Unshackle your GIF with transparent freedom using a background remover tool.

  1. 1️⃣ Download SoftOrbits software.
  2. 2️⃣ Import GIF into the program.
  3. 3️⃣ Select background removal tool (if applicable).
  4. 4️⃣ Process GIF (may involve starting/running removal).
  5. 5️⃣ Export the edited GIF.
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Eugene editor-in-chief of the SoftOrbits, candidate of sciences in computer science, CTO of the SoftOrbits / 📅 Last updated on:  2024-05-17

My latest project involved creating a series of animated reaction GIFs for my social media. I needed to isolate the subjects from their backgrounds for a cleaner, more eye-catching effect. Tried greenscreen at first, but let's just say my apartment lighting situation isn't exactly Hollywood-ready.
Free software seemed like the best option. Downloaded SoftOrbits program first, and it did the trick in a pinch. Explored online tools like EzGIF and GIFmaker, even dusted off Photoshop to see if the old magic was still there.

In the end, software remained my go-to. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is out there battling rogue backgrounds in their GIFs.

📙Quick summary

  1. SoftOrbits Tool: Great for quick and basic background removal.   
  2. Online Tools (EzGIF.com GIF editor, GIFmaker.me GIF online): Convenient option for simple edits, works well with solid color backgrounds.   Read More
  3. Photoshop: Offers powerful and precise control, ideal for complex backgrounds and animations (requires subscription).   Read More

Using GIF Background Remover App

The Photo Background Remover Software can be used as a GIF background remover to clean the background with just a few clicks. Select the GIF you want to edit, then push on the Remove Background button. The software will automatically remove background from the GIF.

How to use SoftOrbits Tool step by step:

Open the program

Push on the Remove button at the toolbar.

 gif transparent..

Automatic mode: Just push the Remove button and AI will do the job

 transparent background..

Manual mode: Select the background with a red brush. All selected areas will be removed. You may also select the foreground using a green brush.

Red brush..

Save the result


Batch Mode: The Photo Background Remover Software by SoftOrbits also has a batch mode feature that lets you remove the background from multiple GIFs simultaneously. To use this feature, select the pictures you want to edit and then click the Batch Mode toolbar button. The software will automatically remove it from all the batch.

Batch Mode..

Photo Background Remover Photo Background Remover

Photo Background Remover for PC

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Video Tutorials

✂️ Easy Background Removal: Free Download & Alternatives!

Whether you're making reaction GIFs, adding transparent overlays, or just want a clean aesthetic, there are several ways to achieve this! This guide explores your options, including free downloadable software and online tools.
👍 Strengths of Photo Background Remover Apps:
  • Simple and User-friendly: These apps are often designed for ease of use, with intuitive interfaces and clear instructions.
  • Fast and Efficient: Many apps are optimized for speed.
  • Batch Processing (Some Apps): Some apps allow you to remove backgrounds from multiple images at once, making it a great option for handling large batches of files.

🤔⚠️ Things to Consider with Photo Background Remover Apps:

  • Limited Features: Apps might have fewer features compared to paid alternatives or professional software.
  • Output Quality: The quality of the removal might not always be perfect, especially for complex pictures with intricate details.
  • Potential File Size Limits: Some free apps might have restrictions on the size or format you can process.
🌟 Photo Background Remover Apps are Great for:

  • Quick and Easy Removal: If you need a simple solution for occasional GIF editing, a photo background remover app is a convenient choice.
  • Creating Basic Transparent: These apps are handy for creating transparent GIFs with straightforward backgrounds.
However, if you:
  • Need Precise Control and Professional Results: For more complex pictures or situations where you require high-quality, consider exploring paid software or advanced online tools.
  • Work with Large or Complex GIFs: If you're dealing with large file sizes with intricate details, a more robust program might be necessary for optimal results.

With a variety of options available, there's a perfect tool out there to turn your background-laden into transparent masterpieces!

How to remove the background of an animated GIF

Remove background of animated GIF..

To remove from an animated GIF, use the Frame by Frame feature in the Photo Background Remover Software by SoftOrbits. The software will automatically remove from each frame of the GIF.

Remove the green background from GIF

Remove green background from GIF..

To remove the green background, use the Signe Color Background Selection feature in the Photo Background Remover Software by SoftOrbits. To use this feature, select the GIF you want to edit and then click on the Background Selection tool. The software will automatically remove the green background from the GIF.

Way #2: How to remove background from GIF Online

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If you don’t want to use software to remove the background from GIF, you can use some alternative methods. One method is using an online GIF editor like ezGIF.com or GIFmaker.me. You can then download the edited GIF with the new background.

EzGIF.com GIF editor

EzGIF.com GIF editor..

  • Upload GIF to ezGIF.com
  • Push on the Edit button
  • Click on the Background tab
  • Select the color you want to remove from the GIF
  • Push on the Apply button
  • Download the result



Free to useLimited editing options
No need to download any softwareMay take some time to remove image background with a lot of frames
It is an easy to use

GIFmaker.me GIF online

GIF online..

The process looks the same as for ezGIF.com.



Free and easy to useSupports progressive GIF encoding
The GIFs are saved with a watermarkLimited editing options

Way #3: Remove background from a GIF in Photoshop

Another method you can use to remove image background is to use Photoshop. This method is more complex than an online editor but gives you more control over the final result.

How to remove background in Photoshop

Open the picture.

Then Convert a background layer into a general layer. To do that Double, click on the layer in the layers panel.

Click OK in the New Layer dialog box.
New Layer..

Now, we need to add an alpha channel to the layer. An alpha channel is an extra channel used to store transparency information.
To add an alpha channel, go to the Channels panel and click on the Create a new channel button.
A new alpha channel will be created.
Now, we must select the area we want to keep and fill it with white.
To do that, use the lasso tool or any other selection. We also recommend selecting the Magic Wand Tool from the toolbar to select the background area.
Magic Wand Tool..

Next, select the area of the GIF that you want to remove. It automatically select the background from that area. Then click the Del button to remove it. You can continue erasing the background until you are happy with the result.
After the area is selected, go to Edit > Fill and select White from the drop-down menu.
Now, we need to invert the selection.

Go to Select > Inverse or use the shortcut Shift + Ctrl + I to do that.
The area that we want to keep is now selected.
Now, we need to delete the selected area.
To do that, go to Edit > Clear or use the shortcut Shift + Delete.

The background is now removed, and we can see the GIF without a background.


We will compare the Photo Background Eraser for PC by SoftOrbits with alternate methods for removing the background from GIFs.

Alternate methods..

As you can see, there are several methods you can use to remove the background from a GIF. If you want an easy and user-friendly solution, we recommend using the Software by SoftOrbits. You can use Photoshop or an online editor for more control over the final result. Whichever method you choose, you can easily remove the background from images in just a few minutes.

If you have any questions about removing the background from GIFs or if you know of any other methods we didn’t mention, please let us know.

Photo Background Remover Software by SoftOrbits for removing the background from GIFs.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

In After Effects, first convert the video into a GIF and open the GIF in Photoshop. Then follow our guide for Adobe-Photoshop.

You can’t do it in PowerPoint. However, you can make the background of your slide transparent and then insert the GIF. Slide transparent, go to Format > Slide Background > Transparency and select the transparency you want.