How to add background to your photo

Photo Background Remover features automatic background detection, cut out objects and add a smooth background, and create a plain white background so that your photos stand out.

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Having the right background can enhance a photograph. Whether you have a portrait photo and want a white background, or you want to add texture or color to it, a great program such as Photo Background Remover Software by SoftOrbits can do the trick. You can remove the background from your photos and cut and paste objects with the click of a mouse. This software is intuitive and simple to use so you will be able to create the perfect picture.

How to add a background to photo

The source image

Source photo..

Remove the background

Image with white background..

Add a new background

Add a new background..

Photo Background Remover Software

Photo Background Remover will make editing your photos so easy.

Select background and foreground..

If you have objects in the background that you want to eliminate, the software can intuitively remove the background without harming the people in front. You can also add white background to photo for a crisp, clean look. You simply click anywhere on the picture and the program will remove that background and keep anything that you want to keep.

Example 1

New background..

Example 2

New background..

Example 3

New background..

Example 4

New background..

If you have several objects that you want to keep, you can mark them in green. You just mark the part that you want removed in red and the program will do the rest. Because it is intuitive, you only need to mark an area; the program will know what to keep and what to remove.

How to Add Background to Photos

When you are ready to add background to the photo, you will start by opening the Photo Background Remover program. You can click on Add files and choose the files that you want to edit. If you have more than one photo to edit, you can select all of them and use the Batch mode to edit them at once.

Run the program

Add files to change background..

Add Files into the program

SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover - Screenshots..

Select the background and foreground

Next, you use the green marker to mark parts of the photo that you want to keep and the red marker for those parts that you want to remove. You can select what background you want to add by checking the box. You can choose transparent, background color, or photo.

Photo with selected background..

Remove the background

Now you just click on Remove and the program will finish it for you.

Clean background and foreground..

Add a new background

The great thing about this program is that it is easy to use and you can edit your photos so that they look professional in very little time. You only need to follow three steps to create photos that you can enjoy for a long time.

Background 1.

Replaced background..

Background 2.

Replaced background..

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily remove a person by using the red marker to tell the program that you want the person removed.

Sure. Just cut yourself and add any Christmas background you find in the internet.

Yes. When you check the Photo box, you can select the photo that you want in the background.

No. The software is intuitive so you only need to use the green marker to mark the person or object that you want to stay.

Yes. You can use Batch mode to edit multiple photos at the same time.

No. The software will smooth the edges of the objects that remain in the photo to make sure that they blend into the new background.

You can choose a transparent background, a white background, a solid-colored background, a textured background, or a photo.

Yes. You can enable watermarking and your custom watermark can appear on the photo.

Yes. You can use the markers to show the software what you want to keep if there is more than one object. You can mark multiple people or objects to keep them.

There are a number of enhancements that can make your photos look their best. If you are shooting photos for a client and you don’t have a backdrop, you can change the background to make them look more professional. For example, you can take the photos, and then you can use the Photo Background Remover software to remove the background and replace it with another photo or a white background.

When you take photos for a business profile, you might want a photo of the ocean behind you. You only need to have the two photos; this program can add the ocean as your background. Using a white background is great when you want to add background to a picture that won’t distract from the person you are shooting.
In addition, you can make sure that you zoom in on your subject when you take the picture so that the person is in clear focus. The important thing is to make sure that the image is clear and sharp, and that it will pop against any background you choose.

How to add white background to photo for My Online Store?

When you are listing items in your online store, the ideal background is white. You don’t want to distract from your items with a busy background and white will show off what you are offering for sale. If you have a pair of designer shoes for sale, you will want the entire image to portray the shoes and nothing else. The white background will allow you to show off the shoes.

SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover - Screenshots..

Your images are going to send a message to your customers and when they look professional, you will build confidence in your products. Having a white background shows off any imperfections because nothing is distracting the viewer from the item in the photo. If you have quality items, this type of editing will show customers that you have good products.
Often people try to use a white backdrop for their online store photos but the white is not as stark as what you can get when you add white background to your photo. In addition, it takes a great deal of setup. Using a program such as Photo Background Remover allows you to choose the color of your background. The white will be a pure white that looks clean and professional.

Change photo background like a professional

When you want professional-looking photographs, using a program such as Photo Background Remover can give you the tools you need to tidy up your shots. It opens the door for you to take family pictures, make a collage of memories, make a business profile picture, or photograph items for an online store. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, you can edit your photos to have a professional quality to them.
This program is easy to use and it only takes a few simple steps. You can remove any background and add a photograph or a solid-colored background to your picture. You can edit multiple pictures at once with the Batch mode and you can add your watermark if you want to protect your pictures. This is a great program for taking your photos to the next level. It is easy to use and when you mark out what you want to stay and what you want to go, it will blend the remaining parts of the image into the new background and leave you with the perfect photos.

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