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File or image converters are incredible tools that make the conversion of file or image formats quick and reliable. The web and PNG, both are image formats with different specifications and properties.
WebP is a popular image format which is created by Google. It is commonly used these days by famous websites as the images in this file format are trendy on the web. Qualities of this format are considered as better than other popular formats however it has some limitations due to which it is converted to other formats such as PNG to be used. These images are supported by limited file formats and general graphic editors.

WebP format..

The PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format provides multi-levels of transparency. It also provides the facility of lossless compression which enables it to save and open files several times without losing the quality.
The WebP to PNG Converter Software produced by SoftOrbits is an incredible tool to convert WebP to PNG in just a few and simple steps. It provides an easier way for conversion with a user-friendly interface and what more can one wish for?

How to convert a WebP file to PNG?

Based on specifications WebP format is converted to PNG format to be used for multi-purposes. The solution in this regard is a way to convert webp to PNG software. Our program WebP to PNG Converter provides this facility to convert WebP to PNG format in quite easy steps.
Here is the sequence of steps that makes an easier way to convert both of these:

How to use WebP to PNG Converter Software?

This WebP to PNG Converter program provides a friendly user interface with a lot of options for conversion.
Open the installed WebP to PNG Converter software and click on the Add Files button.

Convert a WebP file to PNG using WebP to PNG Converter..

You can add more than one picture and concert all of them simultaneously.

Convert WebP to PNG format..

Add the picture you want to convert and select the format.

Select the format convert a WebP file to PNG using WebP to PNG Converter..

Select other options such as resizing, adding a watermark, or setting the grayscale.

Select resizing, watermark and settings..

After adding these features click on the save button and save this converted image into the selected destination folder on your PC.

Select the destination folder..

Batch WebP to PNG Converter Software

The simple batch converters make it easier to convert a single image with a specific into any other. The batch WebP to PNG Converter program by Softorbits enables the user to add more than one picture and convert multiple WebP to PNG.
Moreover, another quality of the batch WebP to PNG Converter Software is that it provides the facility to convert all of the major formats such as JPEG, BMP, or PNG, etc into many other formats. It has a vast range of editing a picture making changes in the size and look of it.
Batch Convert WebP to PNG..

It is the most useful program and feature in image conversion. Batch conversion using online and offline programs save time and multiple conversion makes it easier to have other works done during the conversion.
Once you have the options for all the images, it would not be as difficult for setting the options. Some WebP to PNG Converter Software are also available free of cost and you are allowed to do the process online also. This makes such programs a life-saver.
The chosen setting will be applied to all of your selected images without stopping the process in between or at any moment. Moreover, whole images will be converted with the selected setting.

WebP to PNG Converter Software Online

When you try to convert image formats to other online there would be a long list of converters that provide this facility. One of them is discussed below:


This online WebP to PNG Converter has incredible features which are free and easier.
A quick way to convert WebP to PNG online on this program is given below to make it smooth for you to convert WebP:

How to use WebP to PNG Online Converter

Open this WebP to PNG Converter in the web browser of your computer.

Convert WebP to PNG Online..

Add files from Dropbox, Google drive, or where your file is saved.

Add files Convert WebP to PNG Online..

The WebP files will be uploaded.
Now select the PNG format and convert the picture.

Select the PNG format to convert from WebP Online..

You can simply save the converted picture on your PC by downloading it.

Converted PNG file from WebP Online..

How to convert WebP to PNG in Photoshop

To convert the WebP file into PNG, you have to install the WebP plugin of google along with Photoshop.
Batch Convert WebP to PNG..

To convert Webp to PNG Using Adobe Photoshop you will have to:

Uncompress the file and select it in your photoshop plug-in folder.
Now you will see the WebP file in photoshop when you will reopen it.
Select save as and then PNG format to convert WebP into PNG format.

And you are done!

Best WebP to PNG Converter Software for Mac?

Operating systems have built-in applications for the conversion of images and files as well as editing them. macOS has its specification so there is a different and incredible list of WebP to PNG Converter applications that are specified for MacOS or both Windows and Mac.
There are multiple ranges of software that are used to convert WebP to PNG tools on mac. macOS has a built-in image viewer known as Preview. There are several other tools such as cloud convert which allow converting web to PNG.

Here is the way to use the Preview program to convert WebP to PNG:

Open the WebP image from the storage of the computer.
In the menu bar click on File and then Export option.

How to convert WebP to PNG on Mac..

Select the PNG format from the pop-up window.

Convert WebP to PNG on Mac..

Using the slider, make the quality of the image converted.
Now save the converted WEBP picture.

WebP vs PNG Comparison

Though both are image formats and are used commonly, there are some differences between both of these based on the specifications.
WebP vs PNG..

Some of the WebP to PNG Converter Software limitations and differences of both of these are as follows:

This is a newer format that is created by Google and is trendy on the web. More popular as it is created by Google and supported by it.A Portable Network Graphics format is specified for the graphics. It supports specific images which contain graphics.
It supports both lossless and lossy compression. It also supports the feature of animation as well the alpha transparency. There is a big difference in the size of files as compared to other formats.It supports multi-level transparency as well as provides lossless compression. The property of providing lossless compressions makes it more popular as the quality of the image remains the same every time you open it.
It has poor compatibility and is supported by a limited number of browsers. Moreover, not supported by general graphic editors.It does not support animations. For lossless compression, the size of the image is comparatively larger.

Best WebP to PNG Converter Apps

Several WebP to PNG Converter Apps are available which are free of cost and contain incredible features for conversion as well as editing and resizing it. Several apps are considered to be best to convert some specific image format to the other.
While some of the available apps have limitations according to comparisons and user reviews, but still they make it easy for you to convert. Based on limitations and drawbacks WebP to PNG Converters have the best position to have fewer limitations.

Moreover, it has almost all the features one WebP to PNG Converter Software needs to convert or edit images of various formats. Some of the converters such as Pixillion, Xnconvert, and batch picture reducer are really great for the conversion of WebP to PNG files. These are discussed here based on Pros and cons to make it easier for you to decide.

PixillionXnConvertWebP to PNG Converter


WebP to PNG Converter..

It provides high-quality image conversion as well as a simple user-friendly interface. It contains the ability to convert more than 50 different image formats along with the features of quality and performance.It is an easy-to-use WebP to PNG Converter Software that is available free of cost. It supports the conversion of photos, graphics, and images available on Windows. It provides the best optimization.It is easy to use WebP to PNG Converter for Windows PC. It provides a lot of features for image format conversion as well as a lot of other features such as adding watermark, rotate, etc.
For the newly bought PCs, the WebP to PNG Converter software by NCH or this specific converter are considered buggy and may cause errors. These should be avoided to install.In the case of graphic designing and editing, this WebP to PNG Converter software has limited features and provides vide fewer graphic designing options. Features for the image editing are also limited.There are fewer drawbacks of this program as compared to other popular converters. You cannot convert images online by using the website. You have to install this program to use it.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Using simple commands, it can be pretty easy to convert PNG to WebP format using googleapis.

It can be easily opened and converted to PNG with transparency using WebP to PNG Converter by SoftOrbits.

It cannot be converted using API. But can be converted if you are using the command line.

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