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Using PDF format to read is an incredible way of utilizing modern technology for learning. This format has some specifications which are discussed in this article.

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Why do you delete pages from PDFs?

A PDF file containing extra pages, empty pages, or irrelevant information should be deleted from the file. These pages consume extra space and make the PDF's appearance less attractive, and who wants that?
You should delete these unnecessary pages from the PDF file as the unessential pages will waste time. Many PDF readers have features to do so, but the best option will be installing any application that can do it incredibly.
Delete pages from PDF..

How to delete a page from a PDF?

Several PDF editing applications provide several other options, too, such as removing the watermark, adjusting the appearance of the pages, and much more. Our program PDF Logo Remover will make this easier. You will see the tutorial for the whole process of removing the watermark in the PDF file.

How to delete pages from PDF Without Acrobat - SoftOrbits Software:

Turn the installed app that can delete pages from Pdf by SoftOrbits on.

PDF pages Remover..

Open the PDF file saved on your device.

How to delete a page from a PDF..

On the left side of the interface, there would be a list of thumbnails of every page of the PDF file.
Select from the thumbnails the pages you want to exclude.

Select pages to remove from PDF..

Click on the remove button.

Delete a page from a PDF..

#stepAlll of the selected pages will be deleted from the PDF file in a few easy steps.

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How to delete pages from a PDF Online

Another way to delete pages from PDFs is by trying the online tools to do so. Several websites of applications such as Adobe Acrobat provide this facility. These websites or online tools require an internet connection and access to your device's storage.
The websites to delete pages provide basic tools to handle PDFs and several other features that include watermark addition or removal, adding or removing pages, and many more. Some websites require you to agree to the payment method for premium features. At the same time, most of them provide several features for free.

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular and commonly used applications and websites for handling PDFs and has a lot of editing features.

How to remove pages from PDF Online:

Turn the application of Acrobat and open the PDF file into it.

How to delete pages from a PDF Online..

Now selects the pages from the list of thumbnails of the pages.

Open PDF file to delete pages Online..

Now click on the dustbin icon on the top bar.

Select pages to remove from PDF Online..

The unwanted pages will be removed.

Delete pages from a PDF Online..

After that, you can download the edited file and save it to the destination folder of the device.
The downloaded file would have the pages you want.

And the unwanted pages from the PDF will be deleted with some simple clicks, and the results will be incredible as the quality of the PDF is sustained and the file has been made more attractive.

How to delete pages from PDF in Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader is one of the most used PDF readers as it has several reliable features. It comprises an amazingly user-friendly interface that provides easier-to-understand options. The reader requires simple access to the storage of your device and quite easy steps for deleting pages from the PDF.

Delete pages from PDF in Adobe Reader..

Step by step sequence of removing pages from PDF in Adobe is:

Turn the Adobe application on.
Open the PDF file from the storage of your device.
Open the thumbnail list of the PDF.
Select the thumbnails from the list you want to exclude.
Click the dustbin icon from the top bar, and the selected pages will be deleted.

How to delete pages from PDF on Mac?

Mac OS is quite different from Windows OS, which mostly comprises built-in applications for various tasks. For handling PDFs, editing them, or adding or removing watermarks from the PDF, Mac has an application called Preview in this regard. Most of the time, the built-in applications of Mac include almost all of the features required for tasks such as PDF editing, reading, and writing.

The built-in application of Mac for PDF reading, editing, writing, etc. is Preview which allows users to delete extra pages from the PDF file and has much more features. You can use this application to delete pages from your PDF file. However, Mac-compatible applications can be installed to do so.

How to delete pages from PDF on Mac..

Here are the steps to follow while using the Preview application:

Turn on the Preview application and open the PDF file you want to edit.
Select the thumbnails of the pages you want to delete from the view.
Press the delete button from the keyboard, and the selected pages will be deleted.

These easier-to-understand, simple, and quick steps will enable you to handle pages in the PDF file better. Moreover, the Preview application has many other features that are used to make the appearance of the PDF file more incredible.

Best tools on how to delete pages from PDF

Many years ago, Adobe Acrobat was the only application that was considered reliable for doing PDF editing-related tasks and handling PDF format files. But hundreds of thousands of applications now provide incredible features, nothing less than Adobe.
Even some of these applications are considered better than Acrobat incompatibility.

The PDF editors and readers are large in number. Thousands of PDF readers have enough features to read and edit the PDF or any other format. Many are free, and some require payment methods to use the premium or certain features. Some competitive tools are here, along with a brief comparison:

PDFelement ProPDF24 toolsPDF Logo Remover
PDFelement Pro..

PDF24 tools..

PDF Logo Remover..

It allows editing text, images, and pages. Moreover provides the facility to convert different formats of files, such as PDF, to several others.This application is an easier and more free way to edit PDF files. It allows editing PDF files and pages with no quality loss.With many incredible features, you can add and remove watermarks from the PDF pages and remove or add several pages. The optimized speed will enable y, ou to handle PDF files easily. Moreover, the interface of this program is user-friendly and comprises several well-structured features.
Most of its features, such as simple signature and form filling, could be faster and more effective. The main issue this application includes is that it has quite defective features during formatting.It comprises quite a difficult user interface and makes the first view for beginners complex. Most of its features do not work properly, and most user reviews need improvement. It does not include tutorials for the first-time interactions of the user.Comparatively. this application has fewer limitations than the other more popular applications for handling PDF files and pages.

Using PDF format to read is an incredible way of utilizing modern technology for learning. This format has some specifications which are discussed in this article.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of applications other than Acrobat which can provide features and results as well as Acrobat does.

The preview provides a simple sequence of clicks to do so. You have to select the thumbnails of the pages and then press the delete from the keyboard.

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