Sketch Drawer: a Handy Photo to Sketch Converter

Turn your photos into gorgeous pencil drawings with Sketch Drawer photo to sketch converter software! Making sketches has never been easier!

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SoftOrbis Sketch Drawer offers a straightforward photo to sketch conversion workflow, offering batch mode and multiple presets for the different kinds of drawings.

Better than Diffusion: a Non-Neural Photo to Sketch Converter

While Sketch Drawer does rely on your computer’s CPU and GPU resources to craft your drawings, it does not use diffusion-based neural networks. Artificial intelligence is great for creating realistic and diverse pictures through its neural networks. However, ongoing privacy concerns, as well as the infamous issues with the quality of small details, particularly in human anatomy and facial features, persist when using artificial intelligence to generate such images. These are the main reasons why we decided against using diffusion-based neural networks in our photo to sketch conversion software.

Sketch Drawer vs Stable Diffusion AI.
> Convert photo to black and white pencil sketch
Create sketch from photo.

Turn Photos into Pieces of Art in Three Easy Steps

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer helps you effortlessly turn your photos into artistic drawings. First, load your photo and choose your desired drawing style. You can optionally protect your creation with a custom watermark. You are encouraged to explore the many styles, filters, and presets, enabling you to craft your unique artistic masterpiece.

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Make Masterpiece Hand Drawing Portraits from Your Photos

Sketch Drawer turns your photos into colorful or monochrome pencil sketches. Offering three distinct sketching styles, Sketch Drawer will help you produce Realistic, Detailed and Classic sketches. For even greater flexibility, each of the three styles is provided with multiple presets to help you make amazing art in countless variations.

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Photo to sketch converter - source image.
Photo to sketch converter - resulting sketch.

Sample Images

Have a look at some sample images we’ve got when using Sketch Drawer to convert photos to sketches:

Photo to sketch example 0.
Photo to sketch example 0.
Photo to sketch example 0.
Photo to sketch example 0.
Photo to sketch example 1.
Photo to sketch example 1.
Photo to sketch example 1.
Photo to sketch example 1.
Photo to sketch example 2.
Photo to sketch example 2.
Photo to sketch example 2.
Photo to sketch example 2.
Photo to sketch example 0.
Photo to sketch example 0.
Photo to sketch example 0.
Photo to sketch example 0.

🔒️ Offline Operation Protects Your Personal Information

Sketch Drawer is stand-alone software running locally on your computer. The offline operation ensures that your privacy is fully protected: when using Sketch Drawer to convert photos into hand-drawn masterpieces, no information ever leaves your computer.

🛡 Our Privacy Policy

What happens on your PC stays on your PC. No part of your images is ever transmitted anywhere. Our privacy policy is simple: Sketch Drawer does not collect or transmit any personal information at all

Pencil Sketch

As it says on the tin, this preset turns your picture into a pencil sketch.

Anime Drawing

You can easily transform photos into anime-style drawings.

Stencil Graphic

To turn your photo into stencil graphic, use the Pen or Felt-tip preset to create the stencil.

Line Drawing

Sketch Drawer originated from the Line Drawing feature, which meticulously outlines images with a pencil of your choice. The various style presets such as Simple, Schematic, Pen, and Felt-tip help transform your photos into a line art masterpiece.


Sketch Drawer offers an artistic array of presets designed to enhance your images with different styles and moods. From the simplicity of outline drawings and elegance of pencil sketches to the vibrancy of color renditions, these presets provide a canvas for creative exploration. It only takes a few clicks to convert your images into captivating masterpieces in a style of your choice.

Sketch Drawing Effect

You can make a photo look like a drawing using the pencil sketch effect. You can choose one of the presets, and then decide how you want the drawing to look. You can smudge the lines, use color or black and white, and more. You can use this photo to drawing converter program to easily turn your picture into a sketch drawing in a few simple steps.

From Image to Art: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Artists aren't born, but you can become one!

Create sketch from photo for your home.

Turn memorable family photos into art drawings

Present a heartfelt gift: a personalized pencil portrait from photo , featuring either an elegant line drawing or a charming sketched portrait

Wear your sketched photos on T-shirts

Craft an artistic greeting card

Hang a custom drawing or poster on a wall

Add illustrations to your book, presentation, or website

Batch Mode: Convert a Bunch of Images in a Blast

When converting a collection of photos, use the Batch mode to process them simultaneously. You can convert multiple photos or entire folders into pencil sketches with a single click. Simply add your photos, choose your artistic preset, and your sketches will be ready in no time.

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Convert multiple photos to sketches.

How to Turn Photos into Pencil Sketches: Beginner's Guide

If you're new to using photo-to-sketch conversion, follow these simple steps to transform your photos into stunning pencil drawings:

Adding Photos

Begin by selecting Add Files to import the photos you wish to convert into sketches.

Add photo to make sketch from.

Choosing Sketch Style

Select a sketch style that suits your preference: Realistic, Detailed Sketch, or Classic.

Sketch styles.

Picking a Preset

Choose a preset corresponding to the selected style and preview how it affects your image.

Sketch effect presets.

Adjusting Sketch Settings

After selecting your preferred preset, fine-tune the transformation using the following options:

  • Contour Options: Adjust stroke length, intensity, and thickness to achieve the desired look.
  • Hatching Options: Adjust edge strength, curvature, and direction.
  • Colorization Options: Select pencil color and tweak colors using Normalize Histogram or Color Shift.

Configure sketch appearance.

Locally Undoing Sketch Effects (Optional)

Utilize the Undo brush if you wish to revert specific areas of your image back to the original photo, creating an artistic blend of photo and sketch.

Undo sketch effect.

Adding Watermark or Signature (Optional)

Protect your masterpiece by adding a watermark or your artistic signature.

Add author signature to sketch.

Saving the Result

Save the resulting image or use Batch Mode to convert multiple photos into sketches simultaneously.

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Save picture converted to sketch.

Tips for Creating Great Sketches

For optimal results, consider the following tips:

Upload high-resolution images. We recommend images that are at least 2,000 pixels high.
Note that reduced-size previews may not look all that great when displaying ultra-high-resolution photos (5,000 pixels or more). Zoom in to view your sketch, and make sure to always use full-size versions of the images for printing.
An artistic tip: you can blur the source photograph slightly to achieve better conversions. The slight blur will avoid overcomplicating your sketch with unwanted details like grass or leaves.

How Sketch Drawer compares to Online Converters

When it comes to turning your pictures into sketches, you've got options. Online picture editing tools and diffusion-based neural networks are abundant all over the net. Here’s how they compare:

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Number of presetsColor sketchesBatch Mode FunctionsSketch QualityPrice
Sketch Drawer38
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Akvis Sketch95
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Offline tools such as Sketch Drawer can produce sketches that look more like actual hand drawings. Those online services? Non-AI tools tend to offer basic sketch filters that don’t quite match up, while AI tools based on neural networks tend to spoil images with missing features or unwanted details, making the result vastly differ from the original and often having that specific “AI-generated” look. With Sketch Drawer, you get a bunch of presets to play with, making it easy to take your sketches to the next level. It's quick, simple, and turns your photos into amazing, lifelike art pieces in no time.

Key Features Overview

Realistic Color and Black-and-White Drawings

Make your images look like lifelike drawings or classic pencil sketches.

Pencil Sketch Effect

Turn your photos into hand-drawn pencil sketches.

Customize the appearance of your sketches

Tweak the way your sketches look to suit your style and preference with instant preview.

Three Sketching Engines with Various Presets

Choose from different drawing styles to achieve the perfect look.

Over 40 Presets

Explore a wide range of pre-set options for near infinite artistic transformations.

Blend Sketches with Photos

Seamlessly combine elements of your photo with the sketch using the Undo brush, creating a unique blend.

Watermarks and Signatures

Protect your sketches by adding your own signature or watermark.

Textured Surface Addition

Enhance the texture of your sketches for added depth and authenticity, turning your canvas into realistic paper instead of plain white.

Efficient Batch Processing

Convert multiple photos into sketches simultaneously for enhanced productivity.

Simple Photo Editing Tools

Basic editing capabilities for photo adjustments like cropping, rotating, and image corrections for brightness and contrast.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to turn a picture into a line drawing. You will first add your photo using the Add File icon. Next, you can choose the line drawing feature, and you have a choice of Simple, Schematic, Pen, or Felt-tip. You can outline the subject of your photograph with whichever style you prefer. Then, you simply save the lineart drawing, and you are all set.

It is easy to turn a picture into a sketch using AI Sketch Maker software from SoftOrbits. You will upload your photo using the Add Files button. Next, you can choose the Sketch style you prefer, and then select one of the presets for making a sketch. You can create a black and white sketch or a colorized sketch. You can use the manual controls to change the thickness of your lines and more. When your sketch looks the way you want it to, you can save the file.

The best way to make a picture look like a drawing is to use the Photo to Sketch Converter program. You can add the photo to the program by clicking on Add File. Once you have the file on your screen, you can choose the Sketch style you prefer, and then choose the drawing preset that you want to use. You can make some manual adjustments and choose to make the drawing color or black and white. Once you are satisfied with your drawing, you can save it.

When you make a hand drawing, you can either scan it to your computer or take a photo and upload it. Once you have the image on your computer, you can open the Image to Pencil Sketch Converter software to modify or enhance it. You can treat it as you would any photo on your computer, and the software will allow you to make the changes you want to turn picture to sketch.

Digital photos give you unprecedented freedom to edit and optimize your photos however you like. A digital photo can be converted into vector art by a digital artist, allowing you to give new life to an old photo.

Now, if you have some excellent photos that you have taken in the past and are interested in converting them into sketches, there are quite a few options available to you. The most obvious option is to hire a digital artist who will sketch it for you. However, what if you can’t afford to hire one? Thankfully, with modern imaging tools, you can easily do that now. Thanks to Photo to Sketch Converter softare, all you need is a computer that is capable of running the program, and you are good to go. It doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part to turn picture to sketch protrait, and it’s also pretty straightforward.

Now, many people might be worried that the program might prove to be a burden on their computer’s resources. msgstr Obviously, that’s not the case; it’s incredibly lightweight and doesn’t even require a lot of space.

Create sketch avatars for your team

Sketch Drawer Screenshot person 1 person 2 person 3 person 4

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