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  2. 2️⃣ Upload Your Grainy Photo.
  3. 3️⃣ Specify the Unblur Settings.
  4. 4️⃣ Fix Grainy Photo.

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Attention all shutterbugs and photography enthusiasts!
As a seasoned racing enthusiast 🏎️💨 and wielder of the Canon digital camera 📸, I've faced the dreaded grainy photo dilemma more times than I'd like to admit.

Car racing noiced photo (before)..
Car racing with fixed noice (after)..

Fixed grainy photo..
Fix grainy photo..

But fear not! I've scoured the digital landscape, traversed the cloud-filled skies, and discovered the holy grail of photo-fixing solutions: Easy Photo Denoise Software by SoftOrbits.
In this article, I'll unravel the mystery of grainy photos. I will share my tried-and-tested methods for them. Get ready to dive into the world of photo restoration with these techniques:

  • Easy Photo Denoise Software by SoftOrbits
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • iPhone & Android Apps
  • Free Online Tools

Way #1: Easy Photo Denoise Software

You can easily fix grainy photos using SoftOrbits Photo Noise Reduction Software. Instead of simply smoothing your photo so much that all the details and sharpness are lost, this software removes noise at a pixel level using advanced algorithms.

Select preset for removing noise from photo..

And guess what? I'm here to spill the beans (and perhaps a little digital magic) on how to rescue your racing masterpieces from the clutches of grainy despair. So grab your cameras, buckle up, and let's embark on a journey to pixel-perfection like never before!

How to make a picture less grainy without Photoshop

With Easy Photo Denoise and its adaptive noise removal, you can get the same results without going through tutorials and learning editing techniques.

How to Fix Grainy Photos: The Easiest Way

Add File

Alrighty, first things first: grab that miracle-worker program for fixing grainy photos and slap it onto your computer. Once it's installed and raring to go, fire it up and toss in your grainy masterpiece either by clicking Add File or doing the ol' drag-and-drop dance.

Now, the real kicker: Easy Photo Denoise lets you wrangle a whole bunch of photos at once. No need to fuss over adding them one by one. And if you're feeling extra efficient, dive into Batch Mode and tackle multiple photos simultaneously. It's like using photo editor on expert mode!

Add file to Fix Grainy Photo..

Select the preset

Over yonder in the toolbar on your right, behold the Denoise Presets. They're like magical cleaning potions, offering four levels of automatic noise reduction: light, soft, medium, and strong. Simply pick the potion that matches the noise level in your photo, and watch those grainy gremlins disappear like magic!

Select preset for removing noise from photo..

Adjust radius and intensity

In most scenarios, the automatic preset should do the trick. But if those pesky noise particles still persist, fear not! You've got the power to fine-tune things yourself.

Let's dive in: You can tweak the radius and intensity of the de-noising process. By cranking up the radius, you're essentially beefing up the thickness of those cleaned-up pixels. Just don't get too trigger-happy with it, or you might end up with smudgy outlines and lost details.

And hey, here's a nifty tip: Start with the trusty Medium preset and a radius of 2. Then, keep a keen eye out for any noise that needs an extra kick, adjusting the intensity as needed. It's like finding the perfect recipe for noise-free bliss!

Select Adjust radius and intensity..

Other adjustments

Easy Photo Denoise isn't just a one-trick pony – it's got a few more tricks up its sleeve! If your photo still isn't looking as sharp as you'd like after the de-noising extravaganza, fear not! Just give that Sharpen button a little tap! Your details will be crisped up in no time.

But wait! Dive into the realm of Image Correction, where you can play around with basic values like brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, and temperature. It's like having your own personal photo wizard, ready to sprinkle a little magic on your images!

Improve after removing noise from your photo..

Save your photo

Once you've fine-tuned your image to perfection, it's as easy as pie! Just give that trusty Run button a satisfying click and sit back for a few seconds. When the magic is complete, simply pick your desired destination folder on your computer and hit that save button. Voila! Your masterpiece is ready to be showcased to the world.

Save fixed grainy photo..

Easy Photo Denoise Easy Photo Denoise

Best Photo Noise Reduction Software

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Video Tutorials

How to Fix Grainy Photos without Photoshop

Way #2: Using Adobe Lightroom

In this section, I'll guide you through the art of grain reduction using Lightroom, the photographer's ultimate toolbox. I will uncover the secrets to fixing graininess in Lightroom like a pro.

Open the Details Panel

Start Lightroom and open the image you want to edit. With this image selected, click the Edit icon and open the Details panel.

This window will contain adjustments for sharpening and noise reduction.

Fix Grainy Photos in Lightroom..

Zoom into the image

Before adjusting the noise reduction, you must zoom in and check what type of noise is present in the photo – colour or luminance.

Colour noise usually creeps in due to high ISOs and looks like small, red, blue or green pixels in dark areas. On the other hand, luminance noise is like colourless grains and appears in bright areas of the photo.

Lightroom gives you sliders to reduce both these types of noise!

Type of noise Grainy Photos in Lightroom..

Adjust the sliders

After you have looked through the photo and identified which type of noise is the highest, you can start with it designed for that.

By moving it from 0 to 100, you can start reducing the noise and getting smooth colours back. It would help if you did not overdo it because it might cause some loss in detail and sharpness.

Keep zooming in and out to check the level of reduction!

Sharp image in Lightroom..

Adjust other settings

Along with the Luminance, you can adjust two additional values – detail and contrast.

Because noise reduction can make your details smudgy, you can balance it with the Detail. It will help in preserving the outlines and structure of your photo.

Moving the contrast will increase the contrast but may also cause a halo to appear along the outlines or leave some areas with blown highlights.

For colour noise, you get a detail and a smoothness slider. The smoothness is great to use along with the noise reduction because it helps blend the colours in once the noise is gone!

Ultimately, you’ll have to balance these finer settings to remove grain without losing details.

Noise Reduction in Lightroom..

Save image

That was it! You can now save your photo.

With the Noise Reduction tool and easy-to-use options, Lightroom makes it simple to fix noise in photos.

Save fixed grainy photo in Lightroom..

Using Lightroom is a great way to edit photos because it brings in all image editing tools in one place, including noise reduction features. And unlike other advanced image editors, the noise reduction tool of Lightroom is pretty straightforward!

Way #3: Using Photoshop

In this section, we'll unlock Photoshop's magic to restore clarity and finesse. Get ready to turn grainy images into visual marvels!

Open the image

Open Photoshop and load the image you want to edit.

The advantage of this noise reduction method is that you don’t need to create layers or add smart objects. The steps are very simple!

Open an image in Photoshop..

Open Reduce Noise filter

Click on the Filter menu from the toolbar on top, then go to Noise > Reduce Noise.

You should see a dialogue box previewing the image and many sliders on the right. We will use these options to reduce both luminance noise and colour noise.

Open Reduce Noise in Photoshop..

Fix luminance noise

You have to use the Strength and Preserve Details for fixing luminance grain. Make sure you have zoomed in and can see the noise clearly to keep an eye on the removal process!

Begin by moving the Strength to the right. After removing as much noise as possible, you must balance it by bringing back lost details. So, now you can adjust the Preserve Details ! Try keeping this value high while ensuring the noise doesn’t return. You will have to find the right balance here.

Fix luminance noise in Photoshop..

Fix colour noise

Once you are done with luminance noise, zoom in to an area with colour noise.

Move the Reduce Colour Noise towards the right until the preview looks clean and no red-blue pixels are visible. You can click and hold over the preview to see how the original version compares to the cleaned-up version!

You can also adjust the Sharpen below if the image looks too soft or the details have become smudged.

Fix colour noise in Photoshop..

Save file

Don’t forget to save the file! Using just one filter, Photoshop lets you fix any grainy photo.

Like Lightroom, Photoshop has a specific noise reduction feature that can be used directly from its menus.

Way #4: Best Apps to Fix Grainy Pictures

If you're like me and rely on your phone for selfies and vacation snaps, having apps for instant grainy photo fixes is a must! These noise removal apps come in handy whenever you need a quick touch-up.

How to Fix Grainy Photos on iPhone

I selected these top apps based on their user-friendly interfaces, effectiveness in removing graininess, and positive reviews from fellow photography enthusiasts.

Noise Reducer Pro

Install Noise Reducer Pro on your phone and start the app. Noise Reducer Pro is a free app for Apple devices designed especially for noise removal. It is very easy to use and contains presets for 2 levels of noise reduction – light and medium. You can adjust the slider using the Custom button.

Install Noise Reducer Pro..

You can choose the photo you want to edit or click one using the in-built camera option of the app.

Open Noise Reducer Pro..

Click on one of the presets to remove noise. If you want to set the reduction level manually, you can click on Custom.
Using the Smooth, you can also make the details more smooth in case the noise levels are very high.

Save the result in Noise Reducer Pro..

Save the image! #/steps

Pics Smoother

Install Pics Smoother and open the file in the app. Another free app for iPhone users, Pics Smoother, contains more advanced noise reduction tools than most apps. Along with a simple noise remover, it also offers a median filter and editing tools like highlights, shadows, curve adjustments and more.
The median filter is great if you use burst mode in your camera. It removes noise by combining the different shots into one image, taking only pixels common to all the files and leaving out grain since it appears randomly.

Install Pics Smoother..

You will see the various tools available at the toolbar at the bottom.

Select options in the toolbar Pics Smoother..

Click on the Noise Reduction option and adjust the settings as needed. By tapping and holding on to the image, you can bring up the original file and compare it instantly!

Select noise reduction in Pics Smoother..

You can also try other options and adjust the photo's exposure.
Once the photo looks how you want it to, remember to save it!

How to Fix Grainy Photos on Android

Image Noise Remover

Image Noise Remover..

A tool specifically for noise reduction, Image Noise Remover is a free app that is very easy to use. It works well for high ISO images because it uses advanced optimization algorithms to fix grain non-locally. This means it can remove noise without affecting the overall details in the image!

Image Noise Remover

Install the app from Google Play and open the required photo.
You can select one of the 3 presets for noise reduction – Low, Medium, or High
There is also a Smooth value that can be used to fix grains and ensure smooth colours. Also, there is an exposure option that you can use to brighten up your image!
Save the image once it’s fixed!

Denoise It

Denoise It..

Denoise It works a bit differently than most apps.
Instead of requiring you to make adjustments on your own, the app sends your photo to an online server where the actual noise removal occurs. Once the editing is complete, you return a cleaner photo version!
The only drawback is that there is a resolution limit for the images. You must pay a small fee to get the full app version!

How to remove grains from photos using Denoise It

Install Denoise It and run the app.
Click on Denoise on the homepage of the app.
Upload the photo and wait for the removal process to happen. Once it’s complete, you will get a cleaner file with all the grain fixed.
Save the photo! The original sent to the server gets deleted automatically, protecting your privacy.

Way #5: How To Fix Grainy Photos Online for Free?

Spending money on and installing advanced programs for fixing grainy photos is not essential. Websites offer the convenience of uploading your image and getting it cleaned up for free!

Pine Tools Noise Remover

Pine Tools Noise Remover..

Pine Tools is a collection of many image editing tools. Along with features like adding filters and adjusting exposure or adding effects like Posterize and Solarize, one of the options it provides is Remove Noise.
The steps to be followed are very simple. You can google this website and use the toolbar on the left to select the Remove Noise tool. Then use the Browse button to add a photo from your computer, and click on Remove Noise.
Within a few seconds, the website will send back an edited version you can download!

Vance AI Image Denoiser

Vance AI Image Denoiser..

Vance AI Denoiser is a great tool for noise reduction. By simply uploading the photo and waiting a few moments, you can get a clean version for download.
And the algorithms of Vance AI do a good job of fixing grain without making the edges and details look too smooth!
Using the link provided, you can directly begin uploading your photos. You will also get a slider from 0 to 100 to control the amount of reduction applied. The one drawback of this online tool is that there is a resolution limit, and you get only 5 tries for free.
You will have to upgrade and buy the desktop program for unlimited use! However, you can check out apps like Easy Photo Unblur, which sharpens images and videos.

How to Avoid Image Noise

Shooting at a high ISO in low light is a recipe for image noise. In many situations, however, the stability delivered by the combination of an image-stabilised lens and in-body IS in the Canon EOS R5 means that you can avoid pushing the ISO too high. "In the old days, the solution was often a tripod," says Canon Europe's Mike Burnhill. "But tripods aren't always practical. So the ability to shoot handheld using a slower shutter speed at a lower ISO opens up a whole range of possibilities."

Easy Photo Unblur stands out as the premier solution due to its intuitive interface, powerful features, and remarkable efficiency in restoring clarity to blurry photos.

Download Easy Photo Denoise to fix grainy photos and achieve a clear image without losing details.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

GIMP is a free, open-source image editor that can help you. You can use various filters and tools in GIMP to reduce noise and sharpen your images.

Raw photos are uncompressed images that contain more data than JPEGs. You can use a raw photo editor to fix grainy raw photos by adjusting the exposure, contrast, white balance, and noise reduction settings.

One of the main causes of grainy photos is low light. To prevent your photos from becoming grainy, you should use a tripod, a flash, or a higher ISO setting when shooting in low-light conditions.

Some noise reduction methods can make your photos look blurry or smudgy. To remove grainy effect without losing details, you should use a smart sharpening tool to enhance your images' edges and textures.

If you have many grainy photos that need to be fixed, you can use a batch photo editor that can apply noise reduction and sharpen multiple images at once. One example of such software is SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur, which can fix grainy photos in batch mode with just a few clicks.

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