U.S. Copyright Act, if you remove logos and use it on any platform as your own for commercial purposes then it is illegal and can be fined from $2500 to $25,000.
However, if you are using the logo remover for removing logos of your own videos or only for personal use, then it is not illegal.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can remove the logo by downloading the Video Logo Remover app called AirBrush. It is used to edit and add filters to videos. To remove logos, you have to add files through the Add Library button. After uploading the video, go to Tools and then select Erase. You can select the logo you want to remove and click Check. It will remove the logo and download the video.

SoftOrbits Video Logo Remover is a tool that will remove the logo for you. Just click on the Remove Watermark from Video option and then upload the video. Select the area of the logo and click on Erase. Then the video without the logo will be downloaded.

You can use SoftOrbits video logo remover Software to get rid of TikTok logos. It cleanly removes the logo with its advanced algorithm and fills in the background automatically. It is also very simple to use and can be downloaded easily.

If you are using the video with the removed YouTube for commercial purposes or as your own, then it is illegal and you can be fined heavily. However, if you are using the video for personal purposes then it is not illegal.

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