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Remove blur from your pictures with the help of SoftOrbits Photo Unblur Software which uses artificial intelligence to give sharp details to your picture.

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Every event is accompanied by taking pictures with friends and family to make sure that the memorable moments are captured properly. They help you to gather memories so that they stay with you for a long time.
However, there are some times that you cannot properly enjoy your favorite picture. This might be because someone in the picture was moving and caused the picture to blur. Such small movements ruin a perfectly good picture and leaves nothing but regret for you. However, there is a method with the help of which you can remove blur from image.
There are many sites which tell you how to remove blur from a picture. The developers have also created software and tools which make the whole process extremely easy that even laymen and amateurs can use for removing blur from pictures.
There are some tools which need a lot of practice and training to be able to properly function according to your need. However, there are others which do the same work in a few steps and produce a sharp, blur-free image in a few minutes with just some simple clicks. Such tools have many different features and functionalities that remove blur from images. Not only that, images that are out of focus can also be corrected by such tools.

Remove Motion Blur from Photo

Even though many of the editing can be done on mobile phones nowadays, there are many great tools that you can download on your laptop or PC. The unique part about these tools is that they provide better variety and more advanced features to edit your pictures, such as removing camera shake. One of such amazing tools is the Easy Photo Unblur.
This tool is superior to the other software you will find on the web. One of the main reasons for this is that it doesn’t use any filters or overlays to cover the blur. Rather, it uses a sophisticated artificially intelligent algorithm. This algorithm searches for the main image and then works to remove the blur from around it so that you can get the picture in best quality.
Because of this algorithm, this software is very easy to use. Since it is naturally intuitive, you just have to upload the image and then let the software do its job. This is really great for beginners and people who don’t have time to learn complicated tools for removing camera shake. This tool can be used for fixing out of focus pictures, removing camera shake and motion blur, fixing blurred text and removing censors from images. Other than this, you can also improve the quality of picture. So, if you have an old picture that needs sharpening, Easy Photo Unblur is the one for you.
Another great feature of this software is that it offers Batch Processing Mode. This means that you can upload multiple pictures or a whole folder and apply the unblur mode on all of them at once. This feature is a life saver since you don’t have to upload the picture and adjust the settings for every single picture. This will help you in saving a lot of your time and energy.

Remove blur from pictures..
The result how to remove blur from pictures..

How to Deblur the Image

This section will help you by giving guidance on how to remove blurring from a photo by using Easy Photo Unblur Software. Since the artificially intelligent algorithm runs the tool, you just have to set the picture and let the software do the job. There are also options available with which you can manually remove the blur if you want to produce a detailed image.

Using the software is very easy.

Following are some of the points you should follow to completely remove the blurriness from your pictures.

Download and install the Easy Photo Unblur. After downloading, open the tool on your PC or laptop.

Open Easy Photo Unblur program..

To upload the picture, click on the Add Files Option. The Preview screen will show you your PC’s gallery from which you can choose the image you want to unblur.

Remove Blur from Photo using Easy Photo Unblur program..

After the image has been uploaded, click on the Run button. The software has some presetting already adjusted and it will try to remove the blur according to these settings first.

See the result how to remove blur from pictures using Easy Photo Unblur..

After a few seconds, the output picture will show up, if you are satisfied with the result of removing blur from photo, Save the picture.
If you are not satisfied with the picture, you can choose from some of the presets that are given. They include Strong, Medium, Soft, Gentle and Light.

Select the presets in Easy Photo Unblur..

You also have the option for manually removing blur from photo. For this you can choose from the options such as Detail Level, Smoothing Radius, Post Processing strength, Pre-processing strength and Normalize Color Histogram.

Select post processing denoise presets in Easy Photo Unblur..

If you want to remove blur from your pictures in batch mode, you just have to follow the steps given above. The only difference is that before applying the settings, you just have to select multiple images or even a whole folder instead of a single picture. After that you can save the result in the destination folder.

Blur Remover Software

There are many great tools and software that you can easily download for removing blur from pictures. Some of these tools cost money and provide many features that you can use for easy blur removal. However, there are others that are free of cost and provide the same amazing facilities.
Many of the pictures nowadays are taken from mobile phones or smartphones. That is why people find it easier if they have a great app that can remove blur from pictures for them. Following are some of the apps that can be downloaded and used easily.



PIXLR is a great editing tool which is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It has many options such as tools, effects, overlays, etc., to choose from. All of them can be used for removing blur from images easily.
To unblur an image, first you have to download the app and then upload the blurred picture. After that, go to the editing tools from the menu bar. There will be an option named as Sharpen Tool. Select that and start unblurring your picture. You should be careful that sharpening the image too much might make it uneven. After you are satisfied with the result, you can save the image.



Lightroom is another great editing app which can remove blur in an instant. There is a premium version of this app too, but if you are downloading this app for unblurring pictures, the free version will be enough.
This app has different tools in it that help to unblur the image. The first option is the Sharpen tool which sharpens the images and reduces blur. The radius controls the edges of the sharpened images. The third option is the detail which adds the fine details to the blurred part of the image. The fourth option which is unique to Lightroom is Masking. It is used if the image has been over-sharpened and you want it to look natural.

How to Remove Blur in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an advanced editing tool that is used by professionals and experts from all over the world. Photoshop has many advanced features which help in unblurring the pictures. Some of the main filters and overlays that remove blur in Photoshop include Unsharp Mask Filter, High Pass Filter, applying Overlay and Shake Reduction Filter.
To remove pixelation from Photoshop, you should know how to use the filters given above properly.

To do that, you should follow the steps given below.

Download and install the latest version of Adobe Photoshop.

Download the Photoshop..

Go to the menu bar and select File. From there, open the image which you want to unblur.

Open file in Photoshop..

After adjusting the image to the size of the portrait that you want, start unblurring the image.
From the menu bar, go to the Filter menu and select Sharpen. A dialogue box will open from which select the option of Shake Reduction. This will scan the whole image and automatically finds the area that needs to be unblurred.

Select Shake Reduction in Photoshop..

After finding the area, click on the triangle which will lead to the Advanced options. From there, select the checkbox reading Show Blur Detection Regions and the area will appear.
A box surrounding the blur area will appear. If you want to resize the blur, you can do so with the help of handles that are attached at the corners. You can click on the handles and even move the box to the new area if you want to.
Go to the triangle button again and go to Advanced options.

Select Advanced options in Photoshop..

From there, check the Add Suggested Blur Trace Tool and this will provide another area for the blurred area. You can manually trace the area that you want to unblur.

Add Suggested Blur Trace Tool in Photoshop..

After you're done with selecting the area, click on the OK button which will automatically unblur the area of the image. Go to the File option and select Save.

How to Remove Blur from a Photo Online

There are many times when you have snapped a picture but don’t have any app installed that will remove the blur from it. For such situations, there are many tools available that will remove blur from photos online for you. These tools are really easy to use and handy to have especially for people who do not have enough space in their devices to download an app or software just for unblurring images. People who want to unblur images sometimes can also use these online tools conveniently.
Many of these tools are free of cost and will remove the blur completely for you. You also do not have to worry about security since the editing on the image is done by your browser and no image is saved in the website’s server.
Some of the top tools used to remove blur from photos online are given below.


LunaPic is an amazing online tool that provides many editing options for your pictures. You can choose any of these options and get amazing results. It also has the option of sharpening your image which will remove the blur.

The method of unblurring images is very easy:

You need to go to the official site

Open online LunaPic editor..

From the top menu bar, go to the Adjust option

Upload photo in LunaPic editor..

From there select the option of Sharpen. It will lead you to another page. Upload the image from which you want to remove the photo blur. With the help of the handle given, drag between the options of Blurry and Sharper. Move the handle towards Sharper. When you see that the blur has disappeared, go to the File option and Save your image.

Sharp the image using LunaPic editor..

Mara Sharpen

Mara Sharpen is another great online photo editing tool that will remove blur from pictures. The blurry photo is treated with a powerful algorithm that works to remove the blurriness and add more sharpness to the image. You can manually control the amount of sharpness you want as well.

You need to do is follow these steps:

You just have to upload the image you want to unblur

Upload the image to online Mara Sharpen editor..

Then adjust the sharpness and radius of the image

Adjust the sharpness in online Mara Sharpen editor..

You can also zoom in and out the photo to ensure that the blurriness is properly gone. After you are satisfied with the results, you can simply download the output photo.

Save a result in online Mara Sharpen editor..

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to remove the censor blur from photos. One of them is to use the SoftOrbits Photo unblur Software. It uses an artificially intelligent algorithm that detects the blurred part of the picture and automatically sharpens the image. An amazing feature of this tool is the batch processing mode that allows you to unblur multiple images at once.

StudyBlue is an extension for web browsers which allows the users to remove blurs from restricted pages. It can only unblur the textboxes that appear on web pages. It also removes the sign-up banners that might disturb you during surfing.

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