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Basic image editors usually allow only exposure correction. But programs like SoftOrbits Photo Editor also have dedicated eraser features that remove texts, scratches, watermarks and more!

SoftOrbits Photo Editor Screenshot.

Capturing a perfect photograph is not easy. After lots of walking around and spending too much time changing settings, it is disappointing to have a nice composition ruined by wrong exposure or distractions like scratches, a moving car or tourists.
This is why it is important to have an all-in-one image editor ready for use. Whether it is removing noise, deleting watermarks, fixing wrinkles – an easy-to-use editing tool can help you with all of this.
Most basic image editors have only a few options to control brightness and color. But advanced photo editing programs with automatic eraser tools are much more useful, since you can fix both the lighting and the distractions in the photo in one platform. Let me tell you about a few apps like these today!

Erase person from photo..
Erase any person from photo..

Automatic AI Eraser App For Photos

Almost all of our smartphones and laptops come with simple image editors, but they do not offer a lot of features. Although you may be able to fix brightness, contrast and saturation, and crop your photo, there’s not a lot you can do in case there’s any red eye, or lots of noise, or annoying objects like watermarks or skin blemishes.
With SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor, all these problems get a common solution!
Along with exposure settings, the Photo Eraser App has a clone-stamp feature to take care of watermarks, date stamps and pimples. In just a few clicks, you will be able to create the perfect version of your image.

Which is the best photo editor with Magic Eraser Tool?

Let me tell you a bit about the Photo Eraser App program – an all-rounder image editing tool with features to erase texts, logos and wrinkles. It is easy to use and apart from exposure adjustments and Magic Eraser Tool, it also allows clone and stamping, resizing and changing resolution of the image and even noise reduction.
It is simple to learn how to use the eraser tool, and here are the various methods it offers for cleaning up of the photo!

How to use app that erases people

This is the easiest method for using the Magic AI Eraser App, and requires you to only mark the area you want to remove using the mouse pointer. After the selection is made, photo app that erases objects will automatically remove the bad pixels and fill the gaps with the surrounding background!

Add file

After you have installed Photo Eraser App, open the program on your laptop and add the file you wish to edit.

You can either use the «Add File» option from the homepage or just drag and drop the photo into the app's window.

Open Photo Eraser App program..

Select eraser

The eraser tool is available directly from the menu on top – under the option «Remove». Select this. A toolbar on the right side will open with more options for the Magic Eraser tool.

Select marker for remove object from a photo..

Use the pencil tool

From the toolbar on the right, select the pencil icon to activate the marker. You can use this pencil marker to paint over the area you want to fix and mark it in red color.

Don't forget to adjust the size of the marker and zoom into the image, so that you can accurately select the area you want to erase without disturbing the background a lot.

Remove object from a photo..

Click «Remove»

Once your selection is made, just click on «Remove». The marked area will be automatically cleaned up by the Photo Editor and you’ll have a perfect image ready!

This method works on all kinds of distractions, from texts and logos to wrinkles and moving cars and tourists that block your subject.

Erase any object from photo..

SoftOrbits Photo Editor SoftOrbits Photo Editor

Simple Photo Editor

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How to use photo app that erases objects

If you want to remove some text or date stamps that are all of the same color, you can use this method for more accuracy.

Add file t

Open the image to be edited using the «Add File» button or by dragging and dropping it into the program.

Open image to remove watermark from a photo..

Mark the area

Similar to the step in the earlier method, you will have to first mark the area where that text or watermark is present.

You can use the pencil marker to make the selection, or the rectangular marker if you want to select a large area at once. The area selected should get highlighted in red and then use Magic Eraser Tool.

Use rectangular marker to remove watermark from a photo..

Select the color

Now that the areas where the text is present is marked, you must select the color of the text, so that photo app that erases objects knows exactly which pixels to remove.

This makes the removal process much more accurate!

Select the «magic wand» icon from the toolbar on the right. Your mouse pointer will change to a «+» icon, with which you can pick the exact color.

Erase any watermark from photo..

Click «Remove»

That’s all! Once you click on «Remove», the editor’s Magic Eraser App will delete the text of the selected color, within the marked area.

This technique works great for watermarks of the same color which are spread all over the photo!

Result Photo Editor program..

Using the clone-stamp tool for erasing

If the automatic eraser is not able to remove the objects fully, you can try the clone-stamp method. This is a manual erasing technique, where you get to select the «source» from which clean pixels will be cloned and pasted over the text or date stamps!
Add fileOpen the file in the Photo Editor program and apply an easy automatic eraser.
Open image for remove object from a photo..

Select Clone-Stamp tool

Click on the «Tools» option from the menu on top, and select «Clone Stamp».
Select Clone Stamp Tool..

Clone a clean area

Hold down the «Alt» key and select a clean background area by left clicking. This is the source area, which will be used to cover up the watermark or logo.
Erase any object from a photo..

Stamp over the text

After you have selected the source, you need to paste it. Release the «Alt» key, and with only left clicks, you can start covering up the text. Zoom into the photo and use many small clicks for best results!
This method is great for removing complex watermarks and texts, which cannot be easily removed with algorithms. The advantage of clone-stamp tool is that it not only erases the objects, but also lets you choose the pixels which will be used to fill the gaps!
Result Photo Editor program..

Best apps to erase things from photos

When you want to edit your photos quickly and do not have the option of installing special apps to erase things from photos, you can try some online automatic erasers which are free and easy to use!


Inpaint is a great online app to erase things from photos designed especially for magically removing scratches, logos and other unwanted distractions. It is available for free online, and you can download the full version without any resolution limit for Windows and Mac too!

How to use tool to erase objects from photos.

Open Inpaint

Use this Inpaint link to open the website. Click on the «Upload» button to add the image to be edited.

Open Inpaint to erase photo online..

Mark the area

A red marker will be selected by default. Use this brush to highlight the area you want to clean. You can adjust the size of the brush to make sure that you select only the text, not the surrounding area.

Select object to erase..

Select the source area

This is an optional step! You can let Inpaint fill the gaps for you by skipping this step, or you can select the green marker and choose the source area yourself.

Click «Erase»

Once you have made your selection, you can simply click on Magic Eraser Tool. App to erase things from photos will erase the area in red and replace it with the correct background!

Eresed object from a photo..


Lunapic is another free online easy eraser app that comes with not one, but two types of erasers. There’s an «Erase Background» option to create an image with a transparent background, and there’s another type of easy to use eraser to fix scratches and skin blemishes. Let me tell you the steps for removing texts and scratches using Lunapic!

How to use Lunapic easy eraser app

Open Lunapic

Open Lunapic using the link and add the image. The «Upload» button will be visible on the homepage and on the top left corner.


Blemish remover for small areas

Open the «Draw» menu, and select «Blemish Remover». This tool will let you remove small wrinkles and pimples with just one click.

Erase object from your image..

Remove and Inpaint tool for larger areas

For bigger or more complex logos, scratches or other distractions, you can use the «Remove and Inpaint» option. To do this, select the «Cut Out» tool from the toolbar on the left, which is the scissor icon. Then draw around the watermark or logo you want to remove with a left click.

You will see a dotted line appear around the area selected. Once that is complete, click on the «Remove and Inpaint» button above the photo.

In a few seconds, Lunapic will erase the selected area and paint in the background to give a smooth and seamless result!

Remove object from your image..


After the photo is ready, click on the Save button below the image and download it.

Which app can be used to erase text from photos?

Everyone nowadays uses photos only from their smartphone. Often, adding filters or editing them add a watermark. Sometimes even Instagram and TikTok watermarks show up if you take a screenshot of some photo or video! Also this app can erases people from photo.



One of the best image editing tools that can help with this is Picmonkey, a mobile easy eraser app available for both Android and Apple phones.
While offering advanced features like making posters and collages, adding graphics and stickers to a photo and doodling, Picmonkey also gives an automatic background eraser tool and a blemish eraser to fix portraits. It is completely free for downloading, although a few features require in-app purchases. Here’s how to use the Picmonkey easey eraser to remove texts, stickers and wrinkles:

How to use Picmonkey photo eraser app:

Download and install Picmonkey onto your phone.
Open the image you want to edit through your gallery or camera.
From the list of touch-up tools, select «Blemish Fix».
Zoom into the photo, and make small taps on the area you want to erase until the text or the sticker disappears.
Save the final result!

Best Photo Eraser App for Android?

There are dozens of photo editors which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Here are the best ones which come with an eraser function!



By far the best combination of simplicity and advanced features, Snapseed is the best Photo Eraser App for Android. Along with multiple filters, ability to add text, curve adjustments and noise reduction, it has a «Healing» feature which can remove objects with just a tap.
It also has a specific «Portrait» mode which smoothens skin and brightens the eyes, and a «Head Pose» mode where you can adjust the angle and smile of your subject! These are the steps you can follow to use the «Healing» magic eraser tool:

How to use Photo Eraser App to Remove People

Install Snapseed on your phone using the Play Store.
Click «Open» to select the photo to be edited.
Under the «Tools» section, click on «Healing». The healing brush is automatically activated once you select this option.
Zoom into the photo so that the brush can be used to tap only on the unwanted object without disturbing the surrounding pixels. With small taps, begin erasing the text or blemish.
Save the photo!

Face Blemish Remover

Face Blemish Remover..

Face Blemish Remover is a wrinkle eraser app that is focused on portrait photos and selfies. Along with tap and erase feature, it offers fun adjustments like makeup and hairstyle options, eye lenses and skin smoothening.

How to use an app that erases people?

Install Face Blemish Remover using the link.
Add the photo you want to edit.
Select the «Blemish Removal» option. Select the size of the brush you need. For small pimples and wrinkles, a smaller sized brush would be better.
Tap to erase the wrinkle and beautify your photo!

Basic image editors usually allow only exposure correction. But programs like SoftOrbits Photo Editor also have dedicated eraser features that remove texts, scratches, watermarks and more!
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SoftOrbits Photo Editor Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

After you have installed the program and opened the photo, click on the «Remove» option, which is a red-blue eraser icon. Using the pencil marker, you can simply highlight the portion you want to fix and click «Remove». You can also use the magic wand icon to select the color of the logo or watermark you want to erase, and make the eraser even more accurate!

The eraser option in Paint is under the «Tools» section and shown as a red eraser icon. After you select it, on the right of the «Shapes» section, you will see an option called «Size». Click on this and select the thickness you need. You can also hit Ctrl and «+» together on your keyboard to increase the size!

Try SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover. This app can erase people, date stamps, watermarks and other objects that appear on photos.

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