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Bandicam watermarks show up on videos recorded by the trial or the free version of the software. Even when you simply edit a video using the application, the watermark will be there. These watermarks let the viewers know that the videos were edited or recorded using Bandicam.
However, these watermarks are, often more of a hindrance than effective advertisements. Sometimes, the watermark can get in the way of an important on-screen detail, and video creators do not have the option to remove it. Fortunately, now they do, with SoftOrbits Bandicam Watermark Remover.

How to remove Bandicam watermark

SoftOrbits Bandicam Watermark Remover is a very simple application to use. There are detailed instructions that will help you to remove Bandicam’s watermark easily. And you simply must follow these instructions to start the process.

How to remove bandicam watermark: step by step.

Add the video you want to remove Bandicam’s watermark from

Open the video to remove Bandicam’s watermark..

The video could be in any available format, as this application works well with the most common video file formats. This is the reason why this is one of the most popular video editing software today.

Select the watermark

Select watermark to remove from video..

There are two ways you could do this. You could either let the AI detect the logo itself, or you could help it by marking the outline of the watermark. If you opt to guide the AI, you must first zoom in to the watermark, then use the selector to mark the watermark itself. Do your best to mark only the spots where the watermark is to prevent creating some negative effects to the visual quality of the video.

Select the intervals for removal

Select the intervals on video to remove watermark..

Sometimes, you might not want to fully remove the watermark from the entire length of the video for various reasons. If this is the case, you can simply remove the watermark for intervals instead of the entire length of the video. To do this, choose Select Intervals and pick out the intervals that you would like to remove the watermark from.

Click on Options and choose the export parameters

Select options the export parameters of Remove Logo Now program..

You can choose the following parameters for export: Output format, bitrate, audio settings, etc. These settings will have a considerable effect on the quality of the output video.

Set the destination folder and push start

Remove Logo Now result..

The program will automatically start removing the watermark, and it will let you know once it is done. Be sure to save the file in a place where you can easily get retrieve it.

Is it legal to remove Bandicam’s watermark?

It is technically not illegal to remove Bandicam’s watermark. The official version of the application will allow you to edit videos without the watermark in them anyway. Thus, you should not worry about legal repercussions when removing Bandicam’s watermark from your website.
Illegal to remove Bandicam’s watermark..

One popular question that is associated with this is “how to remove the Bandicam watermark without cropping?” This is a valid question. Cropping a video takes a lot of time and it’s difficult to get it right after several tries. Even then, there might still be traces of the watermark left behind. Thus, it is often a better idea to find a method that does not involve cropping.

Remove watermark from video is the answer that you have been looking for. This application does not involve cropping to remove the watermark from the video. Instead, it employs a smart algorithm that will automatically detect the outline of a static object and remove it from the video stream.
Then, the AI will fill the missing spot with visual data from the current frame as well as the frames after. This step will ensure that the missing visual is filled, and people will not notice the traces of the removed watermark.

Alternative methods to remove Bandicam’s watermark

Bandicam Watermark Remover is one of the most reliable methods to remove Bandicam’s watermarks from videos It may be used for other video editing software as well. But if you are still looking for alternatives, here are some other methods you could consider:

The Official Method to Remove Bandicam Watermark

The official way to remove the watermark is to buy the application itself. The watermark only exists if you use the demo version of the application. When you buy the official version, there will no longer be any watermark visible when you edit or record videos using Bandicam.

There are some rather good reasons to buy Bandicam. The program is considered the most advanced video editing and recording app out there. It allows you to record continuously over 24 hours, making it a good choice for all video content creators out there. The application also allows you to record 4k Ultra HD videos with ease, with a resolution of up to 3840x2160 in size.


Hassle-free method



Takes a lot of money. Small businesses might not be able to bear the costs in the long run.

Some businesses only need Bandicam for a few videos. Buying an application for just a few videos is not a very profitable method.

Cropping Method to Remove Bandicam Watermark

Cropping is a very popular method used to remove Bandicam’s watermark. This method is helpful if you’re looking to remove Bandicam watermark free of charge.

Cropping Method to Remove Bandicam Watermark..

You will then have to manually select the outline of the watermark and remove it using this tool.
Then, you will have to decide what to do with the missing visual data at the spot of the watermark. You could try using the frame next to or before the cropped frame to reconstruct the background.



Requires a lot of knowledge on visual editing

If you cannot remove Bandicam’s watermark, you could consider adding an overlaying logo that will obscure the watermark. The overlaying logo could be a logo of your company or organization.

How to add logo overlay for Bandicam watermark

Open Bandicam Watermark Remover.
Open Remove Logo Now program..

Add logo watermark.
Alternative method to remove Bandicam’s watermark..

Start conversion.
Add Logo Overlay or Other Logo..

How to Remove Bandicam Watermark Online

If you would prefer to remove Bandicam’s watermark using an online application, there are a few good applications, such as HitPaw. This program not only allows you to remove watermarks from videos but also pictures as well. It is a web-based app, so you won’t have to install it to use it.

How to remove watermark from bandicam

Go to the HitPaw Online Watermark Remover website and click on Remove Watermark now.
HitPaw Online Watermark Remover..

Upload the video you want to remove the watermark from.
Upload video..

Mark the outline of the watermark using the provided tool. The more accurately you can mark the outline, the better the result will become.
Mark watermark..

Select the duration in which you want to remove the watermark.
Click Save to download the finished product to your computer.
HitPaw result..

How to remove Bandicam’s watermark with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing application that also allows you to remove Bandicam’s watermark from your videos. The program will allow you to apply an overlaying logo or caption that will hide the original Bandicam’s watermark. Here is how you can do it:
Windows Movie Make..

How to remove bandicam watermark in Windows Movide Maker

Download Windows Movie Maker.
Select Caption and choose the overlaying caption you want.
Select the intervals by changing the Text Duration.
Save the edited video.

What are good free alternate screen recorders for Bandicam?

In case Bandicam’s watermark is getting too annoying, you could opt for other alternatives that might catch your eyes. Each of these options will require different steps on how to remove the Bandicam watermark. Be sure to read through those guidelines as well. Here are some that you can possibly use:

How to remove bandicam watermark in OBS studio

OBS Studio: This is a free application that allows you to screencast and to live stream videos anytime you want. It is available on Linux, Windows, and macOS. This is useful for those just starting out.
VokoscreenNG: Another open-source software that offers video editing capabilities. It is the continuation of the discontinued Vokoscreen project, reconstructed on a new platform.
MSI Afterburner: Technically, this is not a software but an overclocking tool for your graphics card, but this tool also lets you capture screens and make professional-looking videos.


SoftOrbits Bandicam Watermark Remover is one of the few reliable ways to remove Bandicam’s watermark without all the hassles. The application is very easy to use, so much that even non-professionals could use it with ease.
Bandicam Watermark..

While there are other methods for removing Bandicam watermarks, such as cropping the method, these are not going to be simple for someone who is not highly knowledgeable with video editing. SoftOrbits Bandicam Watermark Remover is for everybody, not just a chosen few.

SoftOrbits is also not as expensive as buying the Bandicam application itself. What’s more, Bandicam Watermark Remover offers a lot more uses and features than many other software. Buying Bandicam for the purpose of removing watermarks alone comes with a lot of downsides that make it not the most ideal choice in this case.

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