Crop and resize GIFs and photos in bulk, saving time and getting the perfect image size for any use.

  1. 1️⃣ Download and Install Batch Picture Resizer.
  2. 2️⃣ Open Batch Picture Resizer.
  3. 3️⃣ Add your GIF files.
  4. 4️⃣ Define the Crop Area.
  5. 5️⃣ Set the Output Folder (optional).
  6. 6️⃣ Crop and Save the GIFs.
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As a photographer, I try to capture everything! But sometimes a funny little moment in a video deserves its own spotlight. That's where GIF cropping comes in. Recently, I had a video of my dog chasing a butterfly that just needed to be a GIF. Batch Picture Resizer did the trick, but I wanted to see what else was out there.
Tried Photoshop – powerful, but a bit much for a simple crop. Online tools like and EZGIF were great in a pinch, free and easy. But Batch Picture Resizer fit the bill perfectly – easy to use, batch processing for efficiency (because let's face it, there were more dog videos!), and free! Now my social media is full of my pup's hilarious antics, all thanks to the magic of GIF cropping.

📙Quick summary

  1. Batch Picture Resizer: for quick and easy image resizing.   
  2. Adobe Photoshop: for advanced users with extensive editing capabilities.   Read More
  3. Online Tools (, EZGIF): free and convenient for basic resizing tasks.   Read More

GIF Cropper Software

The method of cropping an animated GIF in SoftOrbits is straightforward. It takes only a few quick steps, and a fantastic result emerges. The best part is that the quality of the GIF is not affected at all. The image is not blurred, and you can reset the GIF size many times before you are satisfied with the one.

How to crop an animated GIF

Upload the GIF with any of the three options by clicking on the Add File, Drag and Drop or Add Folder button. The image uploads and the options for manipulating the image appear.

Add files to Crop GIFs.

After that, choose the dimensions to set the GIF into or use the handles to adjust the size. Enable the Smart Crop check box. The Maintain Crop Ratio checkbox should be checked, too, so that the output size is not weird.

Gif cropper software.

(Optional) Then, from the menu bar, select the Options button.

Select gif cropping options.

A dialogue box opens, and you can see two options: GIF Compression or TIFF Compression. Select the one that you want.

Compress GIFs files.

When you finish the image, download the image to your device by clicking on the Start button.

Save cropped gifs.

Batch Picture Resizer Batch Picture Resizer

Resize and convert pictures in full auto mode!

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Video Tutorials

✂️ Batch Picture Resizer vs. GIF Cropper Software: Choosing the Right Tool

Batch Picture Resizer can be a handy tool for basic image editing tasks, but is it the best choice for cropping GIFs? Let's explore its strengths and weaknesses compared to dedicated GIF cropper software and alternative methods.
Strengths of Batch Picture Resizer:
  • Free and user-friendly: Batch Picture Resizer is a free and straightforward program, making it accessible for anyone.
  • Batch processing: It allows you to crop multiple images at once, saving you time compared to editing them individually.
  • Simple selection tools: The program offers basic selection tools for cropping your images.

Things to Consider:

  • Limited GIF editing features: While Batch Picture Resizer can crop GIFs, it may lack advanced features like frame-by-frame editing or resizing specifically for animated GIFs.
  • Output quality: Depending on the program's settings, cropping GIFs with Batch Picture Resizer might affect the overall quality, especially for animations.
Batch Picture Resizer is a Great Choice for:
  • Basic image cropping: If you need to crop static images in bulk, Batch Picture Resizer is a free and efficient option.
  • Users new to image editing: The program's user-friendly interface makes it suitable for beginners who want to perform simple cropping tasks.

However, if you:

  • Need precise GIF cropping: For more control over cropping animated GIFs, dedicated GIF cropper software might be a better option.
  • Prioritize maintaining GIF quality: Dedicated GIF editing tools often offer better quality control when cropping animations.
Choosing the right tool depends on your needs. Batch Picture Resizer is a great free option for basic image cropping, but for advanced GIF editing, consider exploring dedicated software or online tools.

To crop the GIFs in a batch, select all the images you want to change and then adjust the size. After clicking the Start option, all your GIFs will be the same size.

How to Crop GIFs

Many people use Gifs in their social media accounts and chat boxes as a fun communication medium. While uploading GIFs, you may notice that the video is too focused or small to upload. In such cases, GIF cropper software and tools come in handy.
These tools can easily upload the GIF of your choice and crop them if you follow a few easy steps. You don't have to follow many steps, and the procedure is not complicated. A significant part of GIF cropper tools is that it crops the image according to dimensions and can crop it into many shapes such as a circle, ellipse, square, or rectangle. With this, you can get creative and create many exciting types of GIFs.
Many methods make cropping GIFs very easy. Some of these methods are:
  1. Downloading and using software such as Filmora by Wondershare to crop GIFs.
  2. Wondershare gif cropping.

  3. Using online tools such as to alter the GIF size.
  4. Uploading the GIF in Photoshop and editing the GIF to your chosen size.

You can follow these methods according to your requirements or the device's capabilities. They will all work as efficiently as you want.

Animated GIF Cropper Software

There are many downloadable GIF Cropper tools available that can crop animated GIFs. They don't take up much space and are easy to use. The downloading also doesn't take much time. After installation, you can use the tool as often as possible without worrying about photos leaking on the web or any privacy violation.
Softorbits gif cropper.

The Batch Photo Resizer is an extraordinary tool. SoftOrbits has released many excellent image manipulation software, including this one. It can easily change the size of images, photos, or GIFs you upload. The method is easy to follow, and you must follow no complicated procedures.
This tool is also great for other functions, such as preparing GIFs for social media and shopping sites. You can crop the GIFs according to your choice. The GIF size can also be altered with the help of this animated GIF cropper. You can select an option between TIFF Compression or GIF compression.
Another significant part of this software is that you can change multiple GIFs at once rather than resizing GIFs one by one. It has a batch image processing feature that makes it easy. So, you can convert the batch of GIFs without any problems.

How to Crop a GIF in Photoshop

Photoshop is a great GIF Cropper tool that you can use to manipulate images. It can add watermarks and texts, creates image layer by layer, provides filter, etc. It deals with the images allocated to it layer by layer. It does the same for videos. You can import the video into Photoshop and change the size. You can also speed up or rotate the GIF. Adding text is also an option. You can easily crop the GIF by following a few simple steps, as explained below.

To upload the video, go to the Files option.
From there, go to Import and then to Video.
Select the GIF you want to crop from the device. All the layers of the video will be uploaded.
Import gifs to crop into photoshop.

Since the whole GIF is in a single layer, cropping is easy. Select the Crop toll from the list of tools and crop the GIF as you would do to any image.
Crop GIFs in photoshop.

When you are done, go to the File in the menu bar and select the Save option. This will save the changes you have made and will not affect the quality.
Save cropped gifs in photoshop.

GIF Cropper Online Tools

At SoftOrbits, our goal is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information.

  • We pick products for reviews based on what people like and what is popular.

  • Our testing phase focuses on spotlighting the prime features of a product and identifying its most suitable software.

  • User reviews from top sites guide us in crafting our product reviews.

  • We gather feedback from our users, understanding their thoughts on SoftOrbits software and other products.

Many online GIF Cropper great tools are available on the internet that help you crop GIFs without downloading anything. This means they are great for all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. They don't take up any space or memory from your laptop, and you don't have to go to great lengths to download the software. The top two GIF croppers online are explained below. to crop gifs.

This is a trendy online tool that is available for cropping GIFs. You can also change the direction of the GIF and add text. This tool can be used to create GIFs as well. You can do so by following the steps described below.

  1. Go to the website of
  2. Upload the GIF image that you want to change.
  3. From the menu bar, choose the Crop option that will crop the GIF.
  4. Adjust the size with the help of handles, or you can type the required size in the height and width option.
  5. Select the Create GIF option to convert the GIF.
  6. After processing, you will be directed to the Downloaded page. Click on the download button to save the resultant GIF on your device.



This is a top-rated site for creating and manipulating GIFs, images, and videos. The procedure is effortless. You can upload multiple photos to make a Gif or crop a video. The GIF will be created in a few minutes. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Upload the GIF you want from your device or get the link from a website. Click on the Upload button to start.
  3. You can resize the Gif you want by adjusting its height or width or just by the handles given. You can also change the aspect ratio or rotate the GIF.
  4. Then click on the Crop image button. You will find it in a menu bar at the bottom of the page.
  5. Then click on the Save icon to download the resultant GIF. The quality will not have been changed.

SoftOrbits Gif Cropper Software is the best tool for cropping GIFs and pictures into any size you want with ease.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Cropping photos on Android and PCs is effortless; you can download any GIF cropper or go online. The frequently asked question is how to crop GIFs on iPhone. The answer to this is that from the App Store, you can download an app called the GIF Crop – Simple gif editor.
With the help of this, you can upload the GIF of your choice. Select the crop option from the Edit option and resize the Gif by manipulating the handles. You should make sure that you pick the size according to your requirements. It also gives several set proportions, such as 1:1, 3:4, 4:3, 9:16, and 16:9. You can set the size and save the image to your device.

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