1. 1️⃣ Upload the picture.
  2. 2️⃣ Click on it and highlight the watermark.
  3. 3️⃣ Click to remove button.
  4. 4️⃣ Save the picture on your PC.
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Eugene UstinenkovEugene editor-in-chief of the SoftOrbits, Ph.D. in computer science, CTO of the SoftOrbits / 📅 Last updated on:  2024-03-20

I have a blog, and I like to dilute my content with meme inserts. iFunny has always offered creative freedom, but in my personal opinion, seeing an iFunny watermark on a meme instantly diminishes its humor. It's not about its origin; it's about distancing myself from my cringy past on iFunny. Removing the watermark feels like shedding that cringe. Now, memes without the watermark feel cleaner and funnier.

📙Quick summary

  1. Photo Stamp Remover: Remove the iFunny watermark easily   
  2. Remove Logo Now: Remove video watermark using   Read More
  3. Croppint: Free and Easy Alternate Method   Read More
  4. Photoshop: PRO soultion   Read More

Way #1 How to remove the iFunny watermark?

There are many apps out there dedicated to removing the ifunny watermark. SoftOrbits Watermark Remover is one such tool.
This program not only for remove watermarks but also allows for object removal from images. Using selection method by color it identifies and removes unwanted elements.

Here's how to use it:

Add your image to the Watermark Remover.
Add files..

Select the object using the rectangle tool.
Rectangle tool..

Choose the color of the watermark.
Select by color..

Select by color2..

Select a tool named a marker. Click on it and highlight the watermark
Select by marker..

Click Remove to delete the selected objects.
Get a result..

Save your edited picture.
Save a result..

Photo Stamp Remover Photo Stamp Remover

Watermark Remover Software

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Video Tutorials

Way #2 How to remove iFunny watermark from video?

To remove an iFunny watermark from a video use SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now program.

Follow these simple steps:

Add the video file you want to edit into Remove Logo Now.
Add video into program..

Select the marker using the selection tool.
Select the marker..

Click on the Start button to begin the removal process.
Start process..

Once the process is complete, preview the video to ensure the watermark is removed satisfactorily.
See the result..

Way #3 Cropping: Free Alternate Method to remove the iFunny watermark

Alternate Method..

Usually Ifunny puts a small watermark at the buttom of an image. And it is very easy to drop it.
This is not like Stock Photo websites that put big transparent watermark over all image.
Another free-of-cost method is to remove watermarks in the iFunny application itself. Here is the tutorial to do so.

How to Crop iFunny Watermark

Open the application and add the image you want to edit.
You will see a crop tool to crop out the watermark.
Use this tool and crop the area in which the watermark is in the picture.


Way #4 Remove a iFunny watermark like a PRO using Photoshop

To remove a Funny watermark using Photoshop, follow these steps:

Open the image containing the Funny watermark in Photoshop.
Select the Clone Stamp Tool from the toolbar.
Clone Stamp Tool..

Adjust the brush size and hardness as needed.
Hold the Alt key and click on an area near the watermark that you want to use as a reference.
Release the Alt key and carefully paint over the watermark to cover it up using the sampled area.
Continue this process until the watermark is completely covered.
Photoshop result..

Use the Spot Healing Brush Tool for smaller imperfections if necessary.
Save your edited image.

Here is a brief comparison of different iFunny watermark remover tools.

PhotoshopPhotoUPZPhoto Stamp Remover


A professional and widely used software. It offers watermark removal, healing brushes tools and magical erase. It consumes less time to remove unwanted marks from your image. It gives satisfying results and makes it completely invisible to the spot of the watermark.It allows users to remove times and watermark small unwanted objects in the image and date. Changes are saved automatically and various functions remove objects from the image. Brightness and sharpness can also be changed using the tools it provides.The ifunny watermark remover software is easy to download and install on Windows. The interface of this application is user friendly. The image size, sharpness and brightness can be adjusted before saving the image.


It is not completely free and may require payments to use its specific tools. It is a professional software for those who want to get started or for those who want to learn more about the different functions.Some of its features, such as Inpaint, may not work effectively and can perform slowly. The feature of magic results does not give the desired results.The stamp and replacement color selection might work differently. This software has lesser limitations as compared to others.


$20.99 / month$99 / month$4 / month, $29 lifetime

Photo Stamp Remover is an important tool for removing cables, watermarks, date stamps, buildings, people or any other unwanted objects from your photos.

iFunny watermark remover is one of the excellent applications used to add or remove watermarks such as text from images and videos. The program can also be easily used by beginners.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Open the pasture and install the ifunny Watermark Remover. Choose the feature of highlighting or a simple marker to remove a watermark.

Download the iFunny watermark remover on your Windows operating system. Open the picture you want to edit and remove the watermark through our software.

It is free of cost and can be easily installed through the app store and google play store. The website of this application also provides a direct download feature.

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