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Eugene UstinenkovEugene editor-in-chief of the SoftOrbits, candidate of sciences in computer science, CTO of the SoftOrbits / 📅 Last updated on:  2024-03-26

As a seasoned photographer with a penchant for nostalgia, I embarked on a quest to breathe life into my family’s ancient black-and-white photo album. Those sepia-toned faces stared back at me, yearning for a chromatic makeover. Let me spin you a yarn. Grandma’s old snapshots, akin to a grayscale mystery novel, left me pondering: Was her mischievous grin a secret recipe or just gas? 🤔

Colorize black and white photos..

📙Quick summary

  1. SoftOrbits Software: I stumbled upon SoftOrbits, promising to colorize photos faster than a caffeinated squirrel. It worked fine, but I would like to test more options.   
  2. Adobe Photoshop: The heavyweight champion. I wielded Photoshop like a wizard, but it demanded sacrifices—my sanity and a goat. Plus, the learning curve was steeper than Everest.   Read More
  3. Online Tools: These were like Tinder dates—hit or miss. Some colorized my cat as a watermelon. Others made Grandpa resemble a psychedelic zebra.   Read More
  4. Mobile Apps: I tried an app that promised “Insta-Color Magic.” It turned Grandma into a disco ball. Not exactly the family reunion vibe.   Read More

In the end, I settled for a mix of Photoshop sorcery and SoftOrbits finesse. Now, our family album boasts a rainbow of memories—Grandma’s grin, Grandpa’s swagger, and Fred’s friendly ghost. Life’s too short for grayscale. 🌈📸

Way #1: Using Photo Restoration Software

Lucky for us, the venerable SoftOrbits old photo restoration software steps up to the plate, delivering top-quality edited images for those yearning to splash color onto their black and white photos. This magical Black & White to Color Photo software caters to Windows 7/8/10 users, promising efficiency, flexibility, and productivity galore.

Colorizing Black and White Photos with SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

Add Photos into Colorization Software

Begin by uploading the photos you want to colorize. Imagine it’s like assembling ingredients for a magical potion. Click that Add button, and voilà! Your monochrome memories are ready for a splash of color. 🎨

Add a photo to colorize..

Remove Scratches, Noise, and Other Imperfections

Now, let’s buff out the scratches, dust, and wrinkles. SoftOrbits lets you smooth out those wrinkles faster than a caffeinated squirrel. Remove photo blemishes easily! ✨

Restore old photo before converting to color..

Click Colorize Button, No Options

SoftOrbits keeps it simple. Just click the Colorize button. No complicated settings, no goat sacrifices—just pure colorization bliss. Grandma’s grin will thank you! 😊

Colorized old photo..

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

Old Photo Restoration Software

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Video Tutorials

Colorize Photos in a Batch Mode

Are you concerned with how to add color to a black and white photo in Photoshop for several images? The SoftOrbits b&w photo to color software download will complete the procedure for you automatically with one click. It features the batch mode, which works for numerous photos.

How SoftOrbits Black & White to Color Converter Software Can Restore Old Photos

This photo editor is not only the solution to your need to colorize photos. Some of the additional advantages you will get from using this editor include:

Remove Scratches, Spots, and Noise

The software features enable users to take several steps ahead when editing photos. It allows them to remove noise, spots, and scratches from the images.

Old photo with noise and scratches..
Restored old photo with removed noise and scratches..

Ensuring that the vital details in your images are crystal clear is crucial for the better performance of the image in digital marketing. Research indicates that the images you use in marketing contribute to more than 45% of how effectively what you intend to communicate converts your prospects into clients.

Color Correction after colorizing

The Black & White to Color Photo software comes with a color correction feature, which allows users to edit the color appearance of the photos. It is not just about how to add color to a black and white photo.

Colorized photo before correction..
Colorized photo after correction..

Most importantly, the ease of making black and white photo colors can give you added advantage in terms of digital marketing. If you master how to make a black and white photo color, you will make your online adverts more attractive. Thus, you will reach more prospects.

Remove Objects from Photos

Another feature the software offers is the removal of objects from your photos. It lets users to remove watermarks, logos, date tags, and time tags. The good thing about this feature is that it works effectively and automatically. 
Remove scratches..

It allows users to showcase specifically the details that they want to share. The ability to remove objects from photos makes it possible for marketers to rebrand videos and images. Above all, it promotes the results of whatever the edited photo intends to communicate since it makes it possible to edit how well to present it.

Alternate ways to Colorize Black and White Photos

There are numerous methods [1] and products [2] you can use to colorize photos. There are alternate ways: use Adobe Photoshop, online tools, mobile apps, and software to colorize black and white photos. Generally, numerous platforms are compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iPhone.

Old family photo.
Colorized old family photo.

For that reason, it can be challenging to choose the best program to use for you to get the best quality edited images. Sometimes, you might opt for a specific colorize photos app and end up with low-quality edited images. The worst part is that if you turn black-and-white photos into color online, you might likely import malware into your PC.

Colorize - add color to old photo..
Colorized old photo..

Way #2: Using Adobe Photoshop

How to Colorize a Black And White Photo in Photoshop

Create a New Layer

Photoshop old photo.

The first crucial step that most photo editors miss is creating a new layer from the source image. You need it to retain the original copy of the image should anything go wrong. Next, you can use the layers masks to edit and add the colors you want to every part of the photo.

Remove Scratches and Dust

When working on an old image, the next step will be cleaning it up. You can attain the best results in this step by initiating simple adjustments to the Threshold and Radius levels until you clear out the dots. If this method does not yield the desired results, you can create a layer mask to paint over at any point with flaws.

Adjust Contrast and Neutralize the Color

Make black and white photo colorized in Photoshop.

If the photo you want to edit features the sepia tone, you can add the black and white tone to neutralize it. Next, you will use the levels adjustment layer to edit the contrast.

You can also add color to the photo using the Curve adjustment option. In this case, you will choose the color you want to adjust by adjusting the yellow, magenta, and cyan curves.

How good is Adobe Phoshop to Colorize Photos


Versatile and suitable for various tasks.

Offers advanced features like layers and filters.

Widely used by professionals.


Steep learning curve.

Subscription cost.

No built-in AI features to colorize photos.

Way #3: How Colorize Photo Online

They are several tools to convert black and white photos to color online. The procedure to complete the process may vary from one platform to another. Therefore, it would be best to find the platform suitable for your requirements first.

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.

Fotor Color Splash

Colorize black and white photo in color splash..

This online platform allows users to apply color to grayscale and black and white photos. As well as to apply gorgeous effects and makeup to their photos. Remove freckles, acne, and wrinkles easily. The platform will also allow you to reshape the body.


Colorize old photos online on algorithmic..

It's very easy to use - paste the URL of your image. Bring new life to old photos by colorizing them, providing the API based on computer vision. One of the main benefits the computer vision is that it makes it possible for the online service to work simpler and faster. Interpret numerous images faster and correctly regarding how they appear in visual checks. Most importantly, the Algoritmia can work while maintaining accuracy and readability.


Colorize old photos and videos..

This tool is a powerful mobile and onlinephoto editor that allows you to make your photos and videos colorized.

My Heritage colorize

My Heritage..

My Heritage offers you to colorize black and white family photos automatically with neutral networks.
It stores its inputs in its network.


Pine tools colorize images online..

This tool is reliable and can help you complete an array of vital photo editing tasks. Some of these tasks include picking a color for the image, square color scheme, creating monochromatic colors [3], analogous color scheme, split complementary colors, tetrad color scheme, modify the color hue, gradient generator, color invert, darken the color, lighten the color, and blend two colors.


 colorize black and white photos in colorise.sg..

This tool is one of the most popular apps that allow users to add color to old black-and-white photos. The app features machine learning algorithms that are easy to operate, providing the auto-coloring option.


LunaPic colorizer..

This app works as an online photo editor that can scream kitsch. It uploads images, edit them, perform image manipulation, and add effects. It also features the text tool, which allows users to add texts.


This app has modern automatic machine learning features that allow the user to colorize night vision, grayscale, and black & white photos. You can save the edited images into your gallery or share them with other apps.

Way #4: Best Mobile Apps to Colorize Black And White Photos

There are several companies worldwide specializing in offering photo editing services. Most times, these platforms will develop their platform online and expand their business by availing the editor to different device users.
When a company develops a photo editor, they provide reliable versions for Android, Windows, iPhone, and other devices. The most vital factor you must consider is to identify the software that offers the package you are looking to use.
You can easily find and download mobile apps and photo editors from Google PlayStore. There are numerous mobile apps that you can choose to use. In any case, it would be best to check on recent users' reviews about the app. Some of the most popular mobile apps that you can use to colorize your photos include:

Colorize Images (Android)

Colorize images on Android..

Colorize Images is an automatic Machine Learning-based Android app to colorize black and white, grayscale, or night vision photos.

Colorize - Color to Old Photos (iOS)

Colorize images on ios..

AI-powered B&W colorization app that will blow you away. It’s one of the most accurate old photo colorization apps - the results will amaze you.

Best Technologies to Convert Black And White Photos into Color

Uses AI

The SoftOrbits Photo Colorizing Software is from top-rated programmers and software developers. The software has features that make it reliable and productive. One of the remarkable features is the artificial intelligence feature.
The good thing about the AI feature is that it will not only convert black-and-white photos to color but will also maintain quality and resolution. AI properties enable the photo editor to discover new productivity abilities whenever it completes a task. Over time, the editor will gain properties matching your task set.

Deep Learning

The Black & White to Color Photo software can detect objects that could be present in the photos you edit. Choose this software to colorize photos if you want to add color and maintain the details the image intends to communicate.
The deep learning feature [4] will make it possible for the photo editor black and white with color to add the color touch specifically to the parts you would like to edit. Therefore, it enables users to mark and edit points on the image quickly and correctly.

Neural Networks

The SoftOrbits Photo Colorizing Software comes with the neural network feature, which grants it the ability to learn independently and produce quality photo editing results. It can work independently and does not rely on any inputs to produce high-quality edited images.

Computer vision

This photo black and white to color converter software has features that enable it to gain a higher interpretation and understanding ability for digital videos and images. For that reason, choosing to convert black and white photos to color online for free attracts several benefits.

Coloring your photos makes them appear clear and more appealing to your prospects.
Best photo editors allow you to add a color touch without impeding the resolution and quality of the image. SoftOrbits Photo Colorizing Software can be the better option in most cases.


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Best Black & White to Color Photo software (Free Download). How to colorize a black and white photo to make it attractive.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

  • Create a New Layer – The first step would be to create a new layer. This step is vital because it helps retain the original copy of the photo in case anything goes wrong. You can use the layers masks to add the colors that you want.
  • Delete Scratches and Dust – If you are working on an old image, it would be best to clean it up. You can get favorable results in this step if you initiate several adjustments to the Threshold and Radius levels. If this approach does not give you the desired results, you can create a layer mask to paint over where there are flaws.
  • Adjust Contrast and Neutralize the Color – If the photo you want to edit features the sepia tone, you can add the black and white tone to neutralize it. Next, you will use the levels adjustment layer to edit the contrast. You can also add color to the photo using the Curve adjustment option. In this case, you will choose the color you want to adjust by adjusting the yellow, magenta, and cyan curves.

  • Open the Photo in your software to convert black and white photos to color – The first step will be to upload the photo you want to edit to the editor you want to use. Once you upload the image to the editor, it will pop up on the dashboard.
  • Select the background – Next, you can use the quick selection tool to choose the image background you want. The image background will help to separate the image you want to edit from the background subject.
  • Create a New Color layer – After you select the image you want to edit well, you can make a solid color fill layer. Creating a solid color fill will help improve the focus on the image you would like to edit.
  • Change to Overlay Mode – At this point, the image would appear like a filled image. Therefore, it would be best to navigate to the layers tab and set the blend mode to overlay.
  • Correct the Edges – At the beginning of this procedure, the image may appear like the edges are clear enough. However, it would be best to recheck along all edges to remove any color bled that could be present. You can complete this process by using the brush tool.
  • Final Touches – It would be best to ensure that you add a few final touches to make the edited image more attractive. This step might involve adding color to the lips and other face parts to make them more original. You can also alter the skin color and try to make everything in the image more natural.

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