How To Remove Filmora Watermark in 2023

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Filmora Watermark Remover Software comes with the exact tools you need to remove Wondershare Filmora watermark easliy.

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Why you would need to remove Filmora watermark? When you’re all geared up to watch your favourite episode from Seinfeld or need a stock footage for your next video project, the worst thing to come in your way is a watermark.
Watermarks are logos or white texts which come in front of the video, usually in one corner. If you have downloaded a free video from a website or used a video editor, you might have come across the distracting watermarks!
Many people think that because videos are huge, complex files with moving subjects, watermarks will be difficult to remove. But it’s actually quite easy to get rid of filmora watermark!
Let me tell you a bit about the Filmora editor, after which we’ll learn how you can use a simple Filmora Watermark Remover program to take care of all your videos which have its watermark.

Filmora Watermark Remover Software

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It’s 2023! Gone are the days when you had to crop your footage to remove any distraction or simply hope that the watermark is not too visible.
Using online programs and apps, it has become easy to find good Filmora watermark remover tool. But before we jump into that, it is important that you have a bit of background on Wondershare Filmora!

What is Wondershare Filmora?

Any vlogger or a video editor would have heard of the Wondershare Filmora program. The Photoshop of the video world, Filmora is a video editing tool that is available for both Windows and Mac.

From cutting and trimming videos to adding special effects and colour grading, Filmora X an be used to turn any video into cinematic art.

Filmora X screenshot..

In fact, it comes with features like green screen, special video effects like slow motion and split screen, custom animations and sound effects.
If you are a professional videographer or want to take your YouTube videos to the next level, you can even consider Wondershare Filmora Pro.

Filmora PRO screenshot..

This higher version includes other features like advanced video mode, rate stretching, detailed colour correction and audio compression.
In a nutshell, Filmora will cover all your video editing needs!
There is just one small problem with this excellent tool.
Unless you pay for the premium version and get a license, all your edited videos will end up with a Wondershare Filmora watermark at the bottom. And it’s not a small watermark in the corner too! Any video that you edit using Filmora will show up the text Created with Filmora Free Plan and an overlaid Filmora logo!
This is why it is important to learn how to erase the watermark from Wondershare Filmora videos. It is 2023! There is no excuse to suffer glaring watermarks which take away full enjoyment.
And what’s more!
Since it is not the ancient times of 2019 and 2020 anymore; we have tools specially designed to remove Filmora watermark with just two clicks. And we can delete it for free!

Which is the best free filmora watermark remover software to get rid of Filmora watermark?

In these days of growing content, you will find watermarks, date stamps, static logos of different programs and channels, embedded subtitles almost everywhere.
Although useful for identification of the creator, sometimes they get too annoying and removing them becomes a must.
This is where Filmora Watermark Remover from SoftOrbits will help you out!
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No matter what the file type or the size of the logo or watermark or subtitle, Remove Logo Now comes with the exact tools you need to remove Filmora watermark. And it doesn’t even require you to be a master at video editing!
Using simple selection tool and delete options, the program will do the job for you.

How to use Remove Logo Now to Remove Filmora Watermark?

We will discuss how to use the various tools of watermark remover step by step, but first you will have to downloaded and install the program on your computer.
This filmora watermark remover software is compatible with Windows, and can process almost any format like MP4, MOV, AVI, M1V, MP2, FLV, 3GP and much more.
Once the installation is complete, you can follow the following steps to remove filmora watermark or get rid of any logos, date stamps or embedded subtitles!

How to Use Filmora Watermark Remover Step by Step

Open the video to be edited

After you open the filmora watermark remover program on your computer, you should see an option to add the file. You can either select the video using that button or simply drag and drop the video into the homepage. The program will load the video frame by frame and the toolbar with various features will open automatically.

Open software to remove filmora watermark..

Select the area to be deleted

This is the most important step, where you will be selecting the area which contains the watermark. Here, Filmora Watermark Remover offers two methods – automatic detection or manual selection of the logo. Inside the toolbar on top, you will see the option of Find Logo.
If the logo is something easily identifiable against a simple background, you should definitely use this feature. It makes Remove Logo Now automatically scan the frame and mark the watermark for removal!
In case the software does not detect the logo properly, you can use the toolbox on the right to make manual selections.

Select watermark in Remove Logo Now..

For marking the watermark on your own, Filmora Watermark Remover gives you a pencil tool, a rectangular selection tool and a lasso tool.

If the watermark or logo consists of many small parts with the background peeking from behind a bit, we would recommend that you use the pencil tool to highlight the logo. This way, you will avoid removing a large chunk of the background!

For curved logos which cannot be covered with just a rectangle, the lasso tool will work well since it will let you customize the outline freestyle!

Click on Remove

Before you click on the Remove button and start the deletion process, make sure that the selection is proper. A small tip would be to zoom in and adjust the brush size, so that you select the exact area of the logo!
Now that the selection is done, you simple have to click on Remove!
Remove Logo Now will erase filmora watermark for free and fill the erased areas in all the frames. Your clean video is ready!

Remove watermark from video in Remove Logo Now..

Save the file

Obviously, you should not forget to save the final result! Filmora Watermark Remover gives you various options to save the video in a different format or bitrate if you want.
These four simple steps are all you need to remove watermarks from all your videos!
Unlike professional video editors that require a lot of time to process videos and have a big learning curve, Remove Logo Now is a quick and easy method to remove Woundershare Filmora watermark.

Options of saving result Remove Logo Now..

Best Filmora Watermark Remover Software 2023

Although Remove Logo Now is an excellent filmora watermark remover tool, you can find other similar programs online. Most of these function in the same way, by requiring you to mark the logo with selection tools first.
Let us have a look at some of the best remover tools!

Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Apowersoft Watermark Remover..

If you need one software that works for both images and videos, the Apowersoft Watermark Remover is good for you. As soon as you install and open the program, you will see an option to remove watermark for video and images, along with options to add your own logos.
While the Apowersoft remover does not have an automatic logo detection feature, it has the selection tool for marking the area with the watermark and even offers batch processing.
You can simply select the Filmora logo in one file, and delete it from the whole batch at once! This will save you a lot of time.
Like Remove Logo Now, this program also works with different formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, M1V etc.

Video Watermark Remover Online..

If you do not want to go through the hassle of installing any software and making manual selections, you can check out Video Watermark Remover Online.
The best thing about this program is that it is completely online! Moreover, it detects watermarks on its own and directly gives you a clean video. You only have to upload your video and wait for the processing to get done!


BeeCut Watermark Remover..

Like the Apowersoft Filmora Watermark Remover, the BeeCut is also a combined tool which can be used for both images and videos.
After you install the program and open the file, you will get rectangular selection and freehand selection tools using which the Filmora logo can be selected and deleted. BeeCut also offers a video editor program which can be used for trimming, adding text overlays and other effects.

Should you buy the Filmora program to avoid watermarks?

YES! Wondershare Filmora is a one-stop solution for all you video editing needs.
However, using the free version will give you only limited access to its many features, not to mention the watermarks that will be added to all your videos. This is why if you know you are going to use Filmora on a regular basis, it will be better to get the paid version.
From a monthly plan starting at $8 to a perpetual license of $70 as the one-time fee, Filmora has a lot of options.
It even gives a discount for school teachers, educators and professional editors who run workshops!
For vloggers and YouTube creators, it will be a good investment to buy the Filmora license. Along with the absence of any Filmora watermarks, you will also be getting regular updates and free tech support.
No need to worry about separate watermark remover programs – which sometimes do not give the perfect result.
In the long run, buying the full version of Filmora will help you save a lot of time and energy so you will not need any Filmora Watermark Remover software!

Best Filmora Watermark Remover Apps

For those who wish to edit videos on their phones or want a backup option when no laptop is available, there are a few mobile apps which can be used.
Although these apps might not work as well as professional tools and online programs, they can get the job done. For videos that have a plain background or only a very small logo, these apps can be adequately efficient!

Remove and Add Watermark

Remove and Add Watermark..

Available on the Play Store for Android phones, Remove and Add Watermark is a free app that lets you delete logos from both photos and videos.
The app requires you to select the area containing the watermark, and even allows selecting multiple areas to be fixed! It works by blurring that area so that the pixels get blended in with the background.
Mobile Filmora Watermark Remover does not give a perfect result, but for small watermarks it’s good enough. The app also lets you add your own watermark to cover the existing one, or add text to hide the watermark, in case the pixelation doesn’t work well.

Video Eraser

Video Eraser..

Video Eraser is yet another free Filmora Watermark Remover app that lets you use a selection tool for your logos. It won’t delete the watermark itself, but blurs it smoothly so that it’s not distracting anymore.
If you’re not happy with the results, the app also lets you add your own watermark or image over the logo, and even crop it!


Funbox Watermark Remover..

The Funbox is also an Android app that lets you select and blur out the logo in your videos and photos. You can also add your own watermarks to cover the existing logo.
A small warning though; the app’s blurring effect is a bit less smooth, and might not work well with complicated backgrounds where the watermark covers many details.

Are there any other ways to remove Filmora watermark?

If you’re just not in the mood to use any special Filmora Watermark Remover programs, or do not have access to your laptop, you can try out these three simple methods to get rid of any watermark!

Remove the watermark by cropping

Cropping the video is simplest and most effective way for removing any watermark, logo or date stamp. Because you are taking out a whole piece of the footage, you won’t have to be worried about any distortion or heavy blurring.
Almost all video editors have a crop option. For smartphones, you can install apps like the Smart Video Crop.
Video Crop & Trim..

The only disadvantage here is that you will be reducing the resolution and changing the composition of your video by cropping.

Blurring the Filmora watermark

Similar to the mobile apps we saw earlier, you can simply blur the Filmora watermark. Instead of deleting it using a professional tool, you can use free programs to pixelate the area.
While it doesn’t look perfect, apps like Partial Blur will at least make the Filmora logo less visible!
Partial Blur/Pixelate Video Editor..

Add your own watermark

Another foolproof method to make the Filmora watermark invisible is to simple add your own watermark on top of it!
Although the video will still contain some kind of logo, at least you will have the satisfaction of the watermark being your own. Check out apps like Video Watermark, which lets you create your own label using different fonts and styles, and then add it onto any video.
Video Watermark - Create & Add Watermark on Videos..


Now that you know the various methods for deleting watermarks, you should also learn when to actually delete it.
Watermarks and logos are a method using which the creators and owners of the videos identify themselves. Since the content is theirs, they have a copyright over it! Therefore, it is actually illegal to delete someone else’s watermark or add your own watermark to a video you do not own.
Under law, there are only a few cases of fair use where you can remove a watermark.
If you are using the video for private purposes, or teaching video editing skills or for academic research, where you do not earn money from it, you can use Filmora Watermark Remover software.
Unless you edit videos only for personal use or share it with only a few people for non-commercial reasons, it is better that you buy the Filmora software.
Not only will you get more features, you will not have to worry about watermarks anymore!

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you are removing the Filmora watermark only for your own personal use, or for academic research or teaching, it is not legal. It is completely illegal to take away someone else’s logo and use the video for earning money or using it as your own.

Yes. If you are using the free version of Filmora to edit your videos, you will see a watermark in the final copy.

You can use programs like Remove Logo Now and Apowersoft Filmora Watermark Remover to delete the logo. If that doesn’t work, you can simply crop the video or blur the logo using online apps.

You will have to buy the full version of Filmora or pay for a perpetual license.

You can try out the Remove Logo Now software to remove any kind of watermark. There are also free smartphone apps like Video Editor and Funbox tool which will blur the Filmora logo.

No, you will have to register yourself and buy the paid version of Filmora. Once you have the full version, you can re-open an old Filmora project and export it without any watermark. This guide will help you out!

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