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How To Remove Blemishes from Photos? It is easier to remove skin imperfections than you would think. The SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher will perfect your portraits and achieve a smooth face with just a few quick clicks.

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What do all those famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan have in common? Apart from an amazing team of photographers, they all follow a few basic techniques of achieving perfect skin tone, texture and clarity.
A portrait changes from good to great only when you pay attention to these little things!
And this is why it is important to learn how to remove blemishes from photos and achieve a flawless portrait.

Why should you worry about removing blemishes?

All famous portrait photographers, from the legendary Irving Penn to the famous David LaChapelle, know how to match their portraits with the personality of their subjects.
Model face without blemishes..

Learning how to capture such captivating photos will require you to learn the art of controlling your image. You can remove remove blemishes from photos, as well as skin spots, acne, wrinkles and scars.
The next time you are shooting a wedding or a dinner party, you won’t have to worry about your clients complaining about how you made them look old!
You will be in control of your photos, and you will be able to decide which features and textures of your subject you want to highlight.

Photo Editor to Remove Blemishes from Photos

It is easier to remove skin imperfections and scars than you would think. The Photo Restoration Software will allow you to perfect all your portraits and achieve a smooth face with just a few quick clicks.
The Photo Retoucher is a user-friendly program that works on all sorts of wrinkles, freckles, acne, scars and scratches.
And the photo software does all this without making your images look like photos of unnatural shiny dolls and mannequins.
It comes with many features that will help you along the way. The marker tool works not only on blemishes, but also on unwanted distractions within you image!

Software to remove blemishs from face..

You can use the SoftOrbits Retoucher program to remove things like an unwanted tourist in your image, a moving car in your landscape photo, a random tree branch and much more.
It is literally a one-stop solution for removing all unwanted objects! And all you need to do is install it once.
No worries! We’ll go step by step.
You can refer to the photos attached too, so that the process becomes easier to follow. What are the steps for using SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher?

How to remove blemishes from photos?

Add your images

The first step is to add the images you want to edit. As soon as you open the Retoucher software, you’ll see an option on the top left corner called Add Files. You can select multiple photos at once here!

Screenshot add files..

Select marker

This is the main tool you’ll be relying on. The Marker acts as the brush with which you can select the area of skin you want to fix.
On the toolbar on the right, you will also see a Radius option. This controls the size of the marker.
You should keep adjusting the radius so that you mark only those areas which need to be fixed, although you don’t have to be 100% accurate.
The SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher will automatically recognize which areas need to be corrected! So you only need to highlight an approximate area.

Marker tool to remove blemish from girl face..

Select the area to be fixed

This is easy. Using the marker of the correct size, just paint over the areas from which you want to remove the blemishes and pimples.

Face with outlied blemishes..

Remove blemishes from photo!

This is the final step.
Select the option Apply to Selection Only, so that the removal happens only for the marked area. And click Remove.
In a few seconds, your portrait will be fixed and all the lines and wrinkles removed!

Face with removed blemishes..

(Optional) Click on Spot Remover

On the top you will see an option called Spot Remover. This is the tool which will remove the skin imperfections and blemishes.
Here, you will find some extra options too! Especially useful is the Effect option, which gives you control over the degree of skin smoothing.
Medium usually works well for most portraits, and gives a natural look to the photo!

Spot remover tool to clean face..

Wasn’t that quick?

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to select the areas properly and decide which effect to apply, there is a shortcut too!
Once you have selected the marker and highlighted the areas approximately, you can directly select the Remove option on top!
You can even try the Concealer option or the Clone stamp, which intelligently replaces one bad spot with a smooth area!
This way, you won’t have to select to Spot Remover and then wait for the blemishes to be cleaned up.

How to remove blemishes in photoshop

If you already have access to Photoshop and are not intimidated by the loads of features, you can use that too!
Photoshop also has an excellent feature to remove skin spots and lines, called Spot Healing Brush. Let us learn the steps involved in brief.

How to use blemish remover in photoshop?

Add a blank layer

This is the first thing you do after you open the portrait in Photoshop to remove blemishes.

Add a new layer above the original image, so that the two images are kept separate and making a mistake does not affect the original.

Name the new layer as Healing for easy identification!

Select Spot Healing Brush

Choose the Spot Healing Brush option from the Toolbar.
You should also turn on the option of Sample All Layers. This will help the brush borrow information from the original layer and replace the blemish with smooth skin!
Like the name suggests, this magic brush will heal the spots you select and help you achieve the perfect portrait. Unlike it’s brother, the standard Healing brush, the Spot healing option fills the gap on its own.
So, you won’t have to select the smooth area to be used for replacing the blemish! Photoshop does it for you.

Photoshop remove blemish from face using spot healing..

Select Content aware option

Beside the Sample All Layers option, there is an option for Type on the left. You should change this to Content Aware.
This tool will make Photoshop analyse the surrounding skin when fixing the blemish, so that the final image looks completely natural!
Simply click the OK!

Photoshop remove blemish from face using content aware fill..

This is it!

Now, as soon as you click on the spot you want to heal, Photoshop will analyse the skin, remove the blemishes and replace it with good texture.
A useful tip is to keep the size of the brush slightly bigger than the spot. This will keep the skin and lighting natural, and the replacement won’t look obvious!
And in case you make a mistake, you can always hit Ctrl+Z for undo.
There also various videos available on YouTube to help you out!

How to remove acne from photos online?

If you cannot download photo editor to remove blemishes or do not have access to Photoshop, you can check out the website
This free program works online, so you won’t have to download anything! Simply upload your portrait image and get started to remove blemishes from photo.
It offers loads of amazing features – blemish fix, smoothing, wrinkle remover, blush and many more! The Blemish Fix option works like a charm, and you only need to click on the pimples you want to delete.
Blemish fix tool on Fotor..

And the best thing is, you can download the final images onto your computer or directly share it on social media through the website itself!

Best Apps to Remove Blemishes from Face

If you just want a simple remove blemishes from face app to use for your daily selfies and group photos, you can have a look at the following!


Snapseed is one of the best all-rounder applications for photo editing. The healing tool of this is quite efficient, and can handle small spots and pimples almost as well as Photoshop.
Snapseed app on Google Play..

You can zoom in and out of the photo to make sure that you tap only on the blemishes and do not disturb the other areas of the image. Just one click, and the pimples and wrinkles disappear!
Along with healing, Snapseed also contains advanced features like dodge and burn, curves, selective editing and focus blur. What this means is that you can edit all types of images while on the move with ease, without having to worry about any advanced software to remove blemishes from photos.


Like Snapseed, Pixlr is a great all-purpose editing app too! It has tools like Heal and Smooth, which can be applied over any part of the photo with just a tap. The app also offers other basic adjustments like exposure, lens blur and many colourful filters.
Pixlr app on Google Play..

Airbrush (iOS)

This tool is only for iPhone users, and is specially designed for portrait retouching. The smoothing feature allows you to simply swipe across a scar or a wrinkle and blur the whole thing out!
Airbrush app on App Store..

There is even a specific option for acne, where you only need to touch on the spot to replace it with a clean texture.


While it is wrong to shame someone in hiding their facial features, everyone has to freedom to put out their best and boldest self!
We all have the right to look the way we wish.
This is why removing blemishes in a natural manner and retouching skin to create an even texture is an important part of photography.
You should be able to highlight the features you want, and remove the rest!
Programs like SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher will help you to remove blemishes from photo with just a few clicks. And for people looking for something a bit more simple and handy, there are mobile apps like Snapseed and Pixlr.
Focusing on these tiny details will help you create captivating portraits!

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