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iFunny watermark remover is one of the excellent applications used to add or remove watermarks such as text from images and videos. The program can also be easily used by beginners.

Photo Stamp Remover Screenshot.

How to remove the iFunny watermark?

There are many applications made specifically to remove the ifunny watermark. Users can modify the picture by removing the watermark from it. iFunny Watermark Remover is another incredible application to do so.

How to Remove iFunny Watermark (step by step)

Upload the picture you want to edit by clicking on the Add Files button and select the picture from the folder.
Open Photo Stamp Remover to remove watermark..

You will see a tool named a marker. Click on it and highlight the watermark you want to remove.
Select watermark to remove..

Click on the remove button and the highlighted area will be removed automatically.
Remove the iFunny watermark..

Now save the picture in any folder on your PC, and the picture is ready as you desire.
Photo Stamp Remover Photo Stamp Remover

Watermark Remover Software

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This program is user-friendly and makes your defect by removing all the imperfections. You have to download or install some professional and advanced applications. But this program is easier to use and makes the user interface attractive and less complex so that any beginner or first-time user may understand.

There can be a requirement to remove objects from the picture. This incredible Application provides this facility too. It highlights the parts in which text is in the image and blemishes it. Due to this feature, you can adjust, and remove the logo, watermark, or any other unwanted objects from the picture. A method named the color method is used to do this process.

How to use ifunny Watermark Remover

Click on the Add Files option and add the image you want to edit into ifunny Watermark Remover.
IFunny Watermark Remover..

This option will appear under the Tools tab Select the rectangle icon and left-click on the object.
Rectangular marker to Remove iFunny Watermark..

A magic wand icon will appear on the right of the rectangular marker. Select the color of your watermark.
Select the color of watermark to remove..

Now click on the Remove option, and the selected object will be deleted from your picture.
IFunny Watermark Remover..

Click on the Save button and save this picture in any folder.

And voila! It’s all done quickly.

What is iFunny, and why do I need iFunny watermark remover?

It comprises a collection of videos, GIFs, and images made for fun and entertainment. This application was developed in 2011, and it has the description of the cA website and application used to spread humor and memes among people through the internet. It uses media submitted by the user, such as images, GIFs, and videos.
This application is well known to circulate and populate various memes online. When this iOS-based application was launched, it was compatible with iOS devices, but in 2014, an Android version of this application was launched, and it got much popularity among users.
What is iFunny..

It consists of a meme creator tool allowing users to upload images and videos. Specific funny feeds can be subscribed to, and the tags can browse posts. This application became popular in recent years when other applications providing the same facilities spread.
Adding a watermark on iFunny is quite simple and easy to understand. You can easily add the files that need watermarks from a computer or, in other cases, import them from the apps such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.
After uploading the picture or video from your selected destination, click the “Edit” button and select the “Watermark” button on the edit panel’s left side. The next step is to type your desired text for the watermark of iFunny, and then you may edit these further as you wish.

The posts, such as images and videos in this application, include an iFunny watermark at the bottom to show the originality of the memes created through this application. Memes are in-jokes and are an exclusive part of this application. A caption feature for GIFs and images is found in this app.

IFunny Watermark..

Many features and options were added to the ifunny watermark remover application interface and made more secure as privacy and security of user data is a big responsibility these days. The algorithm used in this application is simple so that collectively showed up things can be determined.

Ifunny Watermark Remover For Ifunny Watermark Memes

Watermark ensures that the meme relates to the iFunny application only. An artist's credit or any meme generator application gets lost when an image is shared on social media several times. The watermark is an official branding that the specific image is made with a specific meme generator application or an artist. A label or an identifier prevents this loss and deters copyright infringers.
IFunny Watermark Memes..

These iFunny memes comprise a watermark of the application to prevent copyright issues and make a great source of entertainment.

Free Alternate Method to remove the iFunny watermark

Another free-of-cost method is to remove watermarks in the iFunny application itself. Here is the tutorial to do so.
  • Open the application and add the image you want to edit.
  • You will see a crop tool to crop out the watermark.
  • Use this tool and crop the area in which the watermark is in the picture.
  • Click on the Save button, and you are done.

Better Tool to Remove iFunny Watermark

Here is a brief comparison of different iFunny watermark remover tools.
PhotoshopPhotoUPZPhoto Stamp Remover


A professional and widely used software. It provides watermark removal, healing brush tools, and Magic erase. It consumes less time to remove unwanted marks from your picture. It gives satisfying results and makes it completely invisible to the spot of the watermark.It allows users to remove times and watermark small unwanted objects in the picture and date. Changes are saved automatically, and various features remove objects from the picture. Brightness and sharpness can also be changed through tools provided by it.The ifunny watermark remover software is easy to download and install on Windows. The interface of this application is user-friendly, and the software features are easy to use and work efficiently. The size of the picture, sharpness, and brightness can be adjusted before saving the picture.


It is not completely free and may require payments to use its specific tools. It is professional software for beginners or first-time users who need clarification about its various features.Some of its features, such as Inpaint, may not work effectively and can perform slowly. The feature of magic results does not give the desired results.The stamp and replacement color selection might work differently. This software has lesser limitations as compared to others.


$20.99 / month$99 / month$4 / month, $29 lifetime

iFunny Watermark Remover is an important tool that removes wires, watermarks, date stamps, buildings, people, or any other undesired objects in your photographs using its watermark remover.

iFunny watermark remover is one of the excellent applications used to add or remove watermarks such as text from images and videos. The program can also be easily used by beginners.
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Photo Stamp Remover Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Open the pasture and install the ifunny Watermark Remover. Choose the feature of highlighting or a simple marker to remove a watermark.

Download the iFunny watermark remover on your Windows operating system. Open the picture you want to edit and remove the watermark through our software.

It is free of cost and can be easily installed through the app store and google play store. The website of this application also provides a direct download feature.

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