Background remover software with AI smarts: Effortlessly convert JPGs to transparent PNGs in a single click.

  1. 1️⃣ Download Photo Background Remover software.
  2. 2️⃣ Open the program.
  3. 3️⃣ Import JPG image.
  4. 4️⃣ Set output format (PNG).
  5. 5️⃣ Initiate background removal process.
  6. 6️⃣ Save image.
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Eugene UstinenkovEugene editor-in-chief of the SoftOrbits, candidate of sciences in computer science, CTO of the SoftOrbits / 📅 Last updated on:  2024-06-18

My latest project involved creating quirky cat portraits for a local cafe. I needed to isolate the feline faces for some pawsome pawpaganda. JPGs wouldn't cut it – transparent PNGs were purrfect.
Tried Photoshop first, but felt like wrestling a hairball. Then I explored online tools – some worked, some were cat-astrophic. Just upload, click, and bam! Transparent kitty heads in seconds.

📙Quick summary

  1. Photo Background Remover: Apps with artificial intelligence can automatically remove the background from your photos, perfect for quick and easy edits.   
  2. Online Tools: Simply upload your image and the tool will automatically remove the background.   Read More
  3. Photoshop: For advanced users, Photoshop offers a variety of tools for precise background removal, allowing for more control and complex edits.   Read More
  4. GIMP (Free): Classic Powerhouse   Read More

SoftOrbit Without Losing Transparency..

How to convert JPG to PNG image with full transparency

To begin with, you must get rid of the background. You can erase it manually with the help of an eraser tool. Or you can use our JPG to PNG converter software with a transparent background. The app will do it for you in a single click!
However, if your photo has a complex background, using the Background Remover Software is better. With its help, you can quickly and easily remove any background from your image.

Make a transparent background step by step.

First of all, you should find the appropriate software for the job. We recommend using Photo Background Remover. Once you've found the perfect software, follow these easy steps.

Choose the Add Images option from the top dropdown menu after launching Photo Background Remover. Choose the photos you want to convert and click Open. Then select the output format - PNG and click OK.

SoftOrbits make transparent..

Automatic Mode: The app will do the rest!

If the result isn't ideal, use the Manual mode if necessary. In this mode, you can erase the background around the main subject of your photo with just a few clicks. Using a Red Background marker to define the space to erase. To safeguard the region, utilize a Green Foreground marker.

Convert to transparent image..

The background color of the filters may be changed. The transparent option is also available, which keeps a clear background. A PNG as the default output format

SoftOrbits editing tools..

Photo Background Remover Photo Background Remover

Photo Background Remover for PC

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Video Tutorials

🪄 Automatic Background Removal: Free Software vs Paid Options

There are several ways to convert a JPG image to a PNG with a transparent background. Here's a breakdown of using free, downloadable software specifically designed for background removal, alongside some alternative methods:
  • Photoshop (Paid software with advanced editing features)
  • Online Tools (Free and convenient, but may have limitations)
🤔Free downloadable software offers a convenient and user-friendly solution for background removal. Let's see how Photo Background Remover stacks up!

🌟 Strengths of Photo Background Remover:

  • Simple and Automatic: These programs are designed for ease of use. Often, you just upload your image and the software automatically removes the background.
  • Free or Freemium: Many background removers are free to use, with paid plans offering additional features or higher resolution exports.
  • Fast and Efficient: For simple backgrounds, these tools can quickly remove the background and save you time.

However, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Accuracy: Automatic background removal may not always be perfect, especially with complex backgrounds or hair. You may need to fine-tune the results manually.
  • Limited Features: Free software may have limitations on image size, output resolution, or batch processing.
  • Software Installation Required: Downloading and installing software takes up storage space on your device.
Photo Background Remover is a great choice for:

  • Casual Users: If you need to remove backgrounds occasionally for personal projects or social media, a free background remover is a convenient option.
  • Quick Edits: These tools are great for fast and simple background removal tasks.
However, if you:
  • Need precise background removal for professional use: Paid tools like Photoshop offer more control and editing features.
  • Work with complex images: Automatic tools may struggle with intricate backgrounds or hair. Consider using online tools or paid software with manual editing options.
  • Process large volumes of images regularly: Free software may have limitations on batch processing. Consider a paid option with bulk editing features.

Free, downloadable software offers a user-friendly and accessible solution for casual background removal tasks. For professional needs or complex edits, consider exploring online tools or paid software with more advanced features.

Way #2: The Top 4 online converters vs. PC software

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.

They are:

  • Photo Background Remover (software)
  • Clipping Magic
  • Automatic and manual modes

Photo Background Remover Software

Convert images to png ..

Photo Background Remover is the most user-friendly JPG-to-PNG converter with a transparent background. With its help, you can easily remove any background from your image in just a few clicks. This is a Windows software that offers a free trial.



User-friendly interfaceOnly works on Windows
Automatic and manual background removal modesLimited free trial
Changeable output formats (including PNG)
Workflows & Processes - Batch Mode to process a lot of photos

Clipping Magic (Online)

Clipping Magic..

Clipping Magic is another tool to convert jpg to png transparent background free online. However, it's important to note that this tool is only partially free.



User-friendly interfaceNot free
Easy to use
Remove backgrounds from photos with just a few clicks (Online) is a free online JPG to PNG converter that offers a simple interface. However, it's important to note that this tool doesn't offer a transparent background option.



Free for low resoluition imagesLimited resolution
Simple interface
Easy to use
Precise mask selection on an accurate background

Way #2: How to Convert JPG To PNG Transparent Background in Photoshop

If you have a JPEG image with a white or solid background and want to convert it into a transparent PNG, you can do a few things.

  • The first thing you need to do is open your JPEG image in Photoshop:
  • Once your image is open, go to the Layer menu at the top of the screen and select New Layer. This will create a new layer on top of your existing image.
Transparent photoshop..

  • Once you have created a new layer, click on the Brush Tool, which is located in the left toolbar. Once you have selected the brush tool, make sure that your foreground color is set to black.
Photoshop remove background tool..

  • Now that your foreground color is set to black begin painting over the areas of the image that you want to be transparent. As you paint over the image, you will see the white background begin to disappear.
  • Once you have finished painting over the image, go to the File menu and select Save As. Now give your file a name and click Save.
How to convert with transparent in photoshop..

Your JPEG image should now be saved as a transparent PNG! If you open your new PNG in an editing program like Photoshop, you will see it has a transparent background.
And there you have it! You have now successfully converted a JPEG into a transparent PNG using Photoshop! Try this technique the next time you need to remove the background from an image.

Way #3: How to use GIMP to convert JPG to PNG with transparent background

  • Open your image in GIMP.
How to use GIMP..

  • Go to the Layers menu and select Add Alpha Channel. This will add an alpha channel to your image.
GIMP transparent image..

  • Next, use the magic wand tool to select the area of the image that you want to be transparent.
GIMP select the area..

  • Once selected, press the delete key on your keyboard to delete the selected area.
GIMP jpg images to png..

  • Finally, go to the File menu and select Export As. Select PNG from the dropdown menu and click Export when prompted.
GIMP transparent png file..

Your image will now be saved as a transparent PNG!

How to use Online Converter to make a transparent PNG from JPEG?

If you want to use an online converter, we recommend Clipping Magic or

Here's how to use them:

  • To use an online converter, upload your JPG file and click the Convert button.
How to use Online Converter to make a transparent PNG..

  • In just a few seconds, your image will be ready to download in PNG format with a transparent background!

You can use our software to convert PNG to JPG without losing transparency if you want more control over the conversion process.

Try our JPG to PNG transparent background converter software today and see how easily removing unwanted backgrounds from your photos is!

Now that you know how to convert a JPEG into a transparent PNG, why not try it yourself? The easiest way is to use JPG to PNG transparent converter software by SoftOrbits.

Use our JPG to PNG transparent background converter. Plus, our converter will keep the transparency of your images intact so you don't lose any quality in the process!
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the magic wand tool to select the background of an image and delete it. Once you have deleted the background, save your image as a PNG file.

You can use different methods to convert a white background JPG to a transparent PNG. One method is using the magic wand tool to select and delete the background. Another method is to use a JPG-to-PNG converter with a transparent background setting.

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