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Once upon a time, I embarked on a freelance photography gig to capture precious moments for a client's special event. Little did I know how important the protection of my work with watermarks would be.
SoftOrbits Batch Picture Protector became my ally in the protection process. I could automate the process and ensure that each photograph bore my signature easily and effectively. It's customization options allowed me to create watermarks that fit seamlessly with my artistic vision while preserving the integrity of my work.

📙Quick summary

  1. How To Add Watermark To Multiple Photos At Once   
  2. How to Add a Watermark to Photos on Mac   Read More
  3. PHP Script Example   Read More
  4. Best Online Tools   Read More

Way #1 How To Add Watermark To Multiple Photos At Once

Watermarking your images in a bulk is a great way to protect your work from being used without permission. But if you have a lot of images, watermarking them one by one can be a time-consuming task. One such program is SoftOrbits Bulk Watermark Images Software.

Here's a step-by-step guide to using this Bulk Watermark Software:

Download and install SoftOrbits Batch Watermarker tool.

Launch the Bulk Watermark Software program and select the images that you want to watermark. You can select multiple images by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on each image.

Best batch watermark..

Choose whether you want to watermark your images with text or a logo, enter the desired text or choose a logo file.

Bulk watermark images..

Select the position where you want the watermark to appear on the image.

Add watermark to a photo..

Click on the Start button to begin watermarking your images.

 watermark multiple images..

Batch Picture Protector Batch Picture Protector

Bulk Watermark Software Download

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If you want to protect your photos from theft or promote your brand, be sure to give SoftOrbits batch image watermarker a try!

Way #2 How to Add a Watermark to Multiple Photos on Mac

Mac batch of images..

Adding a watermark to photos on a Mac can be a real time-saver.

Here's the steps how I do it:

Open the Preview app.
Load your watermark image with a transparent background.
Select the entire watermark with ⌘A and copy it with ⌘C.
Choose a photo in the Photos app.
Go to Image in the menu and select Edit with > Preview.
Paste your watermark onto the photo with ⌘V.
Position and resize the watermark as needed.
Save the modified image with ⌘S and close Preview.
Your watermarked image now appears in Photos.

Especially for simple edits like adding a logo to a profile picture, this method has saved me countless hours. Plus, it is built into the workflow of the Photos application.

Way #3 Watermark Multiple Photos at Once at PHP Website

PHP script example for bulk adding a watermark to photos..

As a freelance web developer, I once encountered a situation where a client requested an overhaul of their old website, including adding watermarks to all existing images. With over 10,000 images scattered across various folders and subfolders, manually adding watermarks seemed impractical.

I decided to write a custom PHP script. The script would recursively traverse through the image directories, apply the client's logo as a watermark to each image, and save the watermarked images in a designated folder.
Despite the images varying in size from 200 to 7000 pixels in width, the script dynamically adjusted the watermark placement and size for uniformity. It utilized the GD library for PHP to handle image processing tasks seamlessly.
After a few minutes of script execution, all images were successfully watermarked, ready to be integrated into the revamped website.

Below is a PHP script example for bulk adding a watermark to photos using the GD library. This script assumes you have a logo named logo.png that you want to use as the watermark. Make sure to replace path/to/img with the actual path to your image folder and adjust other parameters as needed.
// Set the path to your image folder.
$imageFolder = "path/to/img";
// Set the path to save watermarked images.
$destinationFolder = "path/to/img2";
// Load the watermark image.
$watermark = imagecreatefrompng("logo.PNG");
// Get the dimensions of the watermark.
$watermarkWidth = imagesx($watermark);
$watermarkHeight = imagesy($watermark);
// Traverse through all files in the image folder.
$files = scandir($imageFolder);
foreach ($files as $file) {
// Check if the file is an image (you may need to adjust the condition based on your file types).
if (is_file($imageFolder . "/" . $file) && in_array(pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), ["jpg", "jpeg", "png", "gif"])) {
// Load the original image.
$image = imagecreatefromjpeg($imageFolder . "/" . $file); // Change function based on file type
// Get the dimensions of the original image.
$imageWidth = imagesx($image);
$imageHeight = imagesy($image);
// Calculate the position to place the watermark at the center.
$positionX = ($imageWidth - $watermarkWidth) / 2;
$positionY = ($imageHeight - $watermarkHeight) / 2;
// Apply the watermark onto the original image.
imagecopy($image, $watermark, $positionX, $positionY, 0, 0, $watermarkWidth, $watermarkHeight);
// Save the watermarked image to the destination folder.
imagejpeg($image, $destinationFolder . "/" . $file); // Change function based on file type
// Free up memory.imagedestroy($image); }}

To use this script:

Save it as a PHP file (e.g., add_watermark.php).
Place the script in the root folder of your website or where your images are located.
Make sure you have a logo named logo.png in the same directory as the script.
Adjust the paths `$imageFolder` and `$destinationFolder` to match the actual paths on your server.
Run the script either through the console or by accessing it in a web browser.

This script will add the watermark to all images in the specified folder and save the watermarked images in a new folder.

Way #4 Best Online Tools to Add a Watermark to Multiple

When I travel for photography gigs, I often find myself without my trusty computer. But I still need to add watermarks to my photos. That's where online services enter the picture. They allow me to protect my work while I'm on the go, like my home computer. Below are some services I can recommend:

  • Watermarkly
  • Befunky
  • Fotor
  • Headre's a step-by-step guide on How to Add a Watermark to Photos Online:

    Visit Watermarkly.com

    Open your web browser and go to the Watermarkly website.

    Upload Your Photos

    Once you're on the Watermarkly homepage, click on the Upload Photos button. Select the photos from your computer that you want to watermark. You can also drag and drop the photos directly onto the webpage.

    Customize watermark settings

    Watermarkly gives you options to adjust various settings. These include the transparency, position, and size of the watermark. Here, you can choose to add a text or logo watermark. If you select text, type in the text you want to use for the watermark. If you choose a logo, upload the image file from your computer.

    Watermark Settings

    Watermarkly provides options to adjust various settings. You can drag the watermark to the desired location on the photo and resize it as needed. You can also adjust the transparency to make the watermark more or less visible.

    Preview Your Watermarked Photos

    Once you're satisfied with the watermark settings, you can preview how the watermarked photos will look. Watermarkly allows you to see a preview of each photo with the watermark applied before you proceed.

    Apply Watermark to All Photos

    After previewing the watermarked photos and making any necessary adjustments, you can proceed to apply the watermark to all selected photos. Click on the Apply Watermark or Finish button to initiate the process.

    Download Watermarked Photos

    Once the watermarking process is complete, Watermarkly will provide you with a download link or option to save the watermarked photos to your computer. Click on the appropriate button to download the watermarked photos.

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    Add Images Online..

    It offers a simple interface that allows users to upload a few images at once, customize watermark text or logo, adjust transparency, position, and size, and then batch apply the watermark to all selected images.


    User-friendly interface. Watermarkly.com offers a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to add watermarks without any technical expertise.

    Batch processing. Users can upload photos simultaneously and apply the watermark to all selected images in one go, saving time and effort.

    Customization options, such as adjusting transparency, position, and size of the watermark.


    Limited advanced features. While Watermarkly.com is great for basic watermarking needs, it may lack some advanced features compared to other tools.

    Dependency on internet connection. Since it's an online tool, users need a stable internet connection to access and utilize Watermarkly.com, which could be a limitation in certain situations.


    Befunky Add Images Online..

    Is an all-in-one online solution for adding watermark multiple images.


    Comprehensive editing features.

    Integration with other editing tools. Users can seamlessly incorporate watermarking into their overall photo editing workflow within Befunky.com, streamlining the process.

    Templates and presets.


    Learning curve. Befunky.com may have a steeper learning curve compared to dedicated watermarking tools, as it offers a wide range of features beyond watermarking.

    Potentially overwhelming interface. The abundance of editing options and features within Befunky.com could overwhelm users who are solely interested in watermarking their photos.


    Fotor watermark multiple images Online..

    Fotor.com is an online photo editing and graphic design platform that includes a feature for adding watermarks.


    Versatile editing capabilities.

    Easy-to-use interface. The platform features a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and apply watermarks to their photos efficiently.

    Collaboration features. Fotor.com allows users to collaborate on projects and share edited photos seamlessly, making it convenient for teams or groups working on watermarking tasks together.


    Limited free features. While Fotor.com offers a free version, some advanced editing features and templates may require a premium subscription, which could be a drawback for users on a budget.

    Online dependency. Similar to other online tools, Fotor.com requires a stable internet connection for access, which may not be ideal for users in areas with limited connectivity.

    What is the best software to batch watermark images?

    If you're looking for bulk watermarking software that's easy to use and offers a wide range of features, we recommend SoftOrbits Batch Watermarker. The program makes easy to add image watermarks to multiple of photos in a few clicks. You can customize the size, position, and opacity of your watermark and preview the results in real time before exporting your images. Best of all, SoftOrbits Bulk Watermarking Software is available as a free trial so you can try before you buy.

    Download batch image watermarker to add a watermark to multiple photos in a bulk mode.
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    🙋Frequently Asked Questions

    Lightroom does not have a built-in feature for watermarking photos, but you can use an external plugin, such as Watermark Studio X Bulk Watermark Software, to watermark your photos in Lightroom.

    Simply click the Share button, choose Export As, and then JPG under More Options. Then, after clicking the Back icon, check the Check option. You're now ready to export your photo with a watermark using these settings.

    You can batch edit watermarks using a dedicated watermark editor, such as SoftOrbits Watermark Remover.

    You can create a free watermark using an online tool like Watermarkly. Simply upload your images, choose your watermark settings, and download the finished files.