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There are times when you might need to know how to blur part of a video to hide confidential information or somebody’s face. On the other hand, maybe you want to create an artistic look in your video. Whatever the case may be, you can use video watermark remover software from SoftOrbits called Remove Logo Now! to blur any part of your video.

The source video

Source video..

Video with the blurred part

Video with blurred part..

In addition to blurring faces or other parts of your video, this software can remove watermarks, subtitles, and more. You can clean up your videos to create exactly what you want the video to be. It works with many different video formats and it is a simple process.

Source video with Ford logo..
Blurred Ford logo..

How to blur Part of a Video: Step-by-Step

Upload photos into the program

Once you open the Remove Logo Now! software , you can click on Add File or drag and drop your video to the screen.

Remove Logo Now! main windows..

Select intervals with objects you would like to blur

Now, you can click on the icon that says Select Intervals and it will ask you if you want to blur the part on the whole Video or just specific frames.

Select internvals pannel..

Select the objects to blur

You can choose to delete the area you want blurred. Use the Selection tools in the Toolbox pane.

Selection tools to select part of video..

Process the video

Once you have selected the portion, choose a destination video and click on Start to blur a part of the video.

You can select different types of objects from the video to blur, including background, faces, objects and more. If you want a portion of your video blurred for the entire video, you can select the box that says entire video or you can choose specific frames. You can follow the process and select whatever needs to be blurred. It will be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Additional Features

In addition to blurring parts of the video like faces, and text, you can delete static objects. The program is able to automatically detect static objects and delete them. If the video has a watermark, you can choose the Find Logo button and the program will automatically find a static image, or you can choose to select the area manually.
Once you select the area that you want to remove, you can click on Remove and the program will remove it for you. It will remove it from all of the frames and it will fill in the space using its smart-fill algorithm.
Although this program is capable of detecting and removing static images on its own, you can select intervals and mark them manually if you prefer. You can remove watermarks, dates stamps, text, extra people, and anything else that you want deleted from your video. When you finish, you can save the video in any format so you will not need a converter program if you want to convert your video to a new format. This is a great program that is simple to use.


Options dialog..

Video Formats

Supported video formats..

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you have a group of people whose faces you want to blue, you can select each face before blurring.

Yes you can. You can have the software intuitively locate the text or area you want to remove, or you can select it and remove it yourself with a click of the mouse.

No. This software to blur a part of the video has a smart-fill feature so it will analyze the frames surrounding the area you remove to fill the space correctly.

Yes. This is one of the many bonus features included in this software. You can blur your video and edit it. Once you finish, you can choose what format you want to save it in. You will not need any other conversion software.

To blur the background in a video, you need to upload your video. Then you can follow the steps above and your video will have the background blurred.

People blur the video for a number of reasons. However, they may want to eliminate a messy background, or they may want to make the viewer focus on the person or object in the foreground of the video.

Yes. You can easily blur any part of the video including a license plate of any other personal information that you may not want to share by following the steps above.

This software will easily remove a watermark or any other object from your video. It can find the watermark, remove it, and match it to the background.

It is a good idea to know how to blur faces in a video because you might need to do it if you plan to post your videos online. For example, if you take photos in a park or a playground and you catch an unknown child, you may legally need to blur his or her face. This is especially true if your video is related to your business or if you plan to post it in a public place.
In addition, if people ask you to blur them out of the video, you should respect their wishes. When you are taking videos, you should use common sense and only film people who consent to being filmed or who are way off in the background.

If you take videos that you share on the Internet or your social media, it can be very helpful to be able to edit them and upload them. Not only can you blur faces and other objects but you can blur the background as well. This software is simple to use and intuitive.

Just select the watermark or logo and program will remove it using a blur effect.

Being able to blur faces or background is beneficial when you are uploading videos online. You may capture children in the background or other people who don’t want to be a part of your video. In addition, when you want the viewer to focus on the foreground, blurring the background eliminates distractions. All of this is possible with the Remove Logo Now software.
As you see above, there are many other features in this software so if you need to remove static images or convert your video files, you can do so while you are editing. Because the software is intuitive, it will automatically review the surrounding frames after you remove an object and fill in the space with matching background.

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