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How to change photo to drawing? Download Sketch Drawer software for offline use!

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Do you still think the only way to go from photo to drawing is to ask an artist to do the job? If yes, then meet new technologies! Photo to Sketch Converter, a unique tool by SpftOrbits, is designed to convert photos to drawings in seconds. With the help of this program, you'll be able to create hundreds or even thousands of beautiful sketches without much effort!

Software with source photo..
Software with created drawing..

Here's what you need to do to transform photos into line drawings with the help of Sketch Drawer.

How to change photos to drawings (step by step)

Add photos to the program

Using the Add file(s) button, upload the pictures to change into drawings (you can select several photos if you'd like).

Select a preset

Sketches Drawer comes with multiple presets that you can choose from. In just a few minutes, you can easily convert your digital photos to pencil sketches in black and white or color drawing effects. With your numerous art options, any presets you decide for your image will always give you an awesome output. So fun and simple, with no more complicated tools to get used to, but with just clicks and tweaks, you will have your perfect sketches within the shortest time possible!

Preset to convert photo to drawing..

Change the settings

Select the desired color scheme (B&W or color), hardness, edges, texture, and other parameters.


Click Run to begin the transformation process and, once ready, save the newly created sketch as a new file.

Sketch Drawer Sketch Drawer

Sketch Drawer: a Handy Photo to Sketch Converter

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Photo-to-drawing effect

You may not be an artist, but you can now easily change photos to drawings worth sharing with everyone. Available software and applications allow you to add various artistic effects to your digital photos.

Source photo of the girl..
Photo to drawing with preset 1..

Source photo of the girl..
Photo to drawing with preset 2..

Source photo of the girl..
Photo to drawing with preset 3..

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. With the continuous development of online social networking sites and photo-sharing applications, users upload more and more photos to share with their families and friends. Instead of just using fancy words to describe their experiences, many people prefer to show a picture that captures what they want to say. Sometimes, these beautiful pictures are used as backgrounds to enhance quotes' meaning and aesthetic beauty further.

Software to Change Photo to Drawing

Aside from those already mentioned features, Sketch Drawer allows you to change photos to drawings in just a few clicks. When you want to apply a photo drawing effect in more than one picture, you do not need to give more time and effort to process them individually. The software can easily convert all your album's photos to sketches in a few minutes. You can save all the photos you want to turn into sketches in a particular album, and Sketch Drawer will convert them into sketches with your preferred effect.

Photo converting to drawing..

Convert photo to line drawing app is the leading software that changes photo to drawing in just a few clicks and with other impressive features. You do not need to be a pro to apply effects on photos because anyone can easily use this software. To apply a pencil drawing effect on your photo using Sketch Drawer, you have to open the original copy of your chosen photo, choose your preferred effect, and save your new artwork. You can choose from several design filters to achieve your desired sketch. You can select from pen or pencil sketches and watercolor effects. You can also opt for a black and white or a colored photo sketch. To have a colored sketch of your photo, you click the Color Sketch box. Not clicking the said box will give you a black-and-white sketch. It is that easy. You can now share your work of art with your family and friends or use it as your profile picture on your online pages.

Download a free trial version of the software to change photo to drawing today to check out this product for free!

Tips on changing the photo to drawing

The key to achieving a good drawing lies in the raw image. The image you are using should be in high resolution. If you use a low-resolution image, try to adjust the shadows around the drawing or sketch to preserve the quality.
If you plan to use the photo for your website or in other places on the internet, opt to use an image of high DPI quality. Also, check on the actual size of the image to make it fit on your webpage. Some photos online will require a certain size and resolution to fit.

Now let's see why you should prefer Sketch Drawer to other photo-to-sketch software.

Advantages of Sketch Drawer Over Other Converters

Unlike sophisticated software like Photoshop, GIMP, and other programs for professional graphic designers, it is very easy to use. Sketch Drawer is ideal even for beginning users.
At the same time, unlike free online tools, it is very efficient and yields pictures of professional quality. No one can ever tell that the sketch was created with such a simple tool.
With Sketch Drawer, you can change photos to drawings, color sketches, and many other unique designs.

TOP 5 reasons why you should try Sketch Drawer to change photos to drawing

Sketch Drawer is fast

All you need to do to change a photo into a drawing is make 3 simple clicks. It will only take you a couple of minutes!

Sketch Drawer is easy

The program's user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, even for those who have never dealt with similar applications before.

Sketch Drawer is efficient

Despite the seeming simplicity, this program has numerous functions that allow you to create drawing chef-oeuvres.

Sketch Drawer is free to try

During the trial period, you don't have to pay a penny for using this converter. Upon the expiration of the trial period, you can uninstall the program or buy the full version.

Customer support

Finally, SoftOrbits is always there to help you with Sketch Drawer! Customer support is available 24/7 and open to all your questions, suggestions, and comments.

Download your free trial version of change photo to Drawing software by SoftOrbits today!

How to change photo to drawing? Download Sketch Drawer software for offline use!
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Sketch Drawer Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Sketches got some special appeal because not everyone can easily create a seamless drawing. The effect comes with vintage attractiveness, wherein the lines and strokes are more detailed and sharp. Thus, sketches are still considered more artistic because way back in earlier times, no digital means were used, but such works of art were purely hand-made.

It's all so easy! You can wake up the artist within you and create a magnificent illustration of art. All you need is a computer equipped with Sketches Drawer software and a collection of photos you want to convert into sketches.
Open the file with the Sketches Drawer application and tweak the presets until you come up with your desired output. Don’t forget to save your file in JPEG or another format you prefer.

There are a variety of results you can get from using the SoftOrbits’ pencil drawing software. It all depends on one's taste, preferences, and compatibility with the image you want. The software has provided the user with several varieties to choose from. You only need to scroll to find the perfect image that you like and save it for your collections. You can get as many as you like.
If you love drawing art, you don’t have to go looking for an artist. You can be an artist yourself when you have the pencil drawing program that will only take you a couple of minutes to get the work done.

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