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How to make a picture less blurry. With Easy Photo Unblur, you can fix blurred photos

Easy Photo Unblur Screenshot.

The best app to make a picture less blurry

With higher megapixel cameras and image stabilization in almost all lenses, one expects photos to be sharp and in perfect focus. But that doesn’t always happen!
Many photos often turn out to be blurry or unfocused because of things like camera shake, winds, moving subjects, slower shutter speed or wrong aperture. Even without zooming in, you can see that the subject is slightly hazy.
People think that once focus is missed, the photo cannot be corrected anymore. Sometimes, they increase the sharpness of the image, thinking that the blur will be reduced, but end up with an unnatural HDR-like image.
With programs like Easy Photo Unblur, you can easily learn how to make a picture less blurry. Instead of increasing sharpness across the whole image, Photo Unblur uses advanced algorithms to make a picture less blurry at a pixel level instead of merely sharpening everything.
Let us learn how to use this app to make pictures less blurry and regain perfect focus!

Blurry image..
Image made less blurry..

Plurry picture..
Picture made not blurry..

How to make a picture less blurry using Easy Photo Unblur

Easy Photo Unblur is a special tool designed only to fix photos where the focus has been missed, or there’s a lot of camera shake.
Using blind deconvolution technology, this program analyses the pixels and figures out the true position of the subject so that it can make a picture less blurry around it.
Instead of adding sharpness to the whole image, Easy Photo Unblur will adjust the focus to unblur image itself. It can even reverse lens blur and Gaussian blur applied in photo editors!
It also has useful tools like de-noising to reduce image noise and edit many photos simultaneously in batch mode.

How to make a picture less blurry using this program!

Add Image

The first thing to do is download SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur and install the application. Once you open it, use the Add File button or drag and drop your photo to get started.

Open Easy Photo Unblur program..

Select the required preset

Inside the toolbar at the top, you’ll see the option Reduce Blurring . Click on this to open a smaller toolbar on the right, where you can select the presets and adjust the controls.
Easy Photo Unblur gives you five presets to choose from – Light, Gentle, Soft, Medium and Strong. For most photos, soft or medium presets work well and give you a usable image, at least for social media.
As the program has an undo button and gives a preview of the final image, you can experiment with different options as much as you like.

Open presets in Easy Photo Unblur program..

Make adjustments if needed

After you have selected the preset, you can adjust the finer settings. You get two options here – smoothing radius and detail.
Smoothing radius affects the outlines in the image. Increasing the size will mean the outlines become more smooth and more blended instead of being distinct, like in an HDR photo. Generally, it would help if you kept this in the middle, neither high nor low.
Like the name suggests, detail affects the overall sharpness and structure of the image. Increasing the detail level will give more clarity and definition. However, you should not overdo this too!

Select additional options in the Easy Photo Unblur program..

Make a picture less blurry

This is an optional step that you can use in case you see any noise or spots appear in the image after the Blurring is removed.
You can adjust the level of de-noising and the strength that will be applied using the slider.

Select post-processing denoise presets in Easy Photo Unblur..

Image Correction

This, too, is an optional step. Along with making an image less blurry and removing noise, Easy Photo Unblur also has basic image editing options.
Click on Image Correction in the toolbar on top, and you will see options to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint and gamma. There is also an option to Normalize Histogram, which will automatically fix the exposure for you.

Select image correction options in the Easy Photo Unblur program..

Click on Run and save

As soon as all your adjustments are made, and you are happy to make a picture less blurry, you can click on Run. After a few seconds, your final image will be ready!

See the result on how to make a picture less blurry..

Easy Photo Unblur Easy Photo Unblur

Unblur Image in Just a Click

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App to make pictures less blurry in Batch Mode?

If you have many similar photos to edit, you can save time by simultaneously using Batch Mode and processing them all.
While adding files you wish to edit, you only have to select multiple photos. Add all the images you want to process and follow the same steps.
Once your settings are set, click on the option of Batch Mode in the toolbar. Easy Photo Unblur will edit all the selected photos in one go! This feature is useful when you have many photos taken with similar settings and Blurring, as one preset will work for all such images and fix them without a fuss.
Batch mode of Easy Photo Unblur..

How to make a picture less blurry in Photoshop?

Making a picture less blurry in Photoshop is slightly more complex, unlike Easy Photo Unblur.
But Photoshop has a unique feature called Smart Sharpen, which lets you selectively sharpen the edges in your photo in great detail. And because the algorithms of Photoshop are highly advanced, you will get great results.

Using Smart Sharpen to fix blur in Photoshop requires the following steps!

Make the layer a smart object

A smart object keeps the settings editable and does not permanently change your original image. This is why changing your image layer into a smart object is important.

Go to the Layers panel, where your image will be the background layer. From the top-right corner, select the Menu button and click on Convert to Smart Object.

Convert to smart object in Photoshop..

Select a filter to make a picture less blurry

Open the Filter menu, where you will be able to select Sharpen > Smart Sharpen.

When you select the filter, a window will open, allowing you to adjust the sharpness settings and even give a close-up preview of the image.

You can even make this sharpened window bigger to have a bigger preview of your subject and make adjustments accurately.

Open Smart Sharpen in Photoshop..

Change Remove mode

In the dialogue box you just opened, there will be a setting called Remove.

Ensure that Remove is set to Lens Blur. This helps Photoshop detect the edges and outlines of your subject in the photo. If the blurriness in your image is caused by motion or camera shake, you can also try out the Motion Blur option to make a picture less blurry.

Select Lens Blur in Photoshop..

Adjust the amount

This is the step where you will increase the sharpness of your photo.

Increasing the Amount value will add contrast to the edges of your subject. This will add to its sharpness and bring it into focus. Usually, 300% is enough to make photos less blurry!

A useful tip is to compare the original image with the edited one. You can see what the original photo looked like by simply clicking on the preview and holding the mouse button.

Select Amount in Photoshop..

Adjust the radius

You must adjust the radius and increase the contrast at the borders. Increasing the radius amount will help make the borders thick so that the subject stands out against the background.

For most photos, a radius value of 1 or 2 works best. It would help if you did not make the value too high, as it will cause the subject to get a halo around it, making the photo look unnatural.

Adjust the radius in Photoshop..

Reduce noise

You should also see a Reduce Noise slider within the same dialogue box. By increasing this, you can make the image cleaner and smoother.

A value of about 15-20% should be sufficient. If you reduce the noise too much, the image will start looking too smooth, and the details will be lost, so be careful!

Select Reduce Noise in Photoshop..

Change blend mode

Almost done; this is the last step to make a picture less blurry!

Go to the Layers panel again, and at the bottom of your smart object layer, you will see the blending icon. Click on this, and change the blend mode to Luminosity.

This step is very important because it prevents Photoshop from sharpening the colour in the image, which will cause artefacts and colour distortions. Using the Luminosity blend, the pixels are sharpened by their brightness, not colour.

Change blend mode..

When you’re done, click OK to close the Smart Sharpen window and save your image!

TOP 3 Best Apps To Make Pictures Less Blurry

While programs like Easy Photo Unblur and Photoshop are advanced and give excellent results, we may only sometimes have time for that.
If you need a quick fix or want to edit photos on your phone on the go, you can try out these apps to make photos less blurry!

Remini Photo Enhancer

Remini Photo Enhancer..

This tool can help you to make a picture less blurry for free on the Android play store; Remini Photo Enhancer is a one-click app for fixing any image. It can take blurry or shaky photos and make them pin sharp automatically!
Besides improving clarity and sharpness, Remini has extra features like colourizing black and white photos and improving skin texture and smoothness in portraits. You can use this app even to fix videos and add filters like a pencil drawing and painting effects!

Enhance It: Fix Your Photo

Enhance It..

Like Remini, Enhance It is also a photo enhancer that can turn blurry and low-quality photos into sharp images. Along with the motion deblur tool, this free app has a de-noising feature and a ‘Super Resolution’ mode to scale up low-resolution photos.
When you upload a photo on this app for editing, it is sent to an online server, which processes the image and sends the result back. Although there are a few ads, the results are great!

How to make a picture less blurry online?

With dedicated software and a smartphone app to make pictures less blurry, you can also make this online using free websites. You’ll need an internet connection, and you can edit your photos from anywhere!


Raw.Pics is a photo converter, and editor rolled into one. You can change the format of your RAW files into normal JPG photos and also use its image editor toolbar to make changes to the brightness, contrast, saturation etc., along with curve adjustments.
Although this program is online and free, it offers only a basic sharpening feature. Unlike Easy Photo Unblur and Photoshop, it does not use complex algorithms to increase sharpness selectively, and you cannot select the radius thickness.
Since it is free and very easy to use, Raw.Pics is still a good choice for fixing the blur and softness in photos.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

Open the link and click on Start.

Open online Raw.Pics editor..

Upload the photo you want to edit and ensure it is selected for editing.

Add your image into online Raw.Pics editor..

Using the toolbar on the right, select Edit. Here, you’ll find the sharpening option.

Use sharpening option in Raw.Pics editor..

Make the adjustments as needed and save the photo.


LunaPic is another online image editing tool that can make a picture less blurry but with dozens more options. This program is very useful, from exposure correction and basic filters to advanced layer masks and eraser tools.
Under its Adjust option is the Adjust Focus slider, using which you can create pin-sharp photos or even add blur to give an out-of-focus or bokeh look.

While it may not be as advanced as the blind deconvolution technique of Easy Photo Unblur, it gets the job done for free with only the following steps:

How to make pictures less blurry in LunaPic

Use the link above to open the LunaPic editor.

Open online LunaPic editor..

Upload the photo you wish to edit and click on the Adjust tab.

Upload photo in LunaPic editor..

Click on Adjust Focus, which is the fourth option in the list. The focus slider will open.

Move the focus slider in LunaPic editor..

Make the changes required and save the photo.

How to make a picture less blurry. With Easy Photo Unblur, you can fix blurred photos
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Easy Photo Unblur Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the app to make pictures less blurry does not work on videos. However, you can check out apps like SoftOrbits Video Converter, which adds sharpness to videos.

There are a few ways to make a picture less blurry on your iPhone. You can use the built-in editing tools in the Photos app to crop, rotate, or adjust the brightness and contrast of your picture. You can also use a third-party app with a sharpening or deblurring feature to enhance the clarity of your picture. Alternatively, you can use desktop software like SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur to fix your blurry picture on your computer and then transfer it back to your iPhone.

The lens also controls the amount of light that enters the camera. The aperture is the opening in the lens that can be adjusted to let more or less light in. The aperture also affects the depth of field, which is the range of distance that appears sharp in the photo.

You can use the Detail panel in Lightroom to make a photo less blurry. The Detail panel has two sliders: Sharpening and Noise Reduction. Sharpening can increase the contrast and definition of the edges in your photo, while Noise Reduction can smooth out the grainy or speckled areas. You can adjust these sliders according to your preference and the quality of your photo.

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